Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few more crazy old laws.

Setting Fire to a mule is prohibited in Maine.

Your are not permitted to swim on dry land in Santa Ana, California.

An old law in South Foster, Rhode Island, declares that if a dentist makes a mistake and pulls a wrong tooth, the penalty is to have a corresponding tooth extracted from his mouth by the villiage blacksmith.

In Alabama, bookds about outlaws are banned.

In Florida, if a voter remains in the election booth for more than five minutes, he can be fined and sent to prison.

In Gary, Indiana, itis illegal to attend the theater within four hours of eating garlic.

In Denver, Colorado, the law insists that dogcatchers notify dogs of impounding by posting a notice on a tree in the park.

It is illegal for a dog to come within ten feet of a fire hydrand in Sheridan, Wyoming.

A man in Alabama may lawfully discipling his wife by using "a stick no larger that the thumb."

In Ohio, the victim of a lynch mob is entitled to recover a sum of up to five hundred dollars from the county in which the assault too place.

It is illegal for a chicken to cross the road in Quitman, Georgia.

In North Dakota, railroad engineers may not take their trains home with them at night unless they carry a full crew.

The law of St. Joseph, Missouri, states that firemen cannot cavort about in their undershirts.

Alll citizens of South Carolina are required to carry guns with them to church on Sunday.

You may not sleep in a refrigerator in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

In Idaho, you cannot fish for trout on the back of a giraffe.

In Glendale, Arizona, it is against the law to back up your car.

In Nebraska, sneezing in public is prohibited by law.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Uncle Willy

He was my husbands uncle.    Willy had a series of childhood illnesses hit him one after the other when he was just a small boy.  It left him mentally capacity deficient and back then you never heard of special education schooling. He never learned to read or write.  Like the old times, Willy made his mark.  He had a couple of bumps (cysts nodules) on his head and as children are they nicknamed him Willy Lump Lump.  It never seemed to bother him.  He always seemed to smile when anyone said hello or talked to him.

Of course he never went to school and lived at home all his life.   Grandma and him lived on their meager social security from her husband and later a small government subsidy for him as it came into being.  There were times when other brothers etc.(which is another story some day) stayed there and helped out. Both when they lived there and when they could.  But, most of all the things they had were because he was one who wanted money of his own.  Willy picked up cans along the roads and cashed them in.  You could look out your windows at night and see a flashlight shining around the yards in the neighborhood, you knew he was looking for nightcrawlers.  Willy did quite a business with nightcrawlers.  His were the best taken care of and people came from all over to buy them.  Most were very honest and fair (as Willy couldn't count) though some would take more than their dozen.  It helped when Jack moved in at his 9th grade year to keep an eye on it for him.  Grandma didn't go out of the house much.  He would save his money and get on his bicycle and go into town and purchase whatever it was he wanted.  Clerks and storekeepers were very good to him.  Willy had the very first TV in the neightborhood (my grandparents were second).  He bought his mother a stackable washer and dryer when they came out.  He was quite the inspiration on not letting problems hold you back. 

Grandma had a stroke and eventually ended up in a nursing home.  Jack was given power of attorney of his subsidy and life went on.  Jack's mom moved in to help take care of him.  He developed cancer in the lymph nodes of his neck and went through radiation and chemo which did the job for quite some time.  Since his mother signed the house to him, Willy did the same for his sister.  She lives there still and Jack checks on her twice a day as she is getting up there in years, 87, and has diabetes and gout.  Willy's cancer came back and a he told Jack he didn't want that medicine again.  Just let him go.  But before he left he told Jack to "take what was left of his money and buy a headstone for Momma".  Well, Willy, you've been gone for some years now, but your bought Momma a beautiful headstone.  I thought it was about time you knew.

Willy may have been slow, but he was far from stupid.

Friday, March 25, 2011

How many are still there?

I saw a trivia question the other day, and it concerned old laws, some still in effect.  I found this book of some not too long ago.  I wonder if any of these are still cluttering up the books.

 Hunting elk on Main Street in Ouray, California, is prohibited by law. 

Lest little boys of Ashland, Wisconsin, grow up to be gamblers, a law has been enacted making it illegal to play marbles for keeps.

To take a bath in Boston, you must have a doctor's written permission.

Wearing suspenders is illegal in Nogales, Arizona.

It is illegal to own both a cat and a bird in Reed City, Michigan.

In Wyoming, it is illegal to take a picture of a rabbit during January, February, March, or April--unless you have license.

It is illegal to walk through the streets of Maine with your shoelaces undone.

Public checker-playing is against the law in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

In St. Louis, Missouri, it is against the law to let rubbish collect on your roof.

Singing out of tune in North Carolina is against the law.

A woman cannot take a bath in a business office in Carmel CA.

A old law in Brainer, Minnesota orders that every male must grow a beard.

In Natoma, Kansas, it is illegal to practice knife throwing at someone wearing a striped suit.

The laws of Portland, Main, do not allow one to tickle a girl under the chin with a feather duster.

It is illegal to slide on the ice on the sidewalks of Wilmington, Delaware.

In Kentucky, a man may not marry his wife's grandmother.

According to an old law of Truro, Massachusetts, a young man could not get married until he had killed either six blackbirds or three crows.

Anyone over the age of eighty-eight in Idaho Falls, Idaho, is not permitted to ride a motorcycle.

In South Dakota, an eight-year-old woman cannot stop on the street to talk to a young married man.

It is against the law to drive camels along Nevada's main highways.

It is unlawful to hold frog-jumping contests in Boston night clubs.

In Hawaii, it is illegal to insert pennies in your ears.

Taking a fish off another person's hook is against the law in Tennessee.

It is a crime in several states to dance to "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Yes, I know, I have too much time on my hands.  (Big Grin)  These are funny to read.  May add a couple to the end of my post once in awhile.   What scares you is that some lawmakers today come up with some doozies too.

Have a good day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost trouble in Paradise!

Yup, there was.  As many know from previous posts, my husband goes to a science camp with a local school and he always take the suburban.  They haul most all of their own science projects and take the vehicles that can load up all the stuff.  The sub is the vehicle that I drive. He has a blazer.  Of course you know which one runs the best. Now I, being the nice, generous woman that I am, sacrifice for camp and use his car. 

Why almost trouble.  Well last week and the week before Danielle had to use it while her's was being repaired.  When she brought it back and gave him the keys he forgot to give me back my set.  Today I went to unlock it and put his stuff back in and I couldn't find my keys.  Tore my purse apart, dumped everything on the table, no keys.  Checked all coats I have used in the last few weeks, no keys.  Starting to steam at being stuck home for 4 days.  Looked here, looked there, nada. Getting ready to text him and give him guilt trip. Finally I went through the key holder by the door (now your would think that would have been my first choice right) there they were.  Why wouldn't I look there first.  Because they were my set of keys and should have been on my keyring.  They should have been handed back to me when he came in with them.  MEN!  Yeah, I'm being bratty.  But hey, I would have made sure he got his back had it been the other way around.  Honest.

Sad to see Elizabeth Taylor has passed away.  What a wonderful actress and beautiful lady she was.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Celebrating our Mother’s 90 birthday Saturday got me to thinking how lucky we were to have such a wonderful person as our Mother. She showed us strength, discipline, rights, wrongs, but most of all Love. No, she was not perfect, none of us are. She showed us she wasn’t with her saying “do as I say, not as I do”, though do she did. Yes, she was ‘fun-loving’ and always ready to enjoy what the world offered, but she was also the rock we all needed when those times came.

There are so many different kids of mothers out there that you wonder about their decisions and attitudes.

There is the ‘good mother’, which we felt we had. Her kids are her top priority. Their health, education, morals, and safety are of the utmost importance. Many ‘good mothers’ have been called bad for giving up their children. Either through adoption or in a divorce. That is not really fair most of the time. They know they are not able to be there for them and make the best arrangements for the kids they love. Yes, the do love them, as it’s hard to let them go.

Then the ‘bad mother’ as some would call it. Those sad souls who think the only answer is to dispose of their children, or hurt them in some way. I’m not sure you would call them ‘bad’ or desperate, or lacking any emotion at all for anyone but themselves. It is really sad to see those kind, for they have lost a most precious joy. The joy of feeling little arms hug you tight and sloppy kisses on your face.

The ‘indifferent mother’ doesn’t seem to care on way or another. She let’s the kids do as they please, come and go, eat whatever, ‘just don’t bother me too much’. Some would call them bad also, but they are still there if really needed. They are one who have let go completely in this category also. Just walk away and not look back. In these cases it is probably the best thing they did for the child.

The ‘over-protective mother’ hovers like a cloak to keep all aspects of the child’s life under their control. Some do it for fear harm will come and some who feel the child can’t make any decisions on their own that will be the right ones. They don’t seem to understand that this is how a person grows. Making a mistake is a lesson all it’s own and we all must go through it.

Then of course, the ‘over-indulgent’ mother. The one whose kid has to have the very best of everything, and everything they want. They can’t or won’t say no. We all know how the majority of these kids turn out. Spoiled, bratty, selfish and immature are just a few words I’ve heard to describe them.

The ‘enabling mother’ is one who is doing one of the greatest disservices to her child. Helping with everything that comes along, denying any wrong doing the child does. Covering for them when someone points out their misdeeds, blaming it on someone else, never believing that their child would do anything wrong. So many of these kids become the biggest drain on society because of an entitlement attitude caused by enabling. The 'over-protective, over-indulgent and enabling mother can many times be rolled into one.

The ‘single mother’ who tried to be everything to her child. Mother, father, teacher etc. Some are single by choice, some by death, and many by divorce. They have to go on alone is many cases as the father has moved on or sadly passed on. Children often blame the mother is these cases, which is not really fair. After all they hung in there and gave it their best shot at trying to keep them all together. Where mistakes made? Yes, mothers are human and decisions don’t always turn out the way they expect. But their love for their children is what makes them go on.

Do we fit into any of these categories? I would like to think we all fit the ‘good mother’ one. We may have at times done a bit or two from a couple of the others, but all in all I think we all do a pretty darn good job. Yes, there are fathers who fit these categories too. But it was Mom’s birthday that got me to looking at it this way. I feel my sisters and I are very much like our Mother and couldn’t be more proud. I’ve heard it said ‘the qualities we like or dislike in a person are the qualities we have in ourselves and refuse to believe’. If so, I couldn’t be happier than to have the qualities of my mother.

Are you like your mother?

Honor and love your mother today, for tomorrow she may no longer be here.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm weak, I caved.

The girls got the best of me.  That little one we affectionately call Mickey really put on the pressure.  She even used Sherry's money.  Sherry went to take her camera home, Mickey decided I needed a drink and she took Sherry's money and bought me one.  She can be pretty persuasive.  Her brother's don't call her Sarge for nothing.  Went they said dynamite comes is small packages, they didn't know how right they were when it came to Mickey.  We had such a great time.  Recalling all the fun times we had with Mom and the fun stories of things she did.  She was such a wonderful person and never met someone who didn't become a friend.  She knew so many people and it never seemed to amaze us that whereever we went someone didn't come up to us and ask if we were one of Charlottes daughters.  Here's a look at our evening.

Jodi, Sherry Rhonda and Me

Me, Sherry, Rhonda, Jodi & Danielle

Jack, Mickey Jared, Danielle, Jim & Darla

Mickey with Mom

Sherry's Beer

There was a small casualty.  Jodi tripped and feel and hurt her knee.  She is sore today but she is okay.
We didn't go bar hopping as planned and that was Mickey's fault too.  I said once I drank the beer I was NOT driving them around.  It was okay, because this was the place that Mom went the most when she went out.  She used to manage the place at one time so we knew she would feel right at home there.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh Dear

what a day tomorrow is going to be.  The sisters, daughters and cousins are about to embark on a birthday celebration re-enactment of my mother's favorite holiday.  St. Patrick's Day.  Though the day has passed, of course, Sat. is the only day we could all get together and it is Mom's birthday.  Now what kind of re-enactment you say?  Well, it's not a pretty site.  Years ago at a St Patrick's Day parade Mom insisted on a float all decked out in green and titled "The Giant Leprechaun".  We all knew who that was, but she also wanted all the grandkids on the float with her.  Now being a school day this was not what we had planned for our kids, but they of course, were all for the 1/2 day off.  So we hooked the float to Sherry's car and off we went.  Those of us not on the float went to the closest place at the end of the parade to wait.  It was a bar (what else on St. Patricks Day).  After the parade we moved on to another one where a candidate for state senator was appearing. We jokingly asked him if he could fix a DUI ticket and he jokingly said sure.  Then proceeded to leave the building.    On to a place called "The Mickey Mouse".  Which by the way has changed to "The Mouse" due to objections from Disney Inc.   There we proceeded to really get into the enjoyment of the day. 

Now mind you we had all those kids with us, but 'lo and behold' we had a built-in babysitter (who was sober) Darla.  We dropped her and the kids off at cousin Mary's house and went on to celebrate the holiday and upcoming Mom's birthday.  Well, we lost track of time until in walked the 'husbands'.   Bill wasn't too mad but Jack and Jimmy were not real happy with us.  I had forgot an award ceremony for Darla's school softball team.  So the party was over.  We did make it to the ceremony.  But darn someone stole the float off Sherry's car.  I'll leave her to explain that part.

So, we are planning to do it again, but this time those grandkids get to join in.  I'm not really sure I'm ready for this again.  It was a blast and we never laughed so hard in our lives.  Though we will be toasting Mom, it won't be the same without her.

The other day I told you about the school science camp Jack volunteers for.  Well talking with one of the teachers (who retired and is still volunteering doing most of the work) it really doesn't sound good for this to continue too much longer.  One of the 5th grade teachers always comes up with some sickness each year so she doesn't have to go.  Two young ones are complaining about having to go.  It's really sad to see the lack of work ethic and dedication in some of the younger generation. 

Come and join us.  The more the merrier.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just stuff

Haven't done much worth posting the last few days.  Today hasn't been much better.  Thanks for making me feel a little better for not keeping in better touch with Judy. 

Just came back from a walk around the short block in our neighborhood.  The one thing about spring that I don't like is how dirty everything looks when the snow is finally all gone.  It will be so nice to see the green come through.  Have a couple of crocus coming up so that gives me a good feeling.  It's a start anyway. 

Next week Jack goes off to science camp with the Townview 5th graders again.  I don't know how much longer that will continue.  The teachers that run it are considering retiring or giving it up.  I know he has said when those 3 are done so is he.  He started going when my son Jack was in the 5th grade and has been going every year since.  Since the 5th grade teachers go there is no need for subs, only 1 is needed for a 4th grade teacher who goes,  so it only costs the district for that and gas for the bus.  That is all paid for by the candy sales the kids have so I hope others pick up the slack.  Parent volunteers round out the rest of the chaperone/staff/teachers so there is little cost there.  Reimbursment for gas for the few who haul supplies, also from the Camp fund.  It really would be a shame to see such a wonderful project end.

Well guess I had better go.  Getting time to pick up Nicole and it is granny's nite out.

Have a good evening.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sadness and guilt

Sadness at the loss of a cousin and friend.  Guilt at not keeping in touch with her like I should have.  Judy was 3rd or 4th or whatever (not sure just how removed)  cousin on my mothers side.  As  kids we used to spend a lot of our summers together.  More oftened than not, Judy would come to our house.  She loved the way our family lived.  I don't think her home life was as happy as it could have been.  Today I think at times it would have been considered abusive on some scale.  Nothing physical, but I think emotionally.  I remember one of the times I stayed there was a little traumatic for me.  It was supper time and her father had a rule that you ate everything that had been put on the table, whether you like it or not.  I, of course, was exempt as a guest, but the family was not.  I don't remember what was served but I do remember Judy did not like it.  Her father made her eat and she promptly threw it all up.  He made her go back to the table and eat it until she could keep it down.  I always got the impression also that her older sister was favored.  Her father passed first and on her mother's passing Judy was given the house in the will.  I understand her sister threw such a fuss, she sold it and split the money, though the sister seem to get everything else.  I remember visiting after the funeral and she was going around showing off their mothers wedding rings that she had inherited.  Judy ended up living in a low-income community property housing place.  Just three little rooms.

Judy had a difficult marriage which ended in divorce leaving her with two children, a boy and a girl.  The boy died some time ago in an automobile accident.  Judy never quite recovered from that.  She had a beautiful voice and loved to sing.  She even sang the songs for her own mothers funeral. 

Diabetes was (and is) a part of the family.  Her mother had it and I remember her giving herself shots when I was there.  Judy developed it herself and had a very difficult time with it.  It was extremely difficult keeping in under control for her and affected her feet to the point she ended up in a wheel chair.  As she was not able to work was the reason she had such living arrangements.  When my mother passed I took a great many of her clothes to Judy.  I knew she didn't have much money and I never saw anyone so grateful.  It seemed to me that it must be difficult to maneuver in that little place, but she didn't complain and said God was taking care of her.  Judy's faith was very important to her. 

The sad thing is we drove by her place just Fri. and I looked over and thought "I should call her this weekend".  Then Sat. I saw in the paper where she passed.  Sherry too, thought about her.  I know we all get caught up in our own lives, but I still feel bad about not keeping in better touch with her. 

Goodbye Judy.  Your in the loving hands of God and with your precious son.  I know you are now happy. 
Love, Terry

Friday, March 11, 2011


Off to the tax lady this morning to sign the papers and wait for our refund.  Yes we get a refund from both state and federal.  It won't put us on easy street, but we will be able to eat for a few more months. 

The things we save and for no reason.  Yesterday I cleaned out the drawer in my computer desk and the things I had tossed in there instead of tossing in the trash was strange.  Old batteries, casino cards, old Christmas cards, non'working pens, old keys and key holders, notes of stupid stuff etc.  I still have to tackle the overhead section. Why do we do these things?  What is in the make up of a person that tells us to hold onto junk.  The scary things is I'm the tosser in the family so I'm scared to tackle Jacks desk.  Just thinking about the filing cabinet brings a panic feeling. I know there are things in there so old we don't need anymore.  Old warrenty and product instruction booklets for things we no longer have, just to mention one. 

A little good news here.  Danielle's husband finally got a job.  They are so happy.  Her little special ed. teaching assistant was helpful but not the salary scale they need to survive.  We have to pick Nicole up from school now, as neither is done in time, but we are happy to do so.  Besides, we get to see her more this way.  Could you say, grandma and grandpa are a little happy about this. 

Well guess I had better get off as we will be leaving soon.

An Irish Blessing

Have A Good Day Always
In All Ways.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Wednesday is upon us.  Wednesday is usually rant day, but I just don't feel like ranting today.  There is enough of it going on in the world as it is, so I thought I would just bypass that today.

Usually meet with the sisters at the bar tonight, but I won't be joining them.  We have a dinner to attend at the Moose for those have been members for 15 yrs. or more.  All members are welcome but those of 15 or more eat free.  I don't know if Sherry will be going up to granny's night out either.  Bill is home and I'm sure she will feel the need to keep a close eye on him for awhile.  He's doing well though and we are all extremely happy about that.

 Sunday we drove around by the river and the number of ducks and geese was astounding.  All along the river bank, in the water and some flying in.  Of course, we were heading somewhere, so no camera. Monday not a bird in sight.  Don't know if it was because of the eagle perched on the tree, or it was just a stopping off point on the way north. 

There's an Old Irish Recipe for Longevity

Leave the Table Hungry.
Leave the Bed Sleepy.
Leave the Tavern Thirsty.

I'll try to remember that last one more often, ;-)


Monday, March 7, 2011


Sherry's husband came through the pacemaker implant great.  Here is a quote she sent to us. 

He's doing great, Just ate a sandwhich, banana and juice and milk and feels great. He can't move his arm and will have it in a sling for almost 2 weeks. Can't lift anything heavy or raise his arm at all for 2 weeks. But all looks good so far.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well the Pancake Breakfast was a huge success.  The best year ever.  They served 1,808 people.  It was a steady stream thoughout the day.  There was a little worry as a rumor had spread that the pro-Walker people were going to picket and fill the parking lot with cars to keep people out.  Thankfully that never materalized.

I wasn't to thrilled to have to get up a 4 to take Jack in to unlock the doors and get things started, but when you are down to 1 car for a bit, you gotta do what you gotta do .  I could not get back to sleep.  He was so tired, and his feet hurt so he couldn't wait to get his shoes off.  We decided to go up and watch tv in bed at 7.  He laid his head down at 7:05 and was snoring at 7:10.  Didn't get up till 6 this morning and still has been yawning most of the day. 

Sherry's husband is back in Madison as he had another episode yesterday.  He didn't faint this time and pushed the button to send the tape to the doctor.  They called and wanted him in immediately to do the pacemaker.  He said he doctors with the V.A. doctor in Madison so they told him to go there immediately.  They will be doing the pacemaker tomorrow.  Since they were fully scheduled he will be a fit in.  Sherry will keep us posted as I will you.  I know you will send prayers and everything will come out okay.

That about sums up the last couple days.  Have a good evening.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

What to say, what to say!

Things getting a little routine around this house.  Makes for little to talk about.  Last night was Grannies Night Out, laughing referred to as "Wet Wednesday".  As usual we had a good time and solved all the problems of the world.   At least to our way of thinking.

Another pancake breakfast coming up this weekend.  The last one was for another community, this one is for ours.  The fire dept. Jack used to be on.  They use the money for purchases for the dept. in order to save the taxpayers from some of the expenses for the things they need.  Here is a quote from last nights paper.

"Town Receives New Equipment.
The Town of Beloit Firefighters Association, comprised of dues-paying fire department personnel, recently donated two new sets of TNT Jaws of Life to the Town of Beloit.
With this latest purchase the Firefighters Association has now donated more than $200,000 worth of rescue, medical and training equipment to the Town of Beloit since 1989.
On Saturday, the Firefighters Association will be raising funds at their 22nd Annual Pancake Breakfast from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Beloit Turner High School." (I did leave out personnel names and the school address) 

Jack works this event every year. Both because he was a paid - on - call fighter for 35 years, but as the school (he used to work at the school district) and fire dept. liaison.  He is the one who goes in by 4 and gets everything ready for the firefighters to to come in and get the burners up a ready to cook on.  I hope the success of this event is as profitable this year as in the past.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The weather is not bad here today so the hubby is taking the car to get a bath.  That worries me a little because in the spring/summer when you wash the car it rains.  Don't want any of that or snow, or he may take some flack.

I have noticed I have this odd little quirk (shut up Sherry).  Our stairs has two-way switches so you can turn it on or off from top or bottom.  I'm sure many do.  At the bottom the switch is a double switch, one for the stairs and one for the lamp by the chair.  I have to have both of those going in the same direction.  I will go all the way up the stairs to turn that switch so both at the bottom are in the off position.  Why? Darned if I know. 

I sit here thinking of what else to write and find that so many things are whirling around in my head.  They get in the way of each other melding together to make a jumble of nothing.  Since most of it is probably of little importance I will just send them out the door and hope for better thoughts tomorrow.