Saturday, November 10, 2012

Better news!

Thing are looking up.  The neighbor with the heart attack is improving steadily.  His heart is up to 40% working and that is so good to hear.  He is the strong minded  type and thinks he can go home.  There is going to be a battle as he continues to improve.  He may have to go to rehab, and that's not going to go over to well but we're sure his family can handle it.

On Jack's mother, they feel she will be okay.  Her eye is opening and she can move her arm and leg.  She will need therapy and they have already started it.  The say she is quite strong for her age and that is in her favor.  She's a fiesty little lady and we're quite sure she will lick this.  They are allowing us to have her birthday party at the hospital right on her birthday.  They have a common room we can use, so even though she will celebrate her 90th in the hospital, she will have family there.

What is it about an empty box.  Jack had to get a new tool box base and look at who had fun with the box.

I would have thought by 12 you would outgrow the "fun in the box".

Everyone have a wonderful weekend. 


  1. I hope things continue to improve with the health situations. What's a better toy then a box? LOL! Looks like fun!

    1. Thanks Joe, and thank you for your prayers.

  2. May the people in your life continue to improve in health
    situation.I just prayed for them that the Lord guides them into this recovering journey. Wow 90 that is wonderful age.
    As a kid you will always be a kid in heart.

    Your talking to an elderley kid here and I am not senile.

    If you want to be happy in continued life .

    It is what you want to make out of it.

    Your stepping in the positive direction.

    Cute shots.

  3. That is awesome news Terry... something to celebrate. I admire their strength and courage as they start their healing process. Best wishes for a quick and complete return to health for both of these dear people.

  4. Cardboard boxes are the ultimate blank slate for children. They make great forts. And spaceships. And pirate ships. And race cars. Rowboats. Hot air balloons. Submarines. And transmogrifiers, and duplicators, and time machines. And vehicles for grass-sliding. Not to mention they're pretty great as hiding places.

    I only wish that I could find a box big enough for me. :(

  5. Hope health issues continue to improve. Who outgrows boxes? Especially when you have a cute dog to play with too.

  6. Cardboard boxes are the perfect toy!!
    Wonderful news about the birthday party for Jack's mother and I am so glad your neighbor is doing better.

  7. Such good news that both your friend and your mother in law are doing so much better! 90! That's wonderful! What a blessed life!

    Do you EVER outgrow a box? I know that I have as much fun as my grandkids when we have a large box. Oreo is lucky to have someone who loves to play with him!

  8. So glad things are improving for you family and friend, that is always good news,
    gotta love the creativity with kids...
    Have a great rest of the weekend !

  9. I'll take that box and climb in then you can address it to Hawaii and send me there. deal?!

  10. Heck no! Boxes are fun even for so-called grown ups like me!