Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Did It.

Well here I am. I made the jump and joined the WLS family that has moved on.  I will leave the spaces site up for awhile yet. I haven't decided whether to move my posts from there or just start fresh. I had already deleted some (even a couple accidently). I may also allow the move to Wordpress.  Keeping up with 2 sites may be a bit much though, we'll see. Also contemplating on whether to do the Twitter, flickr thing. So much to think about.

It is really too bad they felt they had to do this. I haven't found one person happy about it, so I wonder where they got their info we want the cnhange.

I will probably be asking for help now and again, navigating this new system. Hope I don't bug you too much.

Well you all have a good day.