Monday, August 18, 2014

Time flies!

It seems like it was just yesterday we brought this little fellow home.
It was yesterday that he was 2 years old. 
He has grown so much.

I must say, he has become the light of our lives.  He is so loving and funny, it's hard to imagine when he wasn't a part of the family.  He has definitely learned how to control us, for the most part.  Much smarter than I thought he was at first.  He just had to mature a little to learn things faster. 
Things seem to have quieted down a little bit around here.  I think the police finally getting some ID's on the trouble makers and posting their pictures have helped some.  Now if they can just catch them.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Yes! It's me!

My Gosh!  I can't belive I have been away so long.  It's not like I don't have the time, being retired and all.  I could try to blame Oreo as when the weather is good I have to sit outside with him.  He won't stay out there alone, and after reading an article about dog stealing and then calling you for ransom, I don't mind.  Bad weather keeps us in of course, so there is no excuse there. 
Things have been kind of wild in this area .  The city to the south has had 7 killings since the first of year.  It seem a few people have decided they don't like each others.  If they want to do each other in I guess that's their weird idea of settling things, but when you start shooting in a public park with kids playing, it's going to far.  Of course every clams up and didn't see or hear a thing.  So you have people calling for shots just about every day, and it's usually fireworks they're not suppose to be using either.  Finally I think someone decided to talk and they have warrants out for some people.  The area confuses people though as the city and the township we live have the same basic name.  One being the city of and the other the town of.   Danielle got a new job and one of the guys was giving here the business about where she lived.  She kept telling him she didn't live in the city, but out in a separate community.  Though that's still too close, he's finally convinced.  I just hope and prayer they get the fools and this mania can stop.
Have to say she loves her job so far.  They have even sent her to CA. for training.
Been having to send out so many prayers lately for some dear people.  I know all the prayers will help. 
Well you would think this would be real long after all this time, but I have to go pickup the hubby.
Will try to do better.  Hugs to you all.