Monday, February 3, 2014

Yes, the car is okay, lol...

.....so is the head.  It's the hardest spot on my body to hurt :-).  Didn't even get a headache.  I will be glad when winter is over and pretty sure everyone will be.  I know Oreo will be.  He sits up on the back of the sofa and stared out the window for hours.  Cabin fever gets to the dogs too.
Had a few busy days here.  Had a test to take and family and friends to check on for health problems.  Looks as if most everyone will be okay.  Keeping the prayers going and fingers crossed for all and Carol. 
Sons birthday was Saturday, and as they were busy took them out for breakfast Sunday.  Then it was the slow time of waiting until the Super Bowl.  Why I now wonder. Without the Discover or History channel there's not much on tv to chose from while waiting.  What a sad game. 
Not much going on here right now.  Have a couple more birthdays coming up in the week ahead and that about does it. 
My granddaughter Allie is now in San Francisco continuing her chef training.  She got into a program with Applebees and spent a year in Kentucky learning and now in a advanced course.  She sends us all updates on line and pictures of course.  Yesterday there were some from Chinatown.  I'm glad she's enjoying it as well as learning. 
Well as you can tell it's been pretty dull around here.  Keeping warm is main goal.  Hope you do too. 


  1. Our weather took an awful dive...lots more snow and below zero temperatures...talk about dull. Weather like this seems to stretch on forever and I'm fed up. I'm sure glad you weren't hurt badly after your fall, take care my friend.

  2. I am so glad your head survived the fall. That would have been very serious. Oreo is so cute in your header picture.
    Carol is on my mind and in my prayers too!

  3. Every time I see Oreo I just want to reach out and give her a kiss on her adorable forehead. What a cutie. So glad you survived the fall and are doing okay. Guess I didn't pick up on the fact that your granddaughter is studying to be a chef. How exciting to have an expert cook in the family.

  4. Thanks so much for prayers, I am glad you are okay too. Seems winter is three times as long this year. The cat here runs from window to window looking for the birds, none around right now. ..Take care..