Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It's Done!

The dining room is finished. 

As you can see I don't have these in order, but you get the idea of the work done.  Helped as much as I could, but the majority of the work he had to do.  He was one tired puppy after as I'm sure you can imagine.
Now a couple weeks off and the big job will begin.  The bathroom.  Going to be a few stinky people while it gets done, lol. 

Done just in time.  Danielle has some friends coming for a visit and they will all stay in the camper.  Since we put a lot of items in there that were in the dining room, (stereo, cd's, sewing machine and supplies) all this has to come back into the dining room.  Sure wish I had a bigger house but this one is all paid for and we deal with what we have. 

Hugs and Prayers sent for our friend Toodie and her husband Hugh.  The two of them have such strenth and will come through this with flying colors.

Had a little trouble getting in here today.  At first it wouldn't accept my password, then it told me I didn't exist, lol.   Then suddenly things worked just fine.  What's up with that?  Guess it doesn't pay to not get on almost everyday.  Hopefully it never happens again.

Well better get started hauling everything back in.  It sure won't do it by itself.  Oh, if I could only twitch my nose and it would all be done.  I know Jack would appreciate it.  Lol.

Have a good day. 


  1. Your dining room is beautiful!! Good Job!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with Nancy and Hugh!

  2. Looks beautiful to me..Love the color.What do you think about those floors.. are they hard to install? It sure looks nice!
    Have a wonderful Memorial day holiday.

    1. Love the floors. Jack said they were pretty easy once they decided which direction to go and line them up MY way, lol.

  3. I'm glad it's done! I bet you love your newly finished space! I read that about Hugh, I pray that there's some good news with that soon. Have a great day my friend!

  4. Wow! Good job! The room turned out beautiful.

  5. That looks gorgeous Terry. I love the sunny yellow too and the placement of the windows. The floor is outstanding. I have been missing in action here and I'm not caught up. I also didn't know Toodie had anything the matter. I need to get over there immediately. Whatever it is, as with all of my Spaces friends, I am right there for her.

    Having that camper must really be a help. I wish I had such a thing. Like you, the hiuse here is paid for and also like you...I deal with what I have. :-)

    By the way, what do YOU think of the winner of DWTS? I wanted all 3 of them to win. To me, they were all equally good.

  6. Looks very nice, I love wood floors.

  7. Your dining room looks awesome! It's so cheery and inviting, it makes me want to come have supper with you! Great job!