Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yahoo!...and here it is.

First the Yahoo!  I had my 6 mo. checkup this morning and was very pleasantly surprised.  Though I haven't been really paying attention to what I eat etc.  my counts were all real good.  So good that I don't have to go back for a year.  Doc was very happy and said to keep up the good work.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I haven't been working at it very well.

Now the here it is.  The apron I have been working on with trip after trip to the store.  You would think one little apron wouldn't cost so much gas, but lack of an organized person makes many trips.

Now tomorrow, or maybe even this afternoon, I'll make a couple potholders to go with it.  Her Mom says our little family cupcake Queen will be tickled.  She can't wait to watch her open it.

We were suppose to get rain last night.  Well it didn't do enough to leave spots on the car.  It's not sunny, but the clouds don't look like they plan on giving the plants and grass a drink.  We really need and nice soft and steady all night rain. 

Well off to see if I can find some trouble to get into.  Anyone want to go with me? 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He lied!

When we decided to remodel the bathroom and get a new hot water heater,  we went around checking on prices and availability.  The Home Depot north of us had one and the guy said he always have them in stock.  Well he lied.  Jack borrowed and trailer and went up to get one, lo and behold, they don't keep them in stock.  My granddaughter who is an assitant manage in Machensey said she was very surprised to hear that, as that's not the policy.  Well, it's on order, but he wasn't happy.

The apron is almost done.  Have to run back to the store again.  Due to error (Sheepish look) I ran short on bias tape and have to get more.  Will put up a picture if it looks good. ;)  So far those who have seen it like it, but they may be a little biased.  LOL  After all, whose going to tell Mom or wife it doesn't look good.  LOL!   Even though about making two.  One without the bib effect.  Will see.  Have three days yet before the party. 

Well time to go get something done around here so I can head out as soon as the store opens.

Have a good day.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Another weekend over.

What a great weekend.  The weather didn't look so good Sat. morning and we were afraid there would be no Father's Day party.  We decided to hold off until noon to make the decision on posponing it, but the sun came out and the heat went up, drying things really fast.  The food, fun and company couldn't have better any better unless you all were here.  There was a small menu change.  Bri brought caramel cupcakes instead of pink lemonade, but they only lasted about a minute, lol.  I didn't even get one.  :(   It was quite hot out and for the first time I can remember, I had to come inside and cool off.  Jack said you could look at me and tell I was overheated.  Wasn't long though, and I was back in the thick of things.

Now to get back the real world.  Have to get that apron done this week. Along with all the fun stuff like laundry and cleaning.  Yuck!   Jack is going to go get the new hot water heater today.  First step in remodling the bathroom.  Yahoo, a start.  Also want to get all the pictures back up we took down when painting.  Been a bit lazy on that. 

You all have a great day. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I found it! I found it!

I should have looked in the 'black hole' in the first place.  I finally remembered putting some in there , and there it was.  Now I have the apron all cut out and ready to go.  Had to make a quick trip to the fabric store for thread and tracing paper.  Would you believe it.  I have 3 tins of thread and none that would work, and my package of paper was empty.  Used my 'noodle' this time and made a list, got everything. 

Darn weatherman.  He says we will have rain Saturday and Sunday.  I know we need it but it really could hold off until  Mon.  Our Fathers day cookout is Sat.  Jodi and I decided we would make a big cooker full of Bar-B-Que instead of slaving over the grill.  Besides, the guys grill so much better and it's their day off. Though Jack did pout when he asked what kind of steaks we were cooking and told none, lol.  Hey, we only got burgers, brats, and hot dogs.   So far the menu consists of bar-b-que, slow cooker potatoes, taco dip and chips, baked beans, cucumbers, sliced tomatoes, pink lemonade cupcakes (thanks Bri) and maybe snicker salad and water and musk melon.  Don't have all the dishes to pass listed yet.  Hungry?  Come and get it.

Well better get to sewing.  That apron wont't make itself.  I sure hope it turns out as cute as the pattern looks.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Where could it be?

I have spent the last few days trying to find some material I had around here.  When moving everything for the painting and flooring in the dining room I can't find where I put it.  It has cupcakes on it and I wanted to make an apron and potholder for Sherry's granddaugs birthday next week.  She loves cupcakes and making then.  Plans on having here own cupcake bakery when she grows up.  Needless to say, I'm not have much luck in finding it.  Good thing I didn't mention it to Carson (was going to let her give it to Bri.).  I sure hope I didn't use it and forgot that I did.  That 'old timers' thing you know.  Have one more place to try, wish me luck.

The weekend just flew by.  Graduation went beautifully Friday night.  Even thought the temps were high, there was such a nice breeze it was very comfortable sitting out there.  There were 7, yes 7, valedictorians.  Consequently there were quite a few speeches but it didn't seem long and drawn out at all.  Aaron looked so good in his cap and gown. 

A couple of my kids (Danielle & Jared) along with a cousin (Trent) and grandkids (Aaron, Austin, Nicole & Allie)  play on a volleball league.   Good thing they are doing if for the fun, if they were serious it would not be good.  They come off the court laughing. Went to watch Sunday night.  I told them I was watching for the weak link, but I couldn't find just one.   LOL

Well I guess I better get back to hunting.  You know when I give up, and it's too late, I'll find it. 

Have a good day.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation Day!

I can hardly believe it.
It seems like just yesterday he was this little.

Now look at him.

Aaron will graduate tonight and it sure seems time has just flown by.  He is one great kid.  Not only smart but such a mellow kid.  He doesn't let little things bother him.  The little kids just love him and he is so good with them.  He's so respectful and helpful.  He has a great fun side and he and friends make these silly videos that have us all laughing.   He will be going on to college study to forensics science.  I can't say enough on how proud of him we all are, or how proud we are of the way my son and wife have raised their boys. 

Will have to go early my son said.  Even though the ceremony starts at 7, there are no 'seat saving' so he said to come early so we can try to sit together.   I guess we plan to be there at least an hour or so early.  It will be outside thanks to the weather.  Was so hoping it wouldn't rain as only 6 tickets were allowed for inside.  Someone would have had to miss this important day. 

Well have to get going.  Having to get graduation cards (he's not the only relative graduating) and a few other things.  

You all have a good day.   

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirsty Thursday again. lol

Yeah it's Thursday and that means Granny's night.  I think anyway, as I haven't heard from the other granny's.  It's a really beautiful day here too.  I'm thinking the picnic table or Jodi's deck.  

Well we're stuck with Walker again.  I sure hope he means what he said about working together and healing the state.  But he's said things before and didn't mean them at all.  The thing is, it wasn't necessary to turn people against each other in the first place.  Guess we'll wait and see.  Had it been up to the county I live in he'd be out the door.

Been busy doing bedding and stuff around here.  Got all the ones in the camper all done and put away.  Cleaned the refrig. & freezer both in there and the house.  You would think something you don't use much (like the camper one) wouldn't get that dirty wouldn't you.  Well it was dirty to me anyway. Had to go get some plastic parts for the drawers in the camper again.  They sure don't hold up well.  I guess that plastic getting really cold in the winter doesn't do them much good.

Cleaning in the back room, ( it houses the freezer, washer, dryer, furnance etc.) were things tend to end up and found a bag loaded with ice cube trays.  Have them soaking in bleach water right now. Have no idea how they ended up there.  But hey, it's summer and ice cubes are needed. 

Even got in a couple hours to finish a book.  Now to dig in one of the 3 bags full for another.  Want to get these out of the way to enjoy my Kindle more.  I have over 100 books on that and Danielle has some she wants to send me.  Scary, because she has BOOOOOOOKs.  Loads of them. 

Well back to the "fun" stuff, lol.

You all have a great day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Tuesday already.

As I used to hear the saying "where did the time go Blanche" or something like that.  Lol.  Seems like time just flies anymore.
Today is the big day for voting here.  No matter which way it goes I will be so glad to not have the phone ring trying to influence my vote.  I must say, Walker's money is sure doing it's job.  I get 5 calls a day for him.  I've only had 1 for Barrett.  So I'm voting for the guy with less BIG money behind him.  Besides, I've dug into the past of these dudes and the money behind them, so that too has influenced my decision.

Our Nicole came home from school yesterday with a plaque she got for outstanding choir student.  She said she was going to go stand in the front door with it to show her Mom when she comes home.  Of course she got hugs all around. 

Now for a little rant.  I know I shouldn't let little things get to me, and seldom do I.  Now that I've said that, I do have a little one.  Why is it that when someone empties the milk or juice container or empty a box of cereal etc. they can't walk five steps and throw the empty in the recycle?  They leave them all on the counter for someone else (me) to do.  Is this a man thing in general, or just the 2 who live here?  Okay, I feel better now, lol.

Well I guess that's enough rattling on for the day.  One the bright side, the sun is shining and it's just beautiful outside right now. 

You have a good day. 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Carole says my word identifier is very difficult to make out.  Shows you how NOT computer savy I am.  Didn't even realize I had one.  How do you get rid of it?  I'm not in favor of those things myself so must have okayed it without understanding what the heck I was doing when I moved here from spaces and word press.

Went and bought a new holder for all our CD's.  The one we have is so wobbly and no back to they fall right through.  Have some of them in carrying cases as the old stand won't hold them all.  Jack is putting it together as I write this.  Then I get the fun job of putting them all in in alphabetical order.  I wonder whose job is more time comsuming.  Whadda think?  Lol

Have to go find the pictures of Aaron I bagged up and take them to his mother.  She is making a collage for his graduation party and wants to look and see if there are some she can use along with hers.  The party is in July so I think she will have time to go through them.

Well I think I had better get off and stack up the cd's on the table so I can put them on the shelves when it's done. 

Have a good day.