Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is it bedtime yet?

It's only ten minutes to six and I'm yawning all over the place, making the eyes water.  I really need spring to get here so I can get outside and have the sun up my energy and take my walks.  It's just not convenient to drive to the mall to walk or join a gym.  The pocketbook just doesn't have an extra quarter for membership or gas.  Especially with the way gas prices are jumping up today.  I guess cabin fever is getting the best of me.  It was nice getting together with the girls Thursday but it made me long for more.  Darla says we need to plan the next one on her half day or day off.  She wants to have fun too.

Took Carson to the store this morning to get her a birthday present.  She wanted a Justin Bieber calendar for her room and the game of Life.  Yes, I did plan to give her the scrapbook for her birthday but I haven't finished it yet.  What's the hold up you say.  Again I blame cabin fever with no desire to do anything (not laziness).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  It is one quarter done.  There are 75 pictures to put in and I have 26 done so far.  Do plan on working on it tomorrow.  Well I do. 

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but our cousin Mary says her husband Jim can get his bone marrow transplant in the next few months.  They have donors compatible and just have to make sure he stays healthy for a few months.  A little more chemo to keep things on the right track, and though it's rough, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We keep praying for everything to keep going on the positive side.

Well the yawning watery eyes are making this little difficult so off I go.
Everyone have a good evening. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Such Fun!

Yesterday we went to lunch with a few of my favorite people.  Cindy (up north cindy), Sherry, cousins Mary and Ursella.  I had never met Urs before and what a nice person she is.  Believe it or not we had to have them turn the music down so we could hear each other.  Now being hears is not usually a problem with our family, but this was too much.  Where did we go?  Red Robin and at too much of course.  The food was great, the company wonderful.  I think we could have sat there all afternoon and talked.  Cindy and Ursella came bearing gifts.  They are so naughty.  The pictures show the little bird picture frame from Cindy and the little manicure set from Urs.  I don't know what we are going to do with those two.

Cousin Mary was surprised and will probably be prepared next time.  She makes jewelry and I'm sure she will come bearing gifts when we do it again.  She has some beautiful pieces.  I have a couple and will put up pictures soon.  She showed Sherry and I a lot of her pieces when we got back to Sherry's place.  We told she must set up a way to sell them. 

Yes we spent some time racking our Governor and his co-horts over the coals, but we didn't dwell on it long.  This was to be a fun relaxing day and it was just that. Can't wait to do it again.  Just wish you all could have joined us.  We would definitely drowned out the loud music.    

Saturday, February 19, 2011


with Window Live Messenger, hotmail  etc.  Everytime I try to log in I get that password not correct notice.  I have changed it by their instructions each time.  Write it down so as not trust memory and the same thing.  Help  site is not any help, as any answer goes to Hotmail and I can't get there from here.  I even did the one thing your not suppose to do in making the passwords for the sites the same.  So if you wonder why I'm never on Messenger or you sent me something to my hotmail and I haven't responded, you know why.  Between trying that and following all that is going on in this state on fb, (making my thoughts known) has kept me from here.  I won't bore you all with that, as I'm sure you here and seen enough on the news.

Carson and her dad are making a ribs dinner for us tomorrow.  She made a dinner for us and her mom and stepday a couple weeks ago and now she's going to do all of us.  Will be interesting but good I'm sure.  Her dad is a pretty good cook and she is a sponge learner and loves the cooking thing.  She is having a "Justin Bieber" Birthday party today with her friends.  Her Birthday is next week or next month.  Depends on how you look at it, as she's a leap year baby.  My how time flies. 

Had a few nice days this week but alas, the cold is back.  Not quite as bad as before but I guess there is a storm warning for here until tomorrow evening.  Spring is just around the corner though and I'm with everyone in looking forward to it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love you all.

Happy Valentine's Day to my wonderful blog family!

I was taken out for breakfast by my wonderful hubby.  Got a nice big piece of "Jim Cake" from Darla.  That is more than enough for the day.
Not one to get too much into this day.  As I put on my fb page the other day "Valentine's Day is every day when you have found your soul mate." 

Had a wonderful Sat.  The pancake breakfast was good of course.  Gage's first birthday was everything a 1st birthday should be.  His little chocolate face was so adorable.  He seemed a little baffled by all the people, but just took it in stride.
The evening with the fire dept. awards dinner was not only delicious but fun and funny.  They had raffles and the proceeds went to Hospice. Needless to say we were not lucky enough to win any.  Before they handed out awards they did an entertainment routine that was funny. Then the awards.  The normal advancement ones and the 2 big ones.  They always have a fireman of the year award, but this year they handed out the first EMS person of the year award.  The person they picked was certainly the right one.  He has done so much to advance the training of EMS and ambulance response of the dept. I would have been disappointed had it gone to anyone else.  The evening was followed up with an after party at a local 'watering hole' affectionaly called "Station 3".  Can't remember the last time we were out so late.  Definitly had a nap Sunday and slept so long last night Jack was late getting up to check on his Mom. 

Okay, time to go and eat that piece of "Jim Cake". 
Have a good Valentine's Day!


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Have been gone for a few days in here.  It seemed like everytime I thought about giving my words of wisdom (tee hee) or post anything, something came up and I had to forget about it.  Now I have many days to catch up on all the wonderful news you have put out there. 

So glad the men in Sherry's life have had their problems checked and fixed where possible.  Hopefully the meds change for Bill is the answer for him.  Keeping my prayers up and fingers crossed.  Whatever and all it takes.

The cold is letting up for possibly a week and we need that.  A slow thaw is the best way. Especially for those way up north, as they got tons more snow than we did.  As it melts into the ground and rivers we don't want any rapid thawing causing flooding.  Had enough of that.

Today will be a busy day.  Had an early pancake breakfast at a neighboring fire dept., yearly fund raiser.  Great-grandson Gage's 1st birthday later today and the annual winter party for our local fire dept. tonight.

Today I wish my sister Sherry's Happy Birthday. 

You all have a good weekend.  I'm off to catch up on all your news.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Prayers please.

Asking for prayers for Sherry and her family.  Her husband is in the hospital with a heart problem.  You know she once told of his fainting outside.  Well it happened again last week and they were putting on a heart moniter Mon.  His sister's husband told my b-i-l yesterday they called and wanted him in right away for a pacemaker.  I haven't talked to her yet but saw this morning she put a little info on fb.  I hope to get the facts from her direct today.  Also her grandson goes in for his heart procedure today.  I do believe in my heart everything will be okay with them both but sending up loads of prayers for them.  Thank you to you all.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

All is well.

Well the storm came through alright and left big piles everywhere.  I was shocked this morning when the plow went throough around 7 as our little area is usually done latest.  Not the upper class section so we wait.   Jack had to shovel a path to the garage to get the snowblower out after he shoveled his mom's deck and steps under 2 ft. of snow.  Just a couple pics of our little corner of the world.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Jared!

Yes, this kid is now 40 years old.
Happy Birthday Jared
This picture was taken when he was in the third grade.  The school had a "Pioneer Days" study week where the kids had to dress according to the era they chose for that week as they learned about that time.   Sometimes it went all the way back to the pilgrims and progressed accordingly.  You can tell by the clothes which it is, I'm sure.  The hat he has on is the one I blogged about once, and yes, it is still being worn by Jack.  

Waiting for the big storm here.  Not looking forward to it but what can you do. All stocked up here and ready.  I hope and pray that it doesn't cause any serious problems for people needing life saving help.  Flight cancellations etc. are nothing when it comes right down to it.  Inconvenient yes.  It's the lifeline flights that are the serious ones and the possiblity of power outages.  School closings are another inconvenience for working parents but I would think they have a plan to deal with such things.  I do suppose the areas where snow is a rarity have difficulty though.  A friend Kathy who lives down south is happy as pig in mud that it's coming.  I worry about that girl, lol.

Enough prattle.  Off to do something constructive.  Take care, be safe and stay warm.