Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Look who found her way back!

Yup, it's me.  I finally got my act together and hopefully now I can keep it together.  This weather has kept me pretty much quaranteed.  You would think that would give me the time I need for here, but alas, no.  Even though I've only gone out a very few times, I have spent most of the rest huddled under a blanket or such.  Took Oreo out on one of the iciest days and wouldn't you know it, down I went. Hit my head (the hardest thing to hurt, lol) on the car.  My 'wonderful sister Sherry" asked if the car was okay.  Funny isn't she.  Worse thing is there is not a real valid excuse for such neglect, as I have both a laptop and an iPad.  (Head bowed in shame here.)
Has been a little hectic though with family and doctors etc.  Had a friend have a heart attack at Christmas, followed by surgery for a colon problem found while checking her health for heart surgery. Every thing there is benign, thank the Lord..  Now she has surgery for her heart Fri.  Just a couple days ago my last living uncle was taken in for a heart problem and will be getting a stent, and now 2 of his sons have been taken in for chest pains and serious flu trouble.  It seems like everything hits a once. 
I say this morning where Carol Dee was going to the er and am hoping an praying all is okay. 
Everyone keep warm and safe out there.  We all wait patiently (or not) for the warmer weather. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Could someone with influence please get Mother Nature to turn down her hot flash cure.  Being a summer lover myself, this is not my idea of a nice day.  Low -15 and high -11 and that's NOT with the wind chill factor.  Add to that the sniffles, coughs, and watery eyes; I'm not really a happy camper here. I think I need a attitude adjustment, hee hee.
Danielle started a new job a few weeks ago (one with benefits) and her vehicle wouldn't start theis morning.  Ours did so Daddy to the rescue.  Took her to work and will pick her up later.
All schools are closed here and would you believe the coaches want the kids to come in a practice.  Sports before safety.  Seems they have little regard for the kids driving in and home in this awful weather.  There used to be a rule that no school, no extra curricular activies.  Parents have been fb-ing their complaints.  I told them to stand up and do something about it.  The boards and administration are always giving into the coaches over common sense and the only way to stop it for parents to stand their ground.  Haven heard if they did.  I know some refused to let their kids go in.
As you can guess, there is not much going on here due to the weather.  Watching reruns, movies, cleaning, cooking and reading.  Best of all, playing with the dog, or should I say the  "chasing and tossing" his toys game. 
Everyone keep warm out there.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

The new year has begun and I hope and I pray for more good things and less strife in the world. May all your days ahead be full of good things, good health, and peace.
Bracing for the extreme cold to hit here.  Temps with windchill of 15 to 25 below they claim.  We will tough it out as we always do.  Then more snow to come in a few days.  I'm already tired of winter, but then I never really was a winter fan anyway.  You would think I would find some way to find a warmer place wouldn't you.  No, no way would I leave here.  The closeness of our family would prevent me from even considering it.  
Have been having trouble putting up photos on here.  Have been trying for over a week.  All I get is a box that either has the spot to upload or cancel come up, but only half of it and the only way out is to leave  and start over.  Finally today things are working.  I have put up pictures of kids and grandkids before.  Now meet my great-grandkids.
The boys so love their niece they are her protectors.

Meet Miss Ella.  She is just a joy.

Meet Logan and Gage.  They are so adorable and funny.
You all have a great day.  Keep warm and safe.