Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday.

Happy 13th Birthday to my beautiful granddaughter Nicole.
It only seems like yesterday I was watching this little baby while her mother worked. I can't believe how she's grown.  She's taller than grandma.  But then she's taller that her mom and aunt Darla too. That's just not right.  Danielle complains when they snuggle together to watch a movie she has to lean on Nicole instead of Nicole leaning on her.  Nicole complains because when Danielle's friend sends clothes to the house from her daughters they're too small for her and mom gets the good stuff.  Lol

What have I been doing the last few days that I didn't post.  A little of this, a little of that, nothing earth shattering.  You know, all the normal daily stuff that has to been done.  The boring stuff.  Have been reading another Castle book called Naked Heat.  Not bad at all.  I sure hope they're not going to keep this up.  I have loads of other books to read.

Lunch and supper is dual duty.  Bar-b-que's and homemade french fries with pineapple cupcakes for dessert. 

Have a good evening.

Monday, October 25, 2010

What a weekend

Quite the pair huh? 

My son Jack and grandson Austin.   Austin dislocated his shoulder playing football.  It was just a couple months ago Aaron had the concussion playing football.  I think we've had enough for awhile, don't you?

Last Wednesday I took my new camera with me to the sisters nite at the little bar.  Hadn't used it hardly at all so I thought I would see how it work in the dim lighting there.  Well I got a picture of a scarey site.  Kind of takes away from the sweet, smiling image she usually portrays, lol.
Needless tosay, we had loads of fun with it on the web last night.  She said, "who do I have to kill for this", lol.  Of course we know she doesn't mean it but it racked up 95 comments.  Now I know she won't kill, but I also know she believes in the statement "don't get mad, get even" because she said I will not know when she is going to sneak up on the perpetrator.  Guess I'll have to be careful to smile at all times.

Have a wonderful day.

"Happy people may not have the best, but make the best of what they have."

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wrap them in BubbleWrap.

Well my son is doing okay.  Hasn't had too much pain.  Nothing Tylenol can't handle.  The pictures on his cell are awful looking though.  Yuck.  They reattached the nerve, remove metal shavings and irrigated the wound. He has feeling and movement in the fingers, so that's good.  He doesn't plan to miss one day of work.  They have stuff he can do and he says he'll even clean toliets with one hand if he has too. 

Now to the next one.  I got a text from my Grandson Austin this morning saying he was on the way to the hospital to have his shoulder checked.  Well they just left here and he dislocated it playing football yesterday.  My dil said she was going to wrap Aaron in bubblewrap to keep him safe, lol.  I think all those guys should be wrapped in it.  Son said the other team was playing a bit nasty.  Took out 4 of his guys with flagrant face masks, leading with their heads etc.  You would think that with all the pros being hurt that way the coach wouldn't be allowing his kids to learn that way, wouldn't you.  Some fathers just don't seem to care.  Until it's their son that gets hurt of course.

Spending the day do laudry and watching the race and football.  Boy that Badger game yesterday was a real nail biter.  Of course, being in the casino in Iowa when it started had us a little outnumbered.  One of the dealers was giving my sister a hard time, kiddingly of course.  We may it home in time to see the 4th quarter and Jodi said she wishes she was sitting at that table now, lol.  We had 3 big winners on the bus, but alas, not me.  Only lost $20 though so I can't complain.  The trip only cost $10 and we got a nice bufftet lunch for that, so not a bad day for $30.  Had a good time and that's the important thing. 

Hope your all having a good day.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hoping for a Win.

Well here it is.  Today we are going on a gambling bus trip with the little bar up the street.  Wish me luck.  I need it as I usually lose what I take.  You'd think I would stop wouldn't you?  Since it only goes twice a year and I don't take much, I guess it's okay.

Yesterday I was sitting here getting ready to post when I got a call from my dil.  My son was hurt at work and in surgery at UW hospital.  He runs a machine and lining up a part, accidently hit the wrong pedal and it puncture through the palm of his hand.  His boss took him to the hospital, but his poor wife was home with her day care kids and couldn't be with him.  She called to see if we could go get him when he was released.  Of course we would but he called later and a co-worker was bringing him home.  He was feeling no pain at the moment of course but I'm sure he was as soon as the pain killers wore off.  The thing is I was not at the least bit shocked.  This is the kid, all the time growing up, if there was a chance to get hurt in any way, he was it.  Praying he keeps full use as it's his right hand of course.  So needless to say all posts were forgotten. 

Well better go get ready to leave. 

You all have a great day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gorgeous Day

Big Hill Park, Fall 2010

A beautiful Wednesday it is  Won't be too many of these days left.  This picture was taken this morning by my husband.  You all know by know this is across the river from where we live. 

What is up with these people having little girl cheerleaders doing cheers of questionable content.  I saw on the Today show this morning of another young lady of 11 being kicked off the squad for refusing to shake her butt at people.  This is the second child and the coaches see nothing wrong in these cheers for little girls.  The mother of the 6 yr. old complained and the 11 year old stood by her own convictions.  With all the perverts out there just looking for little girls to hurt, we condone this kind of thing and punish the child that has more sense and decency that the adults in charge.  It's bad enough we have pro-cheerleaders flaunting their bodies on the sidelines of football games but starting them out by teaching them to "shake your booty" as a child I guess is how you teach exhibihitionism.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against cheerleading, as both my daughters were cheerleaders, but done in a proper way.

Guess that was my Wednesday rant huh?   

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just a little change.

Did a little rework on here.  The design was sent to me when on spaces by Seth and I had been looking to put it up there but we know that's not going to happen now.  I said to self,  'self-why not here', self said 'good idea Terry'.  Presto, here it is.  Still not figuring everything out here, but plodding along. 

Don't you just love the set up for chatting on fb that Sherry set up?  I haven't been on much, but love going back and seeing the chats.  I guess we shut down here much earlier than everyone else does.  I can here the reference to 'age' from my sister, lol.  She always was a night owl.  Me, not so much.  It always made it tough working nights and and after retirement my whole schedule changed.  Jack was still working so it was early rising and I guess it became the norm. 

Have some mending to do today.  Put patches on Carson's girl scout vest, one on Jack's coat and fix the sleeves of a shirt that had the elastic so tight it cut off the cirulation in his arms.  It's not that the shirt is too small, in fact everywhere else it's a little loose. 

Well off to see what trouble I can get into.  No eye rolling out there.  I'm the good sister.  Stop laughing.  Especially you Sherry. 

Friday, October 15, 2010

Great News!

My brother-in-law Steve is now home and doing well. Of course he has to change some things in his lifestyle but I'm sure he can handle it. It will be a challenge, as he is the 'meat and potatoes' type of guy and cutting out the red meat will be tough. He told Rhonda she was going on a diet too, lol. She is more than willing as she too could use the loss of a few pounds. But then, can't a lot of us.

Brad is still having problems.  When they try to ease up on the coma inducing he become quite agitated and they have to contiue with it.  I want to thank you all for the prayers.

Yesterday was my grandson Aaron's 17th birthday. It seems like just yesterday he was a tiny thing in the hospital. Happy Birthday Aaron.

I was going to give him his card (money of course, he's a teenager) yesterday when we went to his brothers football game, but bad grandma that I am I sat here and forgot all about going.  Have a chance to redeem myself tomorrow as there is another game in the morning.  A quick trip to the Farmers Market (only 3 left) and off to the game.

Told the kids to send me ideas for Christmas as I have my Christmas Club money.  Shopping should be easy.  Gift cards or money was listed by all.  Though it makes it easier, and it's what they want, I miss the fun of watching them open the presents.  Still have the two little great-grandson's so I get to shop for them at least.

Well better get the dishes done.  For some reason they just don't do themselves and  the cleaning fairies must be on strike.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Good news for one. My bil, Steve, is doing real well. They have removed the oxygen and iv tubes. He may be able to come home in a couple days. Brad was slowly being eased up on the induced coma but had an episode and they have put things on hold. Thank you so much for your prayers. They really do help.

Have you been glued to the tv watching the rescue of those miners? Isn't wonderful to see each one as they hug their families? It brings tears to the eyes.

Boy, I must have done something wrong when setting this up. My dashboard when brought up looks nothing like the on on the youtube tutorial I watched. I can't seem to get some gadgets I want. I get this "contains illegal script" thing when I copy and paste it from the widgetbox site. Also, I could have sworn that when I I first looked at the list of more gadgets there were a whole lot more than 25. I'm totally confused. Now I find thata LW has an updated version and I haven't totally figured out the old on yet. Technically challenged am I. Another question. When I would go to spaces from my favorites list the page was a list of friends etc. that came up. Is there such a place on blogger that I missed when setting it up and how do I find it? I feel like such a putz. :-(

Have a good day everyone.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayers Please!

Well did enjoy the sun this weekend and there is a few more nice days ahead but there was a serious downside to the last couple days.

Prayers are needed for two of my brother-in laws. Jack's sisters husband fell down the basement stairs and fractured his skull pretty bad. He is in an induced coma. Initial reports are serious and of course the family is frantic. Then, this morning my brother-in-law Steve, (Rhonda's husband) suffered a heart attack and is UW hospital undergoing tests. That they sent him there conveys how serious this could be. Plus the prayers for Beth that all her test come out positive. Needless to say, this is no way to end one week and begin the next.

Hugs and prayers for good things for all of you.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Love that Sun.

It's just so nice out there. Spent all day yesterday outside. Jodi and her grandkids were out there, Sherry came over and Darla and Jim showed up. Plan to spend today the same way if possible. Only a couple more of these days left, so have to take advantage.

Today I was suppose to go to the Badgers Homecoming game, but here I am instead. Since it has only been a couple days since I've had shoes on, I didn't think the long walk from where we park to the stadium and back was a good idea so I let Jared go instead. Of course he had to text and let me know what fun he's having and the game hadn't started yet, lol. I don't know how it works in other college towns but it's a wild and crazy time at Madison. Band members march up and down the streets before the game playing 'On Wisconsin'. Vehicles driving around all decked out, and a massive sea of Red and White everywhere. Party gardens outside bars and restuarants, and of course, tailgate partying everywhere. And, that's just before the game. So the girls and I are here hanging together.

Okay, I'm headed out. Hope you all have a nice day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Love that sun

The weather has been just beautiful here for Oct. Hit 80 yesterday and could to so again today. The sun is shining to nicely. I plan on enjoying the last of the good outdoor weather that is suppose to stay through Sunday. Then, temps. back down in the 60's.

Progress with the feet from the fall. I can even put on shoes now and go out in public. No longer look like a raccoon and except for on arm all other bruises are gone. Have been missing Wet Wednesday with the sisters and will be glad to get back to it next week, though I will stick to soda for a few more weeks. Even though the concussion was slight, I don't plan to take any chances.

Spent most of yesterday cleaning out the corner I have here for the grandkids. Tossed quite a bit of stuff they have outgrown and were not complete pieces anyway. There is a whole big plastic container full of stuffed animals. Time they go through it when they're here and cut down along with the tub of Barbies.

Today I hoped to tackle my computer area and pare down some of the stuff I have here. Then the big job. Hubby's desk. He has this habit of paying a bill and instead of filing it right away just tossing it on the desk. Sooner or later the pile gets to where things are falling all over. And, the fact that the kids computer that usually sits there is gone. My son Jack's died and he took that one. So hubby can clean his space and put his laptop there and my dining room table can be CLEAR. Yeah. The kids won't be totally out, as Darla also had a spare and brought it down. Jared will set it up in their room so they can still play some games. Since it's not connected to the internet he can put it there and not have to worry about what they're doing.

My daughter Darla, her hubby and the neighbors where sitting out having a fire in a contained fire pit last night and someone called the fire dept. The neighbor had built the pit and put in the enclosed container in Darla's back yard as they had the biggest space and so they could both enjoy it. Well the fire dept. gave them the name of an inspector to make sure it was all okay and let them continue. Fire pits are to be 30 feet from any structure but an exception can be made if the inspector deems is safe. Well I've been there and I don't think they have anything to worry about. It's not made to be a large fire.

Well I guess I had better get at it. It won't do it on it's own and I want to get outside. My nose just doesn't twitch right I guess and the cleaning fairy must be on strike.

You all have a great day

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There goes the money.

Today the car goes in for new brakes. There is a nice shop up the road that will do it for a couple hundred dollars less than the dealership will. Nice to have a second vehicle to use while we wait. Hubby took it up just a few minutes ago and will walk back, it's that close.

Have a doctors appointment this morning. Consult for the 5 year colon check. Yuck. But, better safe than sorry.

Too many gadgets around here. When my son hooked up the Wii we lost the cd player for some reason. Yesterday we bought a combo cd/vcr player to downsize to one unit there, but alas, it didn't have enough spots to hooke everything up. Since the cd player is used more Jack just pulled the connection to the playstation. When the kids are here and want to play we'll just switch it over.

The sun is shining putting a bright glow on the area this morning. A little crisp at the moment but expected to hit around 70 and stay that way all week. I'm for even longer, like all month, lol. Not asking for much am I?

You all have a nice day.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday, Monday.

A good Monday morning to you all. It's freezing here. I mean it, 33 degrees. Been chilly all weekend and I don't like it. Not one bit. BUT, the weatherman says it will be in the 70's all week. I sure hope he's right.

Didn't do anything much this weekend, but then I'm not inclined to go out looking like a raccoon. The bruises have almost faded away completely on my face and I'm happy for that as I have to go out today and tomorrow. I did venture out yesterday for breakfast but was happy to get home and take the shoes off. Toes still a little tender.

Didn't get on this thing much over the weekend either. Popped in and out of fb and that was about it. Jack came home from bow hunting Sat. with no results. Didn't see anything close enough to take a shot. Spent the rest of the weekend watching some sad looking football. Our Badgers looked awful and took it on the chin. The Packers didn't look any better and just squeaked out the win. The only upside was the Bears loss, lol.

Want to go see that movie about the facebook inventor. I have heard that those who have seen it really liked it. We don't usually go to movies much. Usually wait for it to hit tv, but a night out is sounding like a plus. It's going to be a long winter if I'm getting cabin fever from just being confined for 2 weeks, lol.

Everyone have a good day, and remember,

"Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one." -- Bill Gates

Friday, October 1, 2010

What month ahead

The day started out so nice. The sun bursting over the treetops, taking the chill off. I went out into the yard and sat in the swing. The clouds started moving in across the sky and some look as if they could let loose and give the earth a bath. The sun is fighting for control which I hope it wins. My weather bug says 70, just perfect for the first day of October.

This is quite a busy month for birthdays for us. My son-in-law Jim, sister Jodi, brother Leroy, grandkids, Aaron, Nicole, Adam and husband Jack. Quite the group just before Christmas.

Been plugging along by myself here with Jack bowhunting. Been doing pretty darn good. If you read my blogs on spaces you know I took a fall the 18th. Though I'm bruised in quite a few places my toes took the brunt of it for some reason and I will be glad when I can put on shoes again (getting cabing fever). Bruises are healing nicely, concussion has been no problem at all so I thank God for watching out for me.