Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is it bedtime yet?

It's only ten minutes to six and I'm yawning all over the place, making the eyes water.  I really need spring to get here so I can get outside and have the sun up my energy and take my walks.  It's just not convenient to drive to the mall to walk or join a gym.  The pocketbook just doesn't have an extra quarter for membership or gas.  Especially with the way gas prices are jumping up today.  I guess cabin fever is getting the best of me.  It was nice getting together with the girls Thursday but it made me long for more.  Darla says we need to plan the next one on her half day or day off.  She wants to have fun too.

Took Carson to the store this morning to get her a birthday present.  She wanted a Justin Bieber calendar for her room and the game of Life.  Yes, I did plan to give her the scrapbook for her birthday but I haven't finished it yet.  What's the hold up you say.  Again I blame cabin fever with no desire to do anything (not laziness).  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  It is one quarter done.  There are 75 pictures to put in and I have 26 done so far.  Do plan on working on it tomorrow.  Well I do. 

I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but our cousin Mary says her husband Jim can get his bone marrow transplant in the next few months.  They have donors compatible and just have to make sure he stays healthy for a few months.  A little more chemo to keep things on the right track, and though it's rough, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We keep praying for everything to keep going on the positive side.

Well the yawning watery eyes are making this little difficult so off I go.
Everyone have a good evening. 


  1. I have been sleepy all afternoon too. It has rained and thunderstormed here all day even though the temp hasn't got out of the 30s. Come on Spring.
    I hope things go well for your cousin's husband and he is able to to have the transplant.
    Here's to hoping for sunshine tomorrow for us both.

  2. I hope things go well for your cousin's hubby. Storms tonight to lull me to sleep. I know you'll git to the scrapbook, cabin fever can be blamed for so much.

  3. Thank you for your visits and leaving your kind comments.
    sorry to hear your cousin's husband is not well I really hope everything going well with him.
    You are good mum that you will get the scrapbook
    for your daughter's birthday keeps it up:-)
    Hope all we get sunny day soon,I had enough rains
    such a long times in here and skiped the Summer time too...

  4. I pray things go well for her hubby and that the treatment and outcome will go forward uneventfully.

    I hate that watery eyed bunch of yawns. I have to keep a tissue handy for that sort of yawn fest when her majesty gets me up about 5 in the morning. :-( Like today for example. :-(


  5. Hey thank you for your visit Terry. It's always nice to gain a new friend.

  6. It sure was a nice day spent with the girls. Can't wait to do it again!
    Jimmy will be like new again. I just know it!