Monday, April 29, 2013

Loose dogs, GRRRR!

For the life of me (and it could be) I don't understand people that won't confine their pets.  I don't know if I mentioned a week ago a pit bull down the street came charging at Jack and Oreo as they went for a walk.  Saturday when I took Oreo another one from a different place came charging at us. We don't have a collar on Oreo, it's one of the vests he wears and it's a good thing.  We both had to yank the lease and get him into our arms will hoping the pit doesn't try to attack.  They certainly sere growling like that was next when the owners got them.  Why you would have a pit bull in a two room duplex with 3 kids, or a 4 room house with kids is beyond me.  The thing is knowing these people it makes me wonder what their up to.  Then the one place the owners boyfriend just spent time in jail and had 4 pit bulls taken and euthanized as he trained them to attack.  She still has her own which is the one Jack had to deal with. 
Now it's not just pit bulls.  There was one little wire haired dog no bigger than Oreo that came after us and some kids of big white dog that is always loose and checked us out.  Each owner said their dog won't bite.  Yeah sure.  Any dog will bite if it feels the least bit threatened and seeing another dog can make them feel this way.  Then we have a lady with 3 retrievers that walks them unleased with the leash in her hand.  Granted they are trained to walk with her, but have wandered into the yard just to sniff poor Oreo.  I have told them all they must leash them.  We'll see.  One more troubled walk and I will have to turn them in.  I do not like to do that to people, but if they care not for others safety or keeping their pets safe, than that is the way it will be.
On another subject I would like to ask for prayers for an old friend.  She would hang out at our house when we were teens.  She is undergoing surgery for throat cancer.  Thankk you.
The weather has been so beautiful I have spent the last few days outside almost all day.  Oreo loves it. I now have a red face lol.  Not too bad, but just a nice color.  Now the clouds and more rain later tonight and for a couple days, on and off. 
Dancing With the Stars tonight.  Sure hope Andy goes this time and we can get on with the more decent competition.  I do think it will come down to Zendaya and Kelly.  I would be happy with either.
Well enough rattling on.  Work to get done around here and a puppy to spoil.
Have a great day!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Watery eyes!

Sorry I haven't been on here for a few days.  Have been dealing with a migraine and watery eyes.  The headache went away with a good nights sleep but the eyes remain.  It gets a little hard to see and this is the first day it hasn't been as bad.  Must be a spring allergy.  Is tough.  Couldn't be on here, or fb for a few minutes at a time, read sew etc.  Just watch tv and as I've told you before, that is not my favorite thing to do.  The news is too depressing and the shows aren't much better.
Enough with the downer Debbie attitude.  Look for the positive Terry.  The family is all well.  Hubby is happily turkey hunting.  Oreo and I are having a good bonding time.  Looking forward to the annual Mother's Day cookout.  It was suggested, that with all the food everyone has been pinning due to Pinterest, we suspend usual staples and make something from there.  Really not too sure about that.  Some of the picky eaters may starve and what's a cookout without the favorite dishes?  lol  I think we may have to settle for a combination of both. 
Well, starting to water-up a little.  Think I will go try some Claritin and if that helps I know it's Spring, :-).  Going to warm up here and I'm glad of that.  Not only do I want to be outside (without the water works) Oreo just can't understand why we have a nice day get to play out and then it turn cold and Mom won't stay out.  I do have to report a couple of dognappers, lol.  We went out for a bit to eat the other day and I got a text (;-) from Oreo telling me he had been rescued from his crate by the people next door.  His Danielle came and took him outside to play.   Now everytime we go out for his business he stands there and looks at her door waiting for her, Nicole or Mike to come out. 
Okay, I'm really headed for the Claritin.  Have a good day.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A Scare here.

We had our own little fright in town yesterday.  A envelope with something on it cause burning eyes and stuff at the local community health centre.  A man dropped off a letter with a white powder so all the people were in lockdown for most of the day while all was checked.  Those effected treated and decontaminated or safety.  Fortunately the powder was nothing.  It claims to all be something innocent and no arrest were made, but with the scare of the ricin mailings to the President and a Senator it pays to be vigilant now days.  What a sad thing this world has come to.
Adding to our worries here is the weather.  The rain we've been having has put us under another flood watch/warning.  Our yard was a lake but it has soaked in.  The river is high and they say it should peak right about now.  Today the rain has stopped and it should be dry tomorrow but Sunday calls for rain again, and on and off for the first few days of the coming week.  To top that off the northern part of the state in being inundated with snow, that as it melts will probably send more water downward.  My cousin in Gordon has 20 inches of snow and I think more to come.  Enough already!
Then to top off these couple days the awful trouble in Boston.  I feel so bad for everyone who was hurt and killed.  It just make a person feel sick inside.  I pray for everyone and hope it's over soon.  There is just too much violence in this world and I feel there is really no sane reason for it. 
I pray you are all well and safe. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

God Bless Boston.

I'll never understand the idiocy behind such things as happened at the Boston Marathon, 911, Oklahoma,  etc. It doesn't accomplish anything but only hurts innocents and make us more determined that ever to get the perpetrators. It does prove how sick and vicious some people are.   It doesn't show what big bad tough guys they are, just shows their cowardice.  This will not stop our country, but will only strengthen our resolve to show how strong we Americans are.  How our fortitude to move on and not let these sick, disgusting people to stop us from going on with our lives.   Whether it's bombs, a nut with a gun or whatever, we will carry on stronger than ever.

 Prayers for all those who were hurt and killed and their familes.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Hooray!  We went on the gambling bus trip to Diamond Jim's in Iowa and I came home with $50 dollars more than I went with.  Now that being said, hubby didn't fair so well.  He lost most of what he took.  Now you think because he withdrew the money for us to go I should split what's left of mine with him.  Funny man.  Back in the bank it goes so I guess you could say I shared.  Of course we won't be able to touch it as it's going into the Christmas Club account.  Not easily accessable.  As Bugs Bunny would say, "ain't I a stinker". 
I must say the bus ride wasn't as nice as usual.  There were some rude and/or inconsiderate people on the bus.  When we got there and the lady gets on to hand out cards they wouldn't shut up so you could hear when your name was called.  Had to be told twice.  Then there were a few who wanted to get up and get right off the bus as soon as they got theirs.  Didn't want to wait for their lunch ticket or others to get theirs.  They had to be told to sit down and wait until she handed everything out and told them the rules.  You know, like if you get intoxicated you will be removed etc.  Then on the way home they asked for the microphone and were telling dirty and viciouse (dead baby) jokes.  Needless to say they were chastized for that as well.  Dead babies are nothing to joke about.  Yes, there were a younger set, but the good thing was it was a younger set young lady who put them in their place.
I would have like a shorter trip.  The bus left at 10 and we didn't leave the casino until 5.  That's just too long and we were really tired when we got back.  Usually we stop into the bar and have one drink when we get off the bus, but my poor granddaughter was dog sitting so Oreo wouldn't have to spend the day in the crate.  I doubt we'll go again unless they shorten the trip.  It's just too much for this old lady.
Now Oreo isn't feeling too well.  Either that or those girls (Nicole had a couple friends wsith her) just wore him out.  He wouldn't even eat a treat this morning and has been rather quiet, listless so far. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Raining and flood watches.

Yes, that is what we're under here. Already have a small lake in the side yard.  Then they're calling for that nasty "S" word Thur. & Fri.  Where the heck did Spring go.  It could have stuck around a little longer.  Hopefully this upcoming mess goes as fast as it came.
With the frustration of the internet hookup solved I now have to sort through all the stuff I piled on the table, thinking they would have to add another cable wall connection.  Glad it wasn't needed, but it did force me to finally get at this mess.  Found loads of stuff the d-i-l can use in her daycare.  I have reams of paper from when I worked at school and they tossed.  Packets of computer stuff I had for making things such as magnets, stickers etc. for the grandkids who have outgrown such, and specialty papers.  She is very excited to get it.  Now to find a place for the books I had there and most importantly the photo albums. 
Finally got in to see the eye doctor and made the arrangements for removing the cataracts.  Won't be until May.  Can't believe all you must go through before hand.  Ekg, which I can skip because I just had one in Jan., physical that I had already on the calendar for June now moved up to April.  Of course the eye measurements.  Haven't been to the doctor this often in years and years.  I sure will be glad when it's done though.
Well I had better get back to work.  This stuff won't find a place for itself.  You all have a good day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Frustration over (Ihope)

I know I have been gone a few days, but this time it wasn't my faault.  No laziness.  It was computer problems and Charter.  My tower went on the fritz and and had to have it fixed.  No problem there except for the wait.  She had to clear it and reinstall so have bee without it since las Thursday.  Well got it back yesterday and when I tried to put the internet back on it, I couldn't find the passcode.  So I called Charter to get it.  She came back on and tried to tell me we didn't have internet.  Well I exploded as I've been paying for it, and the iPad, Jack's laptop etc. were all working right up till she checked.  Finally she said they would send a technication.  Today he was here, checked the account and found it and set us back up.  He made sure my iPad and everything was working fine.  The trouble is, I was told I had to get my own set up and went and spent money buying it.  He chacked it and of course, it was not usable.  Now I have to make another trip to return it.  Sometimes all this technology is for the birds.   

Monday, April 1, 2013

It's Monday.....

....and that means another DWTS show.  I only watch the Monday one as NCIS is on Tuesdays and I don't have a DVR set up to tape it.  I always have to get the results on the net.  I sure hope D.J. Hugley (sp) is the one to go.  I just can't see how he can improve enough.
Well April 1 has gone without any pranks on me.  I had one teacher friend say she had enough of "your shoe is untied".  Lol.
Yesterday was so nice and now it's cold again.  It's suppose to get better, but I'm beginning to be a little skeptical.  It seems to be up one day and down the next.  It was so nice my son-in-law came a took Oreo over to their back yard to play in the fenced in safety.  He was wild.  Chasing them all over trying to get their slippers. One wearing Yoda slippers.  Bet you can guess which one.  Yup. Danielle.  He attacks her slippers all the time.  Her quote, "the force is strong with this one".  Now he wants outside ever 15 minutes.  Needless to say he really slept well last night.
I sure hope you all had a nice Easter.