Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Poor Puppy.

 Christmas Day is closing in fast and I'm not nearly ready.  Did get the cloth done for the table top tree we bought.  Now to get the tree up and decorated.  Maybe that will get me going on finishing the shopping.  You know as much as I appreciate the snow holding off, that may be the reason that gets people really going.  Did get my list lined up but getting ideas from the kids and grandkids is like pulling teeth.  It seems like money or gift cards  is the favorite answer, but that seems to impersonal.   I guess if that's their preference that's what they will get. 

Now to the poor puppy. Oreo had a vet visit yesterday.  We were concerned he may have worms and we were correct.  Probably would have been prevented if we had received the card they send telling us of a Nov.  checkup.  They had miss spelled the address so we have no idea where the card went.  Made sure they have it right now.  It's an old English spelling and we have to correct it with people all the time.  Well anyway, he was given new pills all the shots he needs and a years supply of Heartgard and Frontline to the tune of $277.   The poor little fellow was so good through it all.  Later that night though he lost all his supper.  I think it was just too much at one time for the little guy.  He's as frisky as ever this morning though.  

Well if we're ever going to get this place decorated sitting here isn't going to do it. 

You all have a good day.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Good Morning!

Here's hoping you day is going well.

Took Oreo for his first walk away from the yard yesterday.  He was to thrilled about that.  He was constantly stopping and had to have a little nudge now and again.  Finally about half way down the street he became determined he was going no further.  Plopped down right on the side of the road and refused to move, so we headed back.  When he spotted his own yard it was tough to keep up with him.  We'll keep up a little each day.

Daughter Deedee and her cousin (Sherry's daughter) are in Vegas meeting up with their friend Spring. It's their reward trip they promised themselves when they went back to school. Deedee and Spring are celebrating getting their Master's Degrees and Deanna is celebrating her divorce.  

Well we're are going to downsize in a Christmas tree.  Jack has been trying to get me to do it for a few years now, but I love the big tree.  The dog has made the decision.  No one wants to fight with him to stay away.  Should have it up this weekend hopefully, but on Monday for sure.  Have this round table in the garage that will be just perfect and bought some real pretty material for a table skirt. 

Well better get back to work.  As usual, the nose twitch doesn't work and the cleaning fairy have seems to have taken a trip elsewhere.  If you see her, tell her to get herself back here.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh am I a bad girl......

Gosh, I didn't realize it was so long since I was here.  You can send me all the wet noodle lashes I deserve.  It's mostly due to laziness but there were some busy times too. So let me fill you in on what I've been up too.  

Thanksgiving, of course, was looking to be a disaster.  I took the turkey out on Mon. and put it in the frig. to thaw.  Son gets one from his work and I never bothered to look at how big it was.  Well when the guys came home Wed. Jared stated it was only 11 lbs.  Imagine the panic with almost 20 people.  Sent Jack right to the store for another, which was promptly put in water to thaw.  The sweet potatoes I got were (though the smallest I could find) were huge, so I baked them Wed. and removed the insides and reheated and mashed. Thursday morning I made the pies early and peeled and cut the potatoes, then we proceeded to get the turkey's ready.  One in the oven and one in a roaster.  For some silly reason when we put the timer on I was thinking that was the time they would be done.  DUH!  Not to mention that the temp for the pies was 425 and forgot to turn it down.  Well needless to say there was quick calls informing everyone dinner would be much earlier.  Fortunately, all turned out well and the day was great fun.

Of course there are the Christmas shopping, regular daily routine, etc.  not to mention puppy training.   Oreo is doing pretty good with his potty training with only an accident when excited.  He has learned to sit and stay.  Stays in his own bed for 7 to 7 1/2 hours at night, and loves to play fetch.  He still won't climb the stairs, but when your as small as he is it looks a long way up there.

I must say I was happy with the DWTS final.  The right one got the trophy.  Melissa and Tony really deserved it.  I would have been okay with Derek and Shawn too.  They were great. 

Well that's long enough to for today.  I did warn you it was mostly laziness.  I will try to do better.  I promise.

Have a good day all.