Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hope I don't offend.

I hope I don't upset anyone with this post but just have to make my observation on the subject.  What subject?  The Gay lifestyle everyone seems so worried about.  Trying to do all they can to shove these people back into the closet. Don't get me wrong.  I don't understand such preferences, but I don't condem them either. 
I don't understand how their life should affect the lives or families or marriages of us who live another way.  I don't believe in telling others how to live their lives, whether their gay, straight, christian, athiest, Jewish, Muslim,  black, red, white, or whatever.  It's their life, not mine. 
You can't always tell if someone is gay.  You surely can't always tell by their looks or professions.  Yes there are those that give off that vibe, Liberace was one.  Then there are the Rock Hudsonstypes that shock everyone when found out. I have a neighbor who  (a sister of a friend) when I was growing up had no idea she was like that, relatives I learned about later.  Teachers that surprised me during my life.  I've know a few others that completely surprised me, and those that didn't.  Did I removed them from circle of friends and aquaintenances. No.  
Business who turn people away make me wonder how do they know?  It certainly costs them money which most can't afford to lose in this economy. 
I guess what I'm saying they are all kinds of people on this earth.  Put here by God.  I believe it was to teach us all to learn to live, love, learn, be tolerant, not to judge (that's HIS job) as His lessons for us.  Just as those who are handicapped in some way, or suffering in other ways.  It's to test our patience and faith.
As I said, God put them all here, and God doesn't make mistakes.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My how they grow.

Yesterday we had another birthday party for our great-grandson.  He's a whole 4. I love watching the little ones.  They are so excited at these things they just don't know what to do first.  As we watched him and Ella last week it brings back memories of the others at that age.   Before the party we were visited by our granddaughter Nicole, (who it seems like yesterday she was only 1) in here dress for the winter dance at school.  She has grown into such a lovely young lady.

So pretty.  I love the dress.  She wanted something kind of vintage looking.

The date. 

With the Mom!
Yesterday she was only this big.  Well it does seem that way.

Off to do something.  What I'm don't know.  Have a good day.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hodge Podge

Here I am, back in the groove.  At least for today.  Can't seem to string two days together lately.  You would think with the weather keeping a person in I have it under control.  Guess disorganized is becoming my middle name.
Great-granddaughters 1st birthday party was a success.  Spoiled to the hilt with toys and clothes.  Of course the 1st birthday cake was as messy as it was suppose to be, lol.  Nice and chocolaty made by her grandpa Jim.
Getting right down to it.

The other cake for the guests, lol.
Unfortunately the end wasn't quite as nice.  There were two parties at the Moose that night.  Hers downstairs and an adult party upstairs.  Well as our party ended and we were leaving a lady from the other party decided to go home herself.  Unfortunately she was in no condition to leave and hit three cars trying to get out.  She narrowly missed hitting one of our great grandsons and was furious that my son and others blocked her car so she couldn't leave.  Threw a fit getting into the squad car, yelling and banging her head against the windows.  One of the cars was my daughters.  Fortunately no serious damage to them, but can you imagine had she been allowed to leave the danger she could have inflicted.  Danielle got told by some jerk she was being disrespectful to that old lady by calling the cops on her.  Well I told him.  He went back up on the steps and was quiet.
On another subject.  I sure wish they would make pet toys a little more durable.  Bought Oreo a new toy and it's ripped already.  I had a whole group of "wounded warriors" to repair.  So far they've lasted one day.  Fingers crossed for more.
Well enough ranting, and it's not even Wednesday.  Shame on me ;-).
With the storms across the nation, you all keep warm and keep safe.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Happy News!

So Happy to report that baby has been found, alive and well.  He was quite a sturdy and fortunate little lad.  Found in a duffle bag outside a gas station in Iowa.  The half sister of the mother had left the house (she was visiting) that morning headed for Colorado I think they said.  She was spotted and stopped in Iowa.  There were baby clothes in the car but no baby.  The FBI man said they searched the route from here to where they stopped her and the Sheriff there found him left a the gas station.  He is at the hospital being checked out this minute and arrangements are being made to reunite him with his parents.  Thank for the prayer for this adorable little boy.
UPDATE: NEW PHOTO of Kayden Powell after he was found alive in West Branch, Iowa. READ MORE on the case here: http://bit.ly/1iC9vNS 
This is the picture after they found him.  

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sad news in town.

We have a shockingly sad situation going on in our area today.  A 5 day old infant has been taken from the home early this morning while the mother slept nearby. Needless to say there are numerous law enforcement combing the area.  The FBI is also on the scene.  They haven put out an amber alert as the police say it doesn't meet the criteria, whatever that means. There was no break in .Please say a prayer for the safety of the child.
Of course the online talk has all sorts of speculations and of course some accusations without knowing anything.  Like how could the mother not hear.  All the usual stuff.  People forget about exhaustion after having a baby.  It's really sad the way some people react.  Fortunately, they are in the minority, at least online.  Hopefully all turns out well. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Yes, the car is okay, lol...

.....so is the head.  It's the hardest spot on my body to hurt :-).  Didn't even get a headache.  I will be glad when winter is over and pretty sure everyone will be.  I know Oreo will be.  He sits up on the back of the sofa and stared out the window for hours.  Cabin fever gets to the dogs too.
Had a few busy days here.  Had a test to take and family and friends to check on for health problems.  Looks as if most everyone will be okay.  Keeping the prayers going and fingers crossed for all and Carol. 
Sons birthday was Saturday, and as they were busy took them out for breakfast Sunday.  Then it was the slow time of waiting until the Super Bowl.  Why I now wonder. Without the Discover or History channel there's not much on tv to chose from while waiting.  What a sad game. 
Not much going on here right now.  Have a couple more birthdays coming up in the week ahead and that about does it. 
My granddaughter Allie is now in San Francisco continuing her chef training.  She got into a program with Applebees and spent a year in Kentucky learning and now in a advanced course.  She sends us all updates on line and pictures of course.  Yesterday there were some from Chinatown.  I'm glad she's enjoying it as well as learning. 
Well as you can tell it's been pretty dull around here.  Keeping warm is main goal.  Hope you do too.