Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alls quiet now.

The holiday weekend is over and it's now quiet here.  Danielle's friends have return home and all is back to normal.  They were a very nice group of girls.  I think I told they met online in a site called "Fan Fiction" I think it is.  They were ones that read and enjoyed the Stephanie Plum series and would make up their own versions of the stories for fun.  Well three of the group of & (I think) were here from Thursday to Monday.  It was a rather quiet time.  We asked if there were anything or place they would like to see, but they just wanted to relax and enjoy the time.  I must say they still kept up with their fan site as you will see in the picture below.

No tech withdrawal here, lol.

Spent the entire time in the yard talking, sitting around the fire.  Couldn't get them to hardly move for anything.  Sunday Danielle took them to Milwaukee and they all stayed overnight in a hotel and the girls got their planes back home on Monday.   They were surprised by the way our family is so close and and how quickly and yard get-together happens here.  We naturally had a cookout and during the fun they decided to take a silly picture.  There is a child set in Rhonda's yard and those silly girls climbed in and it was dubbed "The downside of jails in Walker's WI".  LOL   See below;

Yes, there are 4 adults (I think they're adults, lol) in there.

Silly girls.

Hope you all had a good weekend. 

Continuing sending prayers for our friend Toodie and her husband Hugh. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Well Look....

Here I am, 2 days in a row.  Things have calmed down a bit now.  Have everything back in the house and the camper ready for Danielle's friends coming tonight.  Taking a break and then hitting the dusting and vaccuuming in here.  It will be spot cleaning with all the traffic that will probably be here, as the granddaughters will be here too. 

Did the grocery shopping early, so that's done.  Washed the car and filled the tank.  Danielle is using it to pick up the girls from the airport in Milwaukee.  There is no way they would fit in her little putt-putt with their luggage and all.

Have another set of awards nights tonight.  The academic kind.  Carson gets hers for her straight A's all year.  Alyssa got hers last week but will get the ROTC awards tonight.  Her mom had that mixed up on which was first.  It's another of those 'one here, the other there' nights.  Shortly school will be out and the round of graduation parties will commence.  Wheeeeew!.  I'm tired already.

Well better get with it.  Not getting anything done here.  Though this IS much more fun.

Have a great day and weekend, if I don't get back here by then.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Done!

The dining room is finished. 

As you can see I don't have these in order, but you get the idea of the work done.  Helped as much as I could, but the majority of the work he had to do.  He was one tired puppy after as I'm sure you can imagine.
Now a couple weeks off and the big job will begin.  The bathroom.  Going to be a few stinky people while it gets done, lol. 

Done just in time.  Danielle has some friends coming for a visit and they will all stay in the camper.  Since we put a lot of items in there that were in the dining room, (stereo, cd's, sewing machine and supplies) all this has to come back into the dining room.  Sure wish I had a bigger house but this one is all paid for and we deal with what we have. 

Hugs and Prayers sent for our friend Toodie and her husband Hugh.  The two of them have such strenth and will come through this with flying colors.

Had a little trouble getting in here today.  At first it wouldn't accept my password, then it told me I didn't exist, lol.   Then suddenly things worked just fine.  What's up with that?  Guess it doesn't pay to not get on almost everyday.  Hopefully it never happens again.

Well better get started hauling everything back in.  It sure won't do it by itself.  Oh, if I could only twitch my nose and it would all be done.  I know Jack would appreciate it.  Lol.

Have a good day. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1 down

Yeah, popping back in.  One room down.  Living room all painted and mostly put back in shape.  Have a few pictures to rehang, but want new frames for some.  The carpeting in there will wait until the last thing, as tramping in and out redoing the dining room, bathroom and foyer would just not be good.  When (and if) all is said and done will try to get some good pics.  Wonder what the (and if) means?  Things have a way of being put on hold around here, so I don't get hyped up until a project is done.

Time for the Spring concerts before schools are out.  Have Nicole's tonight along with an awards night for Alyssa.  Since it's not possible to be in 2 places at the same time, Jack is going to Alyssa's and will get some good pictures of her in her ROTC uniform.  I will go to Nicole's and try to get some good ones there.  Can be difficult you know, when people walk in front of you.   Had Carson's last Tue. and she had another last night.  She is in the regular choir and in the Honors Choir.  In the regular she sang a solo and did not let grandma know about it.  I didn't have my video camera.  Grr.  Just my little point and shoot Nikon. 

Well DWTS is almost over.  This was a great season.  It was a shame that Maria and Derek had to go home.  This year all 4 final teams deserve that Mirror Ball trophy.  I still hope Donald Driver gets it, but won't be too upset no matter who it goes too.  They are all just wonderful.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day cookout, as is our tradition.  It was such fun having little ones around again.  Jodi's, Rhonda's grandbabies and Brody ran, and ran, and ran. They were non-stop all day.  The twins were just angels and of course all our older grandkids were having a great time too.  Sherry's dil received a new Kindle Fire from her family.  She was so shocked.  It was so funny though.  After she got to see it and check a few things, the kids all took over and she hardly saw it again all afternoon.  I receive a couple of Kindle gift cards and will be able to download a lot more books besides the free ones.

Well better get off and go help Jack.  He's putting in a new closet door on the black hole (downstairs closet) as we call it.  Not that I'm that much help, but every little bit you know.  Have a good day.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


There is a squirrel trapped in the eaves troughs of my sister Jodi's house.  We have no idea how he got in there and he seems to have no idea how to get out.  We can hear him running back and forth the length of it.  There was another one trying to get at him but couldn't find the way in.  He was running all over the roof looking and it was kind of funny to watch.   Then yesterday we saw her grandson's cat up there trying to get to it too.  Well of course we had to take pictures.

How did you get in there?

                                                    Come out, come out.
                                                  I want to help you, tee hee.

Okay, be that way!  Later.

He couldn't quite reach to the corner so he gave up.  The squirrel is in the underhang of the eave where the air vents are.  He really must be a tough one as he should be dead by now.  It's been a week.  Could be he has a way in and out we can't seem to find.  Hope not.  Would want a family of them in there. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

I know, I know!

I said I was going to try and post regularly.  Well Jack finally got to where he was ready for us to start tackling the painting that needs to be done around here.  I think posting may be spotty until we are all finished as we are doing 3 rooms right now.  We plan to do the whole house, as it has been forever since it was done.  We also ordered the new floor for the dining room so that will be taken up some time when the order comes in.  Then the new floor for the entryway and new carpet for the living room, and the bathroom remodel as I've mentioned before.  That should just about take us through this summer.  

On a sad note, a young girl at my granddaughters school did the unthinkable and took her own life.  Of course rumors abound but why still seems unknown.  She was close to Nicole and she is pretty down.  The young lady gave her a hug the day before and told Nicole she loved her and not to every forget it.  Of course she wondered if she should have caught on with that.  We assured her she could not have know.   We have all been sure to be there for her. We have always  let her know there is nothing she can't talk about to any of us and how much we love her.  I so feel for the family.  That's the second young person  in a year.  How do we make these children see there are other ways of dealing with problems than this permanent solution.

Sorry to have made your day a downer.   Be sure you tell your loved ones daily how much you love them.  I am here to tell you how much I love and appreciate all of you.  Hugs and Love.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

He's Back!

                                                                            Happy May Day!

The big turkey hunter is home.  No turkey.  The weather was very uncooperative, raining most of the time they were there.  They still had a good time and said they ate too much.  Not being able to hunt much does that. 

It's nice to have him home, though of course the first thing he did was turn on the tv.  LOL.  Well it was quiet here until 12.  I myself was planning on waiting until DWTS come on before I turned it on.  Boy is it good this year.  The contestants are really capable and it's hard to see anyone go.  Maria and Derek got a perfect 30, though that really doesn't surprise me.  Whoever is Derek's partner usually gets at least 1 in a show.  Donald is still my favorite and I may be a little bit (Packer Fan) prejudice, but I think they scored him a little low. 

People around here have been fighting a bug that has been going around.  Danielle came home from work Wed. and was in bed for 2 days.  Jodi's son and family has a bought and Rhonda wasn't feeling all that good.  Me, I stayed in my own house and avoided them all.  No bug here.  Hopefully it's all gone now, as the weather is to warm up.  Supposed to be rainy for the rest of the week though.  Even into the first few days of next.  ENOUGH I SAY!  I want to go outside and sit in my swing.

Now I'm off to see what you all have been up too,