Monday, January 31, 2011


It sure is going to be nasty around here for the week.  Snow, snow and more snow they say.  FB friends keep accusing Darla of shaking the snowglobe but she denies it.  I do believe she's innocent as she doesn't care for this weather either.  But then I do have to defend my child.  Danielle keeps threatening to move south but her hubby is against it.  Poor baby.  I'll have to find a nice picture to replace the snowy one I have here.  Maybe that's what's holding things up, lol. Frankly I think it's because Jack bought that new snowblower and Mother Nature wants to see he gets to use it. 

My son Jared has a birthday tomorrow.  The boy hits the big 40.  I just don't see how this is possible already.  Time really does fly.  He had a party at a local watering hole and we all had a great time.  Jim made his famous Banana Split Cake and it was a big hit of course.  Jack had not been feeling well, but loyal Dad that he is, he managed to get through the party.  Though we didn't stay as long as many, we did have a good time.

I have been slacking off on that scrapbook I'm making for Carson's play so this looks like a good week to do some serious work on it.  Her birthday is at the end of Feb. and I hope to give it to her then.  I only have about 8 pages done and that just covers the first couple scenes. 

Time to get busy around here.  You all have a good day.  Stay safe in this weather and keep warm.


  1. I have chips, cookies and a bunch o' Bridge Mix, and I just found out about a website where I can watch all kinds of pay TV illegally, so I am going to enjoy the storm - guiltfree lying about (except that TV thing, which maybe gives me a TINY twinge!). I love snow. I moved back to WNY to get it, and I am getting it big-time!

  2. Greetings from snowy Iowa, Terry!!! We have a major storm heading this way, and which will keep on rollin' eastward, sharing its wealth along the way!

    Your family news is endearing and upbeat--I hope that continues for you for a long time, and I hope jack is feeling a lot better today.
    (And Happy Birthday to that son o' yours!)

    You'tre going to be scrapbooking, and I'll be making more Christmas ornaments...what a great way to keep our minds occupied; beats the heck out of standing at the window, looking out at the snow, and sighing.

    You keep toasty and safe, too!

  3. I keep threatening to start crocheting and learning to knit, but procrastinating again.
    Happy birthday to your son. My 3 sons are way past 40 now.
    I think about all you folks when the bad snow is shoving through. I love snow but, I'm happy to say that it isn't that bad.
    Take care shoveling and I hope hubby is feeling better soon.
    Tell Danielle it has been snowing in AL. too

  4. Happy Birthday to your son. I can't believe how time flies. OMG I just have to have that banana split cake recipe! Hope you share? That's why all the snow, somebody got a new snowblower!!! Take care in this weather. Me, I'm baking!

  5. I would LOVE to have a taste of that cake!!

    Tell Jack to feel better soon. A person doesn't retire to feel badly. Tell him that's agin' the law! :-)

    We may have some snow later in the week but M T & W will be hard rain, cold and gray. Beats snow though, ya know?

    Happy Birthday to be, to Jared. Many many more and happy ones. ♥

  6. Yup, it's going to be the kind of week to have something to distract us from Mother Nature's latest prank. I bet Jack is so happy to have a new snowblower. But sorry he's going to be using it so much this week. Enough already, right?

  7. I know that this storm sounds like a big one...it past us while still growing in strength and it left us with some snow and the worst cold of the season thus far...stay safe! I hit the big four oh on the twelfth of next month...so a big happy birthday to your son!

  8. I am gearing up for the big storm, charging up my cell and nook and getting out candles and flashlights and getting ready to make goodies. Did I ever mention before that I hate winter?
    Stay safe!