Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What a surprise!

The Pope resigning.  Being Catholic I had never heard of such a thing.  Didn't even know it was possible.  Guess I really didn't dig back far enough.  I do believe it's a good thing.  He hasn't looked good for a couple years now.  I can't say I've always agreed with him.  I believe the world changes and we all have to change with it, no matter your religion.  I don't mean radical changes, just a little more tolerance of each other.  After all, we all were put here by God, and who are we to question the differences he made in us all.

What is it with people who feel the answer to losing a job is violence.  Yes, many times is can be an unjust loss, but killing people isn't going to help anyones situation.  It just blows my mind.  There are parts of the gun control debate that are valid on both sides, but this behavior just doesn't help in getting down and working things out together.  Enough already.

Enough "Debbie Downer".  Now for and upside.

Here is that adorable little great-granddaughter I told you about.
One more.

We are all so happy for Steph and Jaret.  Not to mention, we can't wait to hold her.

Well I guess that is enough for today. 


  1. Your new great granddaughter is beautiful! Congratulations to you all!

  2. I'm not Catholic, so I haven't been following this, but I asked Hubby if he has, and he told me the Pope is really old...like in his 80's, and I feel like maybe he is resigning because he feels he isn't as alert mentally? It happens...remember Reagan when he was falling asleep in the White House meetings. Maybe the Pope feels someone younger might better serve God. Just my thought, which really doesn't amount to much, but I just feel sorry for anyone over 80 who has to work still....even as a Pope, or preacher, or any type of job that makes you get up everyday and go put on clothes and be seen by people...that's why we have retirement. lol So we don't have to put up with this crazy world...just sit and enjoy nature...maybe the Pope would enjoy that.(I hope none of that came across as disrespectful...I certainly don't mean it to be!)

    Your great-granddaughter is absolutely gorgeous! I know you'll be glad when you get to hold her and see her little toes and fingers...so cute!

  3. Hi Terry, how happy I was to see your familiar little Betty Boop on my re-invented blog, Thank you.
    Though not a Catholic I too thought the Pope did the right thing, as he doesn't look too well, in the news this evening he looked like he had trouble breathing.
    I hope you get the gun law sorted one way or the other, I'm glad we have a much stricter laws here in UK
    Your little Gr Grand-daughter is lovely, I'm sure you will have a lot of pleasure from her, My little gr grandson was 4 in November ! where does the time go, he is so full of mischief, off to catch up on TV now, been on laptop long enough trying to catch up. I was going to do another blog to-day, but it will keep till to-morrow. Bye and hugs XX

  4. I agree with you. Oh my the baby is so sweet! Hope you get to hold her soon.

  5. The Popes are always old. I was raised Catholic and I think the Catholic church needs to come into the 20th century first, then the 21st century.
    I think you're right about the Pope. He has the intelligence to realise he is just too old to handle the riggers of running such a large world wide institution.

    Beautiful baby. A blessing for your whole family.
    Thank you for your visit.

  6. I'm not Catholic but was interested in thee big step down...I hear there's not been anything like that in 600 years...not to mention the prophecies about the next Pope being Peter the Roman...interesting times. I can be very, very dark but seeing the baby there reminds that we are not without hope or God in this world. Bless you my friend.