Friday, August 30, 2013

Nice little trip.

Back from out little trip.  It's always sad to go to a funeral but it was a nice service and the family seems to be doing okay.  We stayed over night at our friend Jerry's place.  Our son Jared followed us up to attend the service then had to go back right away as he had to work the next morning.  While he was there he took us to see where he and his lady stay when they go up.  A nice lovely trailer, (though it does need a new roof) just down the road from Castle Rock Lake.  Such a beautiful lake it is.  We stayed over night at our friends trailer that the guys all use for hunting.  That too was a nice place.  Had a campfire and sat reminiscing about the times a group of us all went camping together.  What fun to recall all the fun stuff and the antics of the kids.  How one time we circle the campers like the old west and we had between all of us 42 kids.  You would not believe there was never a fight among them.  Guess there was enough that if you didn't want, or like the games they were playing you just joined another bunch.  How I miss those times.  Alas, life goes on, the kids grow up and move on their own lives.  But what wonderful memories.
We were only gone 24 hours but I think we were being punished when we got home.  Oreo did not come to either one of us.  Deedee brought him in from his haircut and he went right to Darla.  I think we're back in his good graces now though.
Have a good rest of the day.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sorry I haven't been around.  Been fighting a summer cold.  It had me only spending two hours at brother-in-laws surprise birthday party Sat.  It seems to ease up then slap me right back.  Along with being the only one to keep Oreo happy it's really draining.  So far so good for the last 4 days.  Got some good sleep also.  Hope everyone has been okay out there. Haven't felt much like doing more than checking in here, fb, and spotty at that. 
Taking a short trip north to where the guys go hunting.  Only an overnight thing.  One of their hunting buddies up there wife has passed away and the funeral is later today.  I really didn't want to go but between Jack, his buddy Jerry and his wife the pressure was severely put on.  LOL!  It's my first time away from Oreo and I know I'll be like a mother with a new baby wondering about him all while I'm gone.  He has a good babysitter in Nicole so that eases the mind some, and with Danielle next door and Jodi across the street he'll be just fine.  But you know us pet mom's.  I'm the one constant in his life.  Jack has gone away for days and days, but I've never left him. 
We'll be going to the visitation etc. then staying at Jerry's trailer up there.  Probably out to eat and then head back tomorrow.  Hopefully early, lol.  Since I have a little time this morning I better go make a note for Nicole on any quirks for the dog.  She's headed for the zoo this morning so can't tell her. 
Well you all have a good day and I'll let you know how I fare without the puppy, lol. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

All's Well...

Knock on wood.  Wonder where that saying came from.  Let's hope it stays that way.  Dryer is working great.  Hubby is off the hook, lol.  Then he quickly escaped north with his friend.  Now rest there as they are doing a countertop I thinkhe said.  I always wonder why men are so quick to help other when home projects are piling up.  It took 7 years to get the kitchen finished and we're on 5 with the bathroom.  Only progress there is a new stool.  It's a really good thing I'm patient and no nag, or life could be real rough around here.
Oreo and I went to the park yesterday for a walk and I told we would go again today.  Alas, it's rainy out there.  Though it has stopped for the moment, it looks like it could start at any time so that's out.  Doesn't look promising for the future as heat and humidity are on the way.  Poor puppy.  Guess he'll just have to be content to play in the house with Mom.
Sister is back to work and comes home and soaks her foot right away.  She is a bit frustrated with the people who she has to train to run the machines she now runs.  They are here from Calif. where the jobs are going and they don't seem to have a good learning work ethic.  They want a break every 2 hours.  They are having trouble grasping what to do, can't move to the next level until they do and are only suppose to be here two weeks.  First one almost over.  Meantime production is off which won't make the customers happy.  Sometimes it's not good to move things.  Especially when a couple of execs told them this was the most efficient plant they had.  There is just no understanding of some of the corporate minds out there. 
Here it is 8 o'clock and I'm ready for a nap.  Silly dog go us up at 4 to go out and couldn't get back to sleep.   Nap will have to wait as there's too much to do.  Just hope he sleeps in longer tomorrow.  Of course he's napping.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Just stuff.

Besides the daily grind kind.  You know how that it.  Went to lunch with sisters Sherry and Jodi and hubby Wed.  a place called Wiggy's.  Trying out different places Jodi has never been too, and new places that are opening up.  So far the first 2 are on the 'yes' list. 
Wouldn't you know it.  Mary's wedding was Saturday and we had a castrophe at our house that I was afraid would keep us from going.  The pump for water burnt out and we were dry as can be.  I must tell you, I was very upset.  Not because it went out (that two not knowing the expense) but because it had been making a horrifice noise for two weeks and all I heard was "going to have to take a look at that".  Well I got up in the middle of the night and couldn't flush the toliet as there was no water.  Needless to say I went back to bed very angry and told him so.  It was very quiet here that morning before the stores opened.  It took him all morning to replace it and get the water flowing again, and for less than $400.  He is planning on going up north day after tomorrow and had it went out while he was gone I would have been livid. Now to add to my frustration, the dryer start clanging this morning.  All I can say is he had better see if he can fix it or buy a new one before he goes.  You think maybe I'm a teeny bit angry, frustrated, upset, etc.   I love him dearly be he does have a tendency to wait.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Btain freeze.

I have tried to sit down here and write for a few days and every time the mind goes blank.  I'll be shopping, walking the dog, driving and all sorts of ideas pop in.  Just as soon as I get the time to put my hands on the keys, it's all gone.  It really is the pits.
Old batteries can cost you money.  I had thought my mouse to the pc died.  Put in batteries I had here and it worked for 2 minutes and gone again.  Silly me thought the mouse was dead and went and bought a new one.  It worked for 5 minutes.  Went back to the store and bought two packages of batteries as each mouse took a different size.  Abra-ca-cad-bra.  Both work just fine.  On the upside, I have a spare mouse.
I guess I have to cut this short.  A little black and white furball is telling me he has to go out. 
Have a good night.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

National Night Out

It's National Night Out and the park behind us filling up fast.  Our township is having a central location for it, though I think you can still have a block party type if wanted.  A helicopter just landed their for people to check out.  There's a fire truck and what else I don't know.  I'm not going over as Jack is at horseshoes and I don't want to go alone.  Jodi says she'll send some neighbors over if they  promise not to send them back.  She's so funny.
I mentioned before about the lamps we have.  Would you believe these are 50 years old.
I just can't seem to find anything I like better to replace them.
Now for something even older.  Sorry for the window glare but I can't take it down without help as it has  too many hooks holding it in place. 

Now the history.  My mother bought this for my grandmother as a Mother's Day present if I remember right.  When grandma passed Mom wanted it back but my aunt wanted it too.  Grandpa said he was keeping it.  Being the oldes granddaughter and Mom's daughter he gave it to me for a wedding present.  Since grandma died when I was 11 and I don't remember how long she had it before then, it has to be over 60 years old. 
Well I think it's reading time.  You all have a nice night.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Rain, rain, and more rain.

That's what is suppose to be in store for us the next 3 or 4 days.  It is really needed to I guess having to stay inside won't be to hard to take.  The dog may not like it, but it is what it is. 
We realized  Jodi, Danielle's and Jack and I all had some steaks in the freezer.  Yeah, steak fry, so yesterday we grabbed whatever else we could find and threw together a cookout.  Jack did make a trip for sweet corn, and added items were onion rings, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, cottage cheese and antalope for dessert.  Sometimes spontaneous turns out really nice.
 You know over the years all the things you go through as far as furniture etc.?  Styles change along with tastes.  As I was admiring my new sofa and chair yesterday I realized the lamps on the entables are as old as our marriage.  We bought them with our first living room set when first married.  50 years and they still light up our lives. They along with our dressers are all that is left from that time.  Glad to know we're not the only 'old farts' in the house, tee hee.
What to do today?  Something constructive or read.  Decisions, decisions.  I suppose a little of both would be a good thing.  It's not like we can't always find something is it.  Hope you all have a great day.  Hugs to you.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Look what I bought.

Went out for lunch Wed. and stopped at a furniture store to look around on the way home.  Have been needing a new sofa and wanted to see what they have.  Well yup.  I did it.  Took the plunge and here is what I got.
The matching chair was out of stock at that store but will be here Tuesday.
Now for Jack.

I do worry he'll spend too much time there ;-).
Oreo is not too sure about this change yet.  He was so funny when they delivered it.  He sat in his crate (door open) and just watched the whole thing.  Very quiet and calm.  As soon as all was in and the guys were talking to Jack I think he decided the strangers in his domain were there long enough.  He came out of crate and barked at them (to leave?).  Such a silly little dog. 
Have birthday party later this evening.  Grea-grandson Logan is 6 already. Man, the time really flies.
Went the annual street dance last night for a few hours.  The music was great but I wasn't quite sure of the name of the band.  "Reverand Raven and the Chain Smoking Alter Boys".   Some thought that wasn't appropriate and other funny.  I guess I'm of the  'to each his own' group.  Considering they've been doing it for 12 years that I know of, it seemed a little disorganized to me.  Food vendors weren't ready with the hot stuff when they opened.  Ticket takers had to walk the crowd to get the money.  I'm wondering if it was because they had a sidewalk sale right up to half hour before this started.
You all have a great weekend.