Sunday, September 30, 2012

Not much today.

It's going to be beautiful.  74 they say.  I'm thinking my swing and I are going to have some serious together time while it's still possible.  It won't be long until enjoying the outdoors will be put on hold for a few months.  Spent most of yesterday out there reading and how relaxing it was. 

Won't be much going on here today.  As always tv will be occupied by races and football.  Gets to be rather routine and boring at times.  As much as I like watching the Packers one game a day is enough for me so I seldom watch any others. How some can watch game after game baffles me.  Really, don't they get all cramped and stiff? 

Guess I'll go through some sewing material and see what I can come up with for the new great-grandbaby.  Maybe grandma can come up with something special.  I'm not real talented by I try.  Have tons of fabric and scraps.  I think there are some girly prints in there.  Wish me luck. Only a week before the baby shower. 

Have a good day.

"The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense."   Tom Clancy

Friday, September 28, 2012

New TV season

The new tv season has begun.  Is your favorite show still on?  Do you like the new ones?  I know some of them look intriguing, others boring and the in-between.  Me, I'm still attached to the old ones I like.  NCIS (favorite of all), DWTS, NCIS LA, Criminal Minds and Castle.  Some would say I'm stuck in a rut, not adventurous, or whatever.  You noticed there are no comedy shows listed.  The ones they have just don't seem funny to me.  But then my family says anyone who doesn't like "Blazing Saddles" has no funny in them.  I beg to differ.  There are a ton of things that make me laugh, they just don't make those kind of shows anymore.

Carole, DWTS will be quite competitive this year as soon as the sub-par pairs are gone.  Yea, it was only right that Pamela Anderson went first.  It was painful to watch her.  Right now the way the standings are, hopefully that is the way the first few go.  After that, let the real competition begin.

The final word on the hubby's laptop is it's toast.  The repair place said it would be $400 to fix it and they would only warranty it for 30 days.  Though they would do it and make the money  they said honestly they would replace it if it was their computer.  Appreciate the honesty and would recommend them to friends.   We left there and went a bought a new one.  Happy hubby is up and running again. 

I'm really not so sure that was a good idea.  In the 3 days it was gone he was cutting into the honey-do list.  Darn, why couldn't they have taken a little longer, lol.

Well the washer has stopped so better go change machines and put in the next load.  

Have a good day.  Hope the weather is good for you.  Only 43 here at the moment but suppose to hit low 70's.  Keeping fingers crossed.

"No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it too seriously."   Dave Barry

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One down, one to go.

Yesterday I finally did the disc for my nephews wedding. 

Now I have to do one for the Moose Phun Run (don't ask me why they spelled it that way, I have know idea).   They brought the boys from the WI house at Mooseheart here and had a charity run with them.  Fed and played games with them for a great day with the boys we sponsor.  As far as is known, this is the first time any lodge has hosted a day with the kids like this.  All reports indicate the boys had a great time.  I'm thinking this will be an annual thing now.

Poor Jack.  His laptop bit the dust yesterday.  Black screen.  We have a friend who does some computer work and he took it too him for evaluation.  He said the hard drive is okay, and the screen came on for a sec. and then went off again.  He managed to put all Jack's pictures and info on an external hard drive and told us who to take it to for more expert analysis.  He thinks in this case the machine is such a good one it's worth it to check it out.  They only charge an analysis fee if they can't fix it.  While there found out that's the place that fixed Sherry's.Now we are waiting to hear from them and Jack is pacing the floors.  Lol.  Do you suppose some of the honey-do list will get done now ;-).  No, I don't share.  I know, sounds mean, but when we all had to share before things tended to get really mixed up, freezing up became common etc.  Now if things go wrong I have no one else to blame. 

Well off to get on with the chores.  Suppose to be nice weather for a number of days, and I don't want to miss any chances of being outdoors.  Time is not on our side for enjoying good weather for some months ahead, and plan to take full advantage of whatever is left.

"Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men.  The 999 follow women." Groucho Marx

Monday, September 24, 2012

Just rattling on.

The only thing I think I will like about winter is that hopefully things will ease up.  Been an eventful couple of days. 

First my sister Jodi has had her fears come true.  The company she works for is closing in 18 months.  Though a part of the plant is going to Ind., China again is gaining employment.  This is the 3rd time she has had to start over.  As she's not yet old enough to retire she will have to start looking again, which is not easy when over 50.  Using her sense of humor she asked us if she said the following right, "Do you want fries with that".  She does have one thing off her worries, and that is that her house is all paid for.  Her friend that she works with has is tough as her husband and her both will now be out of a job.

Next I went to something I hadn't been to in years and years.  A Tupperware party.  Though much is still the same, some things have changed and the prices are something. 

Next a visitation for the passing of a Moose friend who has been battling cancer for years.  Though she lived 3 years longer that they predicted, it was not all good years.  Rest in Peace Betty.

Looking ahead there will be Steph's baby shower, pictures of homecoming, Aaron's first return home from college for a weekend,  Aaron, Nicole and Jack's birthdays.  I think I'm tired already.  Our summers are usually busy, but it seems like this one has been particularly so. 

Well, the 1st load of laundry is waiting to be put in the dryer so.  Meatloaf, baked potatoes and scalloped corn waiting to me prepared for supper.  May make some corn bread too.  Haven't decided on that one.  The rest of the mending waiting patiently.  Not to mention the dust bunnies etc. calling my name. I had better get my rear in gear. 

Hope your week is a good one, starting with today.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Food Fairy

The other day I mentioned the "food fairy" who makes things and shares with the neighbors.  Nancy ask "there is a food fairy"?  Well Nancy, there is here.  Her name is Jodi and she's my youngest sister.  She's single and loves to try out recipes she finds online.   Fortunately for us, she has never learned to cook for just one and no one, I mean no one is willing to help her do that.  As the weather gets colder she is always making some kind of soup on the weekends.  Last weekend it was chicken gumbo.  She loves soup, as do we, and here she makes a large amount so as to take to work all week, and we all benefit.   My girls have decided we will get her something nice as a thank you.  I think they have Jennifer Aniston perfume in mind. 

Granddaughter Steph and her boyfriend Jarett had the ultra-sound yesterday morning and called shortly after to let us know.  We're all so happy for them.  Though their biggest wish was for a healthy baby, they leaned toward a girl.  Now all we grandma's (there's 4 on our side) can start the shopping fun.  Of course everyone has ideas for names, lol.  Carson already told the it should be "Carson".  I'm thinking Nicole has other ideas ;-).   

It did manage to get to 74 (for what I would call a minute) yesterday. At least it seemed it went as fast as it came.  Had some storms in the state last night that left some damage, with a couple trees down.  I think one on a house somewhere.  No one hurt though.  Thank the Lord.

Well, it's almost time for Darla to come for lunch so I'm outta here. 

Have a good day.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Turn up the heat Please.

Woke up to a temperature of37 this morning.  I'm not liking that one bit.  Please Mother Nature, give us a little long with some nice temps.  Say until Dec. 21. :-)  It's suppose to get to 74 and I wish it would hurry.  Just the thought of snow and ice makes me shiver. 

Wish I had some pictures of the Autorama that took place just behind us, but I didn't go and Jack didn't take his camera for some strange reason.  They say it's the largest in the state, though you couldn't prove it by me.  Not really into it.  I know these people put a lot of time, work, and money into these cars and love showing them.  I guess some of the swap ,sell and craft sites would be fun to check. 

Nothing else newsworthy going on here so I'll let you get on with your day.  Have a good one.


Monday, September 17, 2012

He's almost ready.


This is the new picture Jack's niece sent to him.  He's so darn cute.  When we went shopping the other day I had to go into the Fur Baby store to see if they had Packer leashes and collars.  He will look so good.  4 more weeks and he will be ready. 
Don't have any big plans for the day.  Just whatever comes up.  Have a little mending to do, andf the normal cleaning thing.  Suppose to rain today the weatherman says, but later this afternoon.  Guess I should get my walk in soon.  Have to get in shape.  You never know when another shopping trip could be in order.  Christmas is coming you know.  Want to be ready.
Yesterday Jodi made chicken gumbo soup and pumpking bars.  Deedee cause a small riot when she mention how good they were online, as Jodi brought us each one.  Well Sherry's daughter pouted and ranted and Mary wanted to know where hers was.  Then Darla said where's mine,  Good thing she made a big batch.  Deedee says she must remember to keep quiet about such things so the food fairy doesn't cut her off, lol.
You all have a good day.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What a day!

My granddaughter Nicole has been asked to the Homecoming dance.  Her first date coinciding with her 15th birthday.  Yesterday her Mom, myself, Aunts Darla and Jodi took her on a shopping trip for the "dress".  Here are a couple of pics.
She like this one but the glitter in the dress kept coming off on her hands so wasn't quite sure if her date would appriciate it on his suit.

This is the one she picked. 

I can hardly believe she is this old already.  Time sure flies by.  We left here at 9:30 and got home just before 3.  It really is hard to find stores that carry dresses in an area where there aren't an abundant of places to go.  The mall we went to had just 3 stores and the selections were limited.  I was beginning to think we were headed to Madison or near Rockford Il. when she found these two. 

After all that shopping there was extreme hunger of course.  Since it was Nicole's day we had to eat at her favorite restuarant, the Cracker Barrel.  So diets be dammed, we enjoyed ourselves with great pleasure.

I must say, this old lady isn't used to that much walking and my legs were so sore and tired when we finally got home.  I didn't think they would ever let me get up again.  Feeling much better this morning.  Guess I had better start getting myself in gear and back to walking the neighborhood daily. 

Well the Badgers pulled it off, but they are not looking like they should.  I know a number of seniors are gone, and there are a number of coaches that moved up in the world also.  That certainly affects a team.  Hopefully they will improve.

Now the Packers looked much better and more like their old selves.  Was a little worried at first but then they took the wind our the Bears.   

Well enough of my yakking.  You all have a great day. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Here it comes

The rain that is.  They say it's on its way, and from the clouds out there it looks like they may be right.  Imagine that.  A weatherman being right.  So many times it seems to blow right over us. 

Well it's the Packer/Bear game tonight.  I sure hope they have corrected all the mistakes they made Sunday.  It's enough to give a girl the shivers just thinking of a possible loss to the Bears.  LOL!  Have a few cousins that would be happy though, misguided souls that they are.

Looks like fall is headed this way.  I wonder if we'll get a nice Indian summer.  I always loved that part.  Fall is so pretty but it is the thought of winter behind it that makes me want it to takes its time. 

I really should get to work.  I have a disastrous computer area here.  Papers, books, slides etc. strung out all over.  But, I just can't seem to get the urge to get started.  I know twitching the nose doesn't work.  I, and only I, am going to have to do the job.  There are just so many nicer things to do.  Oh well.

You all have a nice day.

Monday, September 10, 2012

This 'n' That

Good Monday morning to you all.  Hope you day and week are filled with good things, sunshine and fullfilling days.

The impromptu party was so nice.  Met some real nice new people that were friends of Allie's.  Of course the food goes without saying.  Plentiful and tasty.  At the end it broke my heart watching Nicole cry over her sister being gone for so long.  I thought it was a year she would be gone, but Allie said it could be anywhere from 8 mo. to 2 years depending one how well she does.  I'm sure she will do great.

An announcement here.  It seems we will be adding a new member to the family.
Meet Oreo!
Jack's niece breeds these little darlings.  They are Shitzu (sp) and Jack feel in love with the picture of one like this on her last batch but they were all spoken for.  She makes sure they are all vet checked and their first shots and only $150.   When she put this up she said they give all the pups a temporary name and Oreo was this one.  At the time we saw it Jack was eating his favorite cookie and we thought it must be fate.  Oreo's name will stay.  They will be ready for their new homes in a month.  As the kids have already given us a collar, dish and treat bag when we were looking awhile ago, I guess it was inevitable it would happen. 

Jack didn't really want a dog for so long that I have been a little surprised at his change of heart.  He wanted to wait until we were sure we wouldn't be doing any traveling at all, as we like for visit the cousins in Fla. and go camping.  Since most campgrounds allow pets (at least the ones we go to) as long as they're well behaved and leashed, and we have enough family and friends willing to watch it, I think that is what turned the tide. 

Change of subject.  It was a sad day for football in WI.  but the way the Badgers and the Packers played they deserved to lose.  I sure hope and pray they have this out of their system.

Also, we're waiting patiently to find out whether Steph's baby is a girl or boy.  The baby shower is early next month and though it's fun to be surprise, it's fun to shop when you know what it is too. 

Okay, I've rattled on long enough.  Enjoy your day.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Impromptu Party

Yes we are having party tomorrow!  Our granddaughter Allie is leaving for Kentucky Tuesday for Culinary job Core and will be gone a year.  It's through Applebees I think Deedee said and all paid for.  We wish her the best and hoping this family send off will show her how much we love and will miss her.  Along with all our best wishes and confidence in her.  She has been working at Applebees since she graduated high school.

Granny's night last night was short two grannies.  Sherry never showed and Rhonda claimed she was saving herself for tonight.  The Township is having a festival in the park behind us and a local business Patch, who makes games, is footing the bill I heard.  They have a big toy sale at the festival with discount prices and it brings quite the crowd of eary Christmas shoppers.  This year there was even mention of it on a Madison tv station, so I wonder how much bigger it will get.

There is a local band that just signed a nashville record deal the Rhonda loves, so she will be right 'johnny on the spot'.  They are called Jamie Campbell and the Redneck Rodeo.  The festival is for today, tomorrow and Sunday with food, crafts, games, rides, and a number of bands throughout the weekend.   

Next weekend they have the Autorama there with all the old cars and swappers, along with the classic music of the 50's 60's etc., which wakes everyone up at 8 a.m. whether your ready or not, :).  

So if you don't see me out here tomorrow or the next day, you know where I will be. 

Have a good day. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Feeling much better.  Thank you all for your get wells.  I should have been a bit clearer on the wedding reception.  These kids went for as cheap as they could, especially after the place doubles he price on them.  There was no food except for wedding cake and not all of us who got sick ate any.  Mystery still, but it's behind us and we move on.

Had to make a quick trip to the store as we were out of spuds.  Well those spuds came to over $60 with all the stuff we didn't need to get, lol.  Why do we do that?  Some of the stuff was healthy and good for us, others not so much. 

Saw a book at the store I wanted to check and see if there was a kindle version.  By the time I got home I had forgotten the titel and author.  GRRRR!  Hate when I do that.  Me with a piece of paper and pen to write it down too.  I'll blame it on still being a little fuzzy headed.  Couldn't possibly be that getting old stuff. 

Here's a couple pics of the wedding couple.

You all have a good day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Bad!

First I let a few days get away from me.  Why? How?  I haven't the faintest idea.  Then there was the wedding for my nephew Trent and his Marie.  It went beautifully.  Will put up a picture or two as soon as I get them in this machine. 

Now for the rough part.  The day after the wedding a large number of people came down with a flu like illness.   I am one of them.  All the parents of the couple, aunts and uncles, cousins and many friends were all hit at the same time.  Now I know the flu is going around.  I see it noted on peoples sites, but really.  All at once.  Kind of wonder when was the last time this place had its heating/air conditioning system cleaned.   Am just now beginning to feel a bit better.  Still coughing and sneezing, but the sore throat is gone and the ears no longer ache.  For some reason Jack didn't get it.  Hope he doesn't. 

Now, no more being waited on, have to get moving and do for myself.  :-(  jk

You all have a good day.