Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday's almost gone already.

Where did these few days go?  It seems like yesterday we were partying in the yard.  Boy did the time get away from me.  I'm not sure how, as I really haven't done anything worth talking about.   I know I napped a bit Sunday.  Well make that all through the Indy 500.  Felt darn good too.  Watched some tv, and that's about it.  Yesterday I enjoyed my new gazebo.  Took out a magazine and let the breezes blow through.  Didn't feel as warm as they said.  That could be because we're by the river, I don't know.  But then I like the summer type weather.  Did turn on the air-conditioner for sleeping though.  Upstairs bedroom can quite uncomfortable.

Went to watch the parade yesterday. It was really nice.  Paper says it was the largest turnout ever.  There were 156 units in it, with the Navy Band Great Lakes starting it off.  They all looked so smart in their white uniforms.  As always there was the downside of kids chasing for candy.  In some spots standing in front of people trying to see the parade.  Telling the to get down bounces off deaf ears.  Did manage to get a picture of some vets that go to our Moose lodge for the lodge site on fb.  While sitting there I got a text that said my grandson was waiting for their school to start marching in the parade in Janesville.  I did a DUH!  Here we were in Beloit, with no grandchildren in the parade and he was marching with his band.  Where our heads were I don't know, but will correct that next time.  He'll be a senior next year so we must make sure we get there.

Well better go visit.  You all have a good evening.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Great day.

 What a good day it turned out to be yesterday.  Was going to blog but was so tired after all the fun, food and campfire that I just didn't have the energy.  I kept hearing this "Terry, this is your bed and your suppose to be in it.  Time to come in".  I didn't know beds could talk, but that was really loud. 
Anyway the day could only have been better if the sun had been out all day.  It did show up for a little while and we all bowed down to it. 

I have wanted to replace the gazebo that was destroyed in the winter storm so believe or not, one hour before people starting showing up I talked Jack into going to get a replacement.  My reasoning for now.  Genius I say.  "You will have plenty of help putting it up". 
He said this was my Mother's day present.  I had to pay for it.  Funny man.  I told him fine, you buy the furniture for inside it.  Now if it would just stop raining so I could go out with my book.  Jeesh!  I know, it has a roof, but would get drenched just running to it.  Might melt you know, lol.

Not doing much today.  Had a good nap.  Watching the races, at least one, napped through the 500, visiting you all.  Checking those on fb.  I'm sure there was something constructive I could  be doing, but hey, priorities you know.  

Hope your day has been a good one so far and gets better as it goes on.  
Have a wonderful Memorial Day.  Remember all thos giving and who have sacrificed for us.


Saturday, May 28, 2011


The following report from my cousin Mary on Jimmy's trasnplant.

"Transplant went well, so far so good. He wanted to rest for a short time so we all came back to my room. They are saying that he has to be there 2-4 wk still but they said he handled it very well. There was enough stem cells from our donor that they could freeze 2 bags just incase he needs one in the future. Thanks for all of your prayers and support."

We are delighted things are going so well and keeping the prayers up for continued success.  A special prayer for the awesome donor who gave Jimmy a second chance at life and for the extra stems cells for him.  What a wonderful person.

Today is to be a family get together.  The weather not looking real good.  Chances for showers in the afternoon which we don't need.  Going to put up a tarp just in case.  Hopefully it can hold off until later at night.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Had a nice visit last night from family that came up from Florida.  They here visiting all of us they left behind when they left the cold confines of WI.  Needless to say they were saying they were freezing. lol  Feeling sorry for them did not  occur to me (tee hee). 

Well I guess I had better get started on making the potato salad for today.  Family asked on our site who was bringing what, I said the yard.  That didn't go over well, lol.  Was called a smart a$$.  These people have no sense of humor.   They tried to get to me by saying they would just move across the street to Jodi's but I told them the picnic tables stayed in this yard so they would have to sit on the grass to eat over there, (aren't I a stinker).   Then Darla said I had to make "Dam potato salad".  What, I've never heard of  Dam potato salad?  She said it's the kind where with everything you cut and peel you say "Dam Potato Salad".  Such a funny girl she is.

Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Weekend.  But most importantly remember the men who have given their all for us to be free.

God Bless


Friday, May 27, 2011

Today is the Day

Jimmy is having his bone marrow transplant today.  We are all praying for the best and also sending prayers for the wonderful person who is giving him this chance at life.  These marvelously unselfish and caring people are just the best.  I know something like this can't be easy or an easy decision to make and they deserve every accolade there is.

Jim is such a wonderful person.  The kind that would be the donor if the situation were reversed.  He and Mary would give you their last dime if you needed it.  If fact while scrounging to raise money to support their 3 month stay in Zion she gave to another cancer patient fundraiser. 

Dear God please make all go well for all during this time.

Now for the slugs of this world.  While this family is fighting this battle some jerk had stolen their daughters  identity on fb.  They completely copied her site with one exception.  They spelled her name wrong.  We have been spent hours last night reporting them.  How these low lifes can face themselves in the mirror is more than I can understand.  I'm proud and happy with who I am and what I have, would not want to be anyone else.  I would not want to bring on anyone else's problems, or even their good things. 

On a good note.  We went to Alyssa's award night last night and the dear girl received 3 awards.  Congratulations Alyssa, grandma and grandpa are so proud of you. 

Have a good day and God Bless!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Morning

Good Morning all.  Feeling much better today.  Hope it stays that way. 

We are planning a cookout for the weekend (Sat.) and praying the weatherman is in one of his wrong weather predictions.  He is not calling for a very nice day at the moment.  Since we no longer have a gazebo to hide under (due to the snow last winter) it could get a little dicey.   There is just no shelter for over 35 people. 

 Had an embarrassing thing happen to me yesterday.  Went to a store to pick up a few things and swiped my debit card and to my shock it said "not approved".  We tried it again just in case I punched in the wrong pin #.  Same result.  Fortunately I had just enough cash and promptly called the Credit Union.  Wonderful daughter Darla answered the phone and I had her check into it.  Well it seems they had updated some software and in the process some numbers were mixed up on the listed card.  She informed the girl in charge of cards and within the hour my card was fixed and all is right with it now.  Pays to have a personal banker, teehee.  Besides those girls enjoy the fruits of Jack's baking and I'm sure they want to make sure he keeps it up. :)

Going out for supper tomorrow night to meets with cousins who arrived from Fla.  They are here to attend and wedding next Sat. and visit with relatives and friends.  It will be nice to see them as it's been a couple of years.

You all have a nice day.

"I don't know anything about music. In my line, you don't have to."----Elvis Presely

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


That's how I feel.  Having been battling aching ears and a scratchy throat.  Seems to come and go on a daily basis.  Starts to feel good one day and back again the next.  It's frustrating.  Enough already.  GO AWAY! It leaves me feeling tired and cranky, and cranky is not my style.  So, a nap is in the cards for today, maybe even two.

Weather is not help my granddaughters softball practice.  They keep getting rained out and on the one day it was sunny her knees were hurting.  Nicoles team will be a little rusty.

I am such a proud grandma.  My little Carson received and award for academic excellance this year. You don't usually see this for the elementary level but her district gave out awards from there through the high school level for grades of 3.5 and up, a total  752 in all.   Alyssa will be receiving an award for something tomorrow.  They haven't told me what yet.  And the big one.  Aaron was inducted into the National Honor Society. Autin and Nicole are also honor roll students.   I'm busting with pride.

Well off for that first nap.  Hope the weather is decent where you are and let's up in the areas of devastation.  Prayers for all those poor people.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glad that's over.

What a couple days.  The storms that devastated Joplin makes the heart break for those people.  The outpouring of help renews your faith in mankind.  May they come out of this better than before.  We had a couple touchdowns way north of here but only damage as far as I have heard.  Only wind and rain mostly here.  A branch broke off my sisters tree and ended up in my back yard but not a big one.  Had power outages in places around town but only a hiccup here.  Popped off and on in a second.  Just long enough to make me reset clocks.  It shut down the computer but thankfully, didn't harm it.  Decided to leave it off until the next day. 

I'm broke now.  Filled the suburban, got groceries and paid a couple bills.  Guess that means staying home and finding our own entertainment.   That usually is the best kind anyway.  Gas is down to $3.69 though.

Went with Jack to horseshoes last night and missed DWTS.  Kind of hoping Chelsea wins it.  Have been surprised at Kristi Alley though.  She has improved a lot and looking better each week.  I wonder how much weight she has lost.  It's definitely visible. Now comes the boring season for me. Not into the Bachelor shows, or the Housewives.  They seems much to phony for me.  I find it hard to understand people who would make such fools of themselves.  At least that's the way it looks to me.  What money will do to people.

"Men can read maps better than women, because only the male mind could conceive of one inch equaling on hundred miles." ---- Roseanne 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

People are wonderful

The benefit was a huge success.  The best they ever had for a spagetti dinner benefit.  Jack even had to run to the store for more spagetti and set up a fire outside to cook it because they couldn't keep up with the demand.  The raffle donations were many and made big money.  The Green Bay Packer autographed Super Bowl Football was the hit of the night.  We had sold $80 worth of tickets before we even got to the benefit. One fellow came in and bought $100 worth of tickets and just scattered them throughout the raffles.  He told me he didn't really want anything but likes to participate.   We made over $4600 for them.  They will be on their way back to Zion today with the knowledge of love and prayers to go along with them.

Jim did make it to draw the raffle winners and see all the people who turned out to help his cause.  He is such a wonderful person and he has the best attitude.  "It's all in God's hands" he always says and we know he's right, but anything we can do to help we do.  Our family circles the wagons and comes together when the need arises.

I also want to thank you all for the thoughts and prayers you been sending for Jimmy.  It has gotten us this fat and I'm sure it will carry us through to a successful transplant.

There was an amusing little thing.  There was a gift certificate for the Cybirus (sp) suite and Danielle and a cousin both were hoping for it.  The jokingly said they would beat up whoever wins and take it away.  Well the cousin won and Danielle grabbed it and made her chase her around to get it back.  Oh that kid. 

Jack and the sons are suppose to go golfing this afternoon but the weatherman isn't giving them much hope for a good day.  Rain, storms and hail in the forecast.  Hope it hold off till late for them.

Have a wonderful day.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's here!

The big day for the benefit.  Gathering things together and making sure nothing is forgotten.  We have already made a few hundred on bracelet sales so we have start up money.  We didn't think we would have much for raffles but people are so generous and I think we're going to need two tables and areas on the floor.  The administrator of the Moose says that is where you make the most money.  The spagetti dinners, when food costs are deducted from ticket sales, is not always what people hope for.  I suppose the rise in costs won't help in that department either.  We will make money on it, but what over and above the cost we will see.  Have never been to one there so don't know what they put on.  I would imagine a salad and garlic bread to go along with the spagetti, but not sure.  Oh well, too late to aske now.  Live and learn.

The weather is not too bad right now but what it will be at 4 who knows.  I just hope it's not anything that will keep people away. 

You all have a good weekend.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Finally Friday....

and the sun is shining nicely out there.  Temps. predicted for low 70's, so plan to spend as much time outside today as I can.  Unfortunately it will be shortlived as the weatherman says.  Rain possible tonight and on an off the weekend and all next week.  I tried changing channels hoping he was wrong, but alas, they are all sticking together.  Enough already.  Rain swells the rivers and rivers flow south.  No more is need down there.

Getting things together for Jimmy's benefit Sat.  So many generous people donating items for raffles makes your heart just swell with love and appreciation. 

Learned yesterday my son had his tires slashed at his workplace, along with others.  He came across the guy doing it and chased him, getting his description, license plate # and description of the truck.  He said the guy was driving away watching him on his cell as he called the police.  He going to check today to see if they caught him.  They went to the house but no one was there at the time.  What makes a person do such things?  They get no benefit from it.  I can't see the fun in it and it only hurts innocent people.  So, he had to have the car hauled home and now has to save for new tires.

Isn't this a funny post.  Compaining about the weather in one paragraph, praising generosity in another, followed by showing the bad in people.  Guess I shoud go out and enjoy the weather we have.

Have a good day!

"My favorite animal is the mule. He has more sense than a horse. He knows when to stop eating---and when to stop working."---Harry Truman

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Feud

We have a running feud in this house.  It seems some don't understand what chip clips and twist ties are for.  Chip bags are just folded over and sat on the counter.  Now we know this doesn't help keep them fresh. It's not like we don't have enough clips, it's just opening a drawer and taking one out.  Even picking up one off the counter that was removed from an empty bag.   As for the twist ties.  It's someone trying to be funny.   Always finding the bread wrapper just twirled around and tucked under with the tie laying boldly beside it.  I'm always have to fix these things. I think this is a conspiracy.  When questioned, I get a big grin and a shrug of the shoulders.  He says his job now that he has retired is to bug me and he's taking in seriously and enjoying ever minute of it. Such a funny fellow.  Men are such amusing creatures.  You gotta love 'em.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time stands still.

At least here it does.  Would you believe I have 5, count 'em, 5 watches.  What would be the odds of all of them having dead batteries at the same time.  Must be big odds.  I found a battery for one so I'm up and running again.....to the store for more batteries, lol.  I could not believe it, when the one I was wearing died and I went to get one of the others and all were dead.  Two of them are Betty Boops and Betty and let me down.

Nicole's choir concert last night was wonderful.  They did songs from movies, both old and new.  Grease, Disney, Beatles, Broadway etc.  From back in the 30's to today.  Amazing what changing a teacher can do.  I didn't take my video camera as getting a good view can be difficult.  Some aways sits right in front of you and can't sit still so their head is popping in and out. 

I guess they are moving cousin Jim's bone marrow transplant up to next week.  He has been needing weekly transfusions and they're wearing him down.  Thank you and please keep the prayers coming.

Enjoy the day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes He Did.

I don't know if I ever told you about the reason I became a stay-at-home Mom.  Well when Darla was born I worked at a place called "Admiral" that made tv's and radios.  I worked days and Jack worked nights so that arrangement eased the need for a baby sitter (we couldn't afford anyway) or so I thought.  There goes that thinking thing again.  You know how that goes.

Let me tell you, though we were new parents, I had experience with dealing with babies as I had been taking care of my little sisters for some time.  Rhonda was born the month before I turned 11 and Jodi 4 years later.  I had been bathing, feeding etc. with them so I was no rookie to the baby thing.

By 3 months Darla was having cereal and sleeping through the night so I went back to work.  Well for some reason she suddenly wasn't sleeping well again.  I discovered Jack had been giving here only the amount of cereal (1 tablespoon) on the box label.  Well, she had been eating more than twice that.  Corrected that situation and all seemed well.

Not so fast.  One day I came home and he sheepishly had a confession to make.  He said Darla had been crying and he couldn't understand why.  She had been fed and was okay then.  He checked and she needed a diaper change so he did that.  But, she kept crying.  So he checked again, maybe she needed a change again.  Well you wouldn't believe my shock when he told me what he found wrong.  He had PINNED THE DIAPER TO THE BABY!  Yes he did.  In, out and to the diaper.  That did it.  I will stay home and take care of my own baby, thank you very much.  

What brought this memory up you ask?  Well I saw the following cartoon in the paper that I sent to Darla as a reminder we can laugh about now.

Have a nice day.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hey we're back!

Boy that wasn't any fun.  Not being able to blog, or visit my friends, that is.  Hope they don't do that very often.

Tomorrow and Monday are Danielle & Mike's, and Darla & Jim's anniversary's.  We are taking them out for dinner tonight to celebrate.  Sometimes I think that is one of the best presents to give.  A night out to have fun and relax with people who love you. 

The benefit for our cousin Jim is next Sat. and we are gathering up the things we will need to raffle off.  Mary is making some jewelry items. Jack is putting together a nice tp holder for a bathroon, Darla is making a basket of some kind, a cousin does woodworking and is making a couple of nice things, collecting gift certificates, I gave some Packer golf club covers and am going looking for some other stuff.  Thinking of making a family fun night basket filled with a couple movies, popcorn, Dots, etc.  You know stuff you buy at the theater.  Maybe a gardening type basket with seeds, gardening tools, etc.  I have decided which or if both yet.  Depends on my funds. I'll figure something out for sure. 

Well we went to Aaron's baseball game Thursday night, not only to watch him play, but so Jack could take some pictures of him pitching.  Well guess who forgot the camera.  YES HE DID.  I had my video camera so I gave it to him to get the pictures (where the fence didn't interfer) and guess who pushed the wrong button and got nothing.  YES HE DID.  I had my little camera and was taking pictures from my seat but they aren't the best.  The safety screen is visible making not so good pics.  So guess who'' going to try again next Thursday. YES HE IS!  Think maybe I should load the camera in the car?  Do ya, huh?

Well the morning paper is here so I think I'll go read it and see what truth's and lies it tells, lol.  Have a good weekend.  Hope your weather is better than ours.

"If we had less statemanship, we would get along with fewer battleships."---Mark Twain

Thursday, May 12, 2011

In the dog house.

No, not the hubby this time.  It's me.  Yuppers! Now don't get excited, it's not real serious.  You all know by now that Wed. is granny's night out.  Well last night I didn't go.  Neither did Jodi and I don't know about Sherry.  We went to get Nicole and take her home and my cell beeped.  It was Rhonda at the bar.  The texts went like this.

Rhonda: " Where the he** are you and why aren't you here?"

Me:  "Picking Nicole up at school and taking her home, going to get money, go home and make sure Grandma Dolly has food then going to Culver"s for dinner."

Rhonda:  WELL!

Me:  Have to do something different now and then."

Rhonda:  Not on Wednesday!

End of texts.  Boy some sisters are so demanding, lol.  Good thing I didn't tell her I was going to watch Jeopardy first, tee hee.   I know she likes the company as that early there is hardly any business, but they were having a special fund raiser for the police "Crime  Stoppers Scoopie Night" and a certain percent of the meal went to their fund.  When we were coming out of Culver's it was raining like crazy.  As we went west for a little bit we hit where there wasn't a drop of rain.  It's funny how that just shuts off is spots.

Tonight we are going to Aaron's baseball game.  Jack is going to try and get some pictures of him playing and pitching.  I think I'll take the video camera and see if I can get some good shots too. 

Rained this morning and now is sunny and 81, though they're called for more rain and cooler temps for the next few days.

Well, off to do something.  What I haven't the faintes idea.  Right or wrong, good or bad but hopefull fun. 

"What's right is what's left if you do everything else wrong." ---Robin Williams

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Wednesday

Well I took my walk, did the breakfast dishes, loads in the washer and dryer, but didn't get to the store.  Good thing I'm not desperate for groceries huh?  I guess you could rationalize it this way.  The "if you don't have it, you can't eat it" diet.  ;) 

These cliffhangers on the shows bug me. You get more than enough of that daily in soaps.  Now I don't care for the new team added to NCIS, and hope it's only temporary,  but I wasn't prepared for Mike getting killed off.  I like him. 

Sad to see Romeo go on DWTS (I only watch the last minutes on Tue.) as he was pretty good.  But someone has to go and I would like to see Ralph  go a little farther.  It does seem to me that CariAnn has decided on who she thinks should win it.  Hines is good, but so is Chelsea. 

Have a good day!

"Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men.  The  other 999 follow women." ----Groucho Marx

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


dashboard is back to normal.  It took forever it seems.  Haven't seen any updates for a week at least.  Beautiful day today.  Right now the temp. says 71 but we're suppose to have a high of 80.  Big Smile here.

Took a walk and a big creature came darting out of the weeds.  I think is was gopher.   Couldn't get my camera focused as it kept flying across the road and into the park behind our neighborhood.  Startled me too, so that didn't help. 

Well I have been watching DWTS this year, even though I didn't think I would.  Didn't think the picks would be worth it, but some of them have surprised.  Kristi Alley is doing better than I thought she would, as is Ralph and Romeo.  Hines Ward is pretty darn good, but I think Mark and Chelsea are the ones to beat so far.  But then, what do I know.

NCIS final tonight and I don't think I'm going to like the way the season ends.  At least not by the previews they showed last week, with a member going down. 

Enough of tv.   Have to go make out a grocery list so I can go real early in the morning.    Have a good day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

What the heck?

Where did my reading list go?  I have checked it daily for updates and nothing.  Says I am currently not following any blogs.  What's the deal?  Does this happen often?  I sure hope no one thinks I'm ignoring them.  I hope you can find me and yours aren't gone.

Yesterday was so nice and sunny.  Took my book and crossword books outside and enjoyed a nice relaxing time at the picnic table.  Was out there all day.  Cut some dead branches off the rose bushes.  Just a great day.

Had a bad fire in the area a few days ago.  Unfortunately a life was lost in this one.  It appears the man may have had a heart attack and the oil he had started on the stove boiled over causing a fire.  Jack had to take pictures, as did a couple others for investigation.  Made a disk for them.  It was a trailer and naturally they go up fast. 

I guess he is going to put a few of them in his album his has for his photo class.  There were around 30 or 40 of them altogether. 

Well off to find something constructive to to.  Maybe the best thing would be to make of a list of what I need to do then prioritize it.  That should take most of the day ;). 

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Mom's Graduation Picture

Tomorrow we all know is Mother's Day.  I miss mine so much, as I know many of you do.  Though we love and appreciate them when they were with us, I sometimes feel we could have appreciated them even more. We could have shown it more.  We could have done more.  We just never quite understand how much we're going to miss them when they are no longer just a short drive or a phone call away.   

I know some who are estranged from their Mother's and I feel so bad for them. For them both.  You read it in things like "Dear Abby",  hear people complain or say they hate them.  Of course we don't know the reasons and maybe it is better for them this way.   I would hope and pray that some day they will be able to find a way to settle whatever has torn them apart.  They have no idea what their missing in life.

 I suppose I don't understand, because we've have been so fortunate in our family, in our ability to understand, talk, work out and forgive of whatever disagreement may come up.  The closeness of our family is very precious to us and we take great pride in our ability to keep it. So I'll leave you all with this from a book I found.

It seems like only yesterday
You wiped away my tears
Helped my grow, watched me play
What happened to those years
Now children I have of my own
And I'm content and happy too
With grandchildren who love me
And it's all because of you
You really started something
When you fell in love with Dad
You were the perfect parents
And for that I'm really glad
You mean the very world to me
So there's nothing more to say
Than I love you very much Mom

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just yaking.

Another star has left us.  I remember watchin Jackie Cooper in the Our Gang series.  He was such a cute little kid.  Also he brought tears to eyes in the first Champ movies.  He was such a good actor. Rest in Peace Jackie.

Have been watching the events of the last few days and I must say, though I don't like violence, I'm not at all sorry he was taken out.  There are so many ways to look at things and all have their own opinions, as it should be.  I love this country and it's people and anyone who sets out to destroy our way of life, must be willing to deal with what may come to them.  I really don't have any desire to see the pictures, as many do.  You see enough of it as it is, in the news, tv & movies etc.  He's gone and that's all that is important.

Last night at granny's night out had all granny's present.  But, there was a gentlemen there that had me biting my tongue.  The disgusting and disparaging remarks he was making about the president was awful.  Had he not been drunk (at least it seemed that way to me) I probably would have.  I said to Sherry  he is quite bigotted isn't he, as she's known him longer.  She said he was very much so.  I believe you should judge people on their accomplishments, life and behaviors etc. not on their ethic heritage.  

Mother's Day is fast approaching and we've always had a gathering on the Sat. berfore that day (as we do Father's Day also).  The weather has not always been very cooperative so last year we decided we would pick a day in between and celebrate both days together.  Well that left us with open plans and we have two places we said we would be to this Sat.  One an anniversary and the other a retirement party. Now another has presented itself and the family connection is much stronger.  Grandson Jake's birthday and they want a party for it and to show the new place they moved too.  Of course the timing for all is the same, so Jake comes first. 

Man, I'm getting dizzy with everthing going on at once.  Slow down world.  We need to stop and smell the roses.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Gibbs Slap

Those who watch NCIS know what I'm referring too!  I'm not saying whether this is right or wrong, good or bad.  That debate could go on forever.  What I'm asking is have you ever felt like doing it to someone?  I know I have.  The Husband.  Yes I love him dearly, and he is a great guy.  You know that from my previous posts.  BUT, there are times. 

How often do you have to ask for someone to get the message without throwing things.  You all know how I have blogged about keeping the dining room table clear.  How I like my sewing area ready for when I'm in the mood or have a project going.  Today we were having an insurance lady over and the table was piled with books, the camera, a blood pressure kit, just to name a few.  I started to clear it and just said "to hell with it".  Him: What's wrong?"  Me: "NOTHING" 

Now to the sewing area.  Piled around that is more camera stuff, his coat, binoculors and the camera bag on the floor where I need the foot pedal.  GRRRRRRR!

Now don't get me wrong, I definitely am glad that he is around for me to complain about as well as praise, but sheesh, why couldn't he put his s*#t away?  Sometimes I just have to rant to ease up on the blood pressure and I just couldn't wait till Wed. 

I know this is a small problem in the scheme of things going on in the world today. That there are so many more important things to care and blog about,  but I did need the relief and do feel better now.

Sorry you all had to be my ranting boards. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Glad it's over.

This last week I mean.  Talk about happy and sad all in one short week.  We had a young soldier from WI killed in Afganistan just a week or so before his first wedding anniversary.  The tragic storms in the south, and then to lift the spirits the Royal Wedding.  I sure hope this is enough for the year.  How I pray for peace.

Reading Beth's post about the tornado's reminded me of one we had here years ago.  I don't know if I blogged about it on spaces before but I'm going to now.  Guess your stuck again, lol.  We all stood outside watching the clouds, (it was night so the dark didn't help much) while my youngest sister kept hollering to get inside.  When it was over we heard that the area on the hill east of us had some damage and only the fire dept. was there to help.  It took the roof off the high school where I worked and damaged a few houses in the area near the school.  Damaged the roofs on a few  houses and moved a camper (travel trailer) from one side of a driveway to the other.The fireman  had to stay all night (Jack was on the dept. at the time) and no one had any power up there.  We didn't get anything where we were.  We are tucked down between hills on both sides and I guess that helped some.  I pray it always does.  Well the lady that own the restuarant by us called Mom and she was making coffee for the firemen and the people around there and wonder if we could take it up.  Sure, so off we went.  She making the coffee, we kept taking and serving it and some of the people had donuts to serve.  We kept this up all night and the next morning the lady from the Red Cross came, took all the publicity and left.  I guess she didn't feel the damage was bad enough.  That left me with a great deal of disapointment in the organization at that time.  I'm glad to report they redeemed themselves when we had the flood.