Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014

The new year has begun and I hope and I pray for more good things and less strife in the world. May all your days ahead be full of good things, good health, and peace.
Bracing for the extreme cold to hit here.  Temps with windchill of 15 to 25 below they claim.  We will tough it out as we always do.  Then more snow to come in a few days.  I'm already tired of winter, but then I never really was a winter fan anyway.  You would think I would find some way to find a warmer place wouldn't you.  No, no way would I leave here.  The closeness of our family would prevent me from even considering it.  
Have been having trouble putting up photos on here.  Have been trying for over a week.  All I get is a box that either has the spot to upload or cancel come up, but only half of it and the only way out is to leave  and start over.  Finally today things are working.  I have put up pictures of kids and grandkids before.  Now meet my great-grandkids.
The boys so love their niece they are her protectors.

Meet Miss Ella.  She is just a joy.

Meet Logan and Gage.  They are so adorable and funny.
You all have a great day.  Keep warm and safe.


  1. Your great grandchildren are so adorable!!

    Snow and bitter cold here too and I am really tired of it.

  2. We will share in your cold in a few days :( Love your pictures! I use Livewriter to post...never a problem...wonder if it would work for you.

  3. Yes, we'll be getting it too. We'll just have to hunker down and stay inside. I'm trying to coordinate any errands I have to do so next week I can stay indoors except for a couple of doctor appointments. GO PACK! (How would you like to be sitting at the game?)

  4. here I come to beg for a hug! KISSES!