Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wonderful Christmas

Well Christmas has come and gone and we will put away all the decorations, but the memories of all the fun and family time will live forever.  Watching the little ones always brings joy to the heart.  The food that put cracks in diets is always delicious and really in abundance.  Makes for great leftovers.
Though we gave mostly gift certificates as most wished for, everyone was happy with them.  The kids all draw names (family is a bit too large for buying for everyone) the kids did have present to unwrap.  Oreo was spoiled with a number of toys and treats.  We were given some great gift cards.  My kindle is reloaded.  Jack got chocolate turtles he loves and I, my favor chocolate covered cherries.  The kids all chipped in and got us a gift card for The Fireside Dinner Theater.  They put on some marvelous shows throughout the year and we can pick the one we would like to see.  We have always wanted to go there, but for some reason just never made it.  Now it's just pick the show and go.  As it is in another town a bit farther from here, I think we will pick a spring or summer show so we won't have to travel on winter roads.  My kids made me tell them where I save the card as I've been known to forget where I put one.  Sheesh!  Has nothing to do with 'old timers' either.  I just tend to put something away, and out of site, out of mind. 
I pray you all had a good Christmas. 
Wishing you all have a Happy New Year. 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Taking a break.

Bet you thought I was going to stop posting with the title huh?  Nope, you're all stuck with me. 
This time of year is so busy I wonder where you all find the time to post so often.  Had two Dr.s appointment this month.  First for the eye doc for  a check on the eyes (cataract surgery 6 mo ago) and eveything is just great.  Don't have to see her for another year.  The the dermatologist for a 6 mo. checkup.  So far so good.  Now I'll start the year off with the yearly trip to the heart doc and that should be it until next Nov.  Hope this one goes as good as all the others I've had.  
 I don't know if I ever explained why I see him.  A few years ago I noticed my left eye was funny.  Vision was like looking through cracked glass or a broken dirty screen.  Not quite sure how to describe it.  Went to eye doctor and she ran all sorts of tests, check for diabetes--no, ran dye up my arm--went just fine took a temporal artery biopsy--no trouble, did and MRI--found nothing so she sent me to Dr. Leo.  He order ekg, eeg, and a carotid artery ultrasound.  All tests came back normal, but I go yearly to make sure there is no change.  Ok by me.  Just had a real good friend have a heart attack Fri, and it's not looking to good at the moment.
Went and did my Christmas shopping.  Had to take my husband as my SISTER'S WENT WITHOUT ME.  Yup, they abandoned me.  Would you believe it of them.  Well it happened like this.  They all have grandkids in the same school in the early grades.  They went to the Christmas program and while there decided a shopping trip and lunch was in order.  None of them though to call and see if I wanted to go, no not a single one.  Of course I had to give them the business about it (all good-natured of course).  They each tried to the blame the other for their forgetfulness. 
While shopping we stopped at the jewelers and had my rings checked.  Well the stones were loose in two of them and had to leave them there.  Isn't it funny how such a little thing missing for ever a few days can make a person feel naked?  Well I have one back now and the other will be ready after Christmas. Will take my mothers ring in when I pick it up as it has a crack in it and would like to know if they can fix that. 
Guess I had better get back to work.  There's still so much to clean up now that the bathrooms done along with the holiday fixin's. 
Merry Christmas and God Bless You All!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Let's start the day with a laugh.

A koala was sitting in a gum tree smoking a joint

When a little lizard walked past, looked up and said, 'Hey Koala! What are you doing?'

The koala said, 'Smoking a joint, come up and have some.'

So the little lizard climbed up and sat next to the koala where they enjoyed a few hits. After a while the little lizard said that his mouth was 'dry' and that he was going to get a drink from the river.

The little lizard was so stoned that he leaned over too far and fell into the river. A crocodile saw this and swam over to the little lizard and helped him to the side. Then he asked the little lizard, 'What's the matter with you?'

The little lizard explained to the crocodile that he had been sitting with the koala in the tree, smoking a joint, but got too stoned and fell into the river while taking a drink.

The crocodile said that he had to check this out and walked into the rain forest, found the tree where the koala was sitting finishing a joint. The crocodile looked up and said,

'Hey you!'

So the koala looked down at him and said,

'Shiiiiiiiiiiit dude...
How much water did you drink?

Have a Great day

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I hate to say it...

...but I'm freezing and winter is just getting started.  Hope the penned in blues don't take over anytime soon.  Otherwise it will be a really long winter.  I will be getting out some this month, what with the school choir concerts for Nicole and Carson.  Nicole actually has two.  One this Sat. with a two city symphony performance and again at the school on the 18th.  Carson's is next Tuesday.
Was reading Paul's post and his take on Christmas songs.  Quite unique take and I loved it.  Got me to thinking about my favorites.  I really love most of them, but I really love "O Holy Night" and then for fun, it's "Santa Baby".  Especially when my daughter sings it.  A memory here--when I was in grade school in a Catholic school the choir had to sing before midnight Mass.   Since the church was on the other end of the school they had us start singing as we walked up the hall to school entrance and stand there and do the carols.  "O Holy Night" was one and the girl soloist was awesome.  Then we sang our way back to the choir room before being release to join our families.  Later so many people commented on how beautiful it was and sounded like a band of angels coming and going. 
I hope to get some good videos of the girls concerts to share with you if possible.
Everybody keep warm.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Good Morning

Good morning.  Hope you all aren't being too inconvenienced by the weather out there.  Been lucky so far, but of course that won't last. 
Bathroom just about complete.  Just paint touch ups.  It seems like it's been a long hall and I guess it has been.  What with interruptions like deer/turkey hunting, time out he took to help his friend.  It's all worth it.  Came out real nice.
Had a lovely Thanksgiving with Jared and Heidi in their new house.  Darla and Jim came also. This is the year the kids go to the other sides of the family.  Good food, good fun and the best company made for a lovely day. 
Haven't even started to think about Christmas decorating until today.  It seems like everyone I know has their stuff up but us.  Hopefully we can get it all done today.  Jack has an indoor tournament in horseshoes (indoor) tomorrow and that can take all day, so I want him to get the stuff down from the garage today.  Cross you fingers.  He can tend to be kind of a Scrooge. He's gotten much better through the years and every points out a decoration or two when shopping. Christmas was never a very happy time in his youth and becoming a member of my family was definitely bit of a shock.  Well always decorated just about every inch of the house.   They get-togethers I think Sherry or I have mentioned before.  Everyone crammed into one house with a number of friends who joined in our celebration on Christmas Eve.   It did outgrow the parents house and moved to Sherry's. 
Well better get off and get the corner ready for the tree.   Have a good day and be careful out there.
   P.S. Hey Joe, if you see this, I'm wondering if I did something wrong as I can no longer comment on you site.  It's not that I'm not visiting it, I am, but it won't let me comment.    

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am thankful.

Tomorrow is the day we all give thanks.  .  I have seen people on fb do a 30 days of Thanksgiving each year on this month, but I'm sure we all give thanks throughout the year.  I know I do.
I'm thankful for being born into the family I have.  Couldn't have asked for better.  Some would say it could have been wealthier, but I doubt it.  Wealth isn't just money, it's love and caring.  My grandparents were just that and instilled it into their children.  Though my paternal grandmother passed when my father was just a baby I'm sure she was wonderful.  I remember my grandfather as a quiet man and the man who (my parents said) gave me my first dog when I was not quite a year old.  I was told he said no child should grow up without a dog.  That dog was my companion and protector until he passed.
My maternal grandparents were with me until my 11th birthday and were very special to me.  I stayed with them when Sherry had her surgery and they were always a place of love and care.  They're 6 children all have carried on that legacy.
I'm thankful for the wonderful man God seen fit to give me.  Though he had a hard life, he never let it get the best of him and became a man of integrity, responsibilty, and an A-one father and husband.  My children could not have asked for a better dad.
I am thankful my children all became grown-up to be proud of.  That they met the perfect person for them and have raised some of the most delightfully wonderful, talented, smart and decent children and great-grandchildren. All who are so just awesome and have great parents who will help them grow to be great adults. 
I am thankful for my sisters, brother and their spouses, and their kids.
  I am especially thankful for the closeness we all have as family is one of the most important things our family cherishes.  We see and hear for families who, for some reason or another, just can't seem to learn to get along.  What they lose is a tragedy.
I thankful for all the wonderful friends I have found online and consider you all a part of my family. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy and sad.

So sad about the devastation from those tornados.  The weather patterns are just crazy lately.  I was so glad to finally hear Beth Marie was okay.  She was on my mind all day, and was really rfelieved when I saw Carol Dee's post of fb.  Though the big pattern shown on the weather screens showed the area around us in the red we missed the most of it.  One tree fell across the road from an empty lot next to my sisters.  The guys went out and with 30 minutes they had it moved and cleaned up.  You wouldn't even know anything happened if you drove down the street. 
The guys will be heading out Fri. for the big deer hunt.  Oreo and I will be on our own again.  I think it's funny how an animal seems to know when he's going.  He has been almost glued to him for the last few days.  As soon as Jack gets into his chair and comfy the little furball jumps right in his lap and they just sit there together.
Got a call from my Dr. yesterday on my bone scan.  It seems my bones have improved.  I would never have guessed that considering my age and I have a tendency to forget the calcium pills.  I take those as I am not much for dairy products and can not stand milk.  Guess it's the Klondike bars, ;-).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Time to get to work around here.  Breakfast dishes won't do themselves and there is a load waiting to be thrown in the washer.
Everyone have a good day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It seems like I"ve been saying sorry a lot lately for not being out here on a steady basis.  Sometimes suff just gets in the way.  Doing what I can to help with the bathroom reno, all the normal stuff, and just plain tired lately.  I promise to try and do better.
Had my annual checkup last weekk and all came out good, though she checked and decided I am due for a Mammogram and bone density check.  So I get those Thurs.  Then coming up in Dec. is my skin doctor check and 6 mo. check after the cataract fix.  That should be it for the rest of this year. 
Today is my daughter Darla's 49 birthday.  It really doesn't seem like that long ago they put the beautiful little curly haired baby in my arms.  There she was, all blue eyed and a full head of haired that had blond tipped ends.  Now she is a beautiful confident woman who is always there for friends and family.  Happy Birthday Darla.  We Love You!
Not happy with this snowfall already.  I could use a bit more summer and fall, but it is what we have so deal we do.  Funny thing is, as much as I don't like the cold and snow, I just can't imagine being anywhere else.  I think most of us feel that way about where we live.  Jack has suggested at time that we should look into winters in Fla. or somewhere, but I just don't like the idea of being away from family.  Guess the closeness we all have is much better than having to add extra layers any day. 
As to all that.  I think I'll head to couch, the afghan and the puppy.  Oreo is a good little heater and loves sitting in my lap or against me when I'm tucked in there.  Hope your keeping warm.  

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Didn't see that coming.

What a surprise on DWTS last night.  No one went home.  Voting glitch had all fan votes thrown out so all got to stay.  I think that was a good fair way to handle it.  I really didn't want to see anyone go last night.  It's going to be rough to see anyone leave as they all seem to be so good this year.  Was totally shocked with the loss last week. 
Progress is coming along a bit faster on the bathroom.  It may be finished by the end of the week.  Darla's husband was on vacation last week and helped everyday.  Son Jack (he's been work 12 hour days so couldn't come earlier) came Saturday and they finally have all the drywall installed.  Jack cut his thumb pretty good Friday, cutting drywall.  I think it could use a stitch or two, but tough guy just taped it together, wrapped it and continued to work.  Now it's finishing mudding, sanding, painting and laying the floor and trim. I should be able to help with some of this, though I'm not sure he'd appreciate my paint skills, lol.  Soon as my camera charges I'll take a couple pics of what's been done so far.
The homecoming season is now over here and there are still a few remnants of toilet paper floating around.  It doesn't seem as bad as last year.  The kids in our district have to sign up for a cleanup crew if they want to participate in the ritual.  They did a pretty good job.  It's still the highest parts that let loose a fly, but there isn't much of that left. 
Prayers for the families in Nevada.  How sad that someone has to resort to violence, especially a child.  I feel so bad for the families.  I don't want to condem the shooters parents as I know they are hurting and devasted also, but please parents, if you have guns keep them locked up and away from your children.   

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm pretty sure, if not everyone than almost everyone has watched a soap at some time.  Even if it's just to see what the fuss is all about.  Like all tv programs we have to check it out.  They do become an addiction and people get hooked.  Just like those watching "The Walking Dead" and "Sons of Anarchy". 
There used to be some many soaps on.  I remember watching the Secret Storm, the Guiding Light, As the World Turns, The Doctors, Another World, all long gone now.  Of course as a teen into dating I had other things to do and they weren't important in the scheme of life at that time.  Then marriage and a baby gave me more time and "Days of Our Lives came on after my daughter was born an this stay at home Mom was hooked.  Still watch it today with that same daughter (Darla) at noon.  A spin-off of that, Another World, had me also.  I was a teeny bit sad to see it go, but such is life.
There was a time that Days was so popular they claimed businessment watched it a work and colleges had what they called "Days 101" were the kids planned their classes around that time slot.  I can attest to that at as my son went to  campus offshoot of the UW and he said they all gathered to watch it.  How funny.  Though I'm not surprise.  At one time when I was working nights at the local high school, I came in and heard a few girls complaining of missing out now that school was in session again and wondering about what happened today.  I gave them the heads up and from them on they waited until I came in to ask about it.
I've watched the Young and the Restless at times, but it didn't really grab me.  My sister Jodi is hooked there and tapes it daily.   
But I ramble.  There were also the night time soaps (tho they tried not to call them that) like Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest.  Working nights saved me from these, for which I'm grateful.  We really can get caught up in tv and miss the beauty of the world around us.  It's kind of sad really.  Am I still hooked on something.  Yes (head hanging) I am. NCIS, is my addiction.  
Are you hooked on a tv show?  Were you ever hooked, or still are, on a soap?   If so, enjoy, but take the time to "smell the roses" as they say.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's slow going.

Sometimes I think the bathroom will never get done.  It's  a lot of work and I'm not much help to him.  Holding things in place or drywall up so he can screw it in, handing him tools, holding doors open while he carries stuff is my only talent.  So he has to pretty much work alone during the week.  Fortunately, Darla's husband was on vacation so he came down Thur, Fri, and Sat. so that helped.  Son Jack came yesterday and will be here today.  At least they make sure the water is hooked up enough each day for nighttime bathroom trips. (tmi, lol)  I know it will be worth it when it's all done. 
Taking Oreo to be microchipped today.  The local Humane Society is have a 2 hour session for $10.  Can't beat the price.  Should have done it when we first got him, but the charge at the vet was a bit large and with all the others we had with neutering, shots etc.  We just didn't have the extra funds then. 
On a sad note.  As a Packer fan, we don't usually have any love for the Vikings, but we are united in our condelences to Adrian Peterson for he devastating loss.  How anyone could do such a thing to a little child is totally beyond my comprehension. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's sure not what it used to be.

Customer service that is.  Most probably have a story to tell, I'm sure.  The decline in care and help to a customer is rare now days, instead of being the thing that brings back business.  I have to say, we've been pretty lucky in this regard for the most part.  Having little to complain about, even with the gripe I'm about to relay.  My little gripe is not with the manufacturer, but the company selling the products.
Remember I think I told you my dryer was making an awful sound.  I went online and found a site explaining what the problem may be.  Sure enough when Jack opened it up it was exactly that.  He took the bad part to the place we bought it.  Well, would you believe, they don't have a parts dept..  When they have to do a repair, they come and look, go back an order, and then come back when the part comes in to fix.  Two charges for home visits.   Well, Jack made them order the part (I think and threat to call the manufacurer might have something to do with it) and we are waiting a call for when it's in.  Supposed to be today, but we'll see.  This is not the first time with this place.  When we bought the washer and dryer they delivered the wrong washer. The one we bought was more expensive than the one received. They tried everything to not have to exchange it and bring the right one.  It took a telling them we were going to place an article in the paper about their service and attitude that had them show up 20 minutes later with the right one.  Needless to say, we will never deal with them again.
It's sad.  Gone are the days with more helpful stores and service people than not.  The first place we ever bought such appliances is no longer in business probably because they were so customer friendly.  They even talked Jack through a repair online while I picked up the part.  Will never see that again.
That's my little rant for the day.  Minor compared to the big things in life, but hey. 
Have a good day.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inch by Inch

The bathroom renovation is slow but progressing.  It's hearing words like (pardon) Oh shit, That's not good,  make a person a bit nervous.  I take the puppy and we go outside.  Best to stay out of the way. I'd help where I can, but I don't think he trusts my, lol.  Good thing his buddy Jerry helps.
My son closes on his house Monday.  He and his girl will not be too far away.  Just on the other side of the park behind our neighborhood, and across the street from Jack's friend Jerry.  They are excited and the timing was very fortunate.  It seems that the house they were renting is being forclosed on.  The landlady hasn't paid any taxes for a number of years.   A man showed up at the house Friday to serve papers to let tenants know.  
It's homecoming weeks here and the kids have been having the toilet papering sprees going on.  The city school had theirs this weekend and the township school is coming up the 4th and 5th.  The scanners have been going crazy with people calling the police.  Of course people are either for letting them have the fun and those who are against it.  Myself, as long as it's just toilet papering it's not much of a big deal.  It's if they get into other stuff when you have draw the line.
Have to go take the dog out.  Have a nice night.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A hodge podge of sorts.

So sad to hear the loss of Kassey.  Add to that my sister Sherry, who has been watching her sons dog Snuff, found out he has cancer.  These pets become so precious to us that our hearts break when they have troubles.
You've hear of 'bucket lists' I'm sure.  I don't make them.  Since I'm not much of an adventurer I know I wouldn't get 1/3 of it done anyway.  My bucket list is the daily grind kind.  With my lack of disorganization, even that one comes up short quite often.
Sports are taken way too seriously now days.  People get so riled up and mad when their team doesn't live up to expectations or someone says something negative about them.  I heard one guy admit he gets so mad he wants to and has come close to punching someone.  Folks, it's a game. 
Another thing about sports.  The inflated salaries of athletes is just as bad as politicians, CEO's actors etc.  Then to have a team owner ask the taxpayers to build them a new stadium....REALLY!  It just blows the mind.   You know I'm a Packer fan.  I feel the only team that has a right to even suggest such a thing is the Packers, as they are owned by the fans, but not all taxpayers are owners.   
Some sew and some don't.  Do you think it's a failing interest?  I feel students (both female and male) should have to have one course in home economics.  Learn basic cooking skills (many are not getting at home) for their own survival and basic sewing skills.  Like putting on buttons, fixing torn seams, sewing on patches etc.  I guess it's because all repairs in the family come to me that I find it sad.  I right now have a cub scout shirt to put the patches on for my nieces son.  I made the comment to my daughter how someone had better learn something because I won't live forever.  I hope I'm not making this sound like griping.  If I felt that way I wouldn't have taken on the project.  
Well I guess that's enough rattling on for now.  You all have a good day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My daughter Danielle starts a new job today.  She will be working in a school just a hop and skip from home.  It will be the same kind of work she did in her previous school but a different district.  Working with special needs children.  She was devastated when due to our states tax cuts for schools.  Losing a job with Lear was bad enough as the school job was more than half of what she made with no benefits, but she loved it.  She has been applying all over, as you can imagine.  Now wouldn't you know it, right after she was hired she got a call from another job.  Isn't that always the way. 
She will be working in a school just a hop and skip from home. It will be the same kind of work she did in her previous school but a different district. Working with special needs children.   She's good at it and her other school really didn't want to lose her but she was low man.  You the funny thing is she took a test when she decided to go back to school and it said she should be a teacher.  Now if you know this girl it is something you wouldn't think of for her.  She always used to say "I don't like anyones kids but my own".   Yet, there she is.  Assisting teachers and helping teach these special needs children.  She also has applied and received her substitue teaching license. We're so very proud of her.  

Good Luck on your new position Danielle!  You make Mom and Dad so proud!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's finally started....

The bathroom renovation that is.   The hot water heater has been moved to a safer spot.  The room it was in is being torn apart, the tub and all necessities have been bought.  Now it's just how long it will take him to tear up the rest.  He's laying a new floor before he does anymore and all must wait for a bit.  Another project is taking place tomorrow.  My sister Jodi needs a roof on her garage and back room real bad.  That will be done tomorrow.  Then Sunday he goes to the race in Chicago with Darla, and next week he goes up north again.  Good thing I'm a patient woman. 
What is my job in all this.  Well besides helping care out torn up drywall etc.  I have the best job of all.  Sitting outside in the yard keeping Oreo out of the way.  I take a book or kindle and keep out of the way.  Only one flaw in the plan.  The weather.  Either it's too hot or too cold.  I don't mind the heat and can stay out there but with his black fur I like to take him in to cool down.  For a couple days now it's really cool in the morning and I'm not one for that.  I hate the thought of winter.  It seems like it was just a month ago we were hoping for spring.  Oh well, we work it out.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Nice little trip.

Back from out little trip.  It's always sad to go to a funeral but it was a nice service and the family seems to be doing okay.  We stayed over night at our friend Jerry's place.  Our son Jared followed us up to attend the service then had to go back right away as he had to work the next morning.  While he was there he took us to see where he and his lady stay when they go up.  A nice lovely trailer, (though it does need a new roof) just down the road from Castle Rock Lake.  Such a beautiful lake it is.  We stayed over night at our friends trailer that the guys all use for hunting.  That too was a nice place.  Had a campfire and sat reminiscing about the times a group of us all went camping together.  What fun to recall all the fun stuff and the antics of the kids.  How one time we circle the campers like the old west and we had between all of us 42 kids.  You would not believe there was never a fight among them.  Guess there was enough that if you didn't want, or like the games they were playing you just joined another bunch.  How I miss those times.  Alas, life goes on, the kids grow up and move on their own lives.  But what wonderful memories.
We were only gone 24 hours but I think we were being punished when we got home.  Oreo did not come to either one of us.  Deedee brought him in from his haircut and he went right to Darla.  I think we're back in his good graces now though.
Have a good rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sorry I haven't been around.  Been fighting a summer cold.  It had me only spending two hours at brother-in-laws surprise birthday party Sat.  It seems to ease up then slap me right back.  Along with being the only one to keep Oreo happy it's really draining.  So far so good for the last 4 days.  Got some good sleep also.  Hope everyone has been okay out there. Haven't felt much like doing more than checking in here, fb, and spotty at that. 
Taking a short trip north to where the guys go hunting.  Only an overnight thing.  One of their hunting buddies up there wife has passed away and the funeral is later today.  I really didn't want to go but between Jack, his buddy Jerry and his wife the pressure was severely put on.  LOL!  It's my first time away from Oreo and I know I'll be like a mother with a new baby wondering about him all while I'm gone.  He has a good babysitter in Nicole so that eases the mind some, and with Danielle next door and Jodi across the street he'll be just fine.  But you know us pet mom's.  I'm the one constant in his life.  Jack has gone away for days and days, but I've never left him. 
We'll be going to the visitation etc. then staying at Jerry's trailer up there.  Probably out to eat and then head back tomorrow.  Hopefully early, lol.  Since I have a little time this morning I better go make a note for Nicole on any quirks for the dog.  She's headed for the zoo this morning so can't tell her. 
Well you all have a good day and I'll let you know how I fare without the puppy, lol. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

All's Well...

Knock on wood.  Wonder where that saying came from.  Let's hope it stays that way.  Dryer is working great.  Hubby is off the hook, lol.  Then he quickly escaped north with his friend.  Now rest there as they are doing a countertop I thinkhe said.  I always wonder why men are so quick to help other when home projects are piling up.  It took 7 years to get the kitchen finished and we're on 5 with the bathroom.  Only progress there is a new stool.  It's a really good thing I'm patient and no nag, or life could be real rough around here.
Oreo and I went to the park yesterday for a walk and I told we would go again today.  Alas, it's rainy out there.  Though it has stopped for the moment, it looks like it could start at any time so that's out.  Doesn't look promising for the future as heat and humidity are on the way.  Poor puppy.  Guess he'll just have to be content to play in the house with Mom.
Sister is back to work and comes home and soaks her foot right away.  She is a bit frustrated with the people who she has to train to run the machines she now runs.  They are here from Calif. where the jobs are going and they don't seem to have a good learning work ethic.  They want a break every 2 hours.  They are having trouble grasping what to do, can't move to the next level until they do and are only suppose to be here two weeks.  First one almost over.  Meantime production is off which won't make the customers happy.  Sometimes it's not good to move things.  Especially when a couple of execs told them this was the most efficient plant they had.  There is just no understanding of some of the corporate minds out there. 
Here it is 8 o'clock and I'm ready for a nap.  Silly dog go us up at 4 to go out and couldn't get back to sleep.   Nap will have to wait as there's too much to do.  Just hope he sleeps in longer tomorrow.  Of course he's napping.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Just stuff.

Besides the daily grind kind.  You know how that it.  Went to lunch with sisters Sherry and Jodi and hubby Wed.  a place called Wiggy's.  Trying out different places Jodi has never been too, and new places that are opening up.  So far the first 2 are on the 'yes' list. 
Wouldn't you know it.  Mary's wedding was Saturday and we had a castrophe at our house that I was afraid would keep us from going.  The pump for water burnt out and we were dry as can be.  I must tell you, I was very upset.  Not because it went out (that two not knowing the expense) but because it had been making a horrifice noise for two weeks and all I heard was "going to have to take a look at that".  Well I got up in the middle of the night and couldn't flush the toliet as there was no water.  Needless to say I went back to bed very angry and told him so.  It was very quiet here that morning before the stores opened.  It took him all morning to replace it and get the water flowing again, and for less than $400.  He is planning on going up north day after tomorrow and had it went out while he was gone I would have been livid. Now to add to my frustration, the dryer start clanging this morning.  All I can say is he had better see if he can fix it or buy a new one before he goes.  You think maybe I'm a teeny bit angry, frustrated, upset, etc.   I love him dearly be he does have a tendency to wait.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Btain freeze.

I have tried to sit down here and write for a few days and every time the mind goes blank.  I'll be shopping, walking the dog, driving and all sorts of ideas pop in.  Just as soon as I get the time to put my hands on the keys, it's all gone.  It really is the pits.
Old batteries can cost you money.  I had thought my mouse to the pc died.  Put in batteries I had here and it worked for 2 minutes and gone again.  Silly me thought the mouse was dead and went and bought a new one.  It worked for 5 minutes.  Went back to the store and bought two packages of batteries as each mouse took a different size.  Abra-ca-cad-bra.  Both work just fine.  On the upside, I have a spare mouse.
I guess I have to cut this short.  A little black and white furball is telling me he has to go out. 
Have a good night.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Night Out

It's National Night Out and the park behind us filling up fast.  Our township is having a central location for it, though I think you can still have a block party type if wanted.  A helicopter just landed their for people to check out.  There's a fire truck and what else I don't know.  I'm not going over as Jack is at horseshoes and I don't want to go alone.  Jodi says she'll send some neighbors over if they  promise not to send them back.  She's so funny.
I mentioned before about the lamps we have.  Would you believe these are 50 years old.
I just can't seem to find anything I like better to replace them.
Now for something even older.  Sorry for the window glare but I can't take it down without help as it has  too many hooks holding it in place. 

Now the history.  My mother bought this for my grandmother as a Mother's Day present if I remember right.  When grandma passed Mom wanted it back but my aunt wanted it too.  Grandpa said he was keeping it.  Being the oldes granddaughter and Mom's daughter he gave it to me for a wedding present.  Since grandma died when I was 11 and I don't remember how long she had it before then, it has to be over 60 years old. 
Well I think it's reading time.  You all have a nice night.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Rain, rain, and more rain.

That's what is suppose to be in store for us the next 3 or 4 days.  It is really needed to I guess having to stay inside won't be to hard to take.  The dog may not like it, but it is what it is. 
We realized  Jodi, Danielle's and Jack and I all had some steaks in the freezer.  Yeah, steak fry, so yesterday we grabbed whatever else we could find and threw together a cookout.  Jack did make a trip for sweet corn, and added items were onion rings, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, cottage cheese and antalope for dessert.  Sometimes spontaneous turns out really nice.
 You know over the years all the things you go through as far as furniture etc.?  Styles change along with tastes.  As I was admiring my new sofa and chair yesterday I realized the lamps on the entables are as old as our marriage.  We bought them with our first living room set when first married.  50 years and they still light up our lives. They along with our dressers are all that is left from that time.  Glad to know we're not the only 'old farts' in the house, tee hee.
What to do today?  Something constructive or read.  Decisions, decisions.  I suppose a little of both would be a good thing.  It's not like we can't always find something is it.  Hope you all have a great day.  Hugs to you.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Look what I bought.

Went out for lunch Wed. and stopped at a furniture store to look around on the way home.  Have been needing a new sofa and wanted to see what they have.  Well yup.  I did it.  Took the plunge and here is what I got.
The matching chair was out of stock at that store but will be here Tuesday.
Now for Jack.

I do worry he'll spend too much time there ;-).
Oreo is not too sure about this change yet.  He was so funny when they delivered it.  He sat in his crate (door open) and just watched the whole thing.  Very quiet and calm.  As soon as all was in and the guys were talking to Jack I think he decided the strangers in his domain were there long enough.  He came out of crate and barked at them (to leave?).  Such a silly little dog. 
Have birthday party later this evening.  Grea-grandson Logan is 6 already. Man, the time really flies.
Went the annual street dance last night for a few hours.  The music was great but I wasn't quite sure of the name of the band.  "Reverand Raven and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys".   Some thought that wasn't appropriate and other funny.  I guess I'm of the  'to each his own' group.  Considering they've been doing it for 12 years that I know of, it seemed a little disorganized to me.  Food vendors weren't ready with the hot stuff when they opened.  Ticket takers had to walk the crowd to get the money.  I'm wondering if it was because they had a sidewalk sale right up to half hour before this started.
You all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I fixed it.

The top canopy for the swing.  As I said the other day, it was not wide enough for the 3 seater swing.  It needed an additon as it was about 8+ inches too short.  Here it is.
The colors don't match but as long as it works it's alright with me.
I think I told you about my husbands camera trouble.  He went all the way up to the camera store where he bought it and lo and behold it's closed and gone.  No 'moved to' or anything.  Just closed shop.  Now he has to either to to Madison or Rockford to try and find some help.  Here is his camera.

   It's a Konica Minolta DSLR MAXXUM 5D
He really likes it.  Hope we can get to the bottom of the trouble.
 On a sad note a dear friend from England who used to live here, only has a short time in this world.  Maureen has cancer in her brain and is under hospice care.  She was married to a neighbor and they divorced so she went back to England.  We got the word today time is not on her side.  I pray she goes peacefully.  She has a dear man friend with her all the time and they plan to be married right away.  God Bless You Maureen. 
Well have to go fix another project.  Oreo took the cushion out of his crate and tore it open, pulling the stuffing out.  For some reason he thinks it's a toy.  Maybe he's trying to tell me something, but I can't think of what.
Have a good night.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Where have I've been?

What have I been doing?  Would you believe nothing to write about, but seems to take up a lot of time?  Guess I just got caught up in the daily grind, and lovely weather.  Oreo loves being outside as most dogs do and I take my iPad or Kindle and out we go.  
I did manage to get one thing done.  The top canopy for the swing that was too small made bigger.  I think when I ordered it last year they sent one for a two seater swing and this is a 3.  So I cut it and add an extension.  Whah Lah!  It fits perfectly.  I did take measuremeants to be sure and have the right size if it's ever needed again.
Had Sherry's sons wedding in that time I was gone.  Such a happy couple they are.  They sure compliment each other as they each have (I guess you would call it a handicap of some sort).  He has hand that shake bad and she has a leg that doesn't cooperate well so walks with a cane.  Each of them take such good care of each other it's so endearing to watch.
Jack is having trouble with his Minolta suddenly.  He took pictures of the wedding and they all came out rather dark.  It doesn't matter whether he used a flash or not.  It's all the same, in sunny places and and shady places, light or dark.  He's on his way to have it checked.
The Rock County fair has opened this week with some pretty good headliners.  Florida/Georia Line, Hunter Hayes, Trace Atkins. They drew a crowd of 30,000 for F/G.  It's the oldest county fair in the nation.  I guess I knew that but was remined of it with the new report on it last night.  Haven't been to the fair in years. 

Sending prayers for our friend Beth who has just gone through surgery.  Praying for all the best and a speedy recovery.
 I guess that covers it for today.  Not much to report as I said, so I'll go see what kind of trouble I can get into.  Have a good day.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mr. Sassy dog.

I'm sure you know how sensitive the phone camera buttons can be.  You can barely touch it and it takes the picture.  That will explain the following pictures.  Oreo was on my lap and and I tried to take his picture with my phone.

"You need a trim puppy"

"I don't think so."
If I had planned it, it couldn't have turned out better.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Just don't understand some people.

You ever wonder how some people can just show such blatant favoritism, or maybe it's just the lack of thought.  But I doubt it.  I'm so mad my Nicole was on the wrong side of such.  Friday they had a 4th of July family get-together at Deedee's in-laws.  From what Deedee say's they acted like they wre barely there.  Mike would try to talk and they talk around him or interrupt, and I gather this is a normal thing.  I don't know if it's because he was adopted or what.  But, the real kicker has me mad.  Grandpa and Grandma took all of Mike's sisters and daughters to have a manicure and pedicure.  They never called for Nicole and Deedee to go too.  Then they spent the whole day talking about how wonderful it was.  I commend my daughter and Nicole on their ability to endure this without leaving.  I don't think I could do it.  This not the first time something like this has happened with them.  I cannot believe people could be this way.
Darla's mother-in-law was the same way.  One year she took on 16 granddaughter on a cruise but left out Stephanie out.  When confronted (by Jim) she said, "well Steph's just 16 and I didn't think she would like it".  Jim said so is Amber and she never gave Steph a chance by asking her. You don't think that hurt her?"
I could no more do that than cut off my own arm.  Four of my grandkids are step-grandkids, but to us they are outs just as though born to us.  What we give to one we give to all.  Most of all our love.  I understand and feel very proud to say, both my son-in-laws have said they would rather be with us than their own parents.  What a sad thing to feel. 
I waited a couple of days to post this, as my anger at the situation needed cooling off or this would have probably been a vile worded laced rant.  Sorry for the downer post, but just had to vent a bit.
With all that said, hope you all have a good upbeat day.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!

Happy Birthday America!
Happy Fourth of July to all of you!
Spending it quietly here at home with some brats and burgers.  Wondering how Oreo is going to take to the noise that will be going on later.  It's been really quiet, which is unusual around here.  Ususally the kids start shooting off firecrackers a couple days before and continue for about a week.  Seems odd not having the noise but a nice odd.
Hugs to you all!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Yeah, Sunshine!

Had enough rain for awhile for sure.  First it threatened our party, then it made us worry about flooding again.  Our was under more water that the day before the party.

That's just the west side.  What made me nervous was the east side was beginning to fill up.  This being a really old (and not well designed) house, the well pump is in a attached house on that side.  It was beginning to rise up to it's door and I was worried it would get in and short out the electric to it.  Fortunately the sun came out and things have dried up nicely. 
Jack bought a wireless printer, you know the kind you can send to it from whereever you are.  Have spent 2 weeks trying to get it set up for that and have only manage to set it up the way a regular printer works.  Had to call the co. to get that done.  Have again contacted them a few times for help and get nothing but emails to call and then get put on hold.  We have followed the instructions step by step every which way it can be done and get the same no result.  I'm about to drowned the dam thing.  We have WiFi for our laptops, kindle and iPad, the router has the button it says to push etc.  I just don't understand it.  Guess we amateurs just aren't smart enough.  Emailing them again with a grousing about being put on hold too.
Sister Jodi is having a bone spur removed from her foot Fri. so I'll be taking her to the hospital and home.  She will be off work for 6 weeks, but has to get it done before they close up shop here and move to California.  She will be out of a job. 
So sad about the firefighters in Arizona.  I feel so for their families.  It was one of the things I feared the most when Jack was one.  God Bless them all.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What a wonderful day.....

...it turned out to be for the anniversary party.  It looked a bit iffy in the morning but cleared up nicely for party time.  So many people came and some we were very surprised to see.  There were cousins from Fla., and friend from Calif., and people we hadn't seen in ages.  The kids did a great job putting this all together and the food was great (no surprise, there as those who brought dishes always step up) and the music so nice.  I do say it has taken me this long to get some energy back. 
 We were so young, just 19.

Danielles friend sent this from California.  Thanks Gayle!

They came and went all afternoon.  Party ended about midnight.

Just a little poker party.  It's a family thingl

My how we've changed.
You all have a good day.  Hope it's dry where you are.  Our yard if full of water again.  May be pictures of that later.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I didn't realize it's been this long since I last posted.  There's been birthdays, Father's day, Dr's. appt.s and things like that.  But, that is no excuse.  I've been bad at neglecting my blog and though I have checked on you all, I haven't always left a comment.  Since the next few days will be busy getting ready for another party I probably won't b able to get on here each day.  Our 50th wedding anniversay is this Sat. and the kids are having a open house here, so there is much to do.  It's also my son and his wonderful wife's anniversary.  Then Sherry's is the 25th.  Whew!  The weather is not suppose to be very cooperative with possible thunderstorms in the forecast.  Hopefully they'll hold off.  The kids had originally planned to have it at the Moose, but to save money the plans changed.  Jack offered to help but they didn't want that.  Now with the weather it makes one wonder if we should have left it that way.  Plus the fact the parking will be a challenge.  But we will make the best of it as we always do.  What's life without a challenge or two. 
With all the running and such my mind is mush so ideas for a post are all jumbled together up there and not falling and in order to begin one.  As fast as one pops up it goes.  Maybe after these last few days it will settle down and I can actually think.  Going to start carrying a notepad and pen with me to jot down one when it comes, lol.  Maybe there will be lots of pictures from the party to help get restarted on here. 
With that said I will leave you all to have a good night. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a little rant, lol.

The other day Carole had a rant on driving.  I have a little to add to it.  Especially about blinkers, or their lack of use.  It seems to me when learning to drive there was a part in the manual about turning on your blinkers at least (I think) 100 feet before turning.  Today, though so many don't use them at all, too many wait until just as they're turning to use them.  Then there are those who speed up, pass you, hit the blinker and turn immediately.  Have had to hit the brakes a few times for these jerks. Maybe if they'd get off the phone and pay attention it would help, but I doubt it.    Of course the people who should be setting the example, the police are some of the biggest blinker offenders.  A call to their headquarters usually works for about a month.  GRRRRR! 
Okay Terry, you can calm down now.  Let's not let the BP go up. 
My roses are busting out so prettily.  I just wish they would keep it up all summer.  I've tried the tricks they say that will keep them going, but it doesn't always work as stated.  Anyone with experience able to answer a question for me.  Can other plants overcome a rose bush.  We have a section in the side yard that has 3 different rose plants in it.  On is totally gone I think.  The other two have grown as I feel they should.  My husband planted iris and lilies behind them and they have taken over almost the entire plot.  I was wondering if they are choking off the roses.  You know that picture I have of the bee in the rose.  That is the bush that is not sprouting even a sprig.  The other 2 are just about a foot and a half high.  I'll go take a picture and put it up tomorrow. 
Carole says she has it on good authority that Oreo wants his own blog.  I'll have to have a long talk with him about how much work that would be.  He's pretty busy trying to get outside and play with neighbors and attacking his crate cushion.
Well better get with here.  You all have a great day. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a dog!

You've all known we sisters get together once a week for what is knows as "granny's night".  That we have non-granny's included is just adds to the fun.  Now why the dog title?  Well it goes like this.  A couple weeks ago we gathered as usual.  While sitting there talking I heard a lawnmower start up.  Thinking it was Jack I said "poor Oreo is all alone loose in the house".  Well my sister Sherry said, "it's a dog", in the tone of  "it's JUST a dog".  The nerve of her, lol.  It's my baby.  I hate leaving him alone too long when he's in the crate.  Besides, I could see thing being chewed that he wouldn't normally be able to get to.  Fortunately the lawnmower was next door and Jack and Oreo were napping in the chair.
Things will be busy here on the weekend again with Fathers day approaching.  We girls have worked out another plan so as not to have to grill.  Last year we made a big slow cooker full of bar-b-que.  Well that didn't go over well with Rhonda's husband.  Didn't know he didn't like bar-b-que.  New plan for this year.  We are getting 150 pieces of broasted chicken.  With dishes to pass (that we usually have done the day before) and the chicken, we should be able to have a good day without anyone have to watch the grill. 
My grandson's birthday follows Father's Day and we are all adding a pack of pencils to his gift as a joke. It seems he's always losing his pencil and has to borrow at school.  If you have to borrow too often from the teacher they charge you a $1 at his school.  We did that years ago to Sherry's DIL who was always spilling her drink.  We all gave her a sippy cup for Christmas.
Following all this is our 50th anniversary on the 22nd and the kids are throwing an open house party here.  Sherry's son is getting married next month. So far, that is all as far as I know at this time.  I sure hope we get some time to go camping this summer.  It seems like the summers are so full that we hardly get it out. 
Well I guess I've rambled on long enough.  You all have a great day. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

This is the first Memorial Day weekend without Jack's mother.  She always wanted a cookout on this weekend.  Even when she was in a wheelchair last year we brought her down to enjoy it.  It's suppose to be rainy on and off all weekend here, so a cookout looks out of the question.  I guess that it's kind of appropriate that it's a rainy weekend.

Memorial Day is such a special day for the country.  It reminds us of, and honors those who help make America that country it is and those who help to keep us safe.  Those mem and women deserve evy honor and accolade they get and more.  It takes a toll on them and their families that most of us will ever be able to understand.  I had an uncle who never was the same after WWII.  He would never talk about his time and drank heavily when he came home.  Sad to say he passed in his forties, leaving a wife and seven children.   So, I tip my hat to my uncle Bill, Sherry's husband Bill, my uncle Ken his boy and grandsons, my son Jack and all others who sacrifice for us, whether it's in combat times or peace.

Friday, May 24, 2013

No plans...

for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  Cousin wanted us to come up to Gordon with our camper and son and his girl wanted us to come to Adams, but we just got the camper opened and haven't had time to get it ready for the season.  Along with having the surgery and post op visits it just wasn't practical at this time.  Besides, roads on holiday weekends are such a pain most times.  Hopefully we can get to use it much more this summer.  It's seems graduations, weddings etc. all work against us getting away as often as we would like.  This summer we have our anniversay party so that weekend is definitely out. 
My sister Jodi has to have bone spurs removed from her feet soon.  As her company is moving to Calif. she has to get it done now while she still has insurance.  She sure wouldn't be able to afford it on her own.  Though it bothers her a little to have to take time right now when they are busy getting  things done for them to move, she has to think of herself first. 
Well not much going on here, as you can tell.  Time for the next round of eye drops, so better get at it.  You all have a good day.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Had the last cataract removed yesterday.  Glad that's over.  It's not really a bad process, it's just the long wait when you go until they get to you.  Was suppose to be there by 9 and didn't get in to have it done until after 12.  Something caused the doctor to have a 40/45 minute delay before she could even get there.  Then of course waiting out the ones schedules ahead of me.  Now a couple of weeks of eyedrops and all should be well.  
One thing I learned is there are 3 ways to remove cataracts.  The one we all think of, just removal of the cataract.   The other two are total replacement of the lens of the eye.  That is what I had.  The up and downside of this is one lens Medicare will pay for the other they won't.  The one they pay for you still have to have glasses to correct a astigmatism (which I have), and the other will do all that with no glasses needed.  The expenses, of course, being too great to come up with on my own.  They won't let you even pay the difference.   So I will still have to have glasses for certain things.  No big deal really as I'm pretty used to them.  Have wore glasses since the 6th grade so they seem like a normal part of my face.
I feel so bad for all those harmed by that awful tornado.  It just boggles the mind what those things can do.   We had an e5 in WI. some years ago, though not where we live.  Thank the Lord.  We did have one go through here that took off the gym roof at the high school, and the roof at the fire depts.  That was the worst of that damage.  No injuries.
Well off to the doctor for that checkup after the surgery.  You all take care.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to two of the nicest couples I know.  I may be a bit bias because they are closely related.  Yesterday was daughter Danielle and her husband Mike's, and to day is daughter Darla and Jim's. 
Last night we went to a spring concert at Nicole's school.  It had the middle school choir first and the then the high school.  It was absolutely awesome.  The school and district can be very proud of the kids and the choir director.  They have received many awards with a couple of the kids national ones.  A few years ago this choir was down to just a little over 25 kids.  The lady teacher was having health problems that affected her brain and she just couldn't handle it.  The district moved the grade school teacher up and the choir as grown by leaps and bounds.  Before they could put the whole middle school and high school choirs together on the stage and not fill it.  Now the risers are crowded.  They have Show Choirs, Chamber choirs, a volunteer choir called the "breakfast club" and he announced there would be two additional choirs next year.   Hopefully, if I can remember how to do it, I will try to put up a couple of songs.  It's been so long I've tried anything like that. I just wished I could have taped the whole thing from middle to high school.  Forgot to check my camera and didn't have enough time left on it.  Won't make that mistake again.
Have a checkup on the eye that had surgery today.  Tuesday I get the other eye done and will be happy when all that is over. 
Well off to get things done around here.
You all have a good day.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nice weather!

Finally a few decent days before the rains come.  On the weekend of course.  Not that sitting outside and enjoying good weather stops me (being retired has its benefits) but those who still work would rather it did it during the week.  They need the raid way up in northern WI and Minn. as there are fires up there, just north of my cousins place.   
Want to wish a couple of my children a Happy Anniversary.  Darla and Jim's is tomorrow and Danielle and Mike's is today. 
Here's a couple of pictures on my Mother's Day haul.
This has a beautiful iridescent finish.  The picture doesn't do it justice.

Have a lovely day.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you a nice Mother's Day!
We had our usualy cookout yesterday for Mother's Day.  Yes it was cold but we don't let a little weather spoil our plans as you will see from the pictures below.
The Sisters-Mine (that's what the call each other).

My sister Jodi and me.

Danielle at her party best.

Darla gave us all the idea for the hats.


The crazy group.
It was cold and windy but we managed to have a good time anyway.  We moved the vehicles and  around to block the wind and sat in the driveway between them and the camper.  Helped a great deal.   The only drawback was when it was time to eat, but the wind had died down by then and all was good.
You all have a good day.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's allmost impossible.

One of the rules after the surgery is NOT to bend over to reach for, or pick anything up.  This is to make sure the lens that was put in stays in place while healing.  It's almost impossible not to bend over before you remember it's too late.  When you have a little active puppy who wants to place fetch the ball or toy doesn't just jump up in your hand.  Poor Oreo just can't understand why Mom doesn't play with him as much.  Glad it's only for a week, but then it does happen again on the 21st.  Poor little guy.
We have a new addition to the family.  Yes I've already told you about Ella the granddaughter.  This is grand-cat.  Danielle's husband was given this little darling for his birthday.  His name is Remington, called Remi for short.
Isn't he just the cutest thing?
Family had a fright yesterday.  My nephew's wife and their daughter and were going to Walmart when a young girl hit them in the passenger side.  Though both were unharmed, we are just so thankful that for some reason their son wasn't with them.  That was just where she hit and it did smash into his car seat.  Why she decided to only take one child she has not clue.  She just told Ryker he could go alone with her next time.  God was surely looking out for him. 
Have good day.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One down, one to go!

Had my first cataract removed this morning. It wasn't bad at all. It took longer to go through all the questions, bp, eye drops and all that prep than the surgery did. Told to be there at 7:30, finally went into surgery at 10. I was the 5th out of 6 that were scheduled for such. Was home by 11, with all the instructions and an appt for 8:30 tomorrow. Will be a good girl and do just what they told me.
Poor Oreo. He was stuck in that crate all that time. He looks at me kind of strange, not sure about that patch on the eye. lol
Some bad news to report. My daughter Danielle was told yesterday she wouldn't be renewed as the teacher's aide for next year. Though she never thought she would work in a school she really loved her job.
Well guess I had better get off and get the next round of drops.
Have a good night.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

It's a go!

Had all the tests, checkup etc. and have been declared okay to have the cataract surgery.  So next Tuesday I have one done and two weeks later the other.  I will sure be glad when it's all over.
Mothers day is coming with the annual yard party.  It has been suggested this year, instead of that same old food items we all do some of things we've seen online and Pinterest.  Though some may fun, I still think we need a few of the stape items.  I mean how would it be if we ended up with a bunch of food that no one will like.  Especially children.  They can be pretty picky.  I think a combination of both is best.
Well hubby is home from turkey hunting and the dreaded tv is on again.  Though I sure miss HIM when he goes, I certainly do not miss that tv noise.  An hour of Days of Our Lives during the daytime, DWTS on Mon. (glad Andy is finally gone),  NCIS on Tues., and Criminal Minds on Thur. are more than enough for me.   Oreo sure did miss him.  I don't think he's moved too far from him since he came home.   
It's been so beautiful outside the last few days I've hardly been in here long enough to turn on this machine.  Rain and cold called for today.  So far the cold part has turned up.  Need a jacket again.  This up and down teasing is getting old.
Well, there's all that daily stuff that I've put off this morning, so I had better get at it.  For some silly reason it just won't do itself. 
You have a good day.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Loose dogs, GRRRR!

For the life of me (and it could be) I don't understand people that won't confine their pets.  I don't know if I mentioned a week ago a pit bull down the street came charging at Jack and Oreo as they went for a walk.  Saturday when I took Oreo another one from a different place came charging at us. We don't have a collar on Oreo, it's one of the vests he wears and it's a good thing.  We both had to yank the lease and get him into our arms will hoping the pit doesn't try to attack.  They certainly sere growling like that was next when the owners got them.  Why you would have a pit bull in a two room duplex with 3 kids, or a 4 room house with kids is beyond me.  The thing is knowing these people it makes me wonder what their up to.  Then the one place the owners boyfriend just spent time in jail and had 4 pit bulls taken and euthanized as he trained them to attack.  She still has her own which is the one Jack had to deal with. 
Now it's not just pit bulls.  There was one little wire haired dog no bigger than Oreo that came after us and some kids of big white dog that is always loose and checked us out.  Each owner said their dog won't bite.  Yeah sure.  Any dog will bite if it feels the least bit threatened and seeing another dog can make them feel this way.  Then we have a lady with 3 retrievers that walks them unleased with the leash in her hand.  Granted they are trained to walk with her, but have wandered into the yard just to sniff poor Oreo.  I have told them all they must leash them.  We'll see.  One more troubled walk and I will have to turn them in.  I do not like to do that to people, but if they care not for others safety or keeping their pets safe, than that is the way it will be.
On another subject I would like to ask for prayers for an old friend.  She would hang out at our house when we were teens.  She is undergoing surgery for throat cancer.  Thankk you.
The weather has been so beautiful I have spent the last few days outside almost all day.  Oreo loves it. I now have a red face lol.  Not too bad, but just a nice color.  Now the clouds and more rain later tonight and for a couple days, on and off. 
Dancing With the Stars tonight.  Sure hope Andy goes this time and we can get on with the more decent competition.  I do think it will come down to Zendaya and Kelly.  I would be happy with either.
Well enough rattling on.  Work to get done around here and a puppy to spoil.
Have a great day!