Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Leap Year Baby!

A Big Happy Birthday to our Carson.  Whether you tell her she's 3 or 12 she a joy to have.

Yesterday, Sherry and I went to lunch with Cindy (Bird, Bath and Beyond) and Ursula, a cousins wife.  What a wonderful time we had.  She facebooked that we talked about everyone, she is such a kidder.  I said we only said good things. We went to Red Robin and I didn't have to eat for the rest of the day.  We had such a good time I think we could have stayed there all afternoon.  As it was we had at least 2 hours of fun, and friendship.  We have been doing this in Feb. for the last 3 years I think.  That Cindy and Ursula are always bringing us a little gift.  Candles and little holders from Ursula and the Solar Dancing Flower from Cindy.  I will be keeping my eyes open all year just for the right little trinket to give them next year.  Sherry says she is too.

Hubby is off to his indoor golf league and I have quiet here.  No tv.  Sounds so good.  Sometimes that infernal gadget just makes me want to toss it out the window.  I'll be so glad when the weather is warm enough so I can take a book or the kindle and escape to the yard swing. 

Well off to do the usual mundane things.

You all have a great day.

Monday, February 27, 2012

On Hold

Getting a dog is on hold for little while I guess.  We told them we just couldn't take Clay with all the little ones around here.  We have been checking and looking at different sites but not rushing into anything.  We have had Cockers before.  One with seizure problems and on a little like Clay, but Lady came as a puppy and though their were kids she would just stay back.  It took her a year to get use to the family. As we had Ripken (the other dog), his presence was the factor in helping her adjust.  She never was far from his side.  When he passed she just faded away. 

Had a little party for Carson for her 12th birthday yesterday.  Her birthday is actually Wed. but being in the week and school it was the only time.  She got a good sum of cash and aunt Darla is taking her shopping Sat.  She can hardly wait, 

Well I this enough for today.  Been kind of busy, but with nothing worth reporting.  Hopefully I can get my act together and not miss so many days posting. 

You have a good night.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Not looking promising.

For Clay that is.  Correspondence back and forth with the shelter and foster mom is a bit worrisome.  It seems Clay is an agressive animal and not good with kids.  Even adults can't pet him until he's ready and settles.  Though we have no small children here at this time, we do have small great-granchildren and little nieces and nephews.  Jodi's grandkids are often in our yard for get-togethers as well as Rhonda's are, as is Brody at times.   They are children who would run right up to the dog and we're afraid of what might happen if we're not quick enough.  He has had all required shots etc.  He was in quite bad shape when they got him according to the report so he was probably abused.  If it were just us who would have to deal with him I would jump at the chance, but have to think hard with the large family and get-togethers we have. 

Waiting for the snow they say is coming.  Hopefully it's the last big one.  Wouldn't want Jimmy to be wrong about an early spring.  Of course, he didn't claim how early.  If it started the week before the calendar says that would qualify as early, lol.  

Trying a new recipe for supper tonight.  Pizza casserole.  Sent to Jack by our daughter-in-law.  Of course being Jack, he is going to tinker with it.  Hope he doesn't mess it up.

Have a nice day.   

Monday, February 20, 2012

Was hoping....

We had decided to take a little dog we saw in the paper from the local shelter who needed a home.  He is an American Cocker named Clay.  The local shelter here has strick guidelines for adoption.  Clay is in a foster home and there have to be a few visits to Clay there and a home visit here to see if Clay will be a fit.  They say he is a skittish dog.  Good with adults and other pets but not with little children.  Since all our grandkids are 12 and up that shouldn't be a problem.  Trouble is Jack is now getting worried there may be more wrong.  We have questions we are going ask. 

This is Clay

We've had experience with another cocker like that.  My son had bought his new wife one for a present, only to find she was allergic so we took Lady.  She was from a pet store where people were constantly banging on the glass and was very afraid of people.  It took her a year to warm up and relax.  It just takes patience and allowing the animal to come to you and not force it.  Not to mention a lot of Love.  It bothers Jared some because Clay looks so much like his dog Ripken that he had. 

Whether we have a fur pet here it still up in the air.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Here I sit...

...with my mind a complete blank.  What to write, what to say.  I know you've all had those days.  We all post about now and again.    Do we have too much on our minds that it all goes fuzzy or not enough going on that it's hard to know where to start. 

The start of the racing season is upon us and hubby and Darla are anxiously waiting.  I like it but not to that extent.  I'm sure today will have the tv on watching the practices etc.  Guess if I want to watch anything I will either have to go to my room or find a video and take the laptop to my room.  Hmmm, seems I may spend much time in there today.  Reading I like to do in quiet so looks like the same place.  Maybe I should go shopping.  Though I don't know what for.  Nothing really desperately needed and not one for just wandering the stores.  What to do, what to do?

Been spending a great deal of time worrying and praying for my cousin Jim.  It's not looking too good.  They had to drain his lung as he has pneumonia.  They have him on a respirator.  You wonder sometimes why such wonderful people have to suffer so much. 

It's nice and sunny today but not very warm.  I'll still take the sun over gloomy, cloudy days anytime.

Well have I rambled on enough?  I think so.  You all have a good day.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


 We seem to be obsessed with reaping awards and honors as a nation. Oh, other nations do it too. The obsession is definitely a world wide problem. You have people beating people after a game if their team doesn’t win. Riots after soccer games. Everyone after that coveted trophy and the big bucks that come with them. There are:
Sports awards;
Super Bowl
World Series
Grey Cup
BCS Championship
Rose Bowl
I could go on an on with these, but people tend to take much to much stock in something that is just a game. Something that, no matter the outcome, their life will remain the same.
Then you have the Entertainment side.
The Oscar
The Emmy
 Obie Theatre Award
Grammy etc.
Yes they are great talents and deserve some recognition too, but the money they make more that gives them that.
There’s educational, scientific, artistic prizes also. The Nobel comes to mind.
One of the most important honors should be those given to our servicemen and women, who more than any others, deserved to be recognized the most. Their sacrifices are the most honorable of all those above. I take great pride in thanking them for all they do. Also to their families for all they must deal with.

But, and that’s a big But, as a wife, mother, grandmother, there is no better reward for me than that of a child as they wrap their arms around you and say,

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

It's a snow yone here.  I hope Jimmy the groundhog is right and spring hurries up.  Hoping this is the last of it.  :-)  Of course even if it stops by March 1 it will make his prediction true, lol.  Fingers are crossed (though I've never thought that helped, lol). Jack was standing at the door say "you can quit now".

Asking for prayers again for our cousin Jim.  Mary said she had a long talk with the doctor and things aren't looking too good.  We are all praying and worrying.  He is such a wonderful caring man. Always doing whatever he could to help anyone out. 

Woke up yesterday feeling all out of sorts.  Stuffy head and I think a bit of ear infection.  Tilt the head back for something and things became a little off kilter.  Seems to be on the way out.  Feel much better today and not quite so fuzzy. 

Well I suppose I had better get something done around here.  For some reason twitching my nose doesn't work ;-).  Darn.

Hope you all have a great Valentines Day!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

So sad.

Sad to hear the world has lost another beautiful voice and person in the passing of Whitney Houston.  Such a talent gone but not forgotten.  It's too bad her life took the wrong path and led her to such an early end.  Never has anybody sang the National Anthem with the heart, soul and all the meaning we all feel.  I doubt anyone ever will again. 

Another star was also taken but he lived a long life.  Watched Peter Breck on the Big Valley years ago.  Though his character wasn't my favorite he made you believe in family loyalty as much as the others did.  It's been a tough week in the entertainment world with the passing also of Phillip Bruns from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and author Jeffery Zastrow in a car accident.  They say it comes in threes but this is four already.  What's next.  Nothing I hope.

Went to great-grandson Gage's birthday party yesterday.  He is a whole 2.  I must have remove the pictures I had or I would have shown you what a cutie he is.  Everyone had a good time and they all got to go swimming.  They had it a local hotel with a pool.  Worked out pretty good.  Winter birthdays are difficult to plan if you don't have a lot of room. 

Today there is nothing big planned.  Oh I almost forgot ;-).  Happy Birthday to this lady who grew up with me.  I call her my sister.  Happy Birthday Sherry.  You have officially joined the Social Security set.

With that I will sign off and wish you all a good day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Still looking

The serger book seems to have taken to hiding.  I know it has to be here somewhere and I will find it, but I did find something that will help in the mean time.  A vhs video on it.  I wish it were a cd, then I could put it in my laptop next to the machine and go step by step.  Carrying the machine into the living room is not an option.  But hey, you roll with the punches.

Sitting here in peace and quiet.  Hubby went to visit the guys at the fire station and I immediately turned off the tv when he pulled out of the driveway.  It was on the 4th hour of the news and I can only take so much of that. 

The weekend looms ahead and other that Gage's birthday party tomorrow we have no big plans.  It's suppose to be really cold for the next couple days so venturing outside will be done as little as possible. Had a little snow this morning.  :-(

Finished ready 'Diva Vegas" by Janet Evanovich the other day.  It was a pretty good book.  Lacking in the humorous aspect of the Plum series but still okay.  Can't expect them all to be the same type. 

 The fritters were good and Jodi and Danielle were johnny on the spot with their plates.  I wonder were they originated.  Jodi's friend from the south never heard of them, Carole says she's never had any, but my Dad, who was born in Missouri, cooked them for us as one of his favorites.  I think he taught mom.  Well, anyway it was a success and they taunted Darla that they ate them all.  Of course they didn't but the do like to tease.  I saved some mixture to make her a some for lunch.

Well off on the hunt again.  Have a  nice day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I think you will find this funny.  I told you I needed needles for my serger (which I haven't used much) and yesterday was ready for getting to it.  Well, I got out the thread spools, needles and shirt all ready to go. Started setting things up and (yes I'm going to admit it) I forgot how to thread the darn thing.  Now, guess who can't find the book that came with it.  Do you suppose it's a sign I shouldn't be sewing at all.  I could use that as an excuse, lol.  No, I will keep looking for a small time and if not will just hem the shirt. I suppose it really is a sign I should do it more often.  Husband would like that, as he has trouble finding shirts that fit right.  He likes longer shirts with longer sleeves and they usually come in larger mens sizes (big and tall) which he is not.

I do think (and hope) it's going to be an early warming season.  I have had a fly and a bee in my house in the last couple weeks, and my son said he killed a mosquito. Though I'm not looking forward to those creatures I will welcome the warm sunshine.  The sun is shining today but the temp at this time is only 25.  Come on spring.

Well I made the mistake of telling my daughter what I was making for supper tonight and she blabbed on fb.  Now I have people saying they will be there lol.  I mean it's not anything big or unusual.  Just hamburger patties, potatoes (haven't decided on kind yet), and corn fritters.  That is the trouble, the fritters.  Don't make them very often and the kids like them.  Even my grand-daughter Alyssa who is very picky.   So I'm sure Danielle will be popping in, and Darla says some must be saved for her. 

Time to go hunt for that book.  You all have a nice day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hello Wednesday!

Where have I been?  No where.  Just having some of those blank brain days. Not much going on here.  Been reading and watching a few tv shows.  Went shopping yesterday for a few things and forgot the most important thing.  My great-grandsons birthday present.  So guess what I'm going to do today.  Looking to see what I can find that is dinosaur stuff.  His mom says he loves the creatures, so grandma is on a mission.

Been to a couple of your places this morning and have to go see what I missed on these few days off.  I'm sure I missed a lot of interesting things. 

Had to get some needles for my sewing machine and serger.  I want to finish that darn shirt that I told you has been 2 years in the making.  I want to serge the bottom for a finish and I only have to put on the buttons then the man can finally wear his shirt.  (sheepish look here)

Totally off the subject here, but why in the world can't screem writers write dialog that doesn't use that f-word.  Sheesh.  In so many movies it seems like it's ever other word.  I really don't think they have the talent needed to do a decent job, so they just fill in with that awful cursing.  What brought this up?  Jack is surfing and on one stop to check out something it was said a least a dozen times it seemed. 

Well enough rambling.  Going to get my breakfast dishes done and head out to the store.  Little Gage wants dinosaur stuff.

Have a good day.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Jimmy says spring.

Well it's Friday and we have no big plans for anything.  Not for today or the weekend.  Yeah, the superbowl is on but when you team isn't there it takes some of the fun out of it.  But hey, there is the commercials, lol.
Isn't this funny.  I know there are probably a few people who feel this way, lol.

Well yesterday was Groundhog day and as usual Phil gets all the big press.  I wonder, would you call that the liberal press, lol.  Sorry about that.  Our own groundhog here in WI is called Sun Prairie Jimmy and he contradicts Phil on the forecast.  Early spring here he says.  Jimmy is celebrating his 175 birthday this year.  One year older than Phil.  He even has a site called GROUNDHOG CENTRAL.    I  guess they even call Sun Prairie the Groundhog Capital of the World.  They really  take this thing seriously, lol.

Well time to get the usual stuff done in case we can find something interesting to do today.  I'm thinking shopping maybe.

Have a good day all.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Jared!

First I want to wish my son Jared a Happy Birthday.  He started life suceptible to high fevers, vision problems and hearing problems.  Eventually the vision cost him one eye but he has outgrown the others.  He's grown into a good man and wonderful father.


Yesterday was a rough start getting online.  First the norton scan was doing it's weekly job and it took forever. Then the diagnostics kicked in right afterward.  Had to break down and use the laptop, hee hee.  Isn't that just too bad.  Nice to have a backup.  You should have seen me.  I was sitting here at the desktop with a tv tray to the right, with the laptop on and keeping an eye on to see when all that stuff was finally finished.  Took 2 hours.  Would you call that addicted?

Was so nice yesterday I took a walk around the block.  Things are melting nicely.  Jodi sent us a message not to be partying on her deck.  What's up with that!  Guess she was afraid we would send her pictures again while she was at work, lol.  Well had it been ever nicer, we might have. 

Have a few errands to run today.  My cover for my Kindle didn't come with the light connection so want to go and see if I can get one.  There is a place for it so it shouldn't be any trouble.  Hubby has his indoor golf league so I think I'll do it then. 

Have a great day.  Hope the weather where you are is real nice today.