Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello friends

It has been a fairly quiet weekend here.  Friday was nothing to talk about.  Same old routine.  I think we're in a rut.  Oh wait.  I take that back.  Was out doing a check in the camper to see if there was anything we needed and as I opened one of the drawers if fell in.  The catch in the back of the drawer broke so there I am trying to hold it in place with one handed and calling Jack on the cell phone with the other to come help.   Well guess what.  As usual, he forgot to turn on his phone and since the caller id on the home phone register 'no data' he ignored it.  So I had to shove it back and carefully let it drop down and went in to get him.  Well that meant a trip to the RV dealer for a new part.  While there we picked up extras, a package of fuses (you never know when you need those) and some bulbs for the lights as one was burned out and some tp.  Home for repairs and opening the awning to dry out and that was about it.

Saturday was the quiet day.  Did some reading, tv watching etc.  Nice a restful.  Now Sunday we had an interesting afternoon.  Darla and Jim were here and we were making check and grocery lists for the camping trip this weekend.  While sitting out at the table my son's car alarm goes off.  Now this silly thing has a habit of doing this.  At least it seems so.  Anyway it stopped so we figured he heard it a shut it down.  Nope, a few minutes later it did it again.  We could see, even when it stopped, the lights kept flashing and it would probably do it again.  Jack went in grabbed his keys off the table and come out a shut it down.  Well now this was just temporary and it went off again.  My sister Jodi came out and hollered, "Shoot that thing", lol.  Now you have to know what a joker Jim is.  He was parked in her drive right under her window was going to make a run to the store.  So, as he walked across the road he pushed his button and the horn on his truck started honking.  She come out again with this stunned look and he started laughing, saying he just couldn't resist.  Back to Jared's car.  I finally went and got him and told him to come take care of his car.  You'll never believe what the problem was.  He had taken Carson to a scout meeting and evidently she didn't get the door shut right when she got out.  He opened the passenger door, shut it tight and no more honking.

Today's plan.  Well laundry of course, and loading what can be loaded in the camper.  I'm sure that will be happening all week as we get ready to go.  Pick up groceries early Thur. morning and off early Fri.  I can hardly wait.  Haven't been out at all this year yet, when I wish we could be gone at least every other weekend.  Why, you ask.  You know, the weddings, graduations, birthday's etc.  Those things you just have to attend to.  Hopefully next year will be better. 

Well that's about it from here.  You all have a good day.  Prayers for those in the east dealing with the aftermath of Irene, and all those elsewhere where a prayer is needed.

P.S. I'm glad you enjoyed Carson's National Anthem.  Thanks for the nice comments.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

She did great.

I couldn't get a clear video as I wasn't allowed down on the field, so this is through the protective net.  Jared got a good one but he hasn't loaded it on here.  For all to see.

Carson singing the National Anthem at the Minnesota Twins minor league team, the Beloit Snappers!

Grandma was so proud her eyes began to moisten up.  The people around us were very supportive and congratulated her when she joined us.  She said she was nervous but she sure did us proud.  There is connected ball field where they play softball and one of the guys said they stopped throwing the ball around just to listen to her. 

I think I said before that she made us laugh when she said she wanted to do this.  Her dad said he check with the Snappers and get the okay.  She said I mean at the Milwaukee Brewers, lol.  We told her she had to work her way up.  One step at a time, :).

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The big night

Carson is going to sing the National Anthem for the Minnesota Twins minor league team The Snappers tonight.  They are homed right here in town.  They used to be the Milwaukee Brewers home team but sad to say, they moved elsewhere.  I'm sure she is a little nervous but I do believe she will do okay.  She's sang in front of people before and did just fine. Grandma has her camera charged and ready, not to mention her mother and dad do too.  Hopefully a good recording from all that.

Wasn't the earthquakes something.  In two different locations and the one felt so far away from Virginia.  Now hurricane season is beginning and poor Texas is still dry as a bone.  The weather lately is so wild.  

Had to take a trip to the store today and there was this couple checking the NCIS videos.  Said I like the show too and they said they have every show and were checking no news ones had been out yet.  

Time for "Days" so off I go.  Have a good rest of the day.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A childhood memory

One game we girls always played was ‘house’ naturally. We had a funny way to make a house of rooms. We would take the old push mower and mow sections in the yard to resemble room floor plans then set up toys to distinguish each room. It wasn’t our Dad’s favorite way to mow the lawn, but at least there was a lot less for him to do. The safe streets were good places to ride our bikes as we could go on all of them and visit our friends anytime. Games like ‘kick the can’, Red Rover Red Rover, Tag, Cowboys and Indians‘ are some you all remember too. Making tents over clotheslines with blankets and close pins, and swinging in the back yard on the swings Dad put up between two hickory nut trees. The trees were just perfectly spaced apart with a couple of strong branches opened just right and a huge long hunk of wood sat in the crook of them, both tied and nailed for safety. Though I’m not one for heights now, I remember climbing up the ropes and sitting on that bar. We used to sit underneath and crack and eat the hickory nuts, even though it was quite a task to get enough meat out of them.
With all this, our favorite thing was to go up the street to Grandma and Grandpa’s. We always needed more spoiling you know. Of course they were always willing to oblige.

With all this, our favorite thing was to go up the street to Grandma and Grandpa’s. We always needed more spoiling you know. Of course they were always willing to oblige.

Grandma made the best pies. My favorite was custard. Haven’t had one since she passed. Mom used to run a little truck stop across the highway from our little community. It was open 24 hours and Grandma made the pies for it. I had my eighth birthday at the restaurant. It was a busy little place that lasted through our teen years, but alas, the I system had all the truckers going elsewhere.

Grandma and Grandpa had one of the first televisions in neighborhood. Jack’s uncle (more on him later) had the other. Needless to say we always wanted to be there and watch the thing. Later we had our own of course, a huge thing called a Hallicrafter. I hope that’s how it’s spelled. It was on this tv I first saw Elvis shake his hips. Mom and Dad laughed and just couldn’t understand how we could like this kid. Much the same way, I suppose, we reacted to the one our kids liked. Of course I now understand as some music today makes no sense to me.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Where to start.

Where to start.  Did the Sat. farmer's market as there was suppose to be a party in the afternoon.  Son wanted a "have a party just because party".  Well it didn't turn out quite as expected.  Had to change the date so many times made for a very low turnout.  He had planned to bring out the tv to watch the Brewer game and that created a problem with some.  They wanted to listen to music with the tv on mute and kind of forced the issue.  Upset him and he went inside a never came back out.  I mean the game only lasts a couple hours.  Then the weatherman said rain was coming so in went the tv, cushions, radio etc and the party was over before 7.  I really felt for him as he doesn't ask for much in a get-together. 

Sunday we had Allie's graduation/18th birthday party.  She is hopefully planning on going into the Air Force.  I wish her the best and hope all goes well.  Later it was just relaxing here at home.  That just about covers the weekend.  No big plans for today either other than the normal things we all must do.  Jack has his horseshoes tonigt and I still haven't decided whether I'm going along or not.  Usually end up going but don't make any decisions until the last minute.  Have some books lined up and one just about finished, so may just stay home and take care of that. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bad and good!

Well I tried three times yesterday to get that slide show to work on here and no such luck, so I just deleted the whole blog.  Sorry. 

Sad to say they found the missing gentleman and the ending was not a good one.  It looks like he took a corner to fast on his motorcycle and ended in an area difficult to see from what I gather.  I think everyone was expecting something like this with him missing for a week. Was amazed at how hard and the amount of people who have spent their spare time out looking everywhere.  He was a person who liked to just get on his bike and ride the roads.  Sadly this excursion ended so wrong.  Prayers and thoughts to the family. 

Bar-b-que's for supper tonight.  Didn't plan ahead so hamburger can be cooked frozen a bit faster.  Open a can of beans to go along and that's it for tonight.

Went to Kohl's this morning and bought me 3 new tops.  I had a gift certificate Darla an Jim gave me for Mother's day and a flyer in the paper had an extra 15% off everything for seniors on Wednesdays, so this was the best day to go.  I got 3 $25 tops and only had to fork out an extra $8.  :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hello Monday!

Here's hoping yours is a really good one.  A nice sunny one here.  Tool bar say 81, weather bug says 79 so I'll split the difference and say 80. 

Went to Shopko and picked up a folding table to put in the camper storage area.  We sit it outside for the stereo, toaster, etc.  Jack doesn't like the one we have, it doesn't fold but it's really light.  Oh well, whatever makes him happy.  Going out over Labor Day and can hardly wait. 

Been reading a book called Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood.  It's not bad but not one that grips you so you can't put it down.  It's a mystery a crime reporter (whose father is a crook) stumbles on. 

Still no sign of the man who has gone missing in town.  Been 5 days.  Being gone that long without any clue doesn't look good.  I feel bad for his family.  Hope something pops soon.

Having computer trouble here.  Java script has crashed, though internet works I also get "Windows explorer has stopped working".   My photoshop program will not open along with the HP games that came preloaded with it.  But everythink else seems to work fine.   Being NOT A COMPUTER GENIUS, I guess I am going to have to take it to someone who is. 

Well that about sums up my Monday.  Rather quiet here lately.  You all have a good day.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gloom Day.

Looks like another rain coming in.  I know rain is a needed thing, but I sure wish it would go help out those in Texas like JoAnne.  They need it so bad.  The thunder and downpoar just caught the girls outside.  LOL   Needless to say they didn't melt. It's really coming down out there.

Got the report from Jack's visit to the doctor and all tests are normal.  I think the weight loss is just due to the way he eats and he has been more active lately.  Quit sitting around so much in front of the tv.  The coulgh has eased up and I think that was just something he was going through.  It all makes me feel much better.  Now I hope he doesn't come down with something else.  He and Jared are out helping in a search for a missing man here.  He has been missing a few days and that is not the type of man who would do this.  Though I hope they find him, I hope they stopped before the downpour hit and are on they're way home.

One of the neighbors is having a pig roast in his yard for his birthday today and now the rain.  Was suppose to go over, but not going now.  Yup, it's just a gloomy day today.
Hope yours is better.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Is it Fall already?

The days have been so nice, I've been walking in the morning.  Rain called for tomorrow night into Sat.  Hope that's all.  It has the feeling of fall alright. 

Jack's checkup had a couple suggestions.  He had a chest x-ray, so waiting to hear about that.  Doctor told him to eat more. She actually told him to have me feed him better.  The (lol) jerk never told her he was the cook around here.  He also told her he eats all the time and he does.  Just little bits at a time.  He lost 11 lbs.  So they're going to do a thyroid test.  He really doesn't have any weight to lose.  The guys where he worked used to call him the 'skinny little f****r'.  She doesn't seem to concerned so we just wait for test results. 

Not much else to report today.  Nothing earth shattering or even interesting so I guess I'll just wish you all a good day. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's gorgeous

The day that is.  Sunshine, temps in 70's, low humidity.  A lovely day to be outside.  Trouble is, I'm afraid to put the cushions on my swing, as everytime I do I have to bring them in, in just a couple hours as the rain comes.  LOL   Had a friend tell me that whenever it started to get dry she was going to call me and tell to put them out.  Funny girl.  Really, it's suppose to be like this most of the week. 

Just a few weeks and school will start around here.  I don't know who will be happier, the kids, the teachers, or the parents.  I suppose the teachers and support staff will be glad to get a paycheck again, but the others, probably the parents, lol.  Teachers do get their yearly salary, but most take the summer months check at the end of the school year.  Most support staff doesn't get any of course and are not allowed unemployment, so I'm sure they are glad to be back to work.  Maintenance works all summer but that's about it.  Aides, bus drivers, cooks, secretaries (most) etc. do not. 

Not much going on in my little world.  There's the big recall elections in the state, but we don't live in any of the districts where they are.  It will be interesting, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

Waiting for Jack to get back from the doctors for his regular checkup.  He's had this cough that doesn't seem to want to go away and I think he pulled a muscle during one of the episodes.  Considering some of the places and things he's worked with we want to make sure it's nothing serious.   As a welder, fireman and maintenance man, he has dealt with smoke, chemicals etc. 

Well you all have a nice day.  Hope it's as nice there as it is here.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holy Cow!

We have relatives here from Florida (I think I mentioned that before) and last night we met them at a local wateringhole/eatery for chicken and dumplings.  The place is called The Mouse (that's a story in itself, for later).  Now if you go away hungry from this place it's your own fault.  We had to take half of ours home for later today.  Just to give you an idea, here is a picture of their Dumpling.  Yes, that is a standard platter.
This is all fluffy and comes with extra gravy and very delicious.
I ordered the quarter order chicken and dumplings and mine was just as large.  You can tell by the plate there was just enough room for 2 pieces of chicken.  This little bitty lady ordered only the dumpling.  Needless to say all but 2 people had to go containers, but they ate something else.

Now about The Mouse.  It was originally named  "The Mickey Mouse" and had Mickey and Minnie on the window holding up a drink.  One year a person went to DisneyLand and wore his t-shirt depicting this scene.  Asked were that was and trouble started.  Needless to say Disney was not happy and sued.  Hence "The Mouse".   

Well off to the Moose for breakfast (first of the month thing), and a more reasonable size meal, lol.

Have a good day.

Friday, August 5, 2011


That jury got it right.  Warren Jeffs is guilty as can be.  It just makes me sick how anyone can even think this behavior is justifiable under any circumstances.  To use "religion" as justification for his sick pedophile acts just makes my stomach turn.  I believe all cults or sects, whatever you call them, are just cover for these dirty deeds.  That people fall for them, believe the lies they are told, blows my mind.  The gullibilty of people is astounding.  He deserves to rot in prison and I hope he enjoys his position as the new 'girl' in there. 

Should she or shouldn't she?  Casey Anthony return to Florida.  I'm torn on this one.  I do believe she was guilty and beat the system on the murder charge.  But I am confused as to how, if she was given the time in jail as probabtion served, and given the papers clearing her,  they can make her come back.  Is it just to see how she had changed her appearance so she can never hide?  She will just do it again after being cleared again.  What's the real reasoning behind all this, which is just costing the taxpayers more money.

Okay, enough ranting about things I can't control anyway.  Just makes a person feel good to 'let r rip'.

Danielle and family are all moved in and Nicole is loving it.  She can ride her bike here without worrying about the neighborhood.  Is in her own school district, so no more 'open enrollment' worries.  Can ride the bus to and from school.  And best of all---Grandma and Granpa are right next door.   They had one hitch in the move.  Their dryer is gas and the hook-up is electric.  As luck would have it, a friend has a electric dryer she doesn't use and gave it to them.   Now if she could just draw unemployment while off from school in the summer, but that's not allowed or you will not be employed next year.   Walker and his cronies don't take that into account when they attack the education system.  It doesn't just affect teachers, it attacks all support staff who are not making big salaries. 

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

They're gone.

The girls from Idaho have left to go back home this morning.  Though they enjoyed their visit and were busy most all the time, they do NOT appreciate the humidity we have here.  It's something they say they don't have to deal with at home.  We had a great time with them.  The girls school friends gathered together here and we had a nice cookout and yard party Sat.  They had to see the Zoo and Jared took the oldest daughter to see her first major league baseball game in Milwaukee.  It was a busy time for all but fun.  It was nice to have them here.  Here is the school group.

Here is the special friendship tatoo the girls all got.  Spring said the others lied about the pain and threatened to shave the eyebrow of Sherry's daughter, as it was her idea.  LOL

And here is the girls and the Moms
Yes we all had a great time.

Now you know why I have been gone a day or too.