Monday, February 25, 2013

The best laid plans.

You know how that goes.  You plan and something messes it up.  This morning I got up with a few plans while Jack was off at horseshoes.  I seem to be able to do much more when he's not here.  That's the only downside I have with us both being retired.  Especially in winter where he can't play in his garage.  I wanted to go the store for a couple things and then start on a sewing project for the new grandbaby.  Well I got the store thing done, pulled back in the yard and he's home already.  The power company is putting in new poles so the power was off where he does horseshoes.  Of course he's got the table piled with stuff he hasn't 'decided' what to do with yet, (I was just going to pile it all on his chair, lol) so cutting is out of the question. Then, of course he has the tv on and I get caught up in what he's watching.   Hopefully I'll have better luck when he goes for the evening shoes shoot.

I think we have all had about enough of this weather.  I know I have. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Fun Day ahead.

Today is going to be such fun.  Cindy (Up North Cindy), Sherry, Cousins Mary and Ursula and myself will be getting together for lunch.  We do this once a year and have such a laughing fun time.  Hopefully the storm they say is coming will be on schedule and not start until early evening.  We had to postpone last week because of the weather so really looking forward to today.

I have been slowly cleaning out the junk piled around and in this computer room.  What junk we keep or just move out of the way and don't take care of it right away.  Really causes a big mess.  You would think I'm a hoarder, lol. 

Oreo is 6 mos. old now and we will soon be making the appointment to have him spayed.  He won't care for that, I'm sure, but don't believe in overpopulating the animal world even by accident.  Not to mention how many end up in shelters looking for homes.  Plus, there is the half price off the dog license for fixed dogs.

Well I had better get something constructive done around her before time to leave.  You all have a good day and stay safe. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What a surprise!

The Pope resigning.  Being Catholic I had never heard of such a thing.  Didn't even know it was possible.  Guess I really didn't dig back far enough.  I do believe it's a good thing.  He hasn't looked good for a couple years now.  I can't say I've always agreed with him.  I believe the world changes and we all have to change with it, no matter your religion.  I don't mean radical changes, just a little more tolerance of each other.  After all, we all were put here by God, and who are we to question the differences he made in us all.

What is it with people who feel the answer to losing a job is violence.  Yes, many times is can be an unjust loss, but killing people isn't going to help anyones situation.  It just blows my mind.  There are parts of the gun control debate that are valid on both sides, but this behavior just doesn't help in getting down and working things out together.  Enough already.

Enough "Debbie Downer".  Now for and upside.

Here is that adorable little great-granddaughter I told you about.
One more.

We are all so happy for Steph and Jaret.  Not to mention, we can't wait to hold her.

Well I guess that is enough for today. 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Come on SPRING!

Well how are you all doing in this crazy weather.  I don't think I've gone anywhere more than 3 times in the last week or so.  Too much ice for me and it's freezing rain called for again today.  What?  The ice out there now isn't enough?  After breaking my ankle years ago on ice I hate it.  Sure, I got 8 weeks off work without losing any pay back then, but it's still not a thing I would care to repeat.

We have a new great grandbaby.  Ella arrived this weekend and she is just beautiful.  Now it's 2 handsome great grandsons and 1 lovely little girl.  I won't put up pictures unless Mom and Dad okay it.  If they do, you can be sure you will see them.

You all be careful out there if you in the nasty weather areas.   Those of you who are not, enjoy the sun for me please.  

Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy Birthday to our son Jared.  You've grown to a fine man and wonderful father.

It's a chilly 2 degrees and I feel like a popsicle.  I think spring will be almost over before I thaw out. 

Last night was the last granny's night for awhile.  Jodi has been put on 10 hours a day to get all the orders out and machines ready to be shipped to California and the end of her job.  The place is closing and send a few jobs there, China and somewhere else I forget.   We had a great time as usual. 

Other than that, there is not much going on here.  Too darn cold to go out.