Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am thankful.

Tomorrow is the day we all give thanks.  .  I have seen people on fb do a 30 days of Thanksgiving each year on this month, but I'm sure we all give thanks throughout the year.  I know I do.
I'm thankful for being born into the family I have.  Couldn't have asked for better.  Some would say it could have been wealthier, but I doubt it.  Wealth isn't just money, it's love and caring.  My grandparents were just that and instilled it into their children.  Though my paternal grandmother passed when my father was just a baby I'm sure she was wonderful.  I remember my grandfather as a quiet man and the man who (my parents said) gave me my first dog when I was not quite a year old.  I was told he said no child should grow up without a dog.  That dog was my companion and protector until he passed.
My maternal grandparents were with me until my 11th birthday and were very special to me.  I stayed with them when Sherry had her surgery and they were always a place of love and care.  They're 6 children all have carried on that legacy.
I'm thankful for the wonderful man God seen fit to give me.  Though he had a hard life, he never let it get the best of him and became a man of integrity, responsibilty, and an A-one father and husband.  My children could not have asked for a better dad.
I am thankful my children all became grown-up to be proud of.  That they met the perfect person for them and have raised some of the most delightfully wonderful, talented, smart and decent children and great-grandchildren. All who are so just awesome and have great parents who will help them grow to be great adults. 
I am thankful for my sisters, brother and their spouses, and their kids.
  I am especially thankful for the closeness we all have as family is one of the most important things our family cherishes.  We see and hear for families who, for some reason or another, just can't seem to learn to get along.  What they lose is a tragedy.
I thankful for all the wonderful friends I have found online and consider you all a part of my family. 
Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy and sad.

So sad about the devastation from those tornados.  The weather patterns are just crazy lately.  I was so glad to finally hear Beth Marie was okay.  She was on my mind all day, and was really rfelieved when I saw Carol Dee's post of fb.  Though the big pattern shown on the weather screens showed the area around us in the red we missed the most of it.  One tree fell across the road from an empty lot next to my sisters.  The guys went out and with 30 minutes they had it moved and cleaned up.  You wouldn't even know anything happened if you drove down the street. 
The guys will be heading out Fri. for the big deer hunt.  Oreo and I will be on our own again.  I think it's funny how an animal seems to know when he's going.  He has been almost glued to him for the last few days.  As soon as Jack gets into his chair and comfy the little furball jumps right in his lap and they just sit there together.
Got a call from my Dr. yesterday on my bone scan.  It seems my bones have improved.  I would never have guessed that considering my age and I have a tendency to forget the calcium pills.  I take those as I am not much for dairy products and can not stand milk.  Guess it's the Klondike bars, ;-).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Time to get to work around here.  Breakfast dishes won't do themselves and there is a load waiting to be thrown in the washer.
Everyone have a good day.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


It seems like I"ve been saying sorry a lot lately for not being out here on a steady basis.  Sometimes suff just gets in the way.  Doing what I can to help with the bathroom reno, all the normal stuff, and just plain tired lately.  I promise to try and do better.
Had my annual checkup last weekk and all came out good, though she checked and decided I am due for a Mammogram and bone density check.  So I get those Thurs.  Then coming up in Dec. is my skin doctor check and 6 mo. check after the cataract fix.  That should be it for the rest of this year. 
Today is my daughter Darla's 49 birthday.  It really doesn't seem like that long ago they put the beautiful little curly haired baby in my arms.  There she was, all blue eyed and a full head of haired that had blond tipped ends.  Now she is a beautiful confident woman who is always there for friends and family.  Happy Birthday Darla.  We Love You!
Not happy with this snowfall already.  I could use a bit more summer and fall, but it is what we have so deal we do.  Funny thing is, as much as I don't like the cold and snow, I just can't imagine being anywhere else.  I think most of us feel that way about where we live.  Jack has suggested at time that we should look into winters in Fla. or somewhere, but I just don't like the idea of being away from family.  Guess the closeness we all have is much better than having to add extra layers any day. 
As to all that.  I think I'll head to couch, the afghan and the puppy.  Oreo is a good little heater and loves sitting in my lap or against me when I'm tucked in there.  Hope your keeping warm.