Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Yes I did it

Yesterday I moved my spaces blogs to WordPress.  As with most of you, I'm not impressed with it.  This will definitely be my main forum. 

Just received a call from the hunters.  They are on their way home.  That means extra work making sure they get their gear put away right away.  With dinner here tomorrow I don't need the 'empty space fillers' doing their thing.   Have to make a quick trip to pick up a couple things I forgot.  It's always something isn't it.

I will leave you with this little poem.

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

We humbly ask they blessing on the turkey and the dressing,
on the yams and cranberry jelly,
and the pickles from the deli.

Bless the apple pie and tea,
bless each and every calorie.
Let us enjoy Thanksgiving dinner,
tomorrow we can all get thinner.

For all Thy help along the way
we're thankful this Thandsgiving Day.
We're thankful, too, for all our dear ones,
for all the far away and near ones.

Although we may be far apart,
we're together in our hearts.
Keep us in Thy loving care,
this is my Thanksgiving prayer.

P.S.  Anyone who wishes
may help with the dishes.



  1. Loved the poem!!
    Yes, I feel the same way about wordpress. Nothing pretty at all about it, it is so blah.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Loved your poem! Space fillers, I got one of those. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend but I'm afraid there will be plenty of dishes to manage here. I don't much like Word Press either but then again I've not used it since I transferred from WLS long before the shutdown approached. Bless you and happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Love the poem. Y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving. Actually, I'm getting used to WP, but still bland.I love blogger, so easy.

  5. happy thanksgiving to you and the family, hope you get to relax some and enjoy the day

  6. I'm glad to have a place to store the blogs but...not real excited about WP.