Thursday, November 8, 2012

Glad that's over!

I know we have all been looking forward to the end of that.  I was hoping when I awoke Wed. and whoever had won, that both sides would stop with the snide and nasty remarks that made this such a headache for all.  How disappointed it was to see that didn't happen.  Those that wre disappointed and those that won were still sniping at each other and putting down the candidates.  Grow up people.  It's over.  The things I read just made me sick.  Time to grow up and do what ever you can to make this work instead of continuing the animosity for each others beliefs. 

Little turmoil here lately.  A good friend had a heart attack and is in serious care in Madison.  His heart is only working at 10% and he is in an induced coma to control the brain seizures.  They hope to bring him around a bit today. 

As if that wasn't enough.  Jack's mother had a stroke yesterday morning and is in the hospital. Her blood pressure was way high but the Cat scan and other blood work was all good.  She is to have an MRI.  The meds they want to give her for the stroke are out of the question because of the cumodon (sp) she is on. She will be 90 on the 15th and a party was planned for Saturday.  She was worried about having to spend her birthday in the hospital, but that is much better than not being able to spend it all. 

The puppy is doing fine.  He has figured out there is a treat for 'good boys' but still has a setback now and then.  He is just 3 months old after all.   He does better each day.

Well it looks like DWTS may without Derek for the rest of the year.   This was to be his last year anyway, too bad he couldn't go out in style.  

How that for a hodgepodge of topics.

Well must go see what I missed in your lives.  Have some catching up to do.

You all have a good day.


  1. I am so sorry about Jack's mother! I hope she is out of the hospital in time for her birthday.

    I agree with you. I am finding some of my blogging friends posts hard to read since the election. Some of them are as nasty as the election ads were. We have to move forward!

  2. I am sorry about Jack's Mother, hoping everything turns out good for here. I'm glad the election is over.

  3. For the past year, I have worked with one Mormon woman and one Muslim woman....and others of different faiths, as well as some who don't believe in God at all.

    We always said we would know when the end of the world had come because we would look around and the Mormon woman would be gone....just her clothes remaining, because she was so kind and caring and was eager to "serve" all of us....yes, that was HER wording. She left our department in August to stay home with her 5 children. We hated to see her go, but we loved her and wished her well when she left, knowing how important her family is to her.

    I just found out the night of the election that one of the other women that works with us is Muslim. She told all of us that night. I had no idea. She pointed out that she always has her arms covered, along with everything else but her hands, neck and head. She doesn't wear the head covering. and she pointed out that she doesn't wear jewelry. She always has a smile ready for everyone who walks through our department, and never spreads gossip. She is a wonderful ambassador for the Muslim religion.

    These two women were friends. They talked about their children and went to get food in our cafeteria together. Everyone that works in our department loves both of these women. It's sad that the world cannot be like the two of them....loving, caring, kind people, who accept each other despite their differences in beliefs and skin color. Neither of them ever pointed a finger at anyone else to judge them.

    I'm so glad that Oreo is being a good puppy and has learned how to act to get a treat! Don't you wish it was that easy to get people to behave? lol

    I'm sorry about your mother in law and your friend. It's hard to see our friends and family in such situations.

  4. Sorry your family and friend are experiencing bad health issues, i hope she will be home for her Birthday as well..I bet having a puppy is trying and joyful at the same time, kinda like raising kids lol.
    I too am glad that this election is finally over, i too have a mouth and opinions as big if not bigger then others, but none the less glad it is over..I wont pretend it didnt change me, and maybe not for the better but it is what it is...we all move forward, expect what we are left with and take it from there,,,the world can be a ugly place at times and just because we dont agree doesnt mean we hate, i have had some of the best debates over politics with some that i respect the most, we just differ....tomorrow is another day and hopefully, we will all be here to see it and spend it with the ones we love...Your MIL and friend will be in my thoughts

  5. Hi Terry, it's a while since I came over here, but if I lose an immediate avatar, I can't get to you for some reason, so i have gone through another blog [Tudie's] to get hold of you, as I said before I don't get emails of your doings.
    I'm sorry you've had such bad health in and around your circle. I hope they both recover real soon.
    Glad to hear your new babe Oreo is doing well, I don't know if you've visited but I lost my darling Tango on the 17th Oct. I'll leave now as I'm trying to catch up with everyone, take care.

  6. It's terrible to have all those health issues come up all at once...that can actually happen...like rain that comes when you least expect it. Don't even get me started with the political thing right now, I'm trying not to be any more irritated then I already am. Hope all works out for your pup...still pretty young yet..I know he'll come along just fine. Blessings to you my friend.

  7. Awe, Terry. Sorry to hear about your friend and his heart problems ... and then Jack's mom??!! None the less, there's a lot to be said in the power of 'positive thinking and prayers'. Sending healing thoughts their way for a speedy recovery across the many miles, to them through your blog.

  8. Sorry. No comment regarding the recent election. I agree. Enough has been said and done about that.

    Good to hear about your puppy and how well he is doing. There is nothing like a puppy. And there is also nothing like parenting a puppy. I know there will be lots of trials ahead, but 10 times as much fun.