Monday, January 30, 2012

I miss them.

Now they're nothing big or special.  Just things that went the way for bygone days.  You know, cut backs, save money and the internet world.  What are they you say.  Catalogs.  You know those wonderful Sears, Penneys, etc. books that came in the spring, summer fall and winter.  Not to mention the awesome 'Christmas' catalog.  How the kids (me too) would sit quietly for hours checking them out.  Then the inevitable, "Mom, look at this.  I want that. This is so cool".   We would cut out pictures of things and put them into what was called 'scrapbooks' back then.  Saving silly things from these along with the good stuff we put in them.  May those were dreams of what could be added to what we already had. 
Yes, we can go online and go through products at these places.  But there is something to be said for just sitting in a big old stuffed chair and slowly going from page to page. 

Progress and technology are a good thing. It makes our life easier they say, saves time etc.  Sometimes I wonder.  It seems that people are busier than ever with never enough time. 

What thing of the past do you miss?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just stuff

I guess I've been goofing off.  Didn't realized I had posted in a couple days.  I know I must have had some thing or idea to rattle about.  Trouble is they usually come in my sleep and I forget them in the morning.  Or, I'll lay awake and to lazy to get up and go jot down the thought. 

As you read from Sherry's post, our sister Jodi got a new Chevy Cruz.  Isn't it pretty.

  I got to back it out of the driveway so she could take her Saturn out of the garage and park it in this spot.  Her son gets the Saturn.  Wouldn't mind having one of those myself, though I'm kind of addicted to my suburban.  Like that higher seating vision thing.

The new Stephanie Plum movie is out and I hope to get to see it this week.  I see where Beth liked it.  I'm reading Janet Evanovich's "Viva Vegas" right now.  Just started so not sure how it will hold up to the Plum books.  Guess it's just wait and see.   The Help was wonderful.  Now to see that movie too.

Scanned some more slides the other day and posted them on my husbands family fb group.  I'm not sure how his sister is going to react, hee hee.  I know her daughter had once mentioned to Darla about putting up pictures and Darla told her to be careful, as you never know what my mother will find in all those old slides and pictures dad took.  Well now they know the possibilities are endless.  Back when, he was about the only one taking pictures.  ;-)

You all have a good day. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I've been grounded for days!

The sacrifices we make for our kids.  My sons drivers side door window dropped down inside Monday.  The dealership wanted $600 (Ithink that's what he said) to fix it.  A local shop here would do it for $200 but not until tomorrow.  So guess who's been stuck at home all week.  You guessed it.  He has our Suburban.  Now we are not without a vehicle, just have one here that doesn't run properly.  It coughs and sputters and chokes out.  Hard to keep going so Jack is the only one to drive it and not very far.  So any thought of shopping etc. is out of the question until after tomorrow.  Can you say cabin fever?

I finished the book The Help.  Very good book.  Now to watch the movie and see how good that is.  I was going to mention this before, but old timers you know.  Now to decide which of the 70+ on the Kindle to read next.  Maybe Janet Evanovich.  Of course I could finish the paperback one I started.  Decisions, decisions.

I can't believe people.  I read this article this morning online where this guy in Chicago punted, yes I said punted, his kitten 15 to 18 feet and then signaled field goal.  He laughed as the police arrested him for cruely and said "It's only a cat".  What is wrong with people?  It made me so mad I wish they could punt him.  The cat was treated for injury (non-life threatening) and will be adopted to a better (I hope) family.  I could just imagine the reaction of the many friends out here that have furry friends. 

You all have a good evening. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Did I do this before?

You know how you think you did something but it's bounced around in your head so many times you can't be sure.  So just in case, you go ahead and hope you don't boor anyone.  Well here goes.

My schooling was in some ways different from my friends.  They all went through the same schools together while I took a 3 year side trip to a Catholic school.  The thing was our district (township) went only through the 8th grade then we had to go into the city district for 9th through 12th.  Well I rejoined my friends in 9th, as tuition was a burden on the parents. 

In the city it was time for the beginning of selectives for us.  I took a home ec (that's what girls did then)  class and the sewing part was the worse class I have ever taken.  There was no problem with the others, as coming from a Catholic school I had the advantage of being almost an entire year ahead on the subjects.  But of course not home ec.  The teacher seemed to have a prejudice for the 'country' kids.  At least in the class period I had. 

All beginners had to make an apron with a bib.  I was so excited to learn and we bought all the supplies needed, and if I remember right, a very pretty pattern.  Well I managed to followed the instructions she gave and got it all cut out.  Even got it gathered.  Now to assemble the bib to it and waist tie.  It stumped me. Looking back with what I know now, it should have been easy.  But no, I was stopped completely.  I ask the teacher for help and was put off with "in a minute" on a daily basis.  Needless to say the deadline for that step was not met and I was to stay after and work on it.  I met with no success after school from her.  One of the girls working after class (for extra credit and making her pompon skirt) started to help me and was reprimanded and threatened with a lower grade if she did that again.  I went home that night and told mom I wanted to drop the class and why.

The next day she went to the principal and said her piece.  They called in a couple of the girls who were staying after and also some in my class to verify my complaint.  Well the jist of the story is I was allowed to go to study hall for the rest of the year yet was given a C for the class.  I never even went back in that room to retrieve my supplies. 

I never thought again about sewing until I got married and a machine came with the purchase of a vacuum cleaner.  Fortunately I'm a stubborn gal and bought a pattern to make a dress from my new little girl.  It was also fortunate that a neighbor just two houses down was a very experienced sewer and more than willing to help in anyway she could.  There is still a lot about sewing I should know, but I never give up.    Procrastinate some, lol, but keep plugging.

Well I hope this didn't send you nap taking.  Guess we can't always remember if we repeat ourselves.

Now to get to work around here.  Have a good day.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Sunday is half over already.  Where does the time go.  Not happy with the weather here for sure.  Drizzle today and icy rain forecast.  Yuck.  Please hurry spring.

Glad to know I'm not the only naive young women there was and that most are not ironing fans. 

Seems like there is still a little trouble with comments now and then.  Haven't been able to comment on Boston Boy's either.  Sorry about that.  Loved your slides of the auto show.  If I haven't left a comment it's not because I don't want to.  As it seems I'm not the only one having this problem I at least don't feel alone.

Received a letter reminding me it's time for my yearly vision exam.  Since these glasses don't seem to be much good for anything but reading, I think the timing is great.  Will call and make the appointment in the morning and hope they can make it quick. 

Cousin Jim and Mary are still in Zion with another setback.  They were doing a biopsy of the spleen and it bled too much so they had to remove it.  He is in ICU for a day or two and then will go into a regular room.  She doesn't know how much longer they will be but we pray this will be the last setback and complete healing will now take place.  Thank you for the prayers you sent for them. 

Well back to reading the Help.  I know I should have finished it by now as it's a great book, but for some reason inconsequentials get in the way.  You know, that feeding the man, laundry etc.  I mean really.  Priorities you know

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ironing, yuck!

Remember a few days ago I told you there was a story about ironing.  Well I don't know if I've told this before.  Maybe when on spaces but here goes again.

As a new young bride (19) I wanted to be the best I could be.  I think most of us feel that way.  Wanting to do as much right as possible and please the new husband.  Well, naive I was.  Tending to believe what he told me.  So, I ironed almost everything.  Even the tee shirts were nice and wrinkle free.  He said his grandma always did it and I wasn't going to be outdone by a poor little bent over lady.  I think I was suckered in for about 3 months before I got the chance to ask her about this.  Side story here, Jack lived with her as he ran away from home because of an abusive step-father.  Well imagine the sheepish look on his face when the truth came out.  Poor guys been paying for this every since.  :-) Needless to say, the dryer is the best iron there is. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One of those nights.

You know the ones.  Where your mind won't shut down.  You get to sleep and have one to get up once (or more) during the night and can't get back to sleep.  Well that was a 2 in the morning and boy I hate when it happens.  All sorts of stupid stuff running around up there keeping you awake.  Silly stuff like how a show should have ended, why didn't this one make it on some show, how you could have done this or that with a project of some kind.  What you think you would say to a certain person if you had the chance.  What you heard someone say and how you should have reacted but the answer didn't come until right now.  Something you would like to blog about but totally forget after you do finally fall asleep a half hour before it's time to get up.  That was my night Wed. night.  Took me two naps and a good nights sleep last night to get the fuzzy out.  Why is it things like that (most totally unimportant) come up like that. 

Still don't get it.  You know the problem with leaving comments.  Have only had this trouble with Nancy and Carole's sites.  Sherry thinks a new browser might help, but then why isn't it doing it on others.  Just doesn't make sense to me.  I have no trouble on their second sites, just their home ones. 

Tonight is pizza night.  That's what the guys have on 'granny's night'.  Well I don't think I'm going out in this cold weather, so I'll just snitch one piece for me.  More snow and cold headed our way so I guess it's time to hibernate.  Better check the supplies and make sure we're covered.  I'm pretty sure we are, but better safe than sorry. 

You all have a good day.  Keep warm.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There's a Gremlin...

in my washer or dryer.  I know, you think it's the one who steals the socks.  Nope.  This one has a differenct agenda.  He doesn't take anything.  He gets his fun by turning the sleeve of my husbands shirt inside out.  Just one sleeve mind you.  I've made sure all sleeves are out when putting them in but when folding and hanging, there it is.  One sleeve inside, the other out.  Silly little fellow. 

Well they just annouced that they got 1 million signatures for the recall of our Govenor.  Since he only won with 1.2 million I would think he would get the message now.  Guess where our Gov. is?  Not here taking care of business, but off to NY to rake is some money.  He's gone at least one day a week doing that instead of his job here.  Doesn't say much for his commitment to WI. it seems to me. They also got more than enough to recall the Lt. Gov. and 4 Senators.  You think their party will pay attention?  I doubt it.  Seems like political parties no longer pay attention to their consituients, just the money men. 

Snowing again here, with freezing temps. following right behind.  Guess our mild winter is over.  It was good while it lasted though.  Really enjoyed it.  Hopefully since spring is just 63 (I think) days away it won't be a cold one and take it's time weatherwise.

I was able to get through to the sites yesterday.  I haven't tried yet today but hope the glitches are over.

Well off to check you all out.  Have a good day.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time for a change.

The picture that is.  See, I'm already tired of the snow.  One snow storm and out is good as far as I'm concerned. Thought this was a better look.  You know, hoping to rush the spring weather, lol.

 Sadly the Packers lost.  They had a great run but if you don't catch the ball, and don't stop the other side, you sit home and contemplate next year.  Good luck to the teams still playing.

I am totally stumped with what is going on with my visiting a few of my blogger friends.  For some reason I can't get their site to work so I can read and comment.  The site comes up and then just sits there.  I can't scroll down to read or comment.  Now they have 2 sites and so far have had no trouble there. At first  thought maybe my desktop pc was acting up, but it did the same on the laptop.  It's a puzzle for sure.  So, Carole and Nancy, if any ideas on what it wrong and how I can read you posts I sure would appreciate it.  I can get into Hollerwood and Admiral's but that's it.  No trouble with other sites and hope it stays that way. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012


For some reason I am having trouble visiting and commenting to anyone but Beth.  I can go to her site, read teh post and comment but not anyone else. I get to their site and it either goes to a white screen or it won't move at all so I can read and comment.  Any ideas anyone.  Getting an answer on the help site is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Been this way for a few days now.  I feel like I've been sent to the corner and not allowed to play. 

Well sadly my Packers lost.  They didn't play well so they really didn't deserve to go any farther.  A two week layoff really doesn't help a team much and we all worried about that.  Guess we had a right to worry.  Good luck to the rest of the teams and hope the best teams win.

Off to read before bed.  Have a good rest of the night.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to out daughter

We are so very proud of her.  She hasn't let the trouble of life keep her back.  Went back to school and earned her BA and is working with special ed children in a school district.  Her charge is an autisic boy and it has given her another insight into what others must deal with.  Though some days are real rough and others good, she gets excited when the young man has a great day.  Her tales of her days make us all realized how lucky we are to have happy healthy children.

It seems to be the week for birthdays.  My nephew Trent's was Thur., a good friends (who just lost his wife, sad to say) is also today, and I see Carole son also has a birthday.  Happy Birthday to all.  Danielle's husband has set up a party at the little bar up the street for 8 and put it on fb.  Being the comedian she is Danielle said she didn't know if she could make it, lol.  We have the fire dept. Christmas Party at 5, with dinner at 6 and entertainment afterward.  If it's not done by 8 we will leave for the little bar.

You all have a good day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Not bad.

The snow that is.  About 4 inches.  It's the roads that people forget about and don't slow down.  You would think after living in the state for so long they would remember.  Not so much!

Jared took Carson to Rockford Ill. last night to the Miranda Lambert concert.  Since the news and people of fb were all saying the roads were awful I didn't sleep much until I knew they were home, after 12.  She had a great time and told her dad it was the "best night of her life".  Then she's only 11 so I'm thinking she has many more ahead of her.  Doesn't she look happy?

Jack did his thing this morning.
See, it doesn't look too bad. 

From the tracks you can see it stopped around 12 as that's when the car pulled in.

I'm sure the neighbor, (Danielle) isn't happy though, lol.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well it's over...

The lovely weather that is.  Yesterday Darla was sitting on her deck with the dogs and a drink, and today the snow is coming down.  It was so nice while it lasted. Now I suppose we have to let the snow people have their fun too.  It will be tough, but I'll be happy for them. 

Tonight is suppose to be 'granny's night' but I'm not feeling it.  Not anxious to go out in the snow, and since it's still has a few hours before it ends, I'll just stay in.  Have snacks, food, books and plenty else to keep busy with.  Even nothing if I don't want to.  Hubby is even reading.  Read 3 James Patterson books then went to the garage where there is a box full and brought in 4 Louie Lamour books.  With the ability to keep in touch with the world with these marvelous machines, I guess we're all set.

Granny's night is usually pizza for supper and that will continue anyway.  Not in the cooking mood either.  Must be the weather, lol.  

Well the dryer just stopped so had better get to the clothes before I have to iron them.  I'm sure you'll have an idea what I think of that (there is a story there for later).  Only use that thing when sewing unless it's a dressy piece of clothing.  Since we don't go to places needing them much, it's rare to have to iron.   

Have a nice evening.  Keep warm where it's cold and cool where it's warm.   

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back Better...

..but I'm tired.  Not sleeping well with the back hurting and was looking forward to a good nights sleep last night (you know, not having to get up a hundred times also).  Well almost got it.  Was jolted awake a 3 this morning with the phone ringing.  This always scares people and with Jack's mother living alone and set up with life alert it did just that to us.  Thank fully it wasn't he,r but it was the Fire Dept.  They needed him to come to the scene of a house fire and take pictures.  He made it home at 9.  Fortunately, no one was hurt.  All the residents and animals got out safely.  Unfortunately, the house seems to be a total loss. 

Dept. has been busy in the last 24 hours.  We had a funeral visitation last night and coming home we saw dozens of red and blue lights ahead.  Coming up to the scene of a car accident but couldn't see how bad it was due to the two lanes of traffic and all the emergency vehicles.  Then heard they was another one later that night.  Haven't seen or heard a word on either the news or morning paper, and Jack said no one mentioned it at the station either.  Hopefully that means no one was hurt, or at least hurt bad.

Been so spoiled with all this nice weather and now that it going to be over.  Always new the snow would come but still don't look forward to it.  Of course some are and I hope they enjoy it.  They have waited some time. 

Now to get my act together around here and do something constructive.  The list is so long I may have to cut them up and draw them from a hat to know where to start. 

Have a good day.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Been a tough couple of days but the back is beginning to feel better.  Bought a couple of those heat things to put on it and they seem to be doing the trick.  They really get hot though.  Moving has been quite a chore so didn't get to here.  You know how it is.  You can't sit, stand or lay.  Today is much better.  Even ventured out to finally get my husband his Christmas present (he finally decided what he wanted).  Here it is.

It fits, lol.

Now he won't have to reach 'up' to use his computer. 

Did buy two plastice mats for the computer chairs.  My old one was cracking and wheels getting stuck.  Unfortunately I forgot the other thing I wanted to go for.  One of those lights to attach to my kindle cover for nightitime reading.  Guess another trip will be in the horizon. :-)  Besides, I have a Kohls gift card to spend too.

Off to heat up again.  Do not want it to tighten up again.

You all take care.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sunny Saturday

So far anyway.  I just love this weather.  A bit afraid we might get dumped on big one of these days though.  Do feel a little sorry for those whose winter business rely on snow.  Just a little though, ;-). 

Did some mending yesterday.  A pair of pants for Deedee and two tops of mine.  One, a pj top that the cuff needed fixing and one a brand new shirt whose seam came undone.  It really irks me the shoddy work you find at times.  Still and all, I plan to see what I can find at Kohls for my gift card.  Hopefully today, as no big plans until tonight.  Have a dinner at the horseshoe club for the season's end of Monday night horseshoes. 

 You know how the least little move can go wrong.   Well yesterday after my shower I must have turned or bent the wrong way when drying and pulled something as my back has been hurting ever since.  Sit awhile, stand awhile, walk awhile.  All those things you do to try and loosen it up did not help.  Sleeping last night was miserable and contrary to their ads, Tylenol extra strength did absolutely nothing to help.  I don't know how many times I had to get up and move around.  Hoping for a better day, or going out shopping or for dinner is not going to be much fun.  May a long ride in the car with the heated seats would help.  Would try a heating pad, but someone borrowed it and haven't seen it sense.

Well that's it for now.  Have to get up and move.
You all have a great day.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ahh! Wednesday.

Already the middle of the week.  Where do the days go?  Still cleaning files but a break now and then.

Decided to do something I should have done when I got my Kindle.  Read the PDF file on how to operate it.  Have read 2 books and now on to the instructions, lol.  Better late than never they say. 

Went over check into my WP site.  It's been since March that I was last there.  Couldn't hardly believe that.  It's definitely much easier here.  I guess that's why I forgot all about it.

Not much else going on, so this is short and sweet.  

You have a good evening.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Good start!

Wisconsin Badgers!
Go BadgersGo!

Well the new year is here and I kind of think it started off on the path with the Packer win.  Now if the Badgers can pull off the same thing it will be a really good start.

Can you believe someone would be so terrible they would go around setting cars on fire like is happened in Cal.  How could anyone be so awful?  I just don't understand people. 

Had a nice New Year Eve.  Had dinner and listened to some music at the Moose.  Then home early and in bed watching the tv.  Safe and sound. 

Used up my gift card for my kindle getting books so when at the store for other things, picked up another for myself.  Makes it easier to avoid adding to my charge account on Amazon.  Have a ton of books on it already so should be good for some time.  When needed I'll just go get another one.  Shopko, like a lot of stores, has a kiosk with gift cards for just about anything. 

Been cleaning the filing cabinet.  Didn't realize it kept me away for a couple days.  Still have some to do.  It's amazing what you file away and forget about that you don't need anymore.  About to wear out the shredder.

Well the game is on so I'll catch you all later. 
Have a good night.