Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Didn't see that coming.

What a surprise on DWTS last night.  No one went home.  Voting glitch had all fan votes thrown out so all got to stay.  I think that was a good fair way to handle it.  I really didn't want to see anyone go last night.  It's going to be rough to see anyone leave as they all seem to be so good this year.  Was totally shocked with the loss last week. 
Progress is coming along a bit faster on the bathroom.  It may be finished by the end of the week.  Darla's husband was on vacation last week and helped everyday.  Son Jack (he's been work 12 hour days so couldn't come earlier) came Saturday and they finally have all the drywall installed.  Jack cut his thumb pretty good Friday, cutting drywall.  I think it could use a stitch or two, but tough guy just taped it together, wrapped it and continued to work.  Now it's finishing mudding, sanding, painting and laying the floor and trim. I should be able to help with some of this, though I'm not sure he'd appreciate my paint skills, lol.  Soon as my camera charges I'll take a couple pics of what's been done so far.
The homecoming season is now over here and there are still a few remnants of toilet paper floating around.  It doesn't seem as bad as last year.  The kids in our district have to sign up for a cleanup crew if they want to participate in the ritual.  They did a pretty good job.  It's still the highest parts that let loose a fly, but there isn't much of that left. 
Prayers for the families in Nevada.  How sad that someone has to resort to violence, especially a child.  I feel so bad for the families.  I don't want to condem the shooters parents as I know they are hurting and devasted also, but please parents, if you have guns keep them locked up and away from your children.   

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm pretty sure, if not everyone than almost everyone has watched a soap at some time.  Even if it's just to see what the fuss is all about.  Like all tv programs we have to check it out.  They do become an addiction and people get hooked.  Just like those watching "The Walking Dead" and "Sons of Anarchy". 
There used to be some many soaps on.  I remember watching the Secret Storm, the Guiding Light, As the World Turns, The Doctors, Another World, all long gone now.  Of course as a teen into dating I had other things to do and they weren't important in the scheme of life at that time.  Then marriage and a baby gave me more time and "Days of Our Lives came on after my daughter was born an this stay at home Mom was hooked.  Still watch it today with that same daughter (Darla) at noon.  A spin-off of that, Another World, had me also.  I was a teeny bit sad to see it go, but such is life.
There was a time that Days was so popular they claimed businessment watched it a work and colleges had what they called "Days 101" were the kids planned their classes around that time slot.  I can attest to that at as my son went to  campus offshoot of the UW and he said they all gathered to watch it.  How funny.  Though I'm not surprise.  At one time when I was working nights at the local high school, I came in and heard a few girls complaining of missing out now that school was in session again and wondering about what happened today.  I gave them the heads up and from them on they waited until I came in to ask about it.
I've watched the Young and the Restless at times, but it didn't really grab me.  My sister Jodi is hooked there and tapes it daily.   
But I ramble.  There were also the night time soaps (tho they tried not to call them that) like Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest.  Working nights saved me from these, for which I'm grateful.  We really can get caught up in tv and miss the beauty of the world around us.  It's kind of sad really.  Am I still hooked on something.  Yes (head hanging) I am. NCIS, is my addiction.  
Are you hooked on a tv show?  Were you ever hooked, or still are, on a soap?   If so, enjoy, but take the time to "smell the roses" as they say.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's slow going.

Sometimes I think the bathroom will never get done.  It's  a lot of work and I'm not much help to him.  Holding things in place or drywall up so he can screw it in, handing him tools, holding doors open while he carries stuff is my only talent.  So he has to pretty much work alone during the week.  Fortunately, Darla's husband was on vacation so he came down Thur, Fri, and Sat. so that helped.  Son Jack came yesterday and will be here today.  At least they make sure the water is hooked up enough each day for nighttime bathroom trips. (tmi, lol)  I know it will be worth it when it's all done. 
Taking Oreo to be microchipped today.  The local Humane Society is have a 2 hour session for $10.  Can't beat the price.  Should have done it when we first got him, but the charge at the vet was a bit large and with all the others we had with neutering, shots etc.  We just didn't have the extra funds then. 
On a sad note.  As a Packer fan, we don't usually have any love for the Vikings, but we are united in our condelences to Adrian Peterson for he devastating loss.  How anyone could do such a thing to a little child is totally beyond my comprehension. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's sure not what it used to be.

Customer service that is.  Most probably have a story to tell, I'm sure.  The decline in care and help to a customer is rare now days, instead of being the thing that brings back business.  I have to say, we've been pretty lucky in this regard for the most part.  Having little to complain about, even with the gripe I'm about to relay.  My little gripe is not with the manufacturer, but the company selling the products.
Remember I think I told you my dryer was making an awful sound.  I went online and found a site explaining what the problem may be.  Sure enough when Jack opened it up it was exactly that.  He took the bad part to the place we bought it.  Well, would you believe, they don't have a parts dept..  When they have to do a repair, they come and look, go back an order, and then come back when the part comes in to fix.  Two charges for home visits.   Well, Jack made them order the part (I think and threat to call the manufacurer might have something to do with it) and we are waiting a call for when it's in.  Supposed to be today, but we'll see.  This is not the first time with this place.  When we bought the washer and dryer they delivered the wrong washer. The one we bought was more expensive than the one received. They tried everything to not have to exchange it and bring the right one.  It took a telling them we were going to place an article in the paper about their service and attitude that had them show up 20 minutes later with the right one.  Needless to say, we will never deal with them again.
It's sad.  Gone are the days with more helpful stores and service people than not.  The first place we ever bought such appliances is no longer in business probably because they were so customer friendly.  They even talked Jack through a repair online while I picked up the part.  Will never see that again.
That's my little rant for the day.  Minor compared to the big things in life, but hey. 
Have a good day.