Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1 down

Yeah, popping back in.  One room down.  Living room all painted and mostly put back in shape.  Have a few pictures to rehang, but want new frames for some.  The carpeting in there will wait until the last thing, as tramping in and out redoing the dining room, bathroom and foyer would just not be good.  When (and if) all is said and done will try to get some good pics.  Wonder what the (and if) means?  Things have a way of being put on hold around here, so I don't get hyped up until a project is done.

Time for the Spring concerts before schools are out.  Have Nicole's tonight along with an awards night for Alyssa.  Since it's not possible to be in 2 places at the same time, Jack is going to Alyssa's and will get some good pictures of her in her ROTC uniform.  I will go to Nicole's and try to get some good ones there.  Can be difficult you know, when people walk in front of you.   Had Carson's last Tue. and she had another last night.  She is in the regular choir and in the Honors Choir.  In the regular she sang a solo and did not let grandma know about it.  I didn't have my video camera.  Grr.  Just my little point and shoot Nikon. 

Well DWTS is almost over.  This was a great season.  It was a shame that Maria and Derek had to go home.  This year all 4 final teams deserve that Mirror Ball trophy.  I still hope Donald Driver gets it, but won't be too upset no matter who it goes too.  They are all just wonderful.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day cookout, as is our tradition.  It was such fun having little ones around again.  Jodi's, Rhonda's grandbabies and Brody ran, and ran, and ran. They were non-stop all day.  The twins were just angels and of course all our older grandkids were having a great time too.  Sherry's dil received a new Kindle Fire from her family.  She was so shocked.  It was so funny though.  After she got to see it and check a few things, the kids all took over and she hardly saw it again all afternoon.  I receive a couple of Kindle gift cards and will be able to download a lot more books besides the free ones.

Well better get off and go help Jack.  He's putting in a new closet door on the black hole (downstairs closet) as we call it.  Not that I'm that much help, but every little bit you know.  Have a good day.


  1. Good to hear from you!! Enjoy all of the concerts and take lots of pics for us.
    Good luck on your projects!

  2. I don't know about you but I'm ready for a break with the school season for a bit. I'm looking forward to a trip to a cabin we've never been to before and some time to breath for once!

  3. Congratulations on getting one room done. It's a major job. It needs to be done here too, but we'll have to hire someone to do it and probably when we move out. I always loved all the end of the school year concerts. They make grandma's proud.