Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A hodge podge of sorts.

So sad to hear the loss of Kassey.  Add to that my sister Sherry, who has been watching her sons dog Snuff, found out he has cancer.  These pets become so precious to us that our hearts break when they have troubles.
You've hear of 'bucket lists' I'm sure.  I don't make them.  Since I'm not much of an adventurer I know I wouldn't get 1/3 of it done anyway.  My bucket list is the daily grind kind.  With my lack of disorganization, even that one comes up short quite often.
Sports are taken way too seriously now days.  People get so riled up and mad when their team doesn't live up to expectations or someone says something negative about them.  I heard one guy admit he gets so mad he wants to and has come close to punching someone.  Folks, it's a game. 
Another thing about sports.  The inflated salaries of athletes is just as bad as politicians, CEO's actors etc.  Then to have a team owner ask the taxpayers to build them a new stadium....REALLY!  It just blows the mind.   You know I'm a Packer fan.  I feel the only team that has a right to even suggest such a thing is the Packers, as they are owned by the fans, but not all taxpayers are owners.   
Some sew and some don't.  Do you think it's a failing interest?  I feel students (both female and male) should have to have one course in home economics.  Learn basic cooking skills (many are not getting at home) for their own survival and basic sewing skills.  Like putting on buttons, fixing torn seams, sewing on patches etc.  I guess it's because all repairs in the family come to me that I find it sad.  I right now have a cub scout shirt to put the patches on for my nieces son.  I made the comment to my daughter how someone had better learn something because I won't live forever.  I hope I'm not making this sound like griping.  If I felt that way I wouldn't have taken on the project.  
Well I guess that's enough rattling on for now.  You all have a good day.


  1. I'm with you in sports...too much focus on that it seems. Interesting you mention that about single survival. I took a course of that and have never regretted it.

  2. Actually I wish I was taught certain thingss like how to sew properly and the like. My mom was a wiz at sewing and cooking. I' m not sure who paid for the Patriots stadium but I think it was the owner, but then again this is Massachusetts.
    I have a few items on my bucket list but I am also being realistic.

  3. We are kindred souls! I feel the same way about dogs, sports, inflated salaries and buttons!!!! EXACTLY the same. And I don't have a bucket list, either, for the same reason. amazing.

    I was just thinking today how companies used to take care of their employees. They put their employees first. The owner of the company knew each employee by name. They knew their kids names. They made sure that the employees were happy and taken care of, even into retirement. Now, it's all about profit and the owners live in mansions apart from the real world and they don't know a single solitary name of an employee.....and they could care less what happens to them or their family. This has even happened where I work. It used to be locally owned and run. Now, people from out of town have taken over.....about 6 years ago.....and they take away something every year. The people who started the business are rolling over in their graves, I know. I feel sorry for these greedy s.o.b.s come judgement day!

  4. I agree with you totally! And by the way, Kassey's passing really hurt e. I called her mommy as soon as she told me and she was of course, very very sad. I hope she finds another baby to rescue and tell us about.

    I remember your talking about Snuff. I am SO sorry about him. Oh it hurts when our family members go to the Rainbow Bridge.


  5. Me too! Bill Nye hurt himself so I'd say he's outta there and he should be. They need to quit with the old and infirm. They will never get past a few weeks and that's from sympathy.
    I feel sorry for Jack Osborne. I wish he and his family didn't have such filthy speech but at least we don't have to actually hear it. Jack is really trying and considering his disease he is doing a great job. Proud of him.

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