Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Here I am again.

Having a bit of a time trying to decide what to chatter about.  All sorts of things run through your mind until you sit down at the keyboard.  It is frustrating when that happens.  So here goes.

Football season is upon us, and here in Wisconsin it's always a big deal.  We love our Packers and Badgers and are not shy about it.  We always have a friendly rivalry with out Bears loving cousins and friends.  Usually while the game is playing, lol. Of course there are those that take it too seriously but we don't let them get to us.  It's a football game.  Just that, a game.  Win or lose it really doesn't change anything for us.

This year our Badgers get to play LSU at Lambeau field, home of the Packers, in a non-conference game..  I hear they're pretty excited to go there.  To start the season off we're having an end of summer, beginning of football yard party.  Hoping to have a tv set up outside to play the game.  If not that definitely the radio going.  I'm sure there will be lots of Badger shirts etc., so hoping to get some shots of all the fun.  Will share if I do.

Guess I better go.  There is this little ball of fur who has to go outside.

You all take care out there.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Big Event.

Well I'm back.  Missed telling you all about the big event in the family last year.  My son Jared married his Heidi.  It was a wedding we will never forget.  They decided on a late October wedding, and yes, they had a Halloween theme.  Guests as well as all the wedding party joined in the fun fully and completely with decor and costumes.  It was held across the river from where we live in that beautiful Big Hill Park I've used for pictures at times.

Here is a picture of the Bride and Groom.

His daughters.

Me, hubby (Capt. Jack) and Carson & Nicole.

A closer look.

Don't have a picture but her parents were dressed as a King and Queen.  
The wedding party.
It was all such fun.

I had heard of such theme parties, but this is the first one for me.  

I would scan and do more but that would be a bit much.  
Hope you enjoyed looking at them.  

Love Terry

Friday, August 19, 2016

I'm a bad girl.

I am ashamed.  I didn't realize just how long it's been since I've been here.  Hope you all peek in to see I'm still around.

Things around here are about the same as usual.  Family functions seem to take up a ton of time.  Guess that's the rewards of a big family.  Had two graduate from high school this year and one last year.  One left but that will be two years from now.  Normal yard parties etc.

Had a bought with a frozen should last year during the fall.  Six weeks of therapy and it works just fine now.  Guess I wasn't working hard enough with that arm.  LOL.  All other checkups for then were just fine.  Now it's time to start that routine again.  Lost a few pounds so the dr. should like that.

All the kids are doing fine as are the grandkids. One (Austin) starts college to be a teacher, another (Aaron) added another year to his studies for a double major.  He's taking forensics and police science.  Has been spending the summer working as an intern in a forensics lab and just loves it.  Two of the girls are taking online classes.  Alyssa I'm not sure what, Nicole was planning on journalism but decided on special ed daycare.  Carson is the one with two years left of high school.  I don't think she's decided yet, but I don't think with her grades (straight A's for 10 years so far) she'll have a problem getting if when she does.

Well that's enough rambling on for the first time back.  You all take care.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day yet to be.

Our family hasn't had our Mother's Day get-together yet.  The weather never co-operates on that day for some reason.  Also, many conflict of if everyone could be there.  My son made the mistake of order Brewer tickets for that day, and we were to have it at there house (silly boy).   Nicole's prom was that weekend (we always do it on Saturday so we can party longer).  That eliminated them too. A couple of others had problems with that day. We have decided to have it on the 23rd and combine Mother's Day and Father's Day. We all enjoy doing it in our big family group, so accommodations must be made.

Looks to be a busy summer.  Our granddaughter Alyssa is graduating and there will be that party of course.  Trying to get in a few camping trips this year.  Having a redneck camp out in the yard sometime soon. Need to get Oreo accustomed to it.  Sad to say he is 2 1/2 years old and we've never had it leave the yard yet.  Guess we're just going to have start missing some get-together's.  It's either that or put it up for sale.  It's rather silly to just have it sit there. May check into finding a camp ground to just leave it at.  Thing is, the guys have to have it for deer hunting.  What to do?  What to do?

Thought you might like to see my beautiful granddaughter in her prom dress.

Gosh, it seems like it was just yesterday I watched her while her mother worked.  Time really flies.

Closing with a prayer for Beth's family as their first Mother's Day without that wonderful lady.  We all miss you dear Beth.


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I hope that's the end....

...of the SNOW.  Yes, that is a 4 letter word to me.  We've had 8 to 10 inches in most areas here and that's much more than I care to see.  Some would ask "why do you still live there".  Well reason number 1.....children and grandchildren and the close family we have..  I'm one of those who likes to be close to family.  2...Too old to pull up stakes now.  3...I like the change of seasons.  Just prefer spring, summer and autumn to be a little longer and winter a little shorter.  Ok, enough crabbing about the weather.  Hold that thought, nasty weatherman predicted another 2 inches.  Ok, done now.
Question?  Do you prefer have sone kind of sound on, or complete peace and quiet?  Hubby can't seem to deal with quiet on a long term basis (more than 2 hours, lol).  Has to have the tv, radio or cd on most of the time.  My sister Jodi like to have it too.  We can sit at the picnic table in the summer and she has to have the radio on in the background.  Me, I can go without any all morning until noon when the soap comes on.  Then turn it off until about 6:30 most of the time.  When sitting outside by myself, never have anything on (radio, I know where some could go with that statement, lol) for hours.  We humans are a funny bunch.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goodby Nitz!

Lost a dear friend and cousin a few days ago.  That darn cancer took her from us too soon.  It was a quick moving one.  We only learned she had it just after Christmas.  Tumors thoughout.  
When we were in our first years of marriage we lived in an apartment owned by my grandfather.  We lived in the downstairs one and Nitz and Larry (he was my cousin) lived upstairs.  We were both pregnant and our girls were born two weeks apart.  Many nights (hubby's worked nights) we would sit together and play cards, watch tv etc.  When the went days it was more cards, watching and playing Jeopardy against the contestants (didn't do too bad), watching Days of Our Lives as the babies cooed in the playpen.  
Once we had a storm to worrry about.  Tornado warnings were sent and being the resourceful girls that we were, we set up a card table in the basement, filled the wash tub with soda and the baby bottles.  Grabbed bread, lunchment, baby food jars and rode out the storm.  Fortunately the tornado missed us.  But we really had fun down there. 
Nitz always had a smile for everyone and the memories just keep rolling.  Rest in Peace Nitz.  I know your parents have welcomed you into their arms.  

Friday, January 23, 2015

Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Yesterday was just one of those days.  Seems like all I had to do all day was wait for someone.  Day started with health care appointments.  First the yearly booby crushing at 9:15 so was there at 8:50 (I like to be early).  Got in at exactly 9:15, yahoo.  Thought it might be a good day.  Had another trip to Dr. appt. upstairs for 10.  So up I went.  There was one other lady there so I'm thinking good.  In and out.  No such luck.  While waiting three men joined the group.  We sat, and sat, and finally a nurse came up and said he was running late due to a patient problem downstairs.  These appointments happen at the hospital, not the clinic. 
Well finally the first woman went in and what the heck?  One of the men, then another of the men, and then the last man.  In came another man and sat down, but it was my turn to go in.  Nurses took my bp, good-124over70.  No complaints there.  Next the ekg and wait for the doctor to come in. Waiting, waiting.  Aha, here he is.  Goes over all the lab tests, ekg, bp, and says I'm doing great.  All is good and keep up the good work.  See you next year.  Guess who they saved to see last.  Yup, you got it.  Me.  I went out the door and make new appt, they were all standing around in hall having a fun time.  Was time for their lunch break.  I made it home just before Days of Our Lives came on, 12:00.
It's a good thing I'm a very patient person who had nothing else to do that day.  Someone else would probably have thrown a fit.
Now that's not the end of my waiting story.  A little after 1 a truck hit the cable lines, knocking them loose from the house.  The pole is across the street so the line was stretched across to us.  Called and said they would send someone out asap.  I told them the school bus comes through between 3 and 3:45 and it was in its path.  Waited again.  They showed up after both buses went by, about 4 or shortly there after.  We had to put something in the road to make sure no one hit it.