Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy Birthday to our son Jared.  You've grown to a fine man and wonderful father.

It's a chilly 2 degrees and I feel like a popsicle.  I think spring will be almost over before I thaw out. 

Last night was the last granny's night for awhile.  Jodi has been put on 10 hours a day to get all the orders out and machines ready to be shipped to California and the end of her job.  The place is closing and send a few jobs there, China and somewhere else I forget.   We had a great time as usual. 

Other than that, there is not much going on here.  Too darn cold to go out.  


  1. When you said popsicle, I had to go to Youtube and play Popsicle by Jan and Dean...it was one of the first three records I bought when I was ten years old...the other two were Red Rubber Ball by the Cyrkles and Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs. Hubby walked through when it was playing and I tried to get him to dance with me...no luck. Old fuddy duddy. lol

    I hate that all our jobs go overseas. It is awful. I thought when we got a Democratic controlled congress that would stop. Are the Democrats in the majority yet? It's sad that I don't even know.

    Hope warm weather comes your way soon...in the meantime, go to Youtube and look up Popsicle by Jan and Dean. Memories!

  2. Happy birthday to the birthday boy. Birthdays are always fun, no matter how old the birthday person is.

  3. You're making me feel guilty about our 43 degrees and bright sunshine. It's been crazy for me reading of the difficult and cold weather from so many far east of me...usually it's the other way around...what a strange season it's been!