Monday, August 27, 2012

So much for quiet time.

The afternoon I thought I would have to myself only lasted one hour and a half.  Darn the bad luck.   The girls came back from swimming and the tv went back on (I shut it down the minute the car started).   Few kids these day seem to be unable to live without it.  I also think they are all deaf.  Sometimes I wish the was a button to locked the volume. 

I've come to the conclusion that everytime we bring in the cusions on the swing the impending rain goes right by.  If we forget them it seems we get a pretty good downpour. We got a little yesterday but still on the low side.  Well too bad.  Not going to ruin them to play "hide the cushions" with Mother Nature.  

 Must get to work around here.  Have to shorten some sleeves for Jodi's top.  It's her son's wedding reception Fri. so no dilly-dallying.  Of course, there's the everyday work to be done.  It's laundry day and you would think there were 10 people in this house from the size of the piles. 

You have a nice day. 

"It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping." -----Unknown


Saturday, August 25, 2012

What to do.........

what to do.  Going to have the whole afternoon to myself.  There is so much I should do.  So much I'd rather do.  The thing is, I don't have any urge to do anything.  You don't get these days often and should make the best of them but.................I'll leave that for your imagination. 

Sat here this morning half listening to what was on tv.  Jack had hunting shows and that is boring to me.  The funny thing was, as the commercials promoted things to make hunting easier it was like listening to a little kid with a catalog in his hand.   "I gotta get that,  I have to get one of those, I want that."  Really!  I really don't remember my kids being that bad, lol.

 Have this picture here of some little girl.  Sherry had it and thought it might be me.  I took it out of the frame and there is a name, date and place on the back, and I can't for the life of me figure out why anyone in our family had it.  I don't remembe any such person and neither does Sherry.   What to do with it?  No idea.

Well, almost time to send everyone off.  Jack to golfing with Jodi,  and the girls to swimming with Jared.  Hope they all have a nice safe day and all of you too.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Slowly but surely.

I know it's been awhile since we repainted and layed flooring.  We didn't put all the pictures back up.  I had some frames I wanted to replace and did get them yesterday.  Frames aren't cheap anymore and had to watch for sales, as well as finding what I like.  Manage to pick up the 4 I needed for the kids senior pictures yesterday and they're hung now.  The group family picture is back up and reframed and hung this one.  I'm sure you will know it's my sisters and I way back when. 

Oh to have that size body again, lol.

Now to get going on the rest.  Inch by inch it will get done before Thanksgiving, lol.

Have a good day all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Not much going today.

Went and pick 4 identical picture frames to put the kids senior pictures in to rehang.  They looked kind of funny to me, with 3 the same and one different.  Since they were there for some time, finding the same kind to get just one was impossible.  So 4 it was.  Now to hang them.

Also had to get a new battery for my own little Nikon camera, as it doesn't hold much of a charge any longer.  Batteries Plus had on and it is now charging.  At least I hope that's the problem.  It won't turn on so  keep your fingers crossed.  If not, I may have to order the company brand. Online they wanted $36 for it and I paid $21.  On the up side.  If it doesn't work I have the one that the cousin left here.  Lol.  Strange how things work out.

No Carole, it doesn't run in the family, lol.  Sherry usually comes up with such things. I think I posted once about a water balloon fight that got us iced or the Packer rug she stole.  Yesterday she tried to convince Rhonda that Obama was going to be in Beloit on Fri. and wanted to know if she wanted to go, lol.   As Joe says, she is a stinker.  How her mind works baffles us ;-).  I agree with you on DWTS.  Hope she goes out quickly.  There were many others they could have picked.

Now I think I'll head out and get a external hard drive to put a most of the stuff I have clogged this machine up with.  Then maybe take it in for a checkup.  I know all the slowing isn't due to the internet.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sherry is a brat.

Yes, yes she is.  Don't let that sweet demeanor fool you.  She has this little mischievous streak that comes out now and then.  Really, as her sister I know.  Yesterday was one of those days.  She got on facebook yesterday and said she heard a saw and went outside to investigate and her neighbors were cutting down her tree.  We all know how much Sherry loves trees. A number of us asked why and she said she didn't know.  When asked what did they say when questioned she said they said because it bothered them.  Well needless to say that brought on all sorts of comments from all of us.  We all know proceeded into giving pieces of our minds and advice.  Then the brat said it was all a joke.  It was a tree her and Bill were going to remove and had started cutting it out a few days ago.  The neighbors were just finishing it for them.  It blocked their driveway vision when they had to back out.   I said from this day forward we don't believe anything she says, lol.  She blamed it all on the neighbor telling her to do this, which she has done before.

Years ago (I don't know if I told this before) she did this to another neighbor.  He parked his car in front of our parents, always leaving his keys in (no one in our neighborhood would bother this elderly gentlemans car).  Sherry got in and took the car, put it in his garage as a joke.   She blamed our sister Jodi.  This poor fellow accused Jodi right up to the day he died. 

Yes, she's a brat, LOL!

Monday, August 20, 2012


 Oops.  I missed yesterday.  Was fighting a headache and though I tried to go outside and read it just wasn't happening.  Gave up on all that had to do with reading in any form.  Fine now though.
The camera the lady gave us is really a pretty good one.  The it takes good pictures and the cords from Jack's big camera all connect just fine.  Can upload to the computer etc.  Many of the instructions in his book have the same icons and I think we will be able to figure it out okay.  What to do with it then is the question.  Anyone that would want it would have to get their own connectors.

Good weather called for all week until the weekend of course.  Jack is suppose to go golfing with Jodi Sat. and they say rain.  The little bar up the street is having special outing of fun golf where they play 'best ball' and do crazy thing at different holes like putting layin on the ground like playing pool.  After there is a steak dinner for them all.  Sure hope they can get it in.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can you believe it?

I've made it here two days in a row.  Patting self on back.

Men are such funny creatures.  Hubby went to Menards to check out those things you put on the rain gutters to keep them from being clogged and get them if not too expensive.  He came back with a new sander.   Says he has to measure befor buying.  Though that may be true, he really didn't need another sander, but this one has a vaccuum attachment to keep the dust down.  That's his story and he's sticking to it.

Had to take the bottom layer off a dress I bought.  It was one of those with like 4 tiers and being short, dresses to ankles only make me look shorter.  I like the dress and just took off the excess.  Now what to do with that extra fabric.  Hmmmm.

My sisters tv just quit.  It's only about 4 years old.  Jodi is going nuts.  Power is on, all connections are okay, but no sound or picture.  The repair man just pulled into hopefully she'll be back in business soon.  Otherwise, she told us to be ready to take her to get a new one.  She just has to have her tv.  

Have a good evening.  Say a prayer for this old world of ours.  It sure needs it.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Guess Who?

Yep, it's me.  Thought it's time I get off my lazy streak and get to keeping this site up.  Been spending a lot of time out in the beautiful weather between chores, a couple games and popping in and out of fb reading a few things, leaving a few things then heading back outside.  Have my crossword puzzle books, some magazines and kindle out in the sun with me.  Went around and visited you folks this morning.  Seeing all I have missed makes me even more determined to get myself back in the groove.

My nephew Trent is getting married and two weeks.  Why do I bring this up.  A reminder to anyone dealing with place to get everything in writing.  They rented the Marine Corps league hall for $800.  She went to make the payment and they have doubled the price.  The committe that was in charge has changed and they changed everything.  With just two weeks to go there is nowhere else available so they're stuck.  They will get $400 back after they clean it but really.  Now we know why so many don't recommend this place.

I'm spoiled I think.  While sitting here reading all your wonderful posts and trying to do this one, the hubby brought me a  plate of eggs, bacon and hash browns.  He's a gem, I guess I'll keep him, ;-).

As you know our reunion was a great success.  Well one relative from Fla. had bought a camera online a couple months before it and could not figure out how to work it.  She says she got no instructions with it at all.  Either paper or a cd to explain it as most do.  She bought it direct from China and has tried to sell it and called us a couple times.  Well she brought it with her (I had told her to as someone at the reunion may want it) but forgot to bring to the party.  Well yesterday on her way back home she dropped it off here and said if we could find someone who could use it and understand give it to them and she would just eat the $200.  It's a Konica/Minolta DiMAGE Z3 and though it has a place to connect it to the internet but no way to connect it.  Tried looking on internet to get instructions, no help and Konica/Minolta got out of the camera business in 2006 so we're on our own. We're working on it to see what we can figure out and then decide what to do with it.  It does take a good picture so far that we can tell through the view screen.

Well, have I rattled one about enough different subjects, lol.  Guess that's what I get for goofing off. 

You all have a good day.  The sun is shining and as soon as it warms up some (it's only 56 right now) I'll be headed outside again. 

Yup, spoiled.  Hubby is doing the dishes.  Guess I better go help (sheepish look).

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a week...

....plus a few days.  All the friends and relatives are now gone.  It's quiet here once more.  Now all the after parties stuff to take care of.  Have taken a day here just to relax and will get moving on that in the morning.

The reunion was an enormous success.  We definitely had a least 200 show up.  Yes, as always, there were a few who didn't.  No surprise as they don't usually show anyway.  More food that even all those people could eat.  Egg tosses and 3-legged races were hilarious.  Jodi got a hair full of egg and look at this.

Sherry and Jodi practicing.

Those of you on fb can check our sites and see all the pictures.  There are just too many to put up here.  Each family had a group picture taken.  We didn't have a pro with the right lenses so we didn't get an entire group shot like the last one.  That would have been awesome.  

A friend of Danielle's donated her time to DJ and the dancing went on til 9.  It was a long day starting a 12 though were there earlier to set up of couse.  It's taken me two days to get the body to move again, lol.  

There was a picture of all of us 1st cousins that were there.

See the Bear fan.  We tried to block his shirt (lol) so he stood up on the bench.  Had some fun teasing each other. 

Our brother and his wife made it from California and the Florida group all made it.  Danielle's girl friend and two of her daughters came from Idaho.  What lovely girls.

Did get a storm,which scared a few off, but it didn't last long and we diehards just kept right on.  Never keep our family down for long.   Sunday we had a small yard get-together which finished off the food we all brought.  Yesterday we went out for dinner with the Leroy and Cher before they headed back to Calf.   Then, it was home to finally relax for the night.  If you would like to see more pics, I'll try to put up a few more.

Well that's the report on the reunion.  We do hope to do it more often that a 25 year space between them.  It was just too much fun not too.  Not to mention keeping more in touch.

Have a good night all.