Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What a wonderful day.....

...it turned out to be for the anniversary party.  It looked a bit iffy in the morning but cleared up nicely for party time.  So many people came and some we were very surprised to see.  There were cousins from Fla., and friend from Calif., and people we hadn't seen in ages.  The kids did a great job putting this all together and the food was great (no surprise, there as those who brought dishes always step up) and the music so nice.  I do say it has taken me this long to get some energy back. 
 We were so young, just 19.

Danielles friend sent this from California.  Thanks Gayle!

They came and went all afternoon.  Party ended about midnight.

Just a little poker party.  It's a family thingl

My how we've changed.
You all have a good day.  Hope it's dry where you are.  Our yard if full of water again.  May be pictures of that later.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I didn't realize it's been this long since I last posted.  There's been birthdays, Father's day, Dr's. appt.s and things like that.  But, that is no excuse.  I've been bad at neglecting my blog and though I have checked on you all, I haven't always left a comment.  Since the next few days will be busy getting ready for another party I probably won't b able to get on here each day.  Our 50th wedding anniversay is this Sat. and the kids are having a open house here, so there is much to do.  It's also my son and his wonderful wife's anniversary.  Then Sherry's is the 25th.  Whew!  The weather is not suppose to be very cooperative with possible thunderstorms in the forecast.  Hopefully they'll hold off.  The kids had originally planned to have it at the Moose, but to save money the plans changed.  Jack offered to help but they didn't want that.  Now with the weather it makes one wonder if we should have left it that way.  Plus the fact the parking will be a challenge.  But we will make the best of it as we always do.  What's life without a challenge or two. 
With all the running and such my mind is mush so ideas for a post are all jumbled together up there and not falling and in order to begin one.  As fast as one pops up it goes.  Maybe after these last few days it will settle down and I can actually think.  Going to start carrying a notepad and pen with me to jot down one when it comes, lol.  Maybe there will be lots of pictures from the party to help get restarted on here. 
With that said I will leave you all to have a good night. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a little rant, lol.

The other day Carole had a rant on driving.  I have a little to add to it.  Especially about blinkers, or their lack of use.  It seems to me when learning to drive there was a part in the manual about turning on your blinkers at least (I think) 100 feet before turning.  Today, though so many don't use them at all, too many wait until just as they're turning to use them.  Then there are those who speed up, pass you, hit the blinker and turn immediately.  Have had to hit the brakes a few times for these jerks. Maybe if they'd get off the phone and pay attention it would help, but I doubt it.    Of course the people who should be setting the example, the police are some of the biggest blinker offenders.  A call to their headquarters usually works for about a month.  GRRRRR! 
Okay Terry, you can calm down now.  Let's not let the BP go up. 
My roses are busting out so prettily.  I just wish they would keep it up all summer.  I've tried the tricks they say that will keep them going, but it doesn't always work as stated.  Anyone with experience able to answer a question for me.  Can other plants overcome a rose bush.  We have a section in the side yard that has 3 different rose plants in it.  On is totally gone I think.  The other two have grown as I feel they should.  My husband planted iris and lilies behind them and they have taken over almost the entire plot.  I was wondering if they are choking off the roses.  You know that picture I have of the bee in the rose.  That is the bush that is not sprouting even a sprig.  The other 2 are just about a foot and a half high.  I'll go take a picture and put it up tomorrow. 
Carole says she has it on good authority that Oreo wants his own blog.  I'll have to have a long talk with him about how much work that would be.  He's pretty busy trying to get outside and play with neighbors and attacking his crate cushion.
Well better get with here.  You all have a great day. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's a dog!

You've all known we sisters get together once a week for what is knows as "granny's night".  That we have non-granny's included is just adds to the fun.  Now why the dog title?  Well it goes like this.  A couple weeks ago we gathered as usual.  While sitting there talking I heard a lawnmower start up.  Thinking it was Jack I said "poor Oreo is all alone loose in the house".  Well my sister Sherry said, "it's a dog", in the tone of  "it's JUST a dog".  The nerve of her, lol.  It's my baby.  I hate leaving him alone too long when he's in the crate.  Besides, I could see thing being chewed that he wouldn't normally be able to get to.  Fortunately the lawnmower was next door and Jack and Oreo were napping in the chair.
Things will be busy here on the weekend again with Fathers day approaching.  We girls have worked out another plan so as not to have to grill.  Last year we made a big slow cooker full of bar-b-que.  Well that didn't go over well with Rhonda's husband.  Didn't know he didn't like bar-b-que.  New plan for this year.  We are getting 150 pieces of broasted chicken.  With dishes to pass (that we usually have done the day before) and the chicken, we should be able to have a good day without anyone have to watch the grill. 
My grandson's birthday follows Father's Day and we are all adding a pack of pencils to his gift as a joke. It seems he's always losing his pencil and has to borrow at school.  If you have to borrow too often from the teacher they charge you a $1 at his school.  We did that years ago to Sherry's DIL who was always spilling her drink.  We all gave her a sippy cup for Christmas.
Following all this is our 50th anniversary on the 22nd and the kids are throwing an open house party here.  Sherry's son is getting married next month. So far, that is all as far as I know at this time.  I sure hope we get some time to go camping this summer.  It seems like the summers are so full that we hardly get it out. 
Well I guess I've rambled on long enough.  You all have a great day.