Monday, October 31, 2011

Darn, darn, double darn!

The Halloween party was a no go.  Hubby came home from his plumbing job at the Moose and was not feeling good.  Then he started coughing all day and was impossible for him to do the makeup I needed with a coughing spell, so we didn't go.  He was in bed by 6.  Costume and accessories all bagged up with the hopes of next year.  Danielle went to the party at the little bar up here and was home by 9.  She said we didn't miss anything.   Sadly though, I heard the one at the Moose was a really good one. 

He just left for up north with a friend who has land and a trailer up there.  They will be hunting and tree cutting (fallen trees from a storm) this week.  What will I do with all this free time?  I'm sure I can find a way to fill it. 

My grandson Aaron received his letter of confirmation for U. W. Platteville.  He is real happy about that.  That is the one he wanted. 

Have been searching for an old scrapbook of when Jack and Darla were clowning.  Haven't been able to find it in all the usual places. I fear I'm going to have to dive into the blackholes (affectionately called the closets) into some boxes that are way in the back.  Darla had been talking about it at work and one of the ladies was interested in seeing it.  Now I think we really need to find it so it can be put into the safer type scrapbooks they have today.  Wish me luck.  If you don't hear from me for a few days, get on fb and tell my kids I'm trapped. 

Have a good day.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Party Saturday

I know.  It seems like we party a lot here.  Halloween parties abound tonight, as they probably are elsewhere.  Jack doesn't care for dressing up so he's says he's going as a biker so he doesn't have too.  The ole poop, lol.   I'm going to be a Geisha type lady.  Jack is going to try and make up my face. That ought to be a silly site to see.

I have one very happy granddaughter.  Nicole got a cell phone for her birthday and her mother said she was outside squealing and jumping in joy.  Knowing her parents, there will definitely be rules to follow.  No locking them out like one parent I talked to one time.  That would be the quickest way for her to lose it. 

I bet Beth is happy her Cardinals won the World Series.  I feel for the Rangers.  They are a good team.  I'm glad for the players on both teams.  They both deserved good things. 

Now a subject that's a bit icky.  You would think by now everyone would know there are certain things you don't  flush down a toliet.  Last night we went to the Moose for supper and it is their busiest night of the week.  Well the administrator (and cook) ask Jack to check the bathrooms as the weren't flushing without trouble.  Fortunately there are two in the basement for use but it's difficult for some people to go down there, even with the chair lift.  Well he has to go up their this morning and take them apart as he says there is something plugging them. 

Well now that I've yucked up your day I'll say "Have a good day".

Friday, October 28, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie.

Well it was delicious and of course it didn't last long.  It's a quick and easy make.


1 (10 oz.) can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken Soup or Campbell's Chicken or Turkey Pot Pie soup.
1 1/2 cups frozen mixed vegetables, thawed.  (can use canned veggies instead)
1 1/2 cups cubed, cooked chicken. (Jodi used rotisserie chicken from the store)
3/4 cup chicken broth combined with 3 tablespoons of flour.
2 Pillsbury pie shells.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

Mix soup, vegetables, (may use fresh veggies too), chicken, and broth.  (The mixture should be somewhat thick.)  If only chicken noodle soupp is available, it may be pureed in the blender tomake a smooth gravy.

Put mixture into the bottom pie shell.  Cover with the top pie crust and crimp to seal.  Slice a few vent holes in the top.

Bake for 40 minutes or until golden.  Cover pie edge with aluminum foil or a pie shield if it begins to brown too quickly. 

Hope you all enjoy it if you try it.

Happy to my beautiful granddaughter Nicole.  She has grown into such a beautiful and wonderful young lady.  My how the time flies.  Seems like just yesterday she was a baby in my arms.

You all have a great day.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday already!

Time sure flies.  Schools around here will be having conferences for the next couple days, so if the weather is good the neighborhood shouldn't be too quiet.

Well Chaz finally went home.  He was on there way too long.  I would like to see Nancy Grace go next, but I think it will be Maks and Hope.  I think he upset not only the judges, but the audience when he said it was his show.  Hope isn't that good but she's not too bad either.  I think her athletic build doesn't help.   The other athletes that have been on DWTS have looked a little better for the ballroom.

I have a chicken in the oven already.  Why so early?  I'm going to make a Chicken Pot Pie and it has to be cooked first.  My sister Jodi did this a couple weeks ago and it was great.  I can hardly wait for it to be done. 

Sister Rhonda had a trip to the ER last night.  She's has chest pains a couple times after eating so they went and had it checked out.  I thought maybe gall bladder because that's how mine reacted, but no, they found nothing wrong.  Heart and gall bladder are fine.  Just one of those things I guess.
The weatherman we watch in the morning is off on a trip to Mexico.  He is getting married.  The frightening thing is, it's right where that hurricane is headed.  I sure hope it fizzles out before then.      

Have a good day. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just Tuesday

Had a little run to the store this morning just to pick up a few things.  Why is it when you get there you wonder if you needed anything else?  Resisted the urge to grab.  Better do what I should have done in the first place. 

Anyway, on the way this car keeps crawling up our right side and the suddenly pulls across 2 lanes to turn left in front of us.  As we already had the blinker on indicating we were going that way, the jerk could have just got behind (no other cars turning there) and not made such a dangerous move.  He didn't get any farther either as there was a car in front of us and he keep the speed limit too.  Serves him right.

Watch DWTS last night.  Just love watching J.R.  He just moves so smoothly, gliding along as if it all is natural thing for him.  I hope he wins.  He sure has what it takes.  Ricki is doing real well too.  She has the best partner I feel.  Boy the testiness between Max and Len was a shocker.  I couldn't believe when Len said he had been in the business for 50 years and Max said maybe it was time he got out.  Good thing Tom has the ability to keep control.  I think that could have gone on for quite awhile.

You all have a good day.  

Monday, October 24, 2011

Manic Monday

At least that's what some call it.  I prefer Mellow Monday.  I guess because I don't have to go to a job anymore and can plan for whatever I want.  Whether that's many things to do or nothing at all.

Do you believe in superstition?  Good luck things. I never have but I know some do.  They carry special trinkets, do certain routines etc.  Well I'm beginning to wonder.  I wore the same shirt for all the games the Badger played and went undefeated, and this Sat. wore a different one and they lost.  I watched the games the Brewers won and couldn't stay awake for the wons they lost.  Now I have worn the same t-shirt and my Packers necklace for all the games so far and they're still winning.  I have a brand new shirt and am afraid to wear on game day, lol.  Isn't that silly.  Guess I'll just have to stick with it until the fateful day it fails.  Not sure about these type of things, but not taking any chances.

A strange thing here.  According to the task bar on the computer I am not connected to the internet.  There is a little red x on the spot.  Now I have been on and around my sites, my home page, msn, fb etc.  This has been like this for 2 days.  Oh well, as long as it works.

Guess it's to be a nice day here.  May have to go out and enjoy it.  These days will be few and far between for a few months.  Sure not looking forward to all the ice and snow.  A short winter would make a hapy camper here. 

Time to go a see what I have here for breakfast.  You all have a good day.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Here it is.

My new toy.
I will say.  Windows 7 takes some getting used tol

Doesn't he look cute?  LOL   No costume, but he has the hat. 
Danielle bought that at school.  Just had to have it for her Daddy.

Just finished the latest Richard Castle book, Heat Rising.  Was pretty good.  Now it's making the rounds of other readers.  Darla took it to work for one of the girls to read then she's going to read it.  

Put away the summer clothes today.  Held off as long as I could.  It seems like summer just flew buy and Indian summer took a quick hike too.  39 here at the moment.  Brr.  And I still have one rose bush with flowers on it.  Darn thing actually still has some buds.  I doubt they'll open now.  The way time is flying I had better sit down and make my Christmas list.  I know I mostly get gift cards as that's usually what they all ask for, but I would like to check out catalogs and stores and see what else is out there.  Would like to be done before Dec.1.

The weekend is here.  No big plans.  I'm sure the tv will be blasting football and racing.   Pray there are no accidents like last week.  How sad that was. 

You all have a good weekend.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just yaking.

Good Morning!  Here I sit with my Cheerios and coffee, ready to start the day.  I hope your is going to be a good day. 

Yester day I talked about Halloween costumes and Paul asked what's a sock monkey.  Here it is Paul
There is a car company advertisement that has someone in a suit like that driving their vehicle and hubby thinks it's a cool costume.

Today's agenda is learning more about the new laptop and kindle.  Have already download 3 books and a game.  It's a crossword game.  I like word games.  Danielle sent me an email with tons of books that can be downloaded.  Between her, Amazon and Ereader I'll be spending most of the time picking some out, lol.

Going to get me a mini-vacation at the begining of the Nov.  Hubby and a friend are going bow-hunting and doing some work on the friends property up in the area they hunt in.  So there will be no one following me around, picking and teasing me,  looking over my shoulder etc.  Man, I'm going to miss him. 

Well not much else going on here.  Again, you all have a good day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quiet here.

It's so quiet here.  Hubby has gone off to practice with his bow for hunting season so tv is off.  It is a great invention, but sometimes it seems like it's just noise.  I think all the years I worked nights alone in a quiet school building have made me a little less tolerant of sound.  As you know from past posts I don't watch a love of tv.  One daytime soap and a couple shows on Mon. & Tues.  As to Monday, I sure hope one of the right people go home tonight.  It's painful to watch Chaz, Carson and Nancy. 

Haven't done much playing on this new machine to see what all it can do yet.  Do you ever get afraid to try something for fear you'll mess up the whole machine?  Sometimes I do.  Taking my time.  Did download a couple of books and a game onto my Kindle. Some of the free ones.  Now to read them.

Banged my hand on the door the other day and now have a big bruise.  Hate when that happens.  Ordered a wig from a company for costumes.  Have one here I want to do but needed a wig to make it more realistic.  Turned my sister Jodi onto the site and she ordered a costume.  It's called PartyBell.com and boy are they quick.  It only took about 3 days to get here.  Have a costume in mind for Jack and haven't decided if he will be a sock monkey or a scotsman. 

I guess that's enough blabbering for now. 

You all have a good day.


Monday, October 17, 2011


Here I am on my new laptop.  Boy do things look different on this compared to my desktop. I think part of it is the large screen, but also the home screen version of aol on Windows 7 king of threw me for a loop.  Still so much to figure out and but so far I just love it. 

Sorry to say I have another funeral to attend to.  A 4 mo. old baby who was the granddaughter/great-granddaugther of one of Jack's sisters and niece. It's was a 'sids' death.  I just can't imagine such a thing.

Needless to say this is a very short post.  Hope everyone has a good day.

Take care and God Bless you all.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Got it!

My new laptop is safely in my own possesion, though not without a little more waiting.  You just wouldn't believe it.  I called the minute I knew the doors were open yesterday and it still wasn't done, but supposedly in the process of having just a little more to finish.  Should be with a couple hours and they would call as soon as done.  Well I told them they had to leave a message because I had a funeral (will explain who later in this post) to go to.  Of course I had my phone off there.  As soon as I got out I turned it on and sure enough there was the message I could pick it up.  Believe it or not, when we got there it was still uploading the last part.  After a 45 min. wait I was finally on my way.  Am I on it now?  No.  The grandkids are here for the weekend and I want no distractions when I set up things.

Now about the funeral.  This is a fellow from the Moose, but to me he was still my high school bus driver.  The 'mean' ;-) man who kicked us off the bus.  Yes, there is a story here.  There were 4 of us girls who would stay on the bus after all the others and he would take us to a little drive-in here and buy us all a root beer, then we would ride along and go to the grade school, pick up those kids and we would get off with them.  Now one day were were singing on the bus after the root beer. It was nice and warm outside and we had the bus windows open.  Of course at school they did too.  He had to go inside the school and we continued with our song, "Ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall".  We saw him coming back (none to happy) and one of the girls closed the door and sat on the handle so he could not get in.  We had to find an alternative way to school for 3 days.  Sheesh, some people just cannot take a joke.  LOL

Well the dinner at the Texas Roadhouse was just fantastic.  Sorry no pictures, Jodi didn't ride the bull.  Our sister Rhonda who couldn't go asked Jodi to bring her the leftovers.  We explained she doesn't leave leftovers but she wasn't buying that.  So obliging sisters that we are, Sherry, Jodi and I filled a to-go container with the left over buns, butter, deep fried pickles and a few hands full of peanuts. Laughing all the time we're doing it.  When we pulled into Sherry's driveway to let them out, Jodi called Rhonda and told here to meet us at the end of her driveway for her container.  There she was, waiting so nicely.  We handed it to her, and went home and locked the doors, lol.   A few minutes later we saw that we were 'Biotches' on fb.  We are bad girls, tee hee.  Now who else but a sister could you tease this way?

Well now that I've given you a little laugh I'll be off to see what trouble I can find today.

Have a good day.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Really ticked!

I was supposed to get my new laptop today.  The 72 hours are more than up.  When I called to see if it was done, "no they've been very busy with so many to do".  I told the fellow they said 72 hours and he was all sorry la,la.  I told him it had better be done tomorrow or I will be in for my money back.  He said he would move it to the top of the list.   

On a happier note I have a very happy daughter.  She is now Kindled.  Was yahooing all over the place last night.  Though, I went from being the good Mom to bad Mom in seconds.  Since they were on sale I ordered 2.  One for me also.  OOPS!  That's what they all were going to get me for Christmas.  In the doghouse I am.  I think I'm fairly safe with the laptop but was ordered to buy nothing more.  Sheesh, take all the fun out of shopping.

Going to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner tonight.  Tomorrow is Jodi's birthday so we're all going.  At least I think we are.  So far it's Jodi, Jack, Me, Sherry, and Bill.  I see Jodi asked Rhond and Stever but didn't see where they answered.  Could have missed it.  Jodi has a free appetizer birthday coupon and wants to try the deep fried pickles.  After which I reminded her when she turns it in she may have to ride the 'bull'.  Hee Hee.  Yes, we all are bringing a camera. 

Well got stuff to do.  Have a good day.  Hope the sun is shining where you are because it's not here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What the heck!

What is happening in DWTS?  The fans have lost it.  The last 3 votings are crazy.  Why would you keep Chaz, Carson Kressley and Nancy Grace and eliminate Chynna and Tony?  It just isn't right.  It is definitely time for a change in the way of voting.  The judges need a 60 or 70 percent of the vote.  After all it's suppose to be a dance contest not a chance to show gay pride (don't get me wrong, I believe to each his own) or any push for other personal choices.  It's a dance contest and those 3 don't do it very well and their improvement is not as it should be.  Okay, enough of that.

Well finished that last book in that series. On to the next series.  The lid is still missing.  :-(.  Hopefully it will turn up soon or I have to go buy another crockpot.

Sending prayers for dear Beth in her tests and dear Carole for her sister Rae and Miss Catt.  They are very special people and hope all goes well with them. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The wait.

You know what it's like waiting for things. Afraid to leave even for a half hours.  Must wait and watch for UPS as Deedee's kindle has been shipped.  My sister Jodi ordered some steel-toed work shoes online and I have to watch for those.  Went a picked out my laptop yesterday and you know the way things are today,  some programs come separately,  and they install them.  I probably could have but for warranty and assurance I let them.  I don't understand why the companies that make computers can do like they used and sell them complete and with the program discs in the box with them.  Anything for extra money.  Anyway I can pick it up Thursday so waiting on that.  Then I'll have our friend give the desk top a thorough going over and we'll be  really connected.  Jack is waiting for a call from where he ordered a welding torch so one of us has to be here until all things are delivered or ready. 

My lid is missing.  Deedee had a party a few weeks ago for her cousin's birthday.  I think I wrote about it.  We took over a slow cooker full of meatballs.  Well it came back and the lid is missing.  The only lid she found was way too big.  So she's trying to find who got my lid and give them theirs. 

Have a good day everyone.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Her present is on the way.

Danielle's granduation present, the kindle has been ordered and shipped Amazon informed me this morning.  Should be here no later than Thursday.  I had to get it for her now as she is continuing her education towards a Master's and the cost of books are half the price to download than purchasing at the school or stores.  Since her classes will start soon she needs it now.  Not to mention, at the stores here the cost was $149 and I got it for $99.  Hey you can't beat that.  Don't tell, but I got me one too.  Hey, I read alot and the books around here take up a lot of space.  That's why I haven't been on for few days.  I borrowed some books from Deedee and they were series of 4.  The Black Cobra Series of Stephanie Laurens and I have one left to finish.  Then she brought over a 4 book set from Mary Balogh.  Here I go again.  Plus I have about 10 or 12 of my own I haven't read yet.  Yes, I think it would be much easier with the kindle.  Though I'm still partial to having a book in my hand.  It has been so nice here that last few days and the swing was the perfect place to sit and read.  Just a few days left of this weather so I hope to get a few more in.

Hubby took me to buy me a laptop yesterday and wouldn't you know, we were a day or two early on the sale.  The ones advertised on the flyer from the paper weren't out yet.  Now if I had used my head and looked harder I would have seen that and not wasted a trip.  When I finally get it I'm going to have a friend give the pc a once-over and all will be right with the cyberworld here.

Not being out here for a few days, I missed that Beth has not blogged and was in the hospital.  I saw that she is home now and pray that everything is good.  God Bless you Beth.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.  You always wonder how a company will behave when the Man himself is gone.  He certainly changed the world with his insight and innovation.  I only wish I could afford his products.

In a happier note.  I want to congratulate my daughter Danielle who has finished her schooling for her Bachelors Degree and will walk across the stage for her graduation in Dec.  We are so proud of her.  She is continuing on for her Masters.  It was difficult to continue to work toward this while losing your job and trying to keep your head above water, but she hung in there and did it.  She didn't let the loss of their house or the having to take a job half the pay of her old one keep her from dream.  Now continuing her education while working and family obligations will be hard, I just know she can do it.  Love you Deedee. 

The last few days I have been going through photos for a project Nicole has in school.  They have to make a pictorial timeline of times in their life.  You would think with all the pictures Jack takes it would have been easy, but no so much.  Maybe too many to chose from and finding the right ones was a little more difficult than we thought.  Hopefully the ones we found and the ones they have at home are okay.  Usually these things are done at home but the teacher wants it all done in class.  I'm thinking his idea was to diminish the influence of too much parental help.  I know the ones I saw for 4th graders where I worked showed a lot of that.   

Well have to go and order Danielle's present for her wonderful work.  She needs it before Dec. as the books she needs for her Masters classes are much cheaper when she can download them on a Kindle. 

Have a great day.

Monday, October 3, 2011


What a wonderful weekend for Wisconsin Sports fans.  It just couldn't hardly get any better.  All teams won and I still have all my fingernails.  Didn't even have to take one bite.  Though some tend to quickly naysay if they don't jump off with a bang I (opitimist that I am) don't panic until the last quarter or last 3 innings.  Must have faith if your going be a fan.  After all, look at all those Cub fans.  They never give up.

Plans for the day and week?  Just haven't sat down and prioritized them.  It's going to be so darn nice (the weather man assures us) that anything that doen't pertain to outside may very well be put on the back burner. 

If you have seen on fb or here, my granddaughter Carson is a bacon fanatic.  Well I've been looking for ways to make her a bacon costume.  I checked into fabric and the stores here are of no use.  Checked on line and seen a perfect fabric but NOT at $18 a yard.  I guess I should no better that to think cheap for anything.  Costumes online run around $50 so that's out.  I think I'll put her in a box and she can go as a "Chatterbox".   You have no idea how well that fits her.  Her aunt Deedee too.

I'm losing it.  I put a load of clothes in the washer and went and did dishes then came here.  Hubby came home from the store with more laudry soap and when he went out to put it on the shelf I heard "did you want to put something else in the machine".  I had just dumped the clothes in and left it.  Didn't add soap (did have enough), turn it on or nothing.  

Guess I had better get back to doing something. You all have a great day.