Friday, April 27, 2012


Not to sure about this new updated interface.  Or maybe I'm just not smart enough.  I spent most of th day yesterday trying to do a new background and picture and still haven't got the hang of it.  Had to settle for the ones on their design page as I ended up with 2 backgrounds and I have no clue how that happened.  You could see the old Scrapping Blogs one behind the new one.  Everytime I tried to change the picture from the rose to something else it was either too small or so large you couln't even see it all, an off to one side.  Either I'm not understanding the instructions or their help site is no help at all.  So for the time being I guess I'm stuck with this.

Went to granny's night last night.  Just Jodi and I again, but we had a great time.  Though the stories and some conversations were a tiny bit off color at times, I haven't laughed like that in what seems like forever.  The bar is having a bus trip to coincide with the Derby.  Since they can't go there, they will be doing stops a little places that don't get a lot of attention.  The ones people pass thinking they don't look so great.  The women are all going to wear fancy hats like at the Derby.  Some buying, some decorating their own.  It's the self-decorated ones that may be a little weird, lol.  I know they will have a good time and will be waiting for the stories.

Well have to go write out and send some bills (YUCK) and get on with the rest of the day.  You all have a good one.

Monday, April 23, 2012

and they're off

The hubby and his buddy Jerry are off to Jerry's trailer in Adams/Friendship are for some turkey hunting, so here I am with time to myself again.  Hopefully I can be more constuctive while they're gone than the last time. ;-).  Wouldn't bet on it though.  Odds are not good.  How long they will be gone is anyone's guess.  They took enough for a week, but if they get their turkeys early they just might come home early.

Spent the weekend attending grandkids events.  All day Sat. in 40/50 degree windy weather watching Aaron's school baseball team.  Though I had a good time talking with d-i-l and her mother was very disappointed in the games.  That they lost both ends of a double header was bad enough, but to sit there and watch a team and they had didn't play him was disheartening.  He's a pretty good pitcher and hitter but he isn't what you would call the swiftest runner.  They did let him hit 3 times in the second game but couldn't see that as 3 teens came and sat right in front blocking our vision.

Sunday we went to see the school play Nicole was in.  Alice in Wonderland.  She wasn't a main character, just in guards but the play was great.  Alice was played by the choir directors daughter.  No surprise there, though she is good, but the caterpiller stole the show.  Much more animated and actually sang better.  Nicole did tell us 'Alice' had a cold, so I'll give her that.  She has played in civic theater so she isn't a novice.

That about covered the weekend here.  Now heading out to see what you all have been doing.  

Friday, April 20, 2012

I wonder

I wonder, if you wonder what I've been doing that has kept me from posting.  Well it's mostly reading.  There are of course, the daily mundane things we all have to do.  Eat, sleep, clean, etc., you know the 'fun' things.  But, I have to say I did get caught up in the Words With Friends game everyone is playing on fb.  It's all my sister Rhonda's fault and my son didn't help.  His sister-in-law gave up fb for lent and he messaged everyone saying she had stated she was caught up in too many games and needed a break.  Stinkers the he and her sister are, they put on for everyone to send her a request to play the day before she gets back on.  Lucky for her not everyone did (sent it to 29+ people) but she did get 14.  Stinker that I am I joined in ;).  So did Sherry.  Now wouldn't you think her m-i-l would have been a little kinder, lol.  Anyway I have had at least 6 games going at once, 2 apiece with a couple.  I have pared it down to 2.  I mean you could spend forever playing it.  I like the game but intend to keep it to only 2 people at a time.  My sister Rhonda has 8 games going I think.  The surprising thing is Jack is playing it.  He's not much one for games and he is not the best speller in the world, but he's seems to enjoy it.   

Boy did we have a surprise last night.  There was a knock on the door and it was our  ins. agent for our flood ins. plan.  He had been going through his records and noticed how they had more than doubled the cost as a mistake had been made.  Well to make a long story short (not to good at that am I, lol) he is redoing and cutting the cost in half, saving us $800.  Yahoo!

On that happy note, I'll leave you to get on with you day and go get the breakfast dishes done.

Have a good one.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easy come, easy go.

Yesterday we spent the day on a bus trip to the casino.  I didn't lost too much, but then I didn't win either.  By the way, where did that "easy come, easy go" statement come from I wonder.  I understand the easy go part but not the easy come part.

I am ticked.  I started this post once and Internet Explorer stopped working and shut down my post to 'protect my computer' from this site.  What's up with that.  I had my post almost done and of course it wiped it out.  Grrrrrr!  Having my fingers crossed I get this done.

Beth shares the nice changes in the tree by her place and it opened my eyes to look at nature better.  Thank you Beth.  I thought maybe you would like a look at this tree I have seen every year and paid no attention to it.  It's right across the street from where we get gas and the other day I took a good look.  It is so full and almost perfect.  Well it was suppose to be below this paragraph but I'm not messing with it to make things  be in order.  Not the way the site is acting today.

Storms expected again today and possibly severe they say.  I'll tell you a thunder boom last night woke everyone from here through Madison and around.  Shook the house.  Really hope the upcoming storm doesn't hold up to expectations.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Hugs to you all.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday already?

My how the time flies.  I can't believe I haven't been here since Monday.  As nothing earth shattering has been going on, or even boring stuff, I guess I just didn't think about posting. 

Have found some pictures of my grandson for his graduation board display, or what was comically called by a friend "the humilation board".  The think is Aaron is such a laid back cool kid that things like that don't bother him at all.  He's totally fine with himself and that's the way it should be.

Do you ever get flustered when you've bought something and you see it later being practically given away.  You saw our tailgate party with the awnings.  Ours has lights etc. and Jack bought it at Gander Mountain last fall.  Well we were at Shopko today, wondering around waiting for a perscription, and they had them for $87 down from $219 that he paid.  Same brand and everything.  Grrrr! It almost makes you want to scream and stamp your feet right there.

Help!  I know it's Spring Cleaning time but I can't find where my 'get up and go' went.  I know it has to be around here somewhere, but it sure is good at hiding. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dancing Monday

Hope you all had a nice Easter.  Family here was a bit scattered this year.  Danielle and family went to the in-laws, as did Jack and his brood.  Darla is fighting off strep throat so they stayed home.  We made swiss steak, mashed potatos and corn here.  It's was delicious.  You could cut the steak with a fork.  That hubby is a darn good cook.

Had the funeral for Sherry's mother-in-law today.  A very nice affair.  Helen was 89 and a sweet lady.  Loved to make cookies to the delight of all.  This was the first time I've ever attended one where they had a luncheon right at the funeral home.  They have a wonderful little social area right there. 

It sure is dry out there.  Almost whole state is under a fire stop.  Of course, that's when things happen.  A fire was quickly brought under contro in Peshitgo (where they had that devastating one at the same time as the Chicago fire).  Then the city dump in the city to the north which was quite a good size.  Took a few depts and hours to control that one.  Lots of heavy smoke and smells whipped around by the wind.  yuck!

Tonight is DWTS and I hope Donald Driver keeps up the awesome moves. 

Have a good night all.  Hugs to you all.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A bit chilly but....

...it was fun.  Our Brewers tailgate party in the driveway that is.  Now if the outcome had been better it would have been the topper.  Had a great time with family and good food.  Tailgater fair of course.  Must stick with tradition.

Setting up

Yes, even the plates and stuff.

Play Ball!

Yeah, they even decorated with streamers.

Do we get crazy or what, lol.  We were planning to have a campfire later, but the temperature drop made wimps of us.  Everyone went in to get warmed up.  It was a nice trial for putting up and taking down the new awning cover.  All went very smoothly. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sad news!

I was going to put up a picture of a tree (inspired by Beth) but something more important to relate.  Sherry's mother-in-law passed away yesterday.  She has been ill for some time I think.  Bill and his sister Sandy were with her and she went peacefully.  She was a sweet little lady.  They have had a few close calls with her over the years.  We never have enough time with our loved ones do we.  Rest in Peace Helen.  Another angel beside our Lord.

On another subject.  Bored husbands make for messy kitchens.  Jack is in the process of experimenting with cupcakes.  He's doing those new ones with the chocolate pudding inside, then says he's making banana cream pie cupcakes  with banana pudding and banana cream cheese frosting.  This should be interesting.  Hope they work as good as they sound.  Banana cream pie is my favorite.

Tomorrow is the big talilgate party in the driveway.  Hope the weather cooperates.  Not into the thought of winter coats while watching a ball game on tv, or cooking outside either. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Some April Fools joke.

That's what I call our tv weathermans forcast for this last weekend.  He said a nice weekend with sun an 70.  Nowhere near that.  Should have got online and fb the station with a complaint, lol.  At least this week he isn't promising more than in the 50's. 

Sherry had a scare this weekend.  Hubby was having those dizzy feelings again and spent the night in the hospital.  They check his pacemaker and ran tests.  All came out good.  Surmised it's cause by the cold they have been fighting and allergies.  His ears felt plugged, I think she said, and we all know the ears have a lot to do with you equilibrium,  He's home and doing fine.

Nicole comes home from the trip to D. C. today.  Can't wait to hear all about it.  Of course Danielle will be so relieved to have her home.  She gets a little (really a lot) anxious when she's away.  Even when she goes with Grandma & Grandpa.  Her husband just laughs at her.  I'm not sure Mike has a worry bone in his body.

Baseball season is about to start and my son Jared is really into it.  He wants to have a tailgate party in the drive way Friday to kick it off.  Going to bring his tv and hook it up outside along with the usual tailgate foods.  Really should be fun.  I'm sure he'll be dressed in his finest Brewer shirt. 

Have to go through some more pictures.  Grandson Aaron graduates this year and his Mom is planning a collage of him and would like pictues she doesn't have.  I'll have to dig them out and she can pick when they come to tailgate.

DWTS tonight and then Castle.  That's my tv plans for the day. 

Have a good day.