Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hello! Yes it's me.

It's that time.  Elections coming and I just hate turning on the tv and hearing the incessant ads.  Enought to drive a person to drink, lol.
Been in pretty goos health around here.  Knock on wood.  When I read or hear of all the friends have a problem I feel lucky.  Got my notice from the Doc. that it is time for the dreaded colon check.  Hubby just had his and all was well and I expect the same.  Will get it done next week.
Signed up for a My Health online health management tool.  I will be able to view my labe results, documents, medication or Download My recors.  I can renew medication, view or request an appointment etc. all through the Health System I go to. 
My granddaughter Steph was married last weekend.  She was a beautiful bride and the wedding was gorgeous.  It was outside at the Beckman Mill.  A site that had been let go for years and has been completely refurbished.  It is just beautiful.
There was a sad note that day though.  Her dad (Darla's husband Jim) was having trouble breathing.  He hadn't been feeling well for a little over a week, but is stubborn and put going to the doctor.  Well as soon as the wedding was over and he got in the car Darla took him right to the emergency room and they admited him.  No reception for them.  He had pheumonia and pulmanary hyperstension, along with COPD.  They got him under control and he came home this Sat.  He will have to be on oxygen though. 
Well I guess I had better get those sheets from the dryer.  I am challenging myself to post a least once a week. 


  1. I know what you mean about health...may health always be near and dear! Great to hear from you!

  2. When we reach a certain age, good health becomes very important. Once you retire from working it seems like it's one doctor's appointment after another. I don't mind that test too much---the night before is the worst! he he Good luck with yours. Hope everything is good!

  3. Hi Terry, told you I was coming, I see you haven't been posting as much either, maybe blogging dying, shame, it was such a busy place with so much chatter going on.
    A very disappointing end to the wedding, I hope the gentleman will soon be back to good health, talking of which I also hope your tests are all OK and you have a clean bill of health, I see in your previous post that Oreo had his second birthday, wow and Yes, time does fly , and don't the worm their way into your heart, Keep well XX