Friday, July 27, 2012

Update and coming events

Now that one party is behind us the next one lines up.  I told you the graduation party was a success and promised a picture or two.  Here they are.
Here is Bri with the mini-cupcakes she made for the party.

This cake had a wonderful strawberry filling.  Isn't it great that his school colors are the same as the Packers.  Unfortunately his college has Bears colors. LOL

He makes us all so proud.

Let the game begin.

There were so many more that it just was hard to pick what to put up.

Now the getting ready for the family reunion next Sat.  We had a big surprise for us 4 girls.  My brother and his wife have decided to come and visit.  They will be here Thur. and will go to the reunion with us.  Though it's a reunion on my mothers side we welcome all.  That's how we roll.  There will be cookouts here at the house on Fri. and Sun.   They will head back Tue. Has been years since we seen them and we are all excited.  

I must say, while this has been a pretty active summer with all the parties we had to attend, the day trips and camping,  I think I will welcome a rest.  Let's say for about 6 months.  LOL!  The only part I won't look forward too is winter.  The older I get the less I like it. 

 Mary's from Ireland were awesome.  We spent last Thur. looking at them.  What a beautiful country.  She brought us all a key chain with the family name on it.  I sure wish my mother could have made it there. 

Well that's it for today.  You all enjoy yours.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Wow! I didn't realize I had been goofing off this long.  Really have to get my act together around here.

I know I just couldn't seem to put the words together to say what I feel of the tragedy in Aurora.  I just don't understand what goes through the minds of some people.  Have been praying for their families and so proud and awed by those who helped those poor people.  A situation like that does show the best in people too, but what an awful way to highlight it.

Our day trip last week was succesful for the fellows.  Jim and Jack both purchased things they thought they needed, teehee.  It was a long trip over as due to road construction there was detours that took us longer.  We stopped for lunch at a nice homey place and the food was awesome.  Hot beef sandwiches and definitely not the shaved beef many use, but real roast beef sliced, stacked, and served with real mashed potatoes and covered in homemade gravey.  Followed with the tastiest glass of lemonade I've ever had.  The trip home was shorter as we went a different way but it was still a long day.

Had Aarons graduation party and the park that it was in was by the river and had a breeze so that helped with the heat.  It was great fun and there was lots for the kids to do.  Horsehoes, softball, volleyball, bags, and washers for those who wished to play.  A sandy playground for the little ones and tons of good food.    The visiting with family and friends and congratulations to the Aaron was the best part of course. Have some pictures will try to put up soon.

Needless to say been resting yesterday and took another road trip with Darla and Jim this morning.  We got up and went all the way to Wisconsin Dells and had breakfast at Paul Bunyan's.  It was lined up way out the door but it move really fast.  We had a great meal and was home by noon.  The strange thing was we left town this morning and didn't even know that the west side of the city was hit pretty hard by a storm that went through. We had a limb down in our yard and a leaves blown around the street, but didn't realize it was any worse that that.  The pictures we saw on fb when we came home were  wild.  Damage to houses, cars, trees torn out of the ground all over.  Wonderfully there have been no reports of anyone injured in any way.  There are suppose to be more storms tonight and I pray they are not as strong.  

Well I've rattled on long enough.  You all have a good evening.     

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

CeeCee the Killer Kitty

My story for today.

My nephew Trent has had a cat decide they are the family for it.  It looks to be quite a scrapper.  You can see the marks on it's head and the ears are kind of laid down.  Looks to have been in a fight or many.    The cat brings them "treats" all the time.  Maybe she thinks they don't get enough to eat.  LOL  Well as we were sitting out at the picnic table this weekend my granddaughter Nicole looked up and said, "OMG!  CeeCee has a squirrel."  We looked, and sure enough, here she comes, strutting acrosse the yard with a squirrel hanging from her mouth.  Everyone was trying to get a picture with their phones but stopping and posing wasn't in the cards.  Danielle finally got one as she dropped it between her yard and mine.

She decided it was still to far to take to Trent's so she just left it there.  Then suddenly she went shooting across the rode after something under Jodi's deck.  Whatever she found either got away or she wasn't interested in taking it anywhere.  She has even got a rabbit once. 

Well th th that"s all folks. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

She's gone.

Sherry left us to go to New York for a few days with her grandson to see his dad.  I know she is having a good time and will be home Thursday.  Hmmmm!  Never asked. Wonder if she will be home for Granny's night.  She just loves to travel and I know she would do more if possible.  Having to watch Deanna's kids does put a cramp in that, but she loves them and wouldn't want them with anyone else.  In another year Brody will be in school all day and that should give her more time to go when she feels like it. 

Traveling has never been big on my mind.  It's nice to take a trip at times and fun to see things, but I'm mostly a homebody.  Little trips like camping are more my style.  If I would go it would be to nature type sites.  Big buildings in busy cities just don't do it for me.  I like the little quaint type cities.  Have always wanted to see and old plantation like those described in books but have never had that chance. Besides, I'm not much for flying.  I've done it when there was no other way, but was 'white knuckled' the whole time. 

Well guess I had get busy around here.  Twitching my nose doesn't seem to be accomplishing anything.  Wouldn't you just love to be able to do that.   Thought---wouldn't it be great to put a spell on politicians that makes them tell the truth at all times?  What a concept!

Have a good day.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rain, Rain, come today.

You know how they say "you washed your car and then it rained".  Well it doesn't work.  We did that Tuesday and nothing.  Now we're trying a new tactic.  Leaving the cushions on the lawn swing.  Whenever they've even hinted at rain we've put them inside.  Of course nothing happened.  Well we are leaving them out and will just have to suffer for every how long it takes them to dry if it works.  We're deperate.  We'll try whatever.

Every have one of those days where you just don't feel like doing a darn thing.  Well I did yesterday, and that is just what I did.  Felt pretty good.  Wouldn't want to do it all the time.  Just think how boring it would be on a daily basis.  Not to mention the condition of the house.  But, every once in awhile a person just has to chill.

Have to start going through photos again.  The family reunion  is just 3 weeks away and I want to bag up whatever I have for the individual families that will be there.  We have had different estimates about how many will be there.  Some think 100, other 200 or more.  Sure will be interesting to see.  We have a photographer coming to get a group picture like the one we had years ago. Like this one.

Sure hope they have a good camera for panoramic shots.
Everyone will have their own cameras too and where hoping to get shots of each individual family group.  Looks like it just take all day to get the pictures, lol.

We have a jumping house rented for the kids and Sherry is getting some games set up.  Think we'll have time to play them?

Have a good day. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hot, warm, then hot again.

Been a good few days in the let up of the heat, though they say the temps will rise again. I know 80's isn't usually termed warm, but after high 90's and 100's it feels great.  I feel so for the animals in this weather.  It just scorches their food supply.  My sister Rhonda put in a garden this year and have been watering faithfully.  It is doing quite well until......the deer discovered it.  It seems the bean plants have succumbed as their dinner.  Sherry has seen them in their back lot looking for something.  I think they are out around here  because we're so close to the water and they at least can drink. 

Have all the camping laundry done and put back in place.  It's like a complete separate household in there, with sheets, towels, kitchen supplies.  We usually just have to double check to make sure all supplies are okay and add our clothes and food.  Then we're good to go.  

I had a real good experience with a store this week.  We have a tv in the camper that is of the old kind.  Big, bulky, and heavy.  Jack just hates putting it down and back up.  Well we went to Shopko to have a prescription filled and I decided to get a new one that is smaller, lighter and up to date.   Picked out the one we wanted, took the slip to the cashier who called to have one brought up, paid and waited.  Pretty soon her phone rang and the fellow "Bruce" said the only one they had back there was a return as something was wrong with it.  Since they weren't getting anymore did I want the display one.  Sure.  He said it would take a few minutes to box it all up.  Soon the phone rang again and Bruce said that one was also not working right.  The audio was messed up and to refund my credit card.  Now they could have just as easily gave me either one and left me to find out myself.   Consequently we haven't replaced the old yet.  Still looking for just the right size we have in mind.

A little side story to the tv.  While I paid and waited, Jack went and got the car to pull up to the door and wait for me.  As I said I waited first for the one tv, then the other.  I tried to call him to pull out of the way until we came out, BUT, as usual he didn't turn his phone on.  Finally he comes in to see what the holdup was and received this "I have been trying to call you".  He checks, grins and turns it on.  I guess this is my Wednesday rant as I get so frustrated about this.  Whenever I have to call him I get his voicemail to leave a message.  Especially as it's the secondary number for his Mother's Lifeline.  He forgets to turn it on probably 85% of the time.  It just makes me go GRRRRRRRRRRR! 

Enjoy what's left of the day. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


Did you miss me?  LOL   Been spending time reading, getting the camper ready and then going to Pardeville and camping with the granddaughters and son Jared.  Yes, the heat was crazy.  Though normally I can take the heat pretty well, but temps of 100+ is even too much for me.  Still we had a good time.  The girls went swimming 3 times a day as the swimming lake they have there and once in the indoor pool.  Played minature golf, and watched movies (in the airconditioned camper of course).  Nicole's time was cut a day short as relatives of her father had come up unexpectantly, so her parents came a picked her up.  Since they hadn't been back for 4 or 5 years they wanted to see her.  Jared and Carson went paddleboating and Alyssa too a nap.  I doubt she will want to go again.  If she doesn't have a tv (movies by dvd don't count) and her computer, everything is '"boring".   

Keeping ice in the coolers was a trick in itself.  Everyone was running back and forth  to the store three and four times a day.  Had you seen us you would have question the sanity of we adults.  There we were, sitting out in the heat people watching, and the girls in the a/c watching a movie.  Lol.  Heat must have baked our brains.  Of course the last day and morning things cooled down.  Thought about checking to see if we could leave the camper there and come back later in the week.  All in all, it was a good trip.