Friday, March 30, 2012

Hubby's home!

He hasn't even turned on the tv yet.  LOL   Had a good week with the kids.  Temps weren't the greatest but not bad either, he said.  Now there is his laundry to do.  Should I be nice and do it for him or let him do his own.  Hmmmm!  Think I might be nice.  The 'me time' was real nice, but it's really good to have him home.

Granddaughter Nicole is off to Washington D. C. with the 8th grade class from her school.  The school alternates between there and New York City.  She will be gone for 3 or 4 days and her mother (Danielle) will be a wreck while she's gone.  I know I was worried until each of mine were home from that trip. 

 Carson was just given the United States Achievement Recognition as a National Honor student.  Carson will be in a special year book for this Achievement. This will also open up Grants for her and also Dr. George A. Stevens Founders Award. 

Aaron is in Academic Excellance in his school,  Austin A's too.   Alyssa just started ROTC in school. She is going to be apart of Team Drill. The teacher told her that she was a natural :) If Alyssa can make it to every meeting the Team Drill will be able to go to Chicago and com peat with other schools!

All the grandkids seem to be doing so good this grandma is bursting at the seams.  So proud of them. 

 .  Weather can't decide if it want to be warm enough for us to go out and play, or cool enough to keep us inside.  Hopefully it will level out soon at 70+ ;-). 

Guess that about covers what's been going on here.  You all have a great weekend.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Away he goes!

It's that time of year again when hubby goes of to camp with 100+ fifth graders.  I hope the weather will be good for them up there.  It's a science camp and there are all sorts of outdoor activities they do.  Pond scumming to learn of the things in the water.  Tracking to learn about animals, just to name a couple.  Fun things like making lure, birdhouses, archery, outdoor cooking.  Sometimes I wonder who has more fun, the kids or him. 

What's in it for me staying home?  Four days of not having the tv on until about 6:30 at night.  Doing any project without someone standing over my shoulder.  Reading non-stop if I please.  I know, this may sound like a grump but it's just that alone time once in awhile. Something I wouldn't like for too very long at a time. I do miss him when he's gone and sometimes find myself wandering around absently.  

Did you watch DWTS?  I really do think it's going to be a tough season.  I'm still a little grumpy about Donald Drivers scores.  It was nice of Len to apologize for marking him too low last week but I think they all did it again this week.  But then I am a Packer fan :-).

I have so many things I'd like to get done in these 4 days and probably won't accomplish much of anything, lol.  I certainly won't if I don't get off here.  But hey, they are priorities you know.  

Off to give it a shot.  Have a good day.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

This is so disgusting.

See this little guy.  He was abandon in a mall that is a high traffic area.  Here's the story

Tuesday a couple walked in Rogans Shoes and asked the people there if anyone wanted a 4 month old puppy.  No one could so they left.  When one of the workers went to go home there was the puppy walking around dragging it's leash.  Well she was the aunt of my sister Jodi's son's girlfriend (you got that, lol)    Marie was called and asked if she could possible keep him overnight while seeing if the owners came back.  Marie called the Human Society to see if it was reported lost, no calls.  She took it to a vet to check for a chip.  No chip.  Now Jodi loves the types of dogs and all tried to get her to take it but she's gone for 11 hours each day and that wasn't practical.  He seemed to be well trained, never having an accident, going right into the carrier for the night, etc.  Well cousin Mary, who just lost her Jimmy, has taken the dog.  She has another small dog and they just loved playing together. 

How can people do this?  I just don't understand it.  It just blows my mind.  That poor puppy could have wandered right onto the 'I' system and been killed, the store is that close.  Even though we decided to wait for a dog until after the fix-it projects, Jack said as a last resort we would take him.  I'm glad he's in a home were is happy and wanted now. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It's going to be good.

This season of DWTS is starting off a winner compared so some others.  All the contestants did a good job.  It's going to be a tough fight.  Now I don't care what the judges think, I loved Donald Driver and his enthusiasm.    Now that may have something to do with being a biased Packer fan, but I doubt it (sheepish grin).  The man can move.

Darla is doing much better.  The antibiotics seem to be doing the trick and she is home.  Thanks for the concern.  It bothers a Mother when one of her children is having trouble no matter how old they get.

Looks to be a great day here again.  Loving it but the local weatherman thinks there still may be a frost ahead.  The trouble is with things budding it will hurt some plants and he suggested people wait a little before putting in new ones.  It would definitely help with the mosquitoes though.  They already attacked my poor granddaughter.  Her legs look so awful with them.  

The blazer is really working well and it  is so nice instead of that coughing and jerking.   You can even step on the gas and it takes off instead of stalling.  It was the fuel pump and I guess they put them in the gas tank, so it's difficult to get to them for the average home mechanic.  Surprisingly we expected  well over $500 for the repair but it was just under $400.  So glad it's fixed as Jack will be going to the annual 5th grade camp with the school next week and he takes the suburban loaded down with science supplies.  This time I will have a vehicle here for my use instead of being grounded for 4 days.  Hooray!

Here's wishing you all a good day. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Should I claim her?

Yes!  That's Sherry.  We just couldn't ignore this weather,  Mom's favorite day and had a cookout already.  We all had green shirts of somekind but as Rhonda put on the picture on fb. "there's one in every family".  She had crazy socks too.  Her husband didn't seem too thrilled. He kept trying to get her to take the wig off.  Of course she stood strong.  Would you believe everyone was so excited to cookout, no one bothered to check the tanks on the grills.  Fortunately we did just get the meat cooked.  Now both Jack and Jodi are out getting them filled, lol.

I think almost everyone was there.  Sherry had one son who is in NY so he could not be there.  Sad note here, we called Darla in the morning only to be informed Jim was taking here to the ER.  She was in pain and they kept her.  It was her (sp) divicutriculites and they started antibiotics.  They said if it doesn't work more surgery would be forthcoming but they seem to be doing the trick.  She says she feels much better and it waiting to find out how soon she can go back home. Poor girl. 

The weather today is another gorgeous one and plan to go back out as soon as I'm done here.

You all go out and enjoy this day where you can.

Friday, March 16, 2012

So nice!

The weather has been just fantastic.  I've spent the majority of the last few days outside when possible.  Hope it continues, but they say maybe rain tonight and tomorrow.  Of course, we decide to have a cookout and Mother Nature turns on us.  Hopefully she'll put it off until after we're done.  We were calling the cookout the "uncover the camper party". 

The memorial for Jimmy was very nice.  Tributes from friends and a niece and sister.  Mary had one written out but just couldn't read so Jimmy's sister did.  There were so many people there to honor him.  The weather couldn't have been any better to let us know of his welcome into the arms of the Lord.

Jack finally took his blazer into a place we hope they can finally find what causes it to gasp and cut out so all the time.  Everything all the amateurs have tried only last for a few days.  He will be going to 5th grade camp again in 2 weeks and I do not relish the thought of being without a vehicle for 4 days.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that the get it fixed right. It's quite a busy place and he told them to let it sit for a couple days so get the real effect. 

Well the dryer sent the I'm done sound so I had better get with it.   You all have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Just Monday

Had a good time at the shower yesterday.  That baby will be the best dressed little girl for close to 2 years.  She is a darling and tiny thing.  Mary did come and she seem better.  It was nice and people didn't overpower her.  It helped that almost everyone was a cousin or related and respected her privacy.

Did errands this morning, and looked at some flooring for the dining room.  Thinking of a wooden laminate.  Hope to get it done and painted this summer.  After that bathroom he keeps putting off and before the entryway.  Think maybe I'm too easy on him, lol.  May have to start nagging, lol.  Not a thing I would like to do.  Not in my makeup.

Sign the tax papers tomorrow and then the funeral Wed.  Not they best week is it?  Oh well, such is the ways of the world. 

Well DWTS will be starting again soon.  Looks to be interesting.  Needless to say I'll be anxious to see how Donald Driver does.  That Packer fan thing you know.  Seems to be a pretty good group I think.  We'll see.

Have been holding off on the puppy search.  If we can get to all those improvments it might not be so much fun training a puppy too.  The granddaughters won't like the wait, lol. 

Well I guess that about sums up the last couple days.  Hope you all have a nice evening.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bad Girl

I have been so neglectful with my blog I think I need 30 lashes with a wet noodle.   

Daughter Darla had a bit of a rough time after her surgery.  She had the nausea for a few days and wasn't allow to come home until yesterday.  She is feeling better though tired of course and dozes a lot.  Has her Kindle loades and will have her laptop close to aide against boredom. 

Cousin Mary is having a bit of a tough time with Jim passing.  Some people just don't seem to understand giving her time.  Calling and asking unnecessary questions etc.  Though I know most mean well, questions like "how did he die" are totally wrong.  I know she'll be okay.  She is one strong lady and has a large loving family to help in anyway she needs us.  It will just take time.

Been going through pictures again.  Posted some, but they were nice ones.  Came across some from  weddings and graduations we attended in Florida some years ago.  I think they would like them so I'm putting them aside for when they come for the family reunion this summer.  Will go through more and see what I can find for others and bag and tag them too.  There are, of course, people in them that are no longer with us, so I'm sure the families will appreciate them.

Well I guess I had better get back no good.  You all behave now.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Really Tough Tuesday

A Sad day in Beloit.

Sadly we had to say good-bye to our cousin Jimmy yesterday.  He lost his long battle with cancer.  Now wrapped in the arms of God.  He was such a good person.  His faith never waned in his difficult fight.  Jim was the kind of person you knew you could always call on for help.  Ready and willing to be there for anyone who needed anything.  A wonderfully loving husband to Mary for 37 years and marvelous father and grandfather.  We are all going to miss him terribly.  Love you Jim.  Love you Mary and we are there for you.

Another long day for us as Darla had a hysterectomy yesterday.  She came through fine and the doctor said all went well.  She was in some pain when we left and very tired.  It always amazes me as to how long such days can be.  She was to be there at 7 and in at 8.  Well Jack and I arrived at 8 and she was still waiting to go in.  A number of people still coming in and out verifying details and she finally went up between 9:30 and 10.  At 12 they told us we could go up to her room and when we arrived on her floor were told to wait as the nurse was getting her settled and would let us know as soon as we could see her.  At 1:35 Jim asked if there was a problem and they had forgot to tell us we could go in.  Finally we got to see her but only stayed a few minutes as she could barely keep her eyes open.  She may be able to go home tomorrow or Fri.  We will be going up later today and hopefully she's feeling much better.

Well now that I've unburdened myself on you all I will look to the future with an optimistic upbeat outlook. 

Hope you all have a good day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Here I am.

I know, I know.  I've been sluffing off.  What have I been doing since my last post.  Nothing newsworthy at all.  Cutting coupons I'll probably forget to take with me.  Some reading.  Playing word games on Pogo. Putting pictures on fb that my kids shake their heads about.  You know, the ones from their school days, teehee.  Putting some on the fb family sites that others don't have and enjoy.  Just the mundane things of life. 

Suppose to be in the 50's the next couple days.  As far as I'm concerned it can only go up from there.  I'm more than ready.  Hoping for sun so I can see if the solar flower Cindy gave dances nicely. 

I finally decided the only thing that really bugs me a little about both of us being retired is definitely tv.  Specifically the news.  You get 2 hrs. local, 2 hrs morning shows, 2 1/2 evening, and seldom is there anything new added.  For some reason he seems to "watch" it all.  By watch I mean sleep through most of it but wakes with "I'm watching that" the minute the channel is changed.  The news is so depressing it ruins the whole day. 

Well this turned out to be a bummer Monday post.  Guess I'll just stop while I'm ahead.
You all have a good day.