Friday, December 31, 2010

The End

of 2010.  We can't say it hasn't been an interesting year.  Good for some and not so much for others. Praying things become much better in the year ahead.  As I put on my fb status I wish for these things in the new year. May the soldiers be safe and come home soon. Jobs for the people returning to our shores. Less greed and more giving. Less criticism of everything and more constructive attitudes. Let all peoples be more tolerant of others and their beliefs.  I feel it would be a much better world if we could just do that.

We finally got the tree down, much to the grumbling of hubby.  You would think he had to bring it in and out every month, lol.  He swears we're going to go the way of a Christmas Branch as in the Emmit Otter Jug Band Christmas.  We just laugh.   

Tonight we are going out for dinner and a show.  At the Moose no less. Yeah I know, we go there a lot, but you can't beat it for being real close to home and the prices are just great.  For the first time they are adding a magician, comedian and band to the New Years Eve dinner.  We were planning on staying home but curiosity got the best of us.  Had to see how this new thing was received.  We may leave early though as the weather is suppose to start deteroirating quickly after the melting we've had.  Do not want to have to worry about icy roads. Will have to stop in at the sister's place for a short while (I do mean short) or will be on the receiving end of harassment ;).  Definitely not going anywhere tomorrow.  Will spend the day watching the Rose Bowl parade and rooting on the Badgers.  GO BUCKY!

You all have a safe and Happy New Year!  May it bring you all good things.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buyer Beware

Especially when dealing with WalMart.  My nephew's girlfriend bought him a PSP for Christmas.  When they opened it it wouldn't work so they took it back.  They refused to exchange it or give them their money back.  Herein lies the problem.  The serial number on the box and receipt do not match the player in the box.  Either Sony mixed things up at packaging, someone at WalMart mixed or switched it or someone had previously exchanged it and switched players.  The return dept. is suppose to check this when something is returned and evidently they didn't do their job.  Marie watched them pull the box from the glass case and even bought an extended warranty for it.  Calls to the store meet with hang ups, lies, and accusations of them doing the switching.  Well you can't switch what you don't have.  Calls and emails to corporate seemed like it was going to help but so far no luck.  Manager at the store claims they back him up.  Lady at corporate says to call her again if no success.  It's just a run-a-round.  We were telling a person who has worked there and he too says they are suppose to check to make sure these things match.  He also says there is no reason not to exchange it because WalMart does not lose anything when they do.  It goes back to the manufacturer who takes the loss.  So they are out a player and their money.

If you purchase a product at WalMart make them open the box and check that serial numbers match before you purchase it.  The inconvenience should drive them crazy, lol.  We are continuing the calls, spreading the word and my sister Rhonda is putting it in the public forum.  

Monday, December 27, 2010

One down

and one to go.  Holiday celebration that is.  New Years is just days away and though we don't usually go anywhere, this year we will be going for a steak dinner at the Moose this year.  They are having a magician, comedian and a band this year.  A first for them and we're thinking it may be a good time.

Will be taking down the tree and decorations today.  Not that I don't mind having them up, but the hubby wants to get it over with.  It just always looks so bleak after they are gone. 

Have a check up this morning and am not looking forward to that.  Not that I have any problems, I really feel great, it's a regular visit.  It's just that the holidays have NOT done any good in the lowering of the numbers on the scales.  Having many birthdays and the holidays from Oct. do not lend to good dieting.  Though this dr. won't be too hard on me the other I see Fri. will not be pleased.  I think my New Years resolution had better be to work much harder at it. 

Better go get ready.  You all have a good day.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The day dawned with a slushy mess out there.  Cold of course, but then this winter in Wisconsin.  Had to make a run to have those wonderful ladies take my blood for a Dr's appt. next week.  They enjoy their job so. 

  Found an old photo album this morning.  Good and bad it is.  It's one of those oldies before they came out with acid free ones, and the pages were the sticky kind to hold the photos.   What an awful time removing them so we could put them in a better one.  Some of the pictures had a layer of the paper in the back come off, leaving a very thin sheet.   Jack's mother used to have a Polaroid she took pictures with.  When pulling them off they left rippled lines in them.   I plan to scan, try to touch up and reprint them if I can.

There were such cute ones of the kids. Christmas, vacations, cookouts. Of course, they may not think so, tee hee.  But, scanned they will be and probably posted too ;-).  Friends and relatives too.  In fact I found the one I was looking for of my aunt who passed a few weeks ago.  Now I can make sure her daughter gets it.  Fortunately it was not ruined when pulling if off the page. 

Went to Nicole's Christmas concert last night.  It was wonderful.  A beautiful mixture of modern songs and  classic Christmas carols.  The kids did a great job and they all looked so nice, dressed in dark slacks and white blouses and shirts.  A much better presentation than last year where they all looked liked rejects from a bad prom.  Man what a difference and different teacher makes.  The choir was dwindling badly with the old director and I know it will again make gains. They used to be so big you had to have extra risers and separate the nights between middle school and high school choirs.  Now it's all combined into one night. 

Well off to start working on pictures.  This may take years as there are other priorities you know :-).  Now what do you suppose they would be hmmmmm!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

One of my grandbabies.

Went to see Carson's school play Friday.  The kids were wonderful.  They all did such a good job.  The music was wonderful.  It was called "The Glass Slipper" and they did it in a modern type of style with there eveyday clothes.  I wish I could put it all up but it was 1 1/2 hours long.  Carson was Cinderella and I thought she did a great job.  Not that I would be biased or anything ;-).  After spending most of yesterday putting it on a disk for her to keep I managed to get an excerpt from it to put up.    So here this grandma is bombarding with you with one of her proud spots. I guess I'm making up for the lack of communication with my other kids about their childs programs.  I am going to put them on the naughty list and give them a hard time.  I recieved NO notices as to when their holiday programs were.  Now I used to know as to Nicole's as I worked in the district, but I haven't worked there in 3 years.  The others are in different districts so I have absolutely no idea when they have one.  They are in so much trouble. 

I put three spots up on facebook at the request of my sisters so they could see.  Her solo, her duet with the prince and the duet with the Fairy Godmother.  There were many good singers and the rest of the class was on risers on either side of the stage for choral additions.  It was so cute and the kids where great when little glitches happened.  They carried right on with confidence.  It really was fun to watch.

Well off to do whatever I'm going to come up with for the day.  You all have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I made her cry.

I didn't mean to. We used to get eacher other gifts but as the kids came along we decided to concentrate on them.  Once three of us got together and gave Sherry a whole roll of bubble wrap.  When she saw the pretty present, she admonished us for giving her a present, but you should have seen her laugh when she opened it.  Stinkers weren't we.  But, one Christmas I made Sherry cry.  We had been going through a bunch of photos and I came across one of her and our Grandfather who had passed.  It was a wonderful cheek to cheek head shot.  A little 4x6 print, but it was so nice. I went a bought a nice frame and wrapped it.  As we all used to go to her house (before we all ran out of room) it was easy to sneak it under the tree.  Yes, I let the others know what was coming.  The look on her face when she opened it was priceless, she called me a brat and the tears began to flow.  I just wanted to make her happy.  Really I did. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too Darn Cold

This cold weather is wearing it's welcome thin already, and to think we still have Jan. and Feb. to look forward too.  UGH!  It just gets all the way to the bone.  They say more snow tomorrow and maybe Thur. at least that will bring a little rise in temperatures, but then back down.

Put some patches on a couple vests this morning.  Carson brought more girl scout patches for hers. She works hard for them and Grandma is proud to put them on for her.  I do tease her a little for making me work so hard, but that gets me a kiss and hug.  I know what I'm doing (big smile).

Then there was Jack's leather vest.  He bought some patches once at a store where they sewed them on right there.  He showed her where he wanted one of them and she put it there. Now mind you, there are inside pockets in this vest and the lady knew that when she sewed them on, sewing the pocket shut.. She told him that was the only way they would work there.  Now I know it's difficult to do but not impossible.  Amateur that I am in this area I took it off and twisting and turning managed to get it back on making the pocket usable.  Well he brought me another one he wanted on the other side, same problem, but it's done, looks good, and that pocket is usable.  Now patting myself on the back

I never had a good sewing class in school and was really turned off by the teacher I had.  I'm sure I have blogged about it when on spaces.  She was determined to help those who had taken her class from 6th grade up.  I came to the school from a Catholic elementary school and going into the 9th grade in this class had absolutely no experience in classes like this.  It was all academics there.  She kept ignoring my requests for help, threatened to give a girl who tried to help a lower grade if she did it again, detentions to do my work which she still ignored my pleas and gave me an F.  Well a conference with my mother and the principal resulted in a passing grade, free period for a study hall and never had to set foot in her class again.  I didn't even go in to retrieve the supplies I had bought for the class.  So in the end, a sewing machine that was an extra when we bought our first vacuum gave me the urge to try again and I taught myself what little I know.

Well off to find a book to bundle up with and try to get warm.   Ya'll keep safe and warm now.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Shivering Monday

Baby it's cold out there.  The hubby bundled up in carharts and 2 coats just to go out for a short walk and scrap the car windows.  See.

We have to go out in this later and I'm not looking forward to it.  We didn't get as much snow as other areas of the state.  No school closings in our little neck of the woods but then our school systems here seem to tough it out longer than the surrounding areas.  There have been years when everyone around us closed or delayed and where I worked it was a go.  The supt. and transportation head would go out around 5:30 and if the could run all the routes there was no excuse not to have school.  Use to make my kids so darn mad but they enjoyed it in the summer when they didn't have to make up days. They would try to talk me into staying home, but darn, if I had to go in and clean up from others they could go to school.

I do remember on year it snow so much we couldn't get into the schools.  Of course maintenance was told to report.  Had to do all the little things that can't get done on a regular basis.  We had to park along the rode and walk into the school.  It was so deep we had to follow along behind the guys as the made a path to get into the building.  Then they dug out the trucks and began the plowing.  Should have called in sick, lol. 

Hey, has anyone heard from Seth since we were all sent away from spaces?  Sure miss his blogs.  He had such a funny unique way of looking at things.

Well, off like a herd of turtles to pick up a prescription for the hubby.  You all keep warm and stay safe.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Battening down the hatches.

It's not looking pretty out there.  Rain, sleet, snow, and blizzard are mother natures gifts coming out way.  I sure am glad we got all our running done the last couple days.  No need to go out in it.  I don't particularly like going out in winter anyway.  After falling and breaking my ankle on ice  13 years ago I have a healthy respect for careful walking.  I've never been one for outdoor activities in winter anyway. 

I don't usually do much baking for the holidays but if we're going to be house bound for a couple days that may be something to pass the time.  Of course there's the always dreaded cleaning too.  Have tons of dvd's we can watch and whatever there may be on tv, AND, I have many books I haven't even looked at sitting in a bag in my bedroom. 

Sat here this morning laughing at my son and his daughter.  They were playing baseball on the playstation and it was so funny.  She was beating him and jokingly rubbed it in with each run she got.  My sides were aching at their good natured jibes at each other.  She is an awful lot like her aunt Darla in her competitive spirit. 

Made a big pile of taco meat for tacos for the day.  It's an eat when your hungry day. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Up

I did it.  All those things I needed to do on yesterday's blog I got done.  Would pat myself on the back but don't want to break my arm, tee hee. 

I wanted to put up the tree yesterday, but the "bah humbug scrooge that lives here" didn't want to.  We always have done it on my son Jack's birthday today and he wanted to wait til then.  Darla came in and teased him and he gave her the 'look'.  She said if looks could kill she'd be a goner.  Well he must have got antsy, and used the coming weather as an excuse and went to the garage and brought tree and decorations in.  Yippe!  I win again.  Of course I'm going to be in trouble with Carson as she like to decorate it.  Oh well.  Check it out. 

Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Turn up the heat!

I'm freezing!

Though I have my shopping done, it's time to get with it and do my cards.  Haven't been that busy so there is no valid excuse.  Just lazy I guess, or may just trying to keep warm.  It's too darn cold already and it's going to get worse they say.  Don't normally do a lot of holiday baking as the kids bring all kinds of stuff Christmas Eve, and this way I don't have all those 'not needed' treats tempting me. 

Well I got the goulash made finally and evidently it was good as there wasn't a bit of it left.  Jack made salmon patties yesterday for him and his mom (they're the only 2 who like them) and the whole house smells just awful. Of course it's too darn cold to open the windows to air it out.  

Sadly we had another visitation to go to last night.  A former neighbor had passed.  It seems like that's all we've done this year.  I think this is the 4th one and my sister has another one this week for a friend of hers.  It always seems like there is more of that this time of year, doesn't it.  It may not be, but it sure seems like it.
I was supposed to go to the Christmas party from the school I used to work at, but as it was last night I missed it of course.  I really enjoy those but there are priorities.

Off to do something constructive.  I know, you're not buying it.  But, really I am.  Someone has to clean up the mess from last nights cook as he didn't do it.  Have those cards to do and and put all the gift cards into their cards.  Must wrap the few presents for the little ones.  Then a trip to the grocery store, UGGGGh!

Monday, December 6, 2010


Winter has barely got started and I'm not liking it already.  I wanted to make goulash for dinner but have to stewed tomatoes and I am not going out in this nasty cold to get any.  Will have to come up with a new plan.

Cindy commented on my post yesterday that she had never heard of Mooseheart.  Let's see if I can explain it.  Maybe this quote from one of the pamplets they gave us will help.


Mooeheart Child City & School is a community and school for children and teens in need, supported by the Moose fraternal organization.  Founded by the Moose in 1913 and situated on a beautiful 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago, Mooseheart takes in youth whose families are unable , for a wide variety of reasons, to care for them.  Some have lost one or both parents; others are living in environments simply not conductive to health growth and development.  Whatever the reason, the men and women of the Moose, with the help from outside corporate and foundation donors, furnish the resources necessary to care for these young people.

Mooseheart features roughly 30 homes, each designed like a spacious, well-appointed single-family home, in which children and teens live in groups of six to ten, under the care of trained and compassionate Family Teachers.  The youngsters attend Mooseheart's fully-accredited on-campus K-12 school, receive training in a vocation, attend church services and religious-education classes, and have the opportunity to compete in numerous interscholastic sports in addition to a wide range of recreational activities."

While we were there we learned that there is also the opportunity for full college scholarships.  They are also allowed and encourage to have outside employment the same as other teens and with their outstanding discipline, social, and responsible attitudes are favorites among employers in the community.

I am very proud to be a member and am awed at what my small dues accomplishes for these kids.  There are lodges all over the world contributing to this and also Moosehaven retirement community in Fl. 
Our lodge here in Beloit is the oldest one in the state.

Well I hope that clears it up for some.

Have a good day and please keep warm and safe. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Such Fun

The shopping trip was so much fun.  I wish you all could have been with us.  We started out by having lunch so we would work it off shopping.  From store to store we looked, teased each other, laughed and had the clerks laughing right along with us.  We all helped the economy but Sherry.  Scrooge, lol.  I will say that I was more than ready to come home after 5 hours though.  We laughed when we dropped her off that Bill must be ready for her too.  And since her daughters car wasn't there was thinking she may be grounded for that 5 hour jaunt.   We didn't hear from her all night on fb and for a while the next day, lol. 

Yesterday Jack and I took a bus trip to Mooseheart for the 47 annual Wisconsin Tree Lighting. They had beautiful light displays all over the grounds.  It was awesome.  What a wonderful place.  We met the boys living in the Wisconsin House and a nice group of gentlemen they are.  They gave us a tour of their home and told us about what they like and do.  How much they like living there and all that is offered.  I was so impressed.  We had been there once before years ago and saw a number of other places including the area for babies.  It saddened you that they had to be there, but also lifted your spirits that they had such a wonderful place for their care.  These kids are given everything they need to succeed in life and I'm glad to be a part of an organization that aids them. 

Today will be a lazy day.  Going for breakfast at the Moose.  Specialty today--Belgian Waffles, or any of the normal breakfast fare you like.  Then home to watch the Packer game and play on this machine of course.  Darn thing is addicting. 

It's darn cold here and doesn't look to be warming up for a few days.  Have my snuggie out and ready, all throws we have draped over the backs of furniture and little heater (like those advertised by the Amish) in and fired up.  Keeping the Bunn either full of hot coffee, or hot water for chocolate or tea.  Not to mention dressing warm.  Did I miss anything?  Wouldn't want to get a chill you know.

You all enjoy what's left of the weekend.  Stay safe, keep warm and GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Watch out,

Here we come.  The sisters are going shopping today.  Sherry says that could mean trouble.  All four of us are descending on the mall.  First lunch and then shopping, shopping, shopping to walk it off.  What do I have left to shop for you say?  Well I do have all the kids and grandkids done but there is the husband. He was looking very wishful when we went to Sears the other day.  Maybe an idea there.

Something that got my goat.  A cousin in Fla. is trying to sell her house and move closer to her daughter.  They are having an open house this weekend and the realtor told her no Christmas decor and to remove her picture of Jesus as it may offend someone.  Well too darn bad.  They don't mind offending those who believe so they can just deal with it. I would think people looking for a house would expect things they wouldn't necessarily want in theirs. Besides, if they like the house they are going to change things anyway.  Well, she already has the decorations boxed but she says she is moving the picture, to a more prominant place for viewing.  I think she's a little 'offended'  by the suggestion don't you? 

Our cousin Mary sends a big THANK YOU for all the prayers for our cousin Jim.  The doctors say his numbers are all up and he in the best shape he's been in the last 2 1/2 years.   I guess they're thinking another  round of chemo and then hopefully a bone marrow transplant.  We're all very hopeful and awed by your prayers.

You all have a good weekend. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know, it's scary.  The things that pop into a persons mind can be odd, thought provoking, funny, mean, or just plan out of this world.  They come up at some strange times and the good ones usually when you have no place to jot them down to share.  Mine usually hit me in the night while trying to get back to sleep after wake up call and sometimes in your sleep for some strange reason. I have all kinds of ideas on how to do something. You know, something you saw or heard on tv etc. gets your mind working overtime and you have your view on it.  It makes perfect sense to you what you want to say about it and you can even see it all put down on paper.  But, getting up to go down a put them down is not in my lazy demeaner, so they are all gone by morning.  Tried putting a pad and pencil by the bed, but it's hard to write in the dark and hubby wouldn't appreciate the light coming on. 

I know one time I was making a dress for Darla and it had on that "Nehru" (sp) type collar.  For the life of me I could not understand the pattern instructions.  Of course it came to me in my sleep.  That time I did get up and do it.  It came out perfectly, but it left me very tired that day, and with three kids to take care of.   The ones that usually hit me now, at least, aren't earth shattering and won't be missed because I couldn't remember them.  It's just that it can be frustrating to think of something you may like to share and it's gone in the wind.