Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Nope, it's mine now.

The mouse that is.  For some reason the one he bought just would not load up on mine.  Guess maybe the machine is too old.  Still running on Vista here.  He gets the NEW one.  It's just not right.  I'm contemplating the idea of a laptop of my own. 

Well the colon check went fine.  I had to laugh as the nurse getting me ready asked if I was hungry.  Well I explained my morning to her and she agreed he did wrong.  He even admitted that I called him a name and that he deserved it.  lol

Took my walk this morning before it gets too hot out.  Not much else going on around here.  A bunch of us are going to the Milwaukee County Zoo Saturday.  Haven't been there in years.  Thinking we should put harness on the kids and husbands.  They tend to wander you know.  Last time we went Danielle's step-daughter got lost.  She was 6 or 7 at the time.  She's 18 now, or will be in Aug.  It rained back then and no raincoats for anyone.  Now how did we stay dry you ask?  Well working in the cleaning field the hubby went into the bathrooms, lifted the trash bag and pulled out all the clean ones laying in the bottom.  A few holes put in here and there, WALLA, raincoats. 

Now for my rant.  As  I said the last time we went was long ago.  Parking was free, you could bring your own picnic basket and really enjoy the day.  No longer.  Parking is $11 per car, Tickets $13.25 for adults, $10.25 from 3 to 12, 2 and under free and Seniors $12.25.  So much for family friendly.

You all have a good day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What a couple of scares!

I thought my computer was dying.  It's started doing funny things.  No matter where I moved the mouse something would pop up without my clicking on it.  Then suddenly it started freezing up on whatever did come up.  Tried the unplugging thing and restarting.  Same problem. Couldn't get to Control area to check things as it froze on start up screen.  Was getting ready to take to have it looked at when I thought maybe the mouse was doing it.  We took Jack's mouse off his laptop and put it on my machine.  WALLA!  It works!  So off to buy me a new mouse to hubby can have his back.

I think I've told you about my niece that was having twins.  They are due in the middle of Aug.  Well yesterday her water broke and they have her in the Neonatal unit in Rockford.  The doctors said it's too early for the babies lungs to they have her on steroids for them, other meds to hold off for a while and close watch.  I know you will add her and the babies to your prayers.  She is such a sweet girl and wonderful mother to her two other kids and will be to these two also.

My husband is on my list this morning.  I have to have my 5 year colon check today and haven't had enything to eat for that last 24 hours and you what that Jerk did?  He cooks bacon and waffles for himself.  Now I have to smell that.  It's just not right.  I called him a couple names for making me smell that, and told him he could have had cereal so I didn't have to.  Since I don't go until this afternoon, I think it's cruel.  He has the nerve to say he can't smell it.  Well he has a cold.   Hmmmmmmmmmm!  Maybe I just won't give him back his mouse.  ;)

Have a good day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gone again...

the sun that is.  It was here, but went into hiding again.  I wish it would show some gumption and get out there and show those clouds who's boss.

Hoping our friend Carole's x-rays are positive.  I hate to know any friend is hurting. Having suffered with a broken ankle at one time I know how she feels with a broken wrist, and having her knee giving her trouble too. 

 I'm also sad that I saw on fb where our old friend Bob Bowers has passed.  Was a shock to me as I thought he was getting better.  Sherry and I had such good-natured fb teasing over his football team and our Packers.  He was a fun person and had such good humor.  My best to Becky.

Have the scrapbook for Carson half done.  Hope to finish it today as she will be home from vacation tomorrow and I want to have it done for her. 

Going out for dinner tomorrow night with our son and daughter-in-law to celebrate our dual Anniversary Wednesday.  Son takes a teasing about getting married on the same day as we did, that he picked that day knowing he would never forget it, lol.  They have been married 20 years and we 48 years.  Also, Sherry and Bill's anniversary is tomorrow. 

Since the sun is hiding maybe this will brighten your day.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hope it works

 Though I missed getting this up for Fathers Day I thought it would be nice to see what the kids did for their dad.  A few years ago when my husband retired from the fire dept. the kids had a video made for him.  It's a three parter with family first, fire dept. fun times.  They did a great job and I hope it loaded up right.  

Really nice I thought. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trash it

Yes, that's what we have to do to the gazebo.  Can you believe the company doesn't sell replacement parts    I emailed them asking the cost of the parts we would need and that's the answer I received.  They said check back in Sept. after the season is over and they will see then.  I don't NEED them AFTER the seasons over, I need them now.  Jeesh.  

What's with the politicians these days.  It seems they can't think with the proper party of their anatomy, and it's sure not exclusive to one party.  We had  We've had Newt who tell his cancer recovering wife he wants a divorce to marry his mistress, Arnold and his 'other child', Clinton and we know of his fun, Edwards and his "other child' and now there is reports they're looking into Boehner and a staff member.  It goes from one to the other and seems to me they are playing 'tit for tat' and not concentrating on what the country needs.  I know things like this have happened throughout history and we've survived, but it's getting down right tiring when there is so much to be done. I have no respect for the women in these cases either.  Their behavior shows how little they respect themselves by continuing in these things.  Maybe it's about time bills need to be put in simple (not misleading) language and put on a national ballot and let the people decide what they want.  The same in states. It's obvious outside influences have too much input these people.  But then again, someone would find a way to screw that up.   

Well enough of the soap box.  Don't usually do it but it felt darn good to get it off my chest, lol.  Oops! An anatomy reference. 

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi. Just been goofing off.

From my dear friend Beth.  Thank you so much. I feel the same way about you.  

Sending healing vibes to our good friend Carole who had a bad fall.  She may not be able to do some blogging for a little while but hopefully she can at least read some and know we're all hoping for a fast recovery.

What have I been doing these few days.  Nothing important, nothing constructive, nothing worth blogging about.  Just reading, watching tv, lazing about. That sort of thing. 

The suburban is in getting fixed.  The insurance co. and body shop approved all repairs and kept it to under $1000.  Though it costs a little more, we have no deductible on car ins. so we pay nothing.  The guy came and looked, took pictures, went to his car and  played with his computer etc, and handed Jack the check and told him to take it in.  Now just waiting for the body shop to call and say it's done. 

Beginning to look like there may be quite a lot to fix on the gazebo.  Found a couple of other things broken that are a bit more hard to replace than the ribs.  BIL thinks he can weld them, but we will also check on the sheet to see if they are replaceable.  If so will just order new ones.  Then Jack wants to cement it into the ground and make a patio type floor for it. 

My son sent in the video I took of Carson's last school talent show to the local baseball team, The Beloit Snappers (affiliate of the Minn. Twins), and they scheduled her to sing The National Anthem on Aug 24.  I hope she does a good job.  She doesn't seem to be the least bit nervous, just excited.  I'd be a nervous wreck but then the audience would leave the stadium if I sang, lol.

Oh, I did do something constructive.  I made a dvd of all the performances she did while in grade school, Lightscribed her picture on it and will give it to her when she comes back from vacation.  She's in Texas for another week.  I think now would be a good time to finish that scrapbook I started on for her Cinderella performance.  Better get right on that.  Wouldn't that be something, two projects done? 

Well off to do something, even if it's wrong.

Have a good day.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Thanks for the kind thoughts on my small disaster here.  In the scheme of things in this world it is minor, but that doesn't make me feel much better.  Jack thinks it's possible the gazebo can be fixed but it's going to take probably four men to help him get it out of there.  Brother-in-law has some stakes that he says will screw so far down it will never come out.  Now he tells us. lol  Like his optimism, but I've seen pictures of huge trees hanked out by the roots.  Will try anything though.  Jack has also thought of cementing it into the ground.  Whatever works, so long as they can get it fixed.  If not, will probably not get another one.  Hope not to find any problem with the underside of the camper when trying to get the gazebo out.  On leg/arm (whatever you call it) is stuck up under it.  Insurance says the suburban and camper are covered, but the deductible on the household it more than the cost of the gazebo so that's not covered.  Estimate on sub is $1500 so just waiting for the adjusters inspection and off to the shop it goes. 
I am sitting here freezing.  Darn weather anyway.  Dressed for winter again.  Think I need 2 dressers.  One with summer and one with winter clothes and then I don't have to worry about putting them away for the season.  Never sure which season is going to show up. 

Everyone have a good weekend.  Hope for nice weather for all.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Was right to be worried.

Yup, the storm did it's thing. Beth asked if we could be have taken  it apart and put it up when needed.  No, it's all screwed together and it took 4 guys to put it together and get it up only 2 short weeks ago.  Now it looks like this.
This was from the first gusts of wind. 

Well I guess Mother Nature didn't feel it was pushed enough.

Hoping it didn't do any damage to the top or under the camper.  Don't need any holes in either part.

This is my brother-in-laws tarp we always put up when we have a gathering. See the cement block I sat on it.  Well that was one of the weights that was supposed to hold it in place.  So much for that.  It blew it right into our suburban.  Crushed my flowers but that is minor.  They will regrow.

This is what the tarp poles did to the surburban.  Have a call into the ins. co.  Jack tried to talk to the claims part but got some joker from India you can't hear or understand.   Call our man here an left a message on his cell phone. 

Needless to say, not a real happy camper today.  Hope your day is better.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm worried

Today they say we may have severe weather with possibly big winds and hail.  I'm worried about my new gazebo.  The stakes and rope they give are not big or strong enough for what they say may be coming.  You saw Cindy's when the wind got it.  I sure hope it doesn't get as bad as they think.

Just 2 more days of school here so will not get to see Nicole everyday anymore.  Won't have to pick her up from school and take her home.  :(   At least there will be summer baseball to see the kids, cookouts, etc.  Ah summer, I love it.

This is about all that is going on here at this time.  Have to take a quick run to the store for a couple things but that will be the big move today.  

You all have a good day.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Torrid Tuesday

Gonna be just a tad warm here today.  It's already 80 and it's onl 9:30.  Took the hubby for breakfast this morning.  Aren't I a nice wife.  I even let him keep the change.

I told you my roses were showing their pretty faces.  Here are a few pictures.

I don't think their as full as last years but they may be soon.  There are tons of buds on them.

Saturday our Farmer's Market opened for the season.  Thought a few pictures of what we saw so far.  Not everything out yet, but it was quite full and busy. 
Made fresh on the spot

I don't know if you can see, but they went back in time and made that part of the street in bricks.

Hey, it is Wisconsin after all.

Sister getting her strawberry fix.

These sure looked good.

And of course, crafts.

There are just a few I took.  May pop some more up later,  We'll see.

You all have a great day.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


My legs are so sore.  Dance much too much at the wedding last night.  This old lady is not used to such things.
It was beautiful and unique in many ways. The bride was just gorgeous in her gown.  The groom so handsome.  The mother of the groon not a happy camper but not because of the wedding.  She discovered the dress she bought to wear had a split zipper just as she was putting it on.  She had to resort to the one she wore for the other sons wedding.

The program telling the wedding party names etc. was really cute.  You have to know the bride and groom are very serious baseball fans, (how serious you can be rooting for the Cubs is a mystery, just kidding Cub fans).  The front has a picture of a baseball with their names on it and the words "In your arms...I'm always safe at home!!  Inside the parents are listed at the Coaching staff of the couple.  For the bridesmaids there is a home plate saying Diamonds are a girl's BEST FRIEND and listing TEAM BRIDE with the girls listed as positions on the field.  For TEAM GROOM there is crossed bats with a ball in the middle.  The groom sang "I won't let go" while the seating was taking place and the girl singing the other songs was awesome.  We've known this young man all his life and even his parents didn't know what a wonderful voice he had.  The Ball Girls (flower) had baskets decorated like balls.  The Bat Boys had a little problem coming down the aisle.  The littlest one decided he wanted no part of it and the bigger was dragging him the finally picked him up and said DAD.  It these little things that you remember. 

Also in the program  "The Roses on the alter are a loving reminder that someone is missing today, someone our hearts still hold on to, as we travel along life's way.  Someone who made life so special, for all of those who gather here. "  Followed with the names of those special people.

Below that it said "The Bride, Groom & Members of the bridal party are wearing white tennis shoes to "Stomp Out Cancer" for those who have fought and lost, for those who have fought and won, and for those wo are still Fighting.

The tables at the reception were number with pictures of shirts with the # of a Cubs player.  The tickets to tell you where you sat were like Cubs baseball tickets for a game with your name on them and at each place a lottery ticket with a heart shaped ball and inscription "Wishes for RICHES from The New Mr. & Mrs. With A Whole LOTTO Love!  No winners here.

The food was great.  We were wondering if it would be be baseball fare, but no.  Chicken cordon blue, beef tips and noodles, corn on the cob, potatoes and salad.  They had no cake, as the groom aunt usually makes them and she just didn't feel up to such a large scale one and they wanted no one else so instead....'make your own Sundae'. 

The a slide show of them growing up and the dancing started and that's how I got so sore. 

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Losing it.

Would you believe I had something in mind to post about and now it's completely gone.  Yup, totally blank.  I hate when that happens.  You think of something and get a bit distracted by something or someone and "poof" out the window.  I am going to start keeping a pad of paper with me at all times to write down when a 'grand idea' pops into my head.  One by the computer too, as that was when it came to me and left like someone running from a mean dog. 

Rest in Peace.
I'm sure you all heard James Arness passed.  Used to watch that show all the time.  Dad loved westerns and it was a favorite in our house.  Still watch it once in awhile on the encore channel.  He was a alumnus of our liberal arts college here in Beloit. 

Have the wedding to attend today.  The young man is the son of what Jack calls the closet thing he ever had to a brother.  Darla and Danielle both babysat for the boys until they entered school.  I should be heading out for that 'colorback' but feeling too lazy to go to the bother of putting it in.  Hopefully I'll get over that soon as the wedding is at 3. 

Been out taking pictures of my first roses of the summer.  The ones in front are coming along beautifully.  Loaded with buds and some already in full bloom.  The ones by the side yard are budding okay but this nast little green bug is eating the leaves.  Put some stuff on them and getting more.  Hopefully it does the job.  That is my Black Cherry Bush, the one with the pictures I put up last year of the Bumble Bee inside.  Have to stop the destruction fast. Will post pictures soon.

Well off to eat the french toast and bacon Jack is making for breakfast.  I was going to do bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast, but he said he was thinking of making french toast and who am I to stop a man from showing off his culinary skills.  ;)

Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 3, 2011


..days lately.  Relatives up from Florida for a wedding we will be attending tomorrow.  Had a little cookout with them last night.  It was fun visiting and catching up, and sitting along the river was so peaceful and pretty.  Got laundry all done for the week (I hope).  Have meds to renew today and may look to see what clothes they have for something for the wedding.  Though I'm not really worried about that.  Have few nice dresses that will work out nicely.  Really don't get excited about such things.  The day is for the bride and groom not the guests. Just look your best.  May have to get me some 'color back' though. 
BUT, the most important thing for the day.....Carson's final grade school talent show.  She will be singing Sara Evans "Suds in the Bucket".  It's at 9 in the morning.  Every other year they did it in the afternoon and when the show was over you could take the kids home.  I'm taking my video camera to get her performance.  She has done this song before at Karaoke places and does pretty darn good this grandma says.  I will put it up if I don't screw up the taping.  I have the other few years and hope to burn them all on cd for her.

Off to check to make sure camera is all charged up.  You all have a great day.