Friday, January 23, 2015

Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

Yesterday was just one of those days.  Seems like all I had to do all day was wait for someone.  Day started with health care appointments.  First the yearly booby crushing at 9:15 so was there at 8:50 (I like to be early).  Got in at exactly 9:15, yahoo.  Thought it might be a good day.  Had another trip to Dr. appt. upstairs for 10.  So up I went.  There was one other lady there so I'm thinking good.  In and out.  No such luck.  While waiting three men joined the group.  We sat, and sat, and finally a nurse came up and said he was running late due to a patient problem downstairs.  These appointments happen at the hospital, not the clinic. 
Well finally the first woman went in and what the heck?  One of the men, then another of the men, and then the last man.  In came another man and sat down, but it was my turn to go in.  Nurses took my bp, good-124over70.  No complaints there.  Next the ekg and wait for the doctor to come in. Waiting, waiting.  Aha, here he is.  Goes over all the lab tests, ekg, bp, and says I'm doing great.  All is good and keep up the good work.  See you next year.  Guess who they saved to see last.  Yup, you got it.  Me.  I went out the door and make new appt, they were all standing around in hall having a fun time.  Was time for their lunch break.  I made it home just before Days of Our Lives came on, 12:00.
It's a good thing I'm a very patient person who had nothing else to do that day.  Someone else would probably have thrown a fit.
Now that's not the end of my waiting story.  A little after 1 a truck hit the cable lines, knocking them loose from the house.  The pole is across the street so the line was stretched across to us.  Called and said they would send someone out asap.  I told them the school bus comes through between 3 and 3:45 and it was in its path.  Waited again.  They showed up after both buses went by, about 4 or shortly there after.  We had to put something in the road to make sure no one hit it. 


  1. You are patient! Quite the day you had. Good of you to alert the road hazard. My morning was on hold on phone then wrong person will switch 'hold on' I was worried I would have to buy minutes before I reached a person to talk to. Good thing I wrote a note of what I wanted cause when a person answered I forgot why I called! TGIF!!!

    1. I hate when that happens. It happens too often, lol. Being on hold, I am less patient. Funny huh!

  2. Hey, there, friend! Looks like you've been about as good at blogging as I have lately! lol I hate waiting at the doctors, but understand there are unavoidable circumstances that they cannot help once in a while. I just wish they would come out and say so and let you know to come back in a couple of hours. They know how long a surgery takes....aroundish. Glad to see you again!!!

  3. Good grief, wait, wait, and hurry up and wait some more. I hate days like that and admire you for your patience. I never say anything, but I start getting antsy. At least you got a good report. That was dangerous having that line laying in the street. We're still recovering from the game loss last Sunday! Still can't believe what happened. sigh!

  4. I have my medical exam coming up soon. I'm never comfortable at the doctors office though I really don't have any major problems. Unfortunately waiting is a part of our daily lives.