Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out with the Old and In with the New...

...Year that is of course.  With the exception of all the shenanigans going on politically, both local and nationally, I think it hasn't been a bad year.  Though sil is still looking for a job as are so very many in this land and they lost their home that is the downside.  They moved next door and we're loving that. The son whose hand was punctured in the cnc machine has complete and full recovery of it.  Danielle got her Bachelors Degree.  Aaron got his exceptance to Plateville that he wanted.  We all seem to be healthy.  The grandkids are all doing wonderful in school.  Sisters families and hubby's families all seem to be doing well too.   There is always blessings along with troubles.  They are what you count.  Let the troubles make you stronger and fade away and take the blessings and forge ahead.

Our prayer and hope for the coming year is that Jim finally conquers the Leukemia and he and Mary get to come home.  They have been there 7 months and I know they so miss their home and family.  She has such a positive attitude and faith, as does Jim, that I just know God will see fit to give them their dream.

Hoping and praying your New Year is a wonderful one.  Full of love and blessings for you and yours.

May you feel the joy of another New Year
Bonding your family and friends together
In a circle of love, peace and happiness

Friday, December 30, 2011


Doctor visit was a really good one.  Now you know I see 2.  My general one every six months, and the one they sent me to because of the stoke of my optic nerve.  Well I told you of my 10 lb. loss from the time I saw the one 6 mos. ago.  I had forgot I had been down 5 then.  Well yesterday the screen had the weight from the second dr. and are you ready.  Totally I'm down 15 lbs. for the whole year.  I'm so happy and yes, I plan to keep on working for more.  I have been pleasantly surprised by both drs. as they both told me to enjoy the holidays and not worry about the weight too much.  I would so like to be down another 15 next year.

So guess what I got for my birthday ?  Two boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries.  LOL   Yes, good news from the drs. and help with the 'enjoy the holidays' advice.  Fortunately I'll get help with those.   Jack and Carson will surely help. 

No snow here yet but have had icy roads the last two mornings.  Snow predicted but not too much here at the bottom of the state.  Maybe an inch they say.  That's enough for me.  Hopefully it gets better as the day goes on.  I would like to take the things left here from Christmas to those who left it. Just don't want to travel icy roads. 

Day before yesterday hubby took the sub for an oil change.  Well that was the most expensive oil change in history I think.  They found the water pump leaking and all totally it was $585.  Hubby said this may be a sign we may have to trade it in.  When all warranties are gone and it starts to need things it gets tough.  It's just that it has been so nice without a car payment for over a year you hate to do it.  Oh well, that's the joys of owning things I guess.
Well you all have a nice day.  Keep safe and God Bless!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Not Fair!

No one should have to have doctor's appointment on their birthday.  It's just not right.  I'll definitely remember to be sure never to okay that again.  At least it's the last one for this year.  Hope I didn't gain to much over Christmas.  Having that 10 lb. loss when at the Dr. last week was so nice I tried to be good to make sure it stayed that way for this one.  This is the Dr. who wanted that much gone, so keep your fingers crossed.

What's the plans you have for New Years Eve?  My kids plan on staying home this year (at least as far as I know now).  We're going to the Moose of course, for the dinner they have every year.  Don't plan on staying long after.  They are having entertainment so will see.  Still are going to be home early before all the crazies start leaving the bars. 

With each New Year comes hope.
This year make every day count
by taking one step each day
on a  journey of kindness
Love and compassion
towards your fellow man.
Look back at the close of day
and know you made a difference.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A wonderful weekend!

The weather has been wonderful.  Danielle came bouncing in the door in a tank top and pj pants exclaiming how she loved a green Christmas.  I think her exact words were "This is the best Christmas ever."  I'm thinking she's not fond of snow and ice.  LOL  Well neither am I, but it just didn't seem right all that 40+ degree weather and no snow.  But hey, I can live with it.  :-)

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with the family.  More food that we could all eat, a few drinks ;-).  Really!  Well maybe a couple people had an extra one or two, but really, no one really went overboard.  Everyone was happy with their gifts and the euchre game was a success.  We never got over to Sherry's I'm sad to say.  We didn't really get to the gifts before 5 and with all the fun and visiting suddenly the time was gone.  

I got a nice cover for my kindle and gift card for it along with a gift card for Kohl's (love that store) and one for the Crackle Barrel. That made Nicole's face light up. She just loves that place so I'm thinking that look was a prayer that Grandma will take her when she goes.  Grandma probably will.  I can't look at the card without seeing that look, lol.

Cousin Mary and Jim had wonderful visits with their kids at Zion as Jim can't come home yet.  He has been in and out of the hospital, but on a good note, he was allowed to be with Mary this weekend.  That is a good sign. 

To top it all off, the Packers won again. 

I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and your all resting up.

May the coming New Year 
Bring you good luck, good health
And happiness knocking at your door. 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

My the spirit of Christmas
Fill you with joy
As you remember the manger
and a new little boy
Who was born just to save us
... And to show us God's love
That surrounds and protects us
Shines down from above.

A very very Merry Christmas to you all from our family to you. God Bless You All!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Dance!

Doctors' visit was a good one.  Results of all blood test were really good, check-up good and the best of all-----10 lbs lighter.  She said keep up the good work but don't let it get in the way of enjoying the holidays. 

We put up the curtains and trashed the old ones.  Then we went through our old VHS tapes and took most of them and put them in a big plastic container out of the way.  This made room for the dvd's in their place.  Found some we had forgotten all about.  The 50th Wedding Anniversary of my Mom and Dad, plays Danielle was in, and one that says Aaron so we're going to check them out.  There is also some with no labels to check and see what they are. 

Now to get the place in shape for the big day Sat.  Have the Italian beef all ready and meatballs and sauce all set to heat up.  Just have to make the pies and since I like them fresh for the day will do those first thing Sat. morning.  Kids will all be bringing dishes to pass so it will, as usual, be more food that we can possibly eat. LOL

Wishing you love and happiness
At this holy time of year.
A time for caring and sharing
With ones you hold dear.

Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Mood Returned.

Well I did do the cookies today.  Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate Chunk and Sugar Cookies.  Now I have to frost the Sugar ones.  The kids want to help so I'll keep them tightly contained till Fri.

Have a Doctors appointment tomorrow.  Regular checkup and keeping fingers crossed all continues as well as it has been.  You know how it is as you get older.  Don't feel any different and no aches and pains, so hopefully all stays the same.  Have one more next Thursday with the one who put me on the Plavix.  He never seems to find anything and just says come back in a year.  Hope that continues too. 

I can't believe what I did today.  I went to the store and bought new curtains and rods.  These old ones have been here forever and getting pretty worn.  Well I picked out what I wanted and when I got home realized they were not the same color.  In the store light they looked so similar so had to run back and exchange a couple.  I really think it's awful that they charge by the panel now instead of pairing them.  Anything to take more of your money. 

Been kind of drizzly here today but not bad out.  37 when I went to the store and noticed the gas actually dropped to $2.99.  Been quite some time since it went below $3.  Wonder how long that will last.

You all have a good night. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday trouble

Was getting things ready to make some cookies.  When getting the pans the shelf in the cupboard feel apart.  Those little pegs they use to hold up the shelves are not the best things.  This is the fourth time they have given out.  Well Jack has had enough.  He brought in two sticks and drilled them right into where the pegs go.  Solid now.  Hope that's the end.  Trouble is.  I'm no longer in the mood.  May have to force myself, but it's not looking good.  I have my shopping done, cards sent, tree up and still don't feel the Christmac spirit.  Don't know why.  Maybe it's because there is no snow but I really don't want that either. 

May your holiday be filled
With good friends and family.
May the sound of laughter echo
Into the New Year. 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wonderful Day!

Danielle receiving her Bachelors degree Cum Laude!

What a great day yesterday.  We went to the granduations ceremonies at Concordia College to seek our wonderful daughter in one of her great achievements.  If your on fb, there are more pictures and Darla is now putting up the videos she took.  It was a long but wonderful day.  We stopped for supper and the Quaker Quick and Lube and that too was marvelous.  Mike's parents rode with us and they really enjoyed the day.   Her friends threw a surprise get-together for her at the little bar up the street.  Music, dancing, family and friends helping her celebrate.  She was having a great time when we left. 

Todays plans are watching the Packer game, of course, and then to Darla and Jims for a little Christmas get together with their kids.  It is getting so hard for all the kids to visit with all the relatives on Christmas and Christmas Eve.  You know as each adds a spouse there are other relatives to consider. 

Well must go find something for breakfast.  Late start today. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm so disgusted...

...with people.  Your filming a concert or something and they have absolutely no decency to stay out of the way.  They walk right in front, some even stand there, and can't even say excuse me.  The program last night was wonderful.  It was divided into three groups, 6th grade, 7&8th grades, and Chamber Choir.  Needless to say, Nicole being in the 8th grade, it was the only one where people had no respect for people taking pictures or filming.  I actually had to say "hey" to get one to move and the man behind me told someone "people are trying to get pictures here", before more came trotting down.  Some were even little thier little kids run up and down the steps.  It seems like everytime I try to get a film of one of the kids people have done this.  It's ruined almost every performance I've filmed.

Well now that I've go that off my chest I have to say the concert was wonderful. 
The kids did a great job.  There were some regular Christmas songs, novelty songs, etc. You can see the really like and respect their teacher through their performance.  I know he's a good one as I worked with him when at school.  The kids all loved him and were sad when he moved up to the middle/high school level.  The previous teacher up there was not very good and the kids were dropping choir faster than a hot potato.  The choir is growing again now that he's there.

Will try to get some parts up but not thrilled with having to go through YouTube.  I don't do YouTube.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Best laid plans.

You know how they go.  Well ours went.  Didn't get the chance to go shopping yesterday, so planned for today.  Nope, not a chance.  Danielle's car isn't done yet so ours is off to school with her.  It's a good thing our plans aren't carved in stone, and being retired, we don't have go anywhere on a schedule most of the time.

Went to Carson's concert last night and that was interesting.  The music was great, when they could finally get it going.  Was surprised that the band, orchestra and choir was all done at the same time.  Where I use to work the band concert was on a separate night of the choirs.  Anyway, as they switched from one to the other there was too much confusion as who was to go where.  Then the kids kept talking and it took the teachers at little time to get them quiet.  Then the cd player music backup wouldn't work properly and  they had to stop and start a few times. The didn't use the band or orchestra as it would have drowned out the choir considering how close together everything was.   Finally they gave up and went on without it.  Took Nicole with us and she was shocked at the way things went.   They must come in quietly and in an orderly fashion.  She said her director would have a fit, lol.  Funny how different schools do things.  We'll see tonight.   Hopefully I can get a good video, but not sure if I can put it up.  Sometimes they don't want you too.  You always have parents that get upset at such things, so will see if there is any request not to.

Well since we won't be going shopping today either, may we can make some cookies. 
You all have a good day. 

On Christmas Day,
May you find the child within you.
Make it a magican time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday doings.

What to do today?  What ever running I have to do had better be done today as it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow even though the temp is going to be mid 40's.  So we're going to finish that last present buying and I have a prescription that has to be filled.  I have to have them fax the doc as I only have one left and don't see him until the 29th. 

Carson's concert is tonight and I have the video camera all charged up and ready to go.  Taking Nicole with us then will ask if Carson wants to go to Nicole's tomorrow night.  I think the kids get a charge out of seeing how other schools do things.  The only thing is it's easier to take Nicole than Carson.  She just lives next door and can hop right in the car.  We have to go into town to get Carson and take her back, but hey, it's only gas and a little time. 

Enjoy your day.

Lead heavenly star
Towards a new tomorrow
Filled with love, peace and joy.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Progress

Have all the groceries needed for now and through the holidays (I hope).  Now to just finish the last of the present shopping and I'm all set.

My daughter-in-law, her twin sister and her mother, along with the help of their kids spent the weekend making 20 different cookies.  This is their 9th year of doing this I believe.  They put up the pictures on fb and oh do all those cookies look good.  Gained 5lbs just viewing them. 

Went and had the (vampires as Jack calls them) take my blood for my 2 doctors visits I have this month.  Hopefully it will be the only ones for another year.  Still will have the eye doc visit to do, but that is usually in Feb.  Think I will need new glasses this time.  With the exception of reading book and staring at this screen, I see better without them.  I noticed gas station signs, road signs etc are all clearer if I take them off.  So is televison.  I mean when you have to take them off to read the questions on Jeopardy it's time for a change.

You all have a good rest of the day.

May every path we tread this Christmas time lead us to peace.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love this!

A Wisconsin Merry Christmas to you all!

I don't know who came up with this but I thought it was cute.  I hope they make Christmas Cards like that.  I'm sure they would be a big seller up here. May have to make it my heading picture.  Watching the game at this time and they are starting out with a bang.  Hope it keeps up.

I heard there was a lovely lady who is having a birthday today.  Happy Birthday Admiral!

I saw those shiney floors of Carole's and had to shade my eyes.  I wonder if she makes house calls. Hmmmm!

Nothing else going on here, but then there usually isn't on Packer Sunday.  So I'll let you all get back to whatever it is your doing. 

Have a good afternoon.

Friday, December 9, 2011


So love seeing everyone's pictures of their decorations and those in the stores.  I just love decorations anyway.  One of the best things about Chistmas is all the lovely colors, lights and ornaments.  I would love to buy so many but, of course, that's not practical.  I didn't notice after having all (I thought) I am missing my little snowmen.  Three little guys I used to sit in front of my computer.  I don't remember even seeing the box when getting out all the other decorations.  Now that is going to bother me until the tree is taken down and put away so I can see if they're still there.

I did come across some I never use and one that has never been opened.  Donated them to the Moose for raffles to benefit the kids parties.    We were there when they went and I had to laugh.  One fellow said this was his wife's present for the year.  Now it was cute, but I think he had better rethink that, lol.  Seems like we cut back on decorating every year.  I suppose everyone does sooner or later.  You accumulate so much until it gets to be overwhelming to put it all out.  Like I've said before, Jack even wants to downsize the tree, and a number of friends and relatives have done just that this year.  I suppose I'll give in sooner or later.  Trying for the later, ;-).

Have a good day.
Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Gettin' there!

Making progress on the Christmas shopping.  Only 3 left to get. Wrapped all those I've got.  Hope to be done be the weekend.  Then I can concentrate on the groceries for both everyday and for the family get-together. 

Time to get the video camera charged up for the annual school concerts.  At least I think there will be more than one.  I know of the one for Nicole but not sure of Carson's school.  Never had one there when Alyssa went, but then she wouldn't have been in choir as she didn't care for it.  Guess I better hit their web site and see if there is one.  Nicole's is Wednesday so had better get crackin'.

Pretty quiet around here.  Not much going on.  Didn't make any points with granddaughter when we put up the tree.  She wanted to help.  But hey,  had to take advantage of when Jack was in the mood to get it down.

Going to start reading "The Help" as soon as I get all this holiday planning under control.  I hear it's a good one and want to devote as much time as possible to it. 

Have a good day.
Merry Christmas to you.

"If everything is under control, you are going to slow." ---Mario Andretti

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


He did it.  Yup, he went and brought in the tree and decorations.  I didn't nag at all, but it was hard. 

My Angels are standing watch over us.
I also have 5 on the tree along with the Angel on top too.

Now my list from the previous post is complete.  Guess it's time to make a new list.

No snow here yet and I hope it holds off until I finish my shopping.  Want to get it done this week.  5 left and the ones I have are wrapped.  Now that the tree is up I can put them under there. 

That's about it for here.  Hope your having a good day.

"The most important things happen when you stop looking for them." ---Phil Donahue

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday plans

First of all.  Yeah Badgers.  Now get to work and plug up those mistakes and tighten up the defense.  Oregon is tough they don't take anybody lightly.  And.......

Now on to today.  Breakfast at the Moose as it's the 1st Sunday of the Month. 

Hopefully I can finally talk Scrooge into getting the tree and decorations down.

Pizza for lunch or supper, who knows.

Watching, rooting and praying for a Packer win.

Finishing "The Valcourt Heiress" by Catherine Coulter.  It's taking me forever as life gets in the way.

I think that's enough for today.  Tomorrow I must get my act in gear and get organized for the yearly family gathering.  Plan my grocery list and get all the good stuff.  We usually have a "potluck" type of affair on Christmas Eve.  Years ago we would all gather at one house (Mom & Dad's) until that got too small and then at Sherry's.  Eventually that too got quite crowded.  As with life, changes were made and we all got together with our respective families as they grew also.  This year Sherry would like another group thing, which would be fun.  She suggested about 5 or 6, but I doubt we can do it that soon. Just won't be able to get there that early.   Most of the kids come in the afternoon and the rest wander in periodically.  By 5 or 6 almost all are here and the presents can be attacked.  Finally as the grandkids say.  Then some have to trot off to other family gatherings and the rest of us sit and talk and play games. Usually have a family Euchre challenge, lol.   Jim has to work until 3 so he and Darla won't even get here much before 4:30.  Adam sometimes doesn't get here before 7 and not sure about Steph.  She may have to work too.  Will be checking on that.    Jake and Nicole and the boys have a number of places they stop at and I can't remember when they get here.  Since they have the smallest kids, we wait to open presents until they come.  We will get there sometime, just not sure when.

So far so good.  Have my annual checkup in 2 1/2 weeks and have been working on the weight loss thing like a good girl for a change.  So far have lost just what I was told to.  Now for a few lbs. more and really make the doc happy.  Now if I can just slap my hands away from all the holiday goodies and I can keep it up even after. 

"Let him who would move the world first move himself."   ---  Socrates

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yeah, it's Friday!

Well that picture will have to do.  Still can't find the one I want so took Beth's advice and did the google thing. 

Paring down list of  Christmas presents I still have to get.  It's the adults and older grandchildren that are giving me the hardest time.  You say, money or gift cards?  More than likely. Now if I can get "Scrooge" to bring in the tree I'll be more in the spirit.  I'm thinking some granddaughters persuasion may just be in order.
Have to use all weapons at my disposal.  hee hee

Daughters car went to pot.  Nice timing right.  She needs a new engine.  A new car would be nice, but lack of funds and only one working kind of puts the damper on that.  So the engine is the least expensive.  Her wonderful sister has put the money she needs into an account for her.  Jack is trying to get his blazer running decently incase she needs it in the mean time.  It has hiccups quite often.  He's thinking fuel pump and that is in the gas tank on it.  Fun huh?   Seems like everything always needs to be done at the same time. 

Yearly doctors appts. this month so will be going to what Jack calls "the bloodsuchers" for labs next week and then wait and see what the doctors say about them.  Hopefully all will continue to be okay. 

Best get going and see what else I can accomplish today.  Hope your day is a good one.

"Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you're not really losing it.  You're just passing it on to somebody else."   Mitch Albom

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A start

Finally changed the background.  Now to find the picture I want for the blog and I'll be all set. 

You know those annoying calls we get, even when on the 'Do Not Call" lists.  Well I check the caller ID for the numbers.  Got quite a surprise the other day.  The ID actually said "Phone Scam".  I have never seen that before.  I mentioned it to my son and he said somebody at his work was telling them the same thing.  He wasn't sure he believed it then.  Now he does.  Even if it doesn't come up that way I never answer a number I don't know.  My only problem is, sometimes it says "no data" and I worry about it being Jack's mom.  I guess I shouldn't because she always leaves a message if there's no answer.

Picked up a few more presents yesterday.  One was for an Angel Tree at the Moose.  I'm sure you have them in your area.  Trees with little angels on them for a boy or girl and the age.  Then the Salvation Army takes and distributes them.  Still have to get one for a little girl, but thought I would take one of the granddaughters with me to pick something out.  They would be a better judge than me.  The angel I have is for a 10 yr. old.  Carson should be able to help me with that. 

No snow here yet.  Getting it north of here.  It can stay away for awhile as far as I'm concerned.  But then Mother Nature never has paid attention to what I want, lol.

Well, off to see if I can find the right picture.  

"Only one man in a thousand is a leader of men. The other 999 follow women."  Groucho Marx