Sunday, September 29, 2013

Inch by Inch

The bathroom renovation is slow but progressing.  It's hearing words like (pardon) Oh shit, That's not good,  make a person a bit nervous.  I take the puppy and we go outside.  Best to stay out of the way. I'd help where I can, but I don't think he trusts my, lol.  Good thing his buddy Jerry helps.
My son closes on his house Monday.  He and his girl will not be too far away.  Just on the other side of the park behind our neighborhood, and across the street from Jack's friend Jerry.  They are excited and the timing was very fortunate.  It seems that the house they were renting is being forclosed on.  The landlady hasn't paid any taxes for a number of years.   A man showed up at the house Friday to serve papers to let tenants know.  
It's homecoming weeks here and the kids have been having the toilet papering sprees going on.  The city school had theirs this weekend and the township school is coming up the 4th and 5th.  The scanners have been going crazy with people calling the police.  Of course people are either for letting them have the fun and those who are against it.  Myself, as long as it's just toilet papering it's not much of a big deal.  It's if they get into other stuff when you have draw the line.
Have to go take the dog out.  Have a nice night.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A hodge podge of sorts.

So sad to hear the loss of Kassey.  Add to that my sister Sherry, who has been watching her sons dog Snuff, found out he has cancer.  These pets become so precious to us that our hearts break when they have troubles.
You've hear of 'bucket lists' I'm sure.  I don't make them.  Since I'm not much of an adventurer I know I wouldn't get 1/3 of it done anyway.  My bucket list is the daily grind kind.  With my lack of disorganization, even that one comes up short quite often.
Sports are taken way too seriously now days.  People get so riled up and mad when their team doesn't live up to expectations or someone says something negative about them.  I heard one guy admit he gets so mad he wants to and has come close to punching someone.  Folks, it's a game. 
Another thing about sports.  The inflated salaries of athletes is just as bad as politicians, CEO's actors etc.  Then to have a team owner ask the taxpayers to build them a new stadium....REALLY!  It just blows the mind.   You know I'm a Packer fan.  I feel the only team that has a right to even suggest such a thing is the Packers, as they are owned by the fans, but not all taxpayers are owners.   
Some sew and some don't.  Do you think it's a failing interest?  I feel students (both female and male) should have to have one course in home economics.  Learn basic cooking skills (many are not getting at home) for their own survival and basic sewing skills.  Like putting on buttons, fixing torn seams, sewing on patches etc.  I guess it's because all repairs in the family come to me that I find it sad.  I right now have a cub scout shirt to put the patches on for my nieces son.  I made the comment to my daughter how someone had better learn something because I won't live forever.  I hope I'm not making this sound like griping.  If I felt that way I wouldn't have taken on the project.  
Well I guess that's enough rattling on for now.  You all have a good day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


My daughter Danielle starts a new job today.  She will be working in a school just a hop and skip from home.  It will be the same kind of work she did in her previous school but a different district.  Working with special needs children.  She was devastated when due to our states tax cuts for schools.  Losing a job with Lear was bad enough as the school job was more than half of what she made with no benefits, but she loved it.  She has been applying all over, as you can imagine.  Now wouldn't you know it, right after she was hired she got a call from another job.  Isn't that always the way. 
She will be working in a school just a hop and skip from home. It will be the same kind of work she did in her previous school but a different district. Working with special needs children.   She's good at it and her other school really didn't want to lose her but she was low man.  You the funny thing is she took a test when she decided to go back to school and it said she should be a teacher.  Now if you know this girl it is something you wouldn't think of for her.  She always used to say "I don't like anyones kids but my own".   Yet, there she is.  Assisting teachers and helping teach these special needs children.  She also has applied and received her substitue teaching license. We're so very proud of her.  

Good Luck on your new position Danielle!  You make Mom and Dad so proud!

Friday, September 13, 2013

It's finally started....

The bathroom renovation that is.   The hot water heater has been moved to a safer spot.  The room it was in is being torn apart, the tub and all necessities have been bought.  Now it's just how long it will take him to tear up the rest.  He's laying a new floor before he does anymore and all must wait for a bit.  Another project is taking place tomorrow.  My sister Jodi needs a roof on her garage and back room real bad.  That will be done tomorrow.  Then Sunday he goes to the race in Chicago with Darla, and next week he goes up north again.  Good thing I'm a patient woman. 
What is my job in all this.  Well besides helping care out torn up drywall etc.  I have the best job of all.  Sitting outside in the yard keeping Oreo out of the way.  I take a book or kindle and keep out of the way.  Only one flaw in the plan.  The weather.  Either it's too hot or too cold.  I don't mind the heat and can stay out there but with his black fur I like to take him in to cool down.  For a couple days now it's really cool in the morning and I'm not one for that.  I hate the thought of winter.  It seems like it was just a month ago we were hoping for spring.  Oh well, we work it out.