Friday, June 7, 2013

Just a little rant, lol.

The other day Carole had a rant on driving.  I have a little to add to it.  Especially about blinkers, or their lack of use.  It seems to me when learning to drive there was a part in the manual about turning on your blinkers at least (I think) 100 feet before turning.  Today, though so many don't use them at all, too many wait until just as they're turning to use them.  Then there are those who speed up, pass you, hit the blinker and turn immediately.  Have had to hit the brakes a few times for these jerks. Maybe if they'd get off the phone and pay attention it would help, but I doubt it.    Of course the people who should be setting the example, the police are some of the biggest blinker offenders.  A call to their headquarters usually works for about a month.  GRRRRR! 
Okay Terry, you can calm down now.  Let's not let the BP go up. 
My roses are busting out so prettily.  I just wish they would keep it up all summer.  I've tried the tricks they say that will keep them going, but it doesn't always work as stated.  Anyone with experience able to answer a question for me.  Can other plants overcome a rose bush.  We have a section in the side yard that has 3 different rose plants in it.  On is totally gone I think.  The other two have grown as I feel they should.  My husband planted iris and lilies behind them and they have taken over almost the entire plot.  I was wondering if they are choking off the roses.  You know that picture I have of the bee in the rose.  That is the bush that is not sprouting even a sprig.  The other 2 are just about a foot and a half high.  I'll go take a picture and put it up tomorrow. 
Carole says she has it on good authority that Oreo wants his own blog.  I'll have to have a long talk with him about how much work that would be.  He's pretty busy trying to get outside and play with neighbors and attacking his crate cushion.
Well better get with here.  You all have a great day. 


  1. I really agree with you about the blinkers. Drives me crazy!

    Iris and Lilies are so busy multiplying that they could be taking over your plants. I know when we used to dig them up one plant would have made many new roots.

  2. I'm sorry that I can't help you with your gardening questions. As close as I came to gardening was watching my father work his vegetable garden. Wonderful stuff! he even grew watermellons one year. They didn't get very big but boy were they sweet and juicy!

    Concerning driving courtesies, while I may have great affection for the Boston area, we might be the home of the worst, least courtious drivers in the country. Some of that might be caused by the very old, convoluted, set of roads that date back aways. Big dig or no Big Dig it's no easier to get around here.