Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Same ol', same ol'.

Not much has been going on around here since my last post.  Have been doing some reading as I said.  In the winter it seems like one day just runs into another without any thing difference at times.  I think it has been like that other than the horrible cold spell we've been having.
Had my annual checkup with one doctor and nothing new.  All seems to been normal and will seem him again next year.  It seems like everytime I go he is a little different.  Sometimes kid of in his own little world and other intune with the patient.  That was one of these times.  More hands on and talkative.  First time I can remember him ever telling me to call if I ever had any questions we didn't cover.  I wonder if the new law has that effect on them, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Yes Davis, Oreo has been quite entertaining.  He loves playing 'keep away' and for some reason has this thing about picking up stones or leaves when taken outside.  We're always having to check his mouth when we bring him in.  He has this thing where he starts runnning like a mad man back and forth.  Potty training doing real good.  Monday he will get his first hair cut.  Right now he looks more like a sheep dog than a Shih tzu the way it falls over his face. 
Leave it to me to mess something up.  Have an ipad and promptly forgot the pass word I put in.  I wrote it down, I thought, but everything I tried won't work.  Since I'm so techy illiterate Danielle is going to come help me straighten things out and reset.  I'm fair on these things once everthing is set up, but a bit chicken-hearted when something goes wrong with the fear I'll only make things worse.  I was hoping having it would make it easier than always carting along the laptop.  Silly me.
My poor husband is even worse than me.  First he had such a hard time getting his Windows 8 set up, finally connecting with the right person and is in business that way.  Then aol kept telling him he was either using the wrong password or email that he has been using for 6 months. Now FB is telling him the same and/or there is no account in that name.  Now he shows up on fb when I and friends search for him.  I don't know what the deal is with that.
I'm not to happy with them either.  I have some pictures of his Mom to put in the family goup thing and have tried 4 time to put up that album or single pictures and noting.  Grrrrr.
Well I guess that about covers the Wed. rant and I wasn't even thinking about ranting, lol. 
Well since I've been so lazy getting on here and checking on you all, I had better get at it.
Have a good day and keep warm whereever you are. 


  1. Tech rants are things we can always count on to be around. I've upgraded to Windows 8 and it was pretty easy though I got it within the first day of its release...only 39.99 if downloaded before the 16th of this month I believe. Sadly it's not always the same with each computer...go figure. I'm glad you're enjoying your doggie, those are moments to cherish! Have a wonderful day my friend!

  2. You had a perfectly good rant post today! I probably won't get Windows 8 unless I have to as I just bought a new computer a few months ago.

    I am glad Oreo is doing nicely with his potty training.

  3. I coulda ranted today but it's too late now. I don't have an Ipad and I don't do well with new technology. My desktop is still running Windows XP.
    Have you posted a picture of Oreo?

  4. I have the worst time with Facebook also. Never seems to work right for me – along with most anything that is technology related. Presently I'm having trouble making Dragon behave. I'll get there but it's frustrating. So I know just how you feel friend. I know one thing I'll be happy when this cold weather leads us and had somewhere else.

  5. So good to hear from you!!! Oreo does the same thing my mom's Amy does picking up rocks and leaves in his mouth. Do you think they are siblings? Distant cousins? She also loves to eat sticks. Strange little dog!

    I spent two hours on this computer last night watching someone from Norton security who had control of my mouse pointer moving it around to places I didn't even know existed on this thing so he could uninstall my Norton software, then reinstall the new version. I was in a chat with him, and I kept falling asleep because the entire ordeal was taking so long, and when I would wake up, I would be so terrified he had asked me a question while I was drifted off in slumberland. He hadn't. And he finally got the whole mess fixed. I don't know how, but he did.

    It's supposed to be 79 degrees her tomorrow, and that is TOO HOT for January. We will just burn up and turn to dust this summer! I'll try to send some heat your direction.

  6. Techy stuff sure is frustrating and I've had my share lately, hating it. Please take a before and after pic of Oreo. I bet he's cute with long hair too.