Friday, September 30, 2011

What a weekend...

...for sport lovers in Wisconsin, that is.  Brewers have their first playoff games since 1982, Packer Sunday is always big, and the Badgers play Nebraska for the first time since 1976.  Hopefully the same winning result will be with us this time too.  Guess maybe a big pot of some kind of soup or chili would be in order for the weekend.  The Badger game is being made into quite a big deal.  Supposedly 5000 Nebraska fans will converge on Madison.  Besides safety issues there will be a bigger police presence on the lookout for scalpers.  Game ticket prices are only $49 and there's rumors of some charging hundreds.  I know this goes on everywhere but I think it still stinks.  Greed shows it's ugly face at times like these. 

The wind and rain have finally stopped but the temperature isn't anything I like.  Only 52 and I prefer 70 at least.  Oh well, it is Wisconsin.

Sad to say there was a school bus/pickup truck accident locally this morning.  The news says 10 hurt, 5 adults and 5 children.  No word on how serious so far, but they did call on ambulance from our dept. to assist.  Praying no injuries are serious.   Jack just came from the fire station and said there was also a house fire early this morning.  A total loss.  Prayers for those people too.

Have any of you seen the AT&T U-Verse commercial where the two parents are trying to decide which kid gets to pick the program.  They praise the little girl over the little boy and say "on the count of three say which child you love most" and both pick the girl.  It just makes me sick.  This is how kids lose theri self-esteem and either just give up or turn into bulles to compensate.  AT&T should be ashamed of themselves.

Well I guess that's just about enough rattling on today. 

You all have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All gone

Well almost.  Yup!  The grocery store thinned out the wallet again, and I didn't get everything I wanted.  It really is depressing, this grocery thing.   Leaves very little for other things. 

That wonderful grandson's name is Aaron.  He is a really good kid.  Extremely smart.  The school has put him in all advanced classes.  I'm so very proud of him.  His brother Austin is the same.   My son and his wife have done a wonderful job with the boys.

To Mariodacatsmom...we make the goulash the same way.  Though, there are times I've used spicer tomatoes (like Rotel) and have even used a little pasta sauce in it.  The hubby likes things with a little kick.   We have it quite a bit in the chilly weather.  

I know some of you watch DWTS as I do, but how long I don't know.  Was shocked at the last one voted off.  I would have sent either Chaz or Nancy Grace home.   In checking out the new season of shows I haven't seen much of anything to take me from the ones I usually watch.  Boy, aren't the soaps dwindling fast.  Though I only watch Days it seems like the choice is definitely being limited.  Other than Jeopardy, Days is the only daytime tv I watch.    I see it's almost that time and Darla will be here to watch with me so I will say tata.

Have a good day.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wet Weather again.

Yesterday was rain and wind,  rain and wind.  I was suprised no trees broke off or went down here.  It did tip my yard swing over again.  I sure am glad I didn't put the new topper on.  Considering the time of the year, I think we will just put it away until Spring (which can hurry if you ask me, lol). 

Cupboards are getting kind of low again and what to fix for dinner was my main problem for the day.  Goulash was decided on as those ingredients were on hand.  Made a large pot and we can have it tonight too.  Making the list of needed items and will head for the store early in the morning. 

Next problem.  Store bought quilts just don't hold up as well as the ones our ancestors made and the one I have is no exception.  The material is actually disintegrating in one spot.  Fraying and pulling apart, and only on the one end.  Usually if it's snapping thread etc, I can fix that, but not this.  Decision?  I will cut about 22 inches off that end, sew it and let the girls use it when they spend the night until it shows more wear.  Then to the trash it will go.

This is one of the senior pictures of my grandson.   

He plans on going to college to be in the Forensic field.  Of all the pictures taken this is his favorite. He had others with baseball themes from his school team, one with his drums and one in a suit.  The suit one is so out of character that hardly anyone cares for it.  They only took it to add to his college transcripts.

Well better get back to that grocery list.  Yuck!  Hate grocery shopping. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Done

The camper that is.  The insurance approved of the new awning, PAID IT ALL, yahoo.  They ordered it Monday and we picked it up yesterday.  Decided since we aren't going to do any more camping this year we winterized it, covered and it's all done for the winter. 

Have been fighting a migraine on and off all week and this is really the first day I have felt just great.  Couldn't do much on here as staring at the screen just doesn't help.  Half way through one book with 4 in waiting and just couldn't do that either.   Then I see fb has all these changes and I'm not ready to figure them out either.  I don't know if I'll stay, go to Google+ or just give it up. 

On other fronts.  Glad to see the two hikers released from Iran.   A little happy news there.  Am torn on that man being executed.  I'm not a fan of the death penalty.  I think that it is up to God to decide life or death.  I feel life in prison is step one punishment and facing the Almighty step two.  Though I understand the feeling of the crime victims family I also wonder how they will feel if it ever is discovered that this young man was indeed innocent.  Okay, enough on that.

Today we are celebrating Ryker's 3rd birthday.  It's supposed to be outside and I sure hope the weather cooperates.  It's not looking good right now.  He's a Tommy the Train fanatic, so you know the theme of the party, lol.   Also a Happy Birthday to Sherry's husband Bill who was 71 Thursday.

Have a good weekend.  God Bless!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Passwords UGH!

Passwords can sure mess with you.  Having a different one for every site for safety sure can cause the memory trouble.  Yesterday I kept trying to use the password for one site to sign on to blogging.  To a couple tries before the "DUH" light kicked in.  Though I have them all wrote down I don't usually keep them where they can be easily looked at.  Not that I worry about family and friends of course, but at times of parties etc. it just makes me feel better.   You know, there's fb, here, WordPress (though I hardly every go there), email and a few others.  Really, how do they expect this old lady to remember it all.  If people weren't such jerks (hackers) life could be much more easy and enjoyable on the net.

Well a great weekend for football.  A Badger and Packer win was just the thing. 

Busy day today.  Laundry, cleaning after the lazy weekend, trip to the store.  All the usual mundane stuff.  Maybe I should dance while doing it all.  LOL   That would be enough to make you really laugh.  Figure out what to have for dinner. 

The start of the new season of tv is tonight.  What to watch, what to watch.  I do want to check out Two and a Half Men to see how Ashton Kucher (sp) fits in.   Of course DWTS to see the new group and if anyone is worth watching.  I really need a dvr set up but just can't justify the added expense as everything I have now makes the bill slightly smaller than the national debt.  I told hubby he better decide what movie channels he can live without in order to get one.

Well I guess I had better get going on the laundry and stuff.

Have a good day.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Just lazy lately

I've been slacking.  Yes.  Just laying around doing nothing important.  Not even updating my blog.  I'm a Bad Girl.  Tomorrow I must get my act together and get some things done around here.  I know, tomorrow never comes.  I guess I had better say Monday.  No point in starting today.  Packer Sunday and NOTHING ever gets done on Packer Sunday.

Danielle had a birthday party yesterday for Sherry's daughter.  Deanna is a twin, but though she didn't forget about Dana, the girls have been real close through the years and with Deanna going through the rough times, she needed a pick me up.  Naturally we wished the both a Happy Birthday.  Friends, family, food, campfire and fun.  It turned out real nice.

We did go over early to watch the Badger game.  It wasn't on you say.  Well Jared brought his laptop and turned on the live feed and streamed it through their tv (which they brought outside).  Really was a nice way to watch a game.  Now if it had just been a little warmer out everything would have been perfect.  The campfire helped later though.

Today we're hearing music from the park by us.  They are having the Annual AutoRama car show.  It brings in quite a crowd.  Wonderful autos, craft booths, part sale booths etc.  This year is a little different thought.  We usually wake to 50' & 60"s music and today it's 80"s.  Hope they have a good day, though there it may rain in the afternoon. 

Well off to finish the 'do nothing' weekend.  Hope your day is a good one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Busy morning.

It's been a little busy here so far.  After breakfast we took the camper to have the awning repaired so that will be gone a few day.  It's not as bad as we thought it would be, but still to the tune of $1000.  Thankfully the insurance is 0 deductable. 

When we came home the fellows (neighbors and bil)Jack got to help remove the old chunks of blacktop from the driveway were already at it.  I think I had told before that it was such an old blacktop driveway chunks were always breaking away.  If you didn't watch carefully where you walked you would catch an ankle and roll it painfully.  Yes, I speak from experience.   Well that's all dug up and some loads of new gravel will be delivered.  So that will be more busy work spreading that around.  As you can see it will be a big job.

That should just about take all afternoon. 

Tacos for supper tonight.  Have everything all cut up already.  Did that yesterday when I cut tomatoes, lettuce etc. for the blt's we had last night.  All I have to do today is do the hamburger. Think I'll do that now and put it in the crock pot.  Eat when you feel like day. 

Have a good one friends.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Feeling better

Well the sore throat is almost non-existent and the swollen gland is barely a pebble.  Looks like I'm getting back to normal.   Shut up Sherry.  So glad, as all that laying around makes you more tired and creates a cycle you have to force yourself to break. 

Now a DUH moment.  Never checked when I took my daily prescription how low it was.  This morning realized I only had 1 left.  Went yesterday to Shopko looking for cd Jack wants and had I been on the ball I wouldn't have to make the trip again today.  With the price of gas these mistakes are costly.  Did manage to save some money though.  Since I can't take any of the prescribed statins for cholesterol, and the Omega 3 fish oils keep repeating themselves all day so the doctor told me to try Krill MegaReds.  Well they work fine and were on a buy 1 get 1 free sale yesterday.  That saved $32.   You know when I started on them they were $25.  I guess they are catching on.  No, we didn't find the cd.  It's the jazz one buy the actor on House.  Guess it's not in the store here yet.

On another subject.  How in the world do you order a gift for a man when he is always right where and when you don't want him to be?   Then hoping it arrives when he's not around.  Sheesh!  I get these catalogs in the mail and have found some good, and some funny things I would like to get.  The catalogs?   The Lighter Side (funny stuff)www.LighterSide.com, Betty's Attic (classice stuff)www. bettysattic.com, and Catalog Favorites (combine some great and funny stuff) CatalogFavorites.com, if you want to check them out .

Well off to get the prescription filled. 

Have a good day!

Monday, September 12, 2011


Yeah, I haven't been here in couple days.  Seems a bug has decided to 'bug' me.  Sat. I was hit with a sore throat, ear aches and chills.  It just wasn't right to be sitting around with a blanket on when it was 80 outside.  Went to set in the sun and  a cloud decided it was cover it up time.  Just couldn't win.  Feeling better today, though the throat still is scratchy and I can feel the gland on one side is swollen quite a bit and a tiny one on the other side.   I have my lozenges, the ears feel much better and the chills are gone so I'm on the mend.

Wouldn't you know it.  Yesterday out fire dept. had a dedication ceremony for 9-11 with a 500 lb piece of one of the towers.  Tons of people, and Jack said it was very impressive. I didn't go of course.  Didn't want to spread whatever it was I had.  Back to the wouldn't you know it.  Jack forgot his camera.  He was in such a hurry to get there he walked out without it.  When he called to tell me he said he couldn't even get out to come back and get as the car was alread blocked in, and no one was up to take it to him. 
This is from a phone picture one of the people put on fb.

Friday, September 9, 2011


what a game.  Talk about a good old fashioned shoot out.  The finish was so tense with the no-time last try for the Saints.  Sorry for their fans but sooooo happy the Packers prevailed.  I thought it was strange and yet funny the Vince Lombardi's grandson coached for the Saint and Vince Jr was rooting for them.   Now if the Badgers can just do the same tomorrow all will be happy is WI sports land.

Well school has been on for a week now and it's so quiet during the day.  No kids biking up and down the streets, playing in little park etc.  No voices of laughter and yelling to each other.  The seasons move on.

Just like Toodie, there is chicken noodle soup cooking here.  Left over chicken from yesterday so soup it is.  Maybe some biscuits too.  Unlike Toodie, we bought noodles.  Yeah I know, lazy.  ;-).

Our local fire dept. is having a 9-11 ceremony Sunday.  They have managed to obtain a piece of the twin towers steel and a dedicating a memorial. 

That's about it for here today. 
Hope you all have a fun-filled, sun shiney weekend. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Football Time.....

and you would think it's the Super Bowl being played early the way the media is covering it.  It's beginning to resemble NASCAR with the first race being the most important.  Now don't get me wrong.  I love my Packers, but let's get real here.  There's a whole season ahead and thought this is an important game, they all are.  It's where you are at the end of the season that is important.

Note to Boston Boy.  In my last post I mentioned Bunco and Euchre and you wonder what they were.  Bunco is dice game and Euchre is a card game.  It seems like they (especially Euchre) is little know outside of WI.   I know a friend who moved to Idaho can't find anyone who knows how to play the game, though rules of both are easy to find online.

One more picture from the campout.
The horseshoe champions.

Having a big doings in the park just behind us this weekend.  Rides for the kids, horseshoes, softball, food, music, a toy sale from the local toy manufacturer Patch Press,  etc.  They give a nice discount sale at it each year letting you get a jump start on Christmas presents.  It's the townships annual Festival on the Rock.  It's a 3 day affair this year.  The festival has been a little lacking for a few years, but with the shake up in the township administration there is new enthusiasm and the volunteers who left are coming back to work it.  A little back story.  There was a problem with the police chief who has been sued on racism and harrasment charges and an administrator with an attitude of "I have the job, you can't fire me and I won't quit", with a few board members who felt we'll just hold out and hope it goes away.  Needless to say, those people are no longer in charge as the people had enough, put the pressure on and forced them out.  Things are already starting to improve.  There still is a downside as there is still the cost of all the lawsuits the township lost under these people that have to be paid, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Well dishes are yelling out there so I'd better get moving.

Have a great day.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Camping over :(

Back from the camping trip and though glad to be home I think I could have stayed there a whole month.  If anything to enjoy it without some rain.  Fri. night it stormed something fierce and we woke to a small lake under our picnic table.  Surveying the site we could see it had been even higher as there was a 2" line on the coolers.

By noon it had soaked in.  We had a few little sessions of rain on and off over the weekend but no more of this problem.  There was a drain in the next site but so much debris washed into it that it was plugged.

This campground has over 500 sites and every single one was full.  It's very kid friendly and dog friendly.  I think we saw just about every breed of dog there was.  Sorry Admiral, didn't see any kitties.  I guess cause they don't take well to being on a leash and would probably have some dogs in a frenzy. There are camper sites, tent sites, cabins and even a tepee or mini cabin (looks like an outhouse, lol) that can be rented for kids 12 and under.

There is volleyball, softball, horseshoes (Darla took 2nd in singles and her and her Dad did 2nd in doubles), a catch and release fishing lake, a swimming lake, an indoor pool, game room, restaurant, store, mini-golf, bark park, bmx bike park, canoe and kayak trips, hiking trails and just plain relaxing.

They have the Amish bake sale on Sat. mornings, fresh homemade donuts on Sun., Bunco, Euchre,  rummage sales, and they had a seminar on camper care and maintenace.

Tent site

Just one camper area

Swimming lake

Playground (right by office)

Indoor pool

Fishing lake

One of the cabins

Hope one of the weekends next year we can make it a family campout.  The site we had was just across the little road from the tent sites and all our kids have tents but Darla and Jim.  I know the grandkids would have a ball up there. 

Well that was my weekend.  Have visited a few of you this morning and am headed back to see what all I missed while away.  Oh, there was one downside, the free WiFi was not good.  You had to go to the office/dining area to get a connection.  Hope they improve on that.  Okay, I am off to visit again for real this time.  TATA!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Almost ready...

to go camping.  Have the camper stocked with all the food we bought.  Have the clothes all in.  Went through the check list and haven' t missed a thing.  Now it's just wait for Darla and Jim to bring their stuff.  I don't know if they're doing it today or when we hook up tomorrow.  Did have to have them get the tomatoes.  The ones in the store didn't look so nice and we won't be here for the farmers market.  Jim has today off so he will be out looking and picking up the things on his list.  They will be taking the dogs to the kennel early in the morning and then come down, hook up and we're on our way.  

Not too thrilled with the weather man.  He has rain in his forecast for tomorrow afternoon and evening.  Also a 30% possibility for Sat.  Good thing we're leaving in the morning and will at least by set up long before noon.   

Have a couple books and Women's World mags  I'll  take.  Always like reading material with me.  Almost always carry a book in my purse (yes, it's a big purse), and I have some puzzle books to take too.   Oh dear, I almost forgot.  Some cd's.  Need music you know.  better get right on that. 

You all have a wonderful labor day weekend. 

God Bless!