Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy and sad.

So sad about the devastation from those tornados.  The weather patterns are just crazy lately.  I was so glad to finally hear Beth Marie was okay.  She was on my mind all day, and was really rfelieved when I saw Carol Dee's post of fb.  Though the big pattern shown on the weather screens showed the area around us in the red we missed the most of it.  One tree fell across the road from an empty lot next to my sisters.  The guys went out and with 30 minutes they had it moved and cleaned up.  You wouldn't even know anything happened if you drove down the street. 
The guys will be heading out Fri. for the big deer hunt.  Oreo and I will be on our own again.  I think it's funny how an animal seems to know when he's going.  He has been almost glued to him for the last few days.  As soon as Jack gets into his chair and comfy the little furball jumps right in his lap and they just sit there together.
Got a call from my Dr. yesterday on my bone scan.  It seems my bones have improved.  I would never have guessed that considering my age and I have a tendency to forget the calcium pills.  I take those as I am not much for dairy products and can not stand milk.  Guess it's the Klondike bars, ;-).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Time to get to work around here.  Breakfast dishes won't do themselves and there is a load waiting to be thrown in the washer.
Everyone have a good day.


  1. Those tornadoes were horrible. I was worried about Beth that afternoon because I had radar on most of the day. I just feel so bad for everyone who lost a loved one, is displaced, and who has lost their dwelling. So happy you survived too. It was wicked out there. We were fortunate in that it did not come this far north. Yes, animals have a sixth sense that we humans don't have. They are so attuned to us and our emotions that they always sense something is about to happen. They just don't know quite what! Poor Oreo.

  2. The raw power of tornadoes never ceases to amaze me. We lived in Oklahoma in the eighties and saw it all too often. I was relieved about Beth too but sorry for the trauma. Take care my friend...I know you and Oreo will do fine.

    1. We are all glad Beth is ok, still it's got to be unnerving to see all the destruction in your own neighborhood.
      You don't like milk!? Isn't the ice cream in a Klondike bar made from milk? Then there a glass of milk with Oreo's. I could go on forever. Ok I'll shut up now.

  3. I seldom get updates so I clicked on a Kassey post. So glad to know yall are OK. Yes, I worried about Beth too. For some stupid reason, I can visit her but can't comment. I think our pets are very smart and pick up on conversation, maybe wrong of course. I watched Kassey during stormy weather for her reactions. Happy birthday to Darla.